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nadia.NEGS chapter 66 . 7/9
Hello, (Yep, ff readers like to read in the early morning hahaha , it's 4 am) I do not know if you read this after all this time, but I'd like to tell you that it's one of the best Kakasaku stories I've read, from time to the personality of the characters, is just what I would have liked Kishimoto to put in the real story (you said once: a girl can dream) Definitely I add this ff to my favorites. Sorry for my english, saludos :)
moderndayportia chapter 66 . 6/12
Thank you so much for this gem of a fanfic! It was great to see a full length serialized fic from you! The Afterschool Special trilogy is definitely an old fave of mine, so I really was thrilled by all of the yummy lemons in this story. Also, it was so helpful for helping me handle my disillusionment with the fact that Sakura ends up with Sasuke in canon, which kind of made me take a step away from the fandom. But stories like these which show us the way to continued Kakasaku goodness are priceless.
Girness chapter 66 . 5/23
Awesome story! Look forward to reading more from you.
carlaivy chapter 66 . 5/23
I absolutely loved this story! I'm so glad I stumbled upon a review on another KakaSaku story that recommened this one.
Kvyy16 chapter 1 . 5/10
No matter how many times I read this, it’s sooo exciting . I love this fic! Great writing and I loveeee the lemons. Kakasaku for life
SmilingArtist chapter 66 . 5/8
Ermahgerd, this was AMAZING.
Currently sleep deprived but I have no regrets.
Glad Kakashi and Sakura got the ending that they deserve.
Thanks for sharing such an amazing fic with us!

Stfumarie chapter 1 . 4/30
You should Write a sasusaku fanfiction !
Guess chapter 1 . 4/26
I wish you could be a professional author like the one who wrote fifty shades of grey. She started from fanfiction too T.T
Guest chapter 1 . 4/26
Its been 2 years and still cant move on from this. Please write again... If you write something please tell me. I want to read your stories more and more. Contact me . i am kakasaku fan but even tho you didnt read kakasaku its okay. Coz i am in love the way you wrote T.T
up4llnight chapter 66 . 4/24
thank you for writing this story
centeineac chapter 49 . 3/30
Jayzussss! Finally! My god how I have waited for her to burst. Like damn, who’s even got that amount of patience. I would have ditched him so long ago after so many years of him just being like “here, carry my spawn and then raise it. I’ll stop by when I have a minute”. Ugh. And the zero personality problemgod knows why anyone falls for that. No offence to Sasuke lovers but ffs how on earth could he even work up any kind of emotion to marry someone. And Sakura, the most emotional person on the Kishi-planet being with him is just hell on earth for her. The only good that came out of all of that is little Sarada.

Sorry for the rant. I love this storybeen reading and waiting for the sasuke truth bomb to come out of Sakura.

1000 kudos to you
aqua-love-angel-13 chapter 66 . 2/13
I really loved this story! Great chemistry between Sakura and Kakashi! I also adore the Sadara and Kakashi moments, he makes a great father figure. As for Sasuke, I hated him and liked him. I don’t know how in Naruto, Sakura kept such strong faith and determination in Sasuke despite him being gone for a decade. I feel your story is more realistic in terms of how she would have felt for him. Any how, great job!
Malia chapter 66 . 2/10
Well it's done. You know what ? I saw myself and my baby bro (not so much a baby anymore by the way..) in Sarada et Ren. He has another father and im like Sasuke, i don't know how to love and how to show my love for someone but my baby bro seemed to know it and i swear he is the sweetest personn in the world, he is more like Naruto. Not afraid about how he feels.. Anyway that's not the point ! I love Kakashi and Sakura, I love their family and thank you, you didn't let Sas'ke all alone and well.. Hinabi ? Why not huh ? They would have powerfull baby ! I admit i'd like to have an Omake abàout when Sasuke and Sarada were travelling and one about Boruto and Sarada !
I really enjoy reading you and i hope you'll see my review because i know it's important for writter to know that their stories are appreciate and as a reader it's important to me the the author know how i feel about their stories. You broken my heart several times, you make me smile a lot and you even make me laugh a few times too ! I hope you're ok, you've posted Better Man in 2016, we're in 2018 so i hope thaht only good things happened to you in 2 years ! Bisous et merci !
Malia chapter 64 . 2/10
Well.. It's done.. You broke my hurt. I don't know if im going to be able to say what i want to say in english and i really hope you'll understand ! The break up scene omg i swear you did it perfectly. I was affraid that you'll choose to make Sasuke look like an asshole (the easy way) but his reaction as well with Kakashi than with Sakura was perfect ! It was totally him and in a way, i found the teen Sasuke back. Insecure, afraid, angry.. yes it was him. And the fact that he did really love Sakura and not just using her because he was afraid of being alone and that he needed a family because he lost his one (im not sure it's really english but i didn't know how to say it sorry) make the scene even more real ! Yes he is selfish and had some difficulties with express his feeling but loves Sakura and Sarada.. but he didn't know how to love..
Bruh.. only two chapter left.. your story is perfect and even if i didn't understand everything because i'm not english (obviously) i have a good level especially in writting comprehension and i really enjoy reading Better Man. I read a lot of fanfiction and even if i really liked it most of the time the characters were'nt really themselves but in your story i really felt like they were ! The way they talked, the way they acted everything was perfect so please, keep writting !
Avec beaucoup d'amour
Malia chapter 51 . 2/9
Well it's 5am and i know you're going to break my hurt really soon so im gonna sleep ! (please don't be too hard with Sas'ke, i love him as much as i hate him (a lot so) and even if he's a dramaqueen, a little selfish and unable to show his feelings he deserves to be happy..) Buuuuut Kakashi too so i'm happy to know that your story stays a Kaka/Saku
I also love the Kaka/Sara you created but i admit that at first i thought that there would be some Boru/Sara, i still hope there will be some later !
I just saw that the end is near.. I hope you have others fictions !
Night xx
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