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aqua-love-angel-13 chapter 66 . 2/13
I really loved this story! Great chemistry between Sakura and Kakashi! I also adore the Sadara and Kakashi moments, he makes a great father figure. As for Sasuke, I hated him and liked him. I don’t know how in Naruto, Sakura kept such strong faith and determination in Sasuke despite him being gone for a decade. I feel your story is more realistic in terms of how she would have felt for him. Any how, great job!
Malia chapter 66 . 2/10
Well it's done. You know what ? I saw myself and my baby bro (not so much a baby anymore by the way..) in Sarada et Ren. He has another father and im like Sasuke, i don't know how to love and how to show my love for someone but my baby bro seemed to know it and i swear he is the sweetest personn in the world, he is more like Naruto. Not afraid about how he feels.. Anyway that's not the point ! I love Kakashi and Sakura, I love their family and thank you, you didn't let Sas'ke all alone and well.. Hinabi ? Why not huh ? They would have powerfull baby ! I admit i'd like to have an Omake abàout when Sasuke and Sarada were travelling and one about Boruto and Sarada !
I really enjoy reading you and i hope you'll see my review because i know it's important for writter to know that their stories are appreciate and as a reader it's important to me the the author know how i feel about their stories. You broken my heart several times, you make me smile a lot and you even make me laugh a few times too ! I hope you're ok, you've posted Better Man in 2016, we're in 2018 so i hope thaht only good things happened to you in 2 years ! Bisous et merci !
Malia chapter 64 . 2/10
Well.. It's done.. You broke my hurt. I don't know if im going to be able to say what i want to say in english and i really hope you'll understand ! The break up scene omg i swear you did it perfectly. I was affraid that you'll choose to make Sasuke look like an asshole (the easy way) but his reaction as well with Kakashi than with Sakura was perfect ! It was totally him and in a way, i found the teen Sasuke back. Insecure, afraid, angry.. yes it was him. And the fact that he did really love Sakura and not just using her because he was afraid of being alone and that he needed a family because he lost his one (im not sure it's really english but i didn't know how to say it sorry) make the scene even more real ! Yes he is selfish and had some difficulties with express his feeling but loves Sakura and Sarada.. but he didn't know how to love..
Bruh.. only two chapter left.. your story is perfect and even if i didn't understand everything because i'm not english (obviously) i have a good level especially in writting comprehension and i really enjoy reading Better Man. I read a lot of fanfiction and even if i really liked it most of the time the characters were'nt really themselves but in your story i really felt like they were ! The way they talked, the way they acted everything was perfect so please, keep writting !
Avec beaucoup d'amour
Malia chapter 51 . 2/9
Well it's 5am and i know you're going to break my hurt really soon so im gonna sleep ! (please don't be too hard with Sas'ke, i love him as much as i hate him (a lot so) and even if he's a dramaqueen, a little selfish and unable to show his feelings he deserves to be happy..) Buuuuut Kakashi too so i'm happy to know that your story stays a Kaka/Saku
I also love the Kaka/Sara you created but i admit that at first i thought that there would be some Boru/Sara, i still hope there will be some later !
I just saw that the end is near.. I hope you have others fictions !
Night xx
Malia chapter 41 . 2/9
Hey ! I don't know if your gonna see this but just in case.. I'm french so sorry for my english, I stopped pratice 2 years ago but I hope you'll understand !
I reaaaally like your fiction, everything seemed happened just when it had to happen, the relationship between Sakura and Kakashi did not go too fast and despite I don't really like Sakura I found myself loving your Sakura ! Kakashi is just how i pictured him, accurate to the anime ! And Sasuke as well i didn't have nothing to say about this !
I love your story way too much and you just broke my hurt with this chapter.. I don't really like happy ending but I guess for once, i could appreciate one x)
It's 3am, I'm tired af but i have to know what happen next so i'm gonna read the next ! Bisous from Toulouse !
FrikiHimechan chapter 66 . 1/16
Waaaaaaaa... OMG! OMG! I'm seriously…seriously just about dying and lost forever my sense of sight! What can I say? I just TOTALLY love your story... it gives me up and down of emotions and heartaches that several times I think I really going to die... I read it in three nights, no stop... my eyes are about to lost their light forever, but it worth it, jajaja. .
Being honest, I wasn't fan of KakaSasaku untill recently and I punish myself for that, specially for not find your story earlier! Someone on the spanish fandom recommended it, and now I am totally grateful to her.
I completely, deeply, madly, fell in love of Kakashi here... well, he is my favorite character ever, but you handled him so well, that I couldn't help but love him even more.
Sakura was so sweet, so realistic... I felt her pain, the struggle between the fear of hurting Sasuke and her feelings for Kakashi...TTwTT Beutiful. Their friendship, the affection and the love growing through the years ... it was just marvelous. Really, I find hard to try to demonstrate in words how much I adored your story. I'm practically screaming over here! Jajaja...I'm sorry for not comment on every chapter, but my hungry and need of reading was more powerfull...
Anyway, in risk of been annoying, once again I have to tell you... I totally loved your story! It was perfect!
There's a lot of things I'd like to say to you, but I think that a very long review would be a little disturbing, so I can only add that you have a new follower now. I'll be wating for any new history you try. Count with my full support! :D

Ok, I guess it's time to say "see you again". I send flying hughs and kisses from Arica, Chile.
Matta ;)
Pd: Sorry for my poor english. I hope it wasn't been too terrible for your eyes.
Byeeee :**
Lil Lost Lady chapter 66 . 1/15
All in all, I found this story wonderful to read through it wasn't always easy for me to continue it as I'm not fond of infidelity in stories or in real life but I'm glad I powered through it all until the end it was definitely worth it. Thanks for writing such an epic length great story, I hope to read other stories from you in the future!
sandracddy chapter 66 . 1/9
Me ha encantado.
Deseo que nunca hubiera terminado pero todo tiene su final.

Gracias por la excelente lectura :')
Another guest chapter 66 . 1/5
This fantastic literature deserves an award! I had so many different emotions along the course of the story. Sometimes I felt bad for Sasuke but by the end it was totally the other way around. He deserved it. Thanks for putting in your time and effort to entertain us :)
Frostypasta chapter 66 . 1/4
This is my absolute favorite kakasaku story! So well written and fun 3. You have a real talent and thank you for really putting time into this!
Edith chapter 66 . 12/26/2017
Me encantó tu historia, incluso las dos notas finales que pusiste
shivva chapter 1 . 12/24/2017
I've just started this and I just wanted to say thanks! I'm really enjoying it so far! :D
The Ram Princess chapter 1 . 12/23/2017
I could read this story over and over again. I hope you write more. Maybe Gaara and Sakura next time?
Emily chapter 3 . 12/23/2017
I could kiss you for writing this
SneakyElephant chapter 1 . 12/23/2017
This is my second time reading this story, and I just love it so much, it's become my headcanon for what happens after Shippuden. I really hope you end up coming back to write a new story because you're very talented, but either way I'm glad you shared this story; thank you!
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