Reviews for The All New Adventures Of Hermione Granger In…The Chance Of A Lifetime
Mionefan chapter 65 . 4/18
I think you took Myrtle's exit to the light from the Movie "Ghost", with Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore.
Mionefan chapter 63 . 4/18
Well, even I didn't catch the Barty Crouch Sr. anomaly so I don't fault you for the problem. A very wicked chapter!
Mionefan chapter 58 . 4/17
"It's a very long story." Some truth in that! I'd almost given up on the story many times now. I can't recall even one book this long. Parts of this story are beyond weird but somehow enchanting. And if this story continues at this pace, I expect it will top out at close to a million words!
MindForgedMan chapter 13 . 4/10
I'll just say, I gave this a solid try despite earlier worries. And this chapter is where I bow out.

Look, I get really bored when stories take too long to get going. I'm not one to dismiss the worth of covering *some* of the minutiae needed to develop a story. But after 13 chapters, tens of thousands of words in, I'd gave expected SOMETHING important to have happened. And this chapter nearly had such a thing happen, only to squander & reverse it (and the boring Neville stuff) at the last moment. Nothing happens in this story. Even if chapter 14 rectifies this it will have simply made chapter 13 a waste of time. The get together with Crouch could have saved my interest, but the stupidity (imo) of the writing decision you made instead killed it.

The premise of the story was already cliche to begin with, but the execution kept me from dismissing it. But since the plot progresses at a snails pace, the writing cannot save it. The first 3 HP books COMBINED were less than 100K words yet a single one of them easily covered more plot & did so more interestingly than the first 13 chapters of your story despite this having a somewhat interesting rendition of the "prevent the Apocalypse via time travel" trope. And with the smaller annoyances like the pointless lisp & such I just can't continue.
Mionefan chapter 39 . 4/10
I've seen Snape basing before in stories, but this has been done brilliantly! Even Albus has been outmanoeuvred. I thought Minerva might actually faint at one point.
MindForgedMan chapter 6 . 4/9
I'll keep reading, but I admit Hermione's lisp is so forced as to be irritating. The justification of it doubly so. Why couldn't you just write it so she spoke like Harry? Mispronounce the occasional word, fumble a bit, etc.? It makes it hard to read and understand and it doesn't add any sense of realism of its supposed to hide her secret. They can already tell she's smart for her age, adding a lisp isn't going to do much if she slips up what she reveals anyway.
Mionefan chapter 23 . 4/8
Now there's a new twist on Luna's mum's death. It's never been written just what spell she had been working on, but that makes believable sense. And the timing is right too. Pretty clever!
Guest chapter 10 . 4/7
I'm as guilty as anyone for how Ron is treated, but as my own childhood is remembered, I hated bullies and jealousy.
Other than that, this story continues to amaze be in its complexity and ingenuity.
Mionefan chapter 4 . 4/6
The last chapter is what broke me out of discarding this story and this chapter confirms it. It's certainly one of the better stories out there.
Mionefan chapter 3 . 4/6
Ha ha, what a ride! I'd go screaming to the loony bin if I were in her mother's shoes.
willam and jack and jake chapter 70 . 4/5
cool well done
DarkHeart81 chapter 70 . 4/4
Good chapter. I wonder who will get the fake firebolt and if Ginny will get into trouble for using one at school, especially if none have been sold yet
LtKettch chapter 70 . 4/1
Bring on the Bloody Baron and unground Harry. Sirius and Hestia are not the Dursley’s. Really enjoying the story.
Guest chapter 41 . 4/1
Ok. This plot with the hag is getting stupid. It's like superman sitting unphased through bullets and then dodging a punch. This is a big plot hole and an example of characters taking an action because the author needs them to do it for conflict. In this case. It is out of character for the Hermione we'be been presented with thus far to do nothing.
Guest chapter 39 . 4/1
Done with the hag. I will read a couple of chapters more to see if it is still annoying, but this character is cartoonishly bad. Try not to torture readers with characters that they hate. Also...stop writing the lisp. It is distracting. Keep it to no more than a lisp in a single sentence in a paragraph. Readers aren't stupid. We only need an indication.

The rest of the fic has some very good writing in it. The plot twists are strong, the dialogue is crisp, and the use of magic is original in places while maintaining the original parameters of the story. Overall it is very good work; I've seen many published books with worse issues.
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