Reviews for The All New Adventures Of Hermione Granger In…The Chance Of A Lifetime
Mariann's chapter 43 . 7/20
(False) Moody clearly states that casting one of the Unforgivable Curses on a human being would give a lifelong stay at Azkaben for any caster regardless of the outcome. You're just adding drama for drama's sake, which I find higly annoying. They have proof of the Unforgivable, so why dragging it out more? Adds nothing valuable to the story at all except pulling and dragging it out.
kem chapter 71 . 7/4
it's been like three-four months ! ! ! could you pleeeeeease just give us some posting timeline or update plan? the not knowing is the worst
redeclipse516 chapter 71 . 6/30
Hello! I didn’t leave a reply on every chapter because I found I could do nothing but keep hitting the next button after every exhilarating chapter and reading more and more! This has been one the best fics I have had the pleasure of reading. I truly find your story to be phenomenal and encompassing. Thank you for taking th etiquette to write it. I can’t ea8t for more!
372259 chapter 71 . 5/8
Amazing story! Can't wait for more chapters!
NiffytheGoldenNiffler chapter 70 . 5/8
His frustration here also seems reminiscent of the summer before Order of the Phoenix, which is somewhat plausible due to him being slandered and first witnessing death. Does this mean his determination will be like in OotP where he will start really excelling more in defense. I could see him rebelling and sneaking off to practice when he can in defiance of being cooped up.
NiffytheGoldenNiffler chapter 69 . 5/8
I am currently leaning towards Polyjuice to take the form of another to teach if need be. I don’t think Hermione will want Cathesis and Crest to come together just yet, though that is definitely another possibility.
NiffytheGoldenNiffler chapter 64 . 5/8
You know now that you’ve pointed out Harry and Hermione’s relationship along with her Professor role it makes sense that they’d be attacked like that. I like the little bit at the end that should help them get around that. Does Draco really being a Black have something to do with him treating Harry differently? I suspect he is trying to not get on the son of the head of the Black family’s bad side too overtly.
372259 chapter 56 . 5/7
Dunn was FOUL. You write villains so well. I can't wait for more Harmony!
372259 chapter 49 . 5/7
Umbridge is just so horribly VILE. I can't stand her, you wrote her perfectly.
NiffytheGoldenNiffler chapter 56 . 5/7
Oh jeez, she’s going to the Zabini’s? Also that Rodney Dunn is horrid! I’m glad Ron and Olive are finally cured! It was very curious how Ron did not know what happened to him and neither did we until Hermione investigated. Also the complications with Skeeter’s condition were quite unexpected and I was definitely not expecting the suspense with the egg to turnout as it did!
NiffytheGoldenNiffler chapter 51 . 5/7
The end of this book was satisfying and happy, all of the main loose ends are tied up too. Though of course not everything can be since this is intended to be an 8 book series. I know you only commit to one book at a time, but do you have an overarching 8 book rough outline? I can’t remember if you’ve ever said so. I really hope that Hermione’s dream of reaching out earlier to muggle-born and muggle-raised kids can be achieved! Though I don’t know how you would know if someone is only muggle-raised.
372259 chapter 40 . 5/6
WOW what an interesting twist!
NiffytheGoldenNiffler chapter 49 . 5/6
It’s possible that I hate your Umbridge more than the original! That lesson was utterly ridiculous (in typical Umbridge fashion, nice that you could surprise us with the new unimaginably ridiculous notions that she entertains). Will this non being Voldemort be back? Is Neville finally going to forget his portrait friend, which I still believe is cursed in some way. I’m also hoping that Hermione and the baby Black connection with the aura will be explained more? Was it just residual magic that the aura still appeared to Harry or is that significant in some way later?
372259 chapter 39 . 5/6
LOVED the epic-ness of Hermione, Ron, and Neville in this chapter! AMAZING!
372259 chapter 38 . 5/6
The part with Blaise and Draco was interesting - can't wait to see where that leads!
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