Reviews for Scorpius's Worst Birthday
AvidReader2236 chapter 1 . 12/28/2016
I have to agree!
Hawki chapter 1 . 9/8/2015
-“And the clock had barely made it to five-o-clock”

Didn’t make it to a full stop either. Also think it could be just written as “five,” considering that “clock” is already used in the sentence.

-Carl Goyle…dear god, Goyle’s reproduced!

-Okay, side note here – on hand, I suppose I have to ask whether Draco Malfoy would be on good terms with the likes of Goyle and whatnot considering that he reneged on Voldemort in the last book. However, that aside, this deserves some credit in that it acts as subtle subversion. We have Scorpius, an individual who, in the context of your stories, ISN’T an arsehole. And we have another Goyle, who’s at least implied to be an arsehole, and Scorpius isn’t friends with him in the same way that his father was with the previous generation. So, nice touch there.

-Riddes too hard. So…not a Ravenclaw then? ;)

-Cousins…well, gotta keep the family line pure somehow 0_0

-So, Lucius…mixed bag. On one hand, I can see him being peeved at Scorpius. On the other, is he really the person to criticize his grandson openly? I can see him doing it, but for a character who generally spoke quietly and snidely, using wry remarks rather than outright insults, it feels out of character for him. I can entertain the notion that it’s the result of events of the books, that he’s far less emotionally secure, but…well, yeah.

-Anyway, overall, it’s decent. It’s what I suppose I could call a “misery fic,” but it never gets too unpleasant. Certainly one feels sympathy for Scorpius in the context. I suppose in a year’s time he’ll meet Rose and find someone else to kiss than his cousin, but…well, that’s fanfic I suppose. :)