Reviews for A Devil's Diamond
Dasgun chapter 1 . 12/3
.. ..
kirosyamcha chapter 2 . 11/29
The whole hair shadowing eyes sounds so emo
Monster King chapter 46 . 11/27
Awesome work please continue
mchin33g chapter 46 . 11/21
This is a really good story so far keep up the good work and take your time
On a separate note I kind of want to know what Giorno is doing during the story as a spin-off of sorts
nexusplayer chapter 1 . 11/20
My entire reason for reading this is the following.
1) Reading one punch Dxd with the Sperm's or Big bad's being depectied as the piller men with their muscles.
2) Jojo!
Yikes chapter 37 . 11/13
When you really think about it, the “relationship” between Tomoko and Joseph is actually even more messed up when you realize the fact that 62 year old Joseph met her in college at the age of 21.
Sensepi Rescopula chapter 33 . 11/7
I've tried to re-read this but I just can't it's dumb your downplaying stands by a lot from what I'm seeing plus most of the jojo characters personalities are different it just makes me dislike the story in general
mr lowkey chapter 46 . 10/25
I don't really get how the power scaling works in the series.
Jotaro hits harder than Diavolo, but Diavolo was able to beat Michael, but Michael is as strong as like a thousand Catteleyas, who Jotaro had trouble hurting.

There's also the matter that Stands aren't sacred gears, and they can't just be trained to get stronger.

The Joestars seem to be super-relevant according to some prophecy, but tbh they kinda seem like small potatoes in the world of DXD considering anything Draig level or above can outright negate stand energy with enough power.
leonardo18anime chapter 26 . 9/28
Josuke harem: Akeno, Koneko, Ravel, Hazel and Irina.
leonardo18anime chapter 42 . 9/27
Holy crap, so Michael fought Diavolo and lost! Well this is a fight that I would have love to see.
Greatdfret4 chapter 46 . 8/28
Is there a way for you to update 'Just a Caretaker' fanfic?

I want more chapter for that one its kinda fun to read. Shame if you don't update it and i understood if it's not priority. So... No worries
Sarcasm Sage 626 chapter 46 . 8/19
Even if this wasn’t much, it was nice to get an update.
Villains are starting to make their move, so it looks like the ORC is in trouble.
And Gasper managed to handle Yukako’s temper surprisingly well. The two make a surprisingly fitting couple. Guy looks like he’s getting a nice confidence boost from this as well.
leonardo18anime chapter 44 . 8/17
You know the thing that I like the most here. Is that while all this is going on, while every faction is trying to gather power around town. Trying to get stand users or another form of power Kira is still around in the background chilling.
I would love the club hears of him. Someone with that amount of power and have loyalty to none but himsfel. I would imagine that Killer Queen would do so much damage that everyone would stop their plans to make sure Kira is stopped. Someone like him is too powerful and too much of a monster to be around doing what he wants.
Guest chapter 46 . 8/12
I wonder if pucci and made in heaven is going to be the end boss
randyxldnuy46 chapter 37 . 8/10
To behonest, I actually do find this be really heartwarming and nice seeing Josuke and the girls make up.I also applaud your writing skill for making a circumstance for josuke explaining why he’s not ready to be with them yet. The way how you handled the fact of Jojo not being ready for a relationship because of his dad is so well done that it actually feels like a real situation of someone who’s not ready for any kind of relationship at the moment because of the stuff their going through at the moment. So good job in writing this.
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