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Guest chapter 1 . 10/29/2018
It’s true in the trivia Fear is supposed to be the one who gets lost with joy in long term memory.
robowolfthewriter chapter 3 . 10/17/2018
please continue! i stared to loved it
Guest chapter 3 . 9/19/2017
Where is the next chapter?
I like your story please carry on
Guest chapter 1 . 9/19/2017
Very cool
Guest chapter 3 . 9/19/2017
Will you get a move on please I bet sadness try to quit headquarters and wake Riley up from a nighmare I what to know what happened in the memroy dump will joy ferk out
Guest chapter 3 . 9/19/2017
Very cool I am thinking about a story about joy and fear anger disgust sadness and Bing bong
Dylan chapter 3 . 7/1/2017
Where is chapter 4
Dylan chapter 1 . 6/9/2017
Where is chapter 4
CNBW chapter 3 . 2/15/2017
Please continue, this. IT'S AMAZINGGGGG! XD
Guest chapter 3 . 5/28/2016
Well that was a good chapter but it's been forever and you forgot to say that (Well we know Fear Anger and Disgust were in headquarters when Joy and Sadness were gone) so you forgot to say that Anger Sadness and Disgust Are in headquarters while Joy and Fear are gone
Guest chapter 3 . 5/14/2016
Please continiue
Guest chapter 3 . 5/3/2016
Super excited to see what idea you've come up with for what starts the whole problem with getting stuck in long term. Can't wait! Super pumped!
Guest chapter 3 . 5/2/2016
Loving this story. Can't wait for more!
FurorNocturna chapter 3 . 4/23/2016
New Update!

I'm in love with this story, and I'm so happy to see you've made more progress with it!

I really like what you have going here with this interpretation. While the movie was more profound with its direction to give the message on the importance of Sadness, I've always loved the original concept with Joy and Fear, and there's another equally important message there too with his job: keeping you safe. I really can't wait for when their adventure really kicks off! Fear's constant trepidation, angst, high-strung and panicky nature is its own contrast to Joy's personality, but there's also a sarcastic and snarky flare to him as well that will make his exchanges with her more combative and unique from the more kind of one-sided ones between Joy and Sadness in the movie (while not a complete doormat, Sadness was very passive passive-aggressive to Joy; they'd disagree, sure, but Joy easily won out since Sadness would quietly more or less relent to Joy's lead until Joy's course of action went awry and then Sadness would have the opportunity to try her ideas). Fear's character also exhibits passive-aggressive traits, in that he will be more resigned to the treatment when his insecurities or hesitance towards direct confrontation wins over, but he's also more than capable of being assertive when a situation demands it (in the movie, despite losing his nerve later on, Fear does initially try to keep order, opting a "What Joy Would Do" tactic in her absence and using substitute memories as temporary replacements for the missing core memory to power Hockey Island, on top of trying in vain to keep Anger from overreacting), and I can't imagine he'd take dismissals towards an emergency situation lying down. I can expect that Joy will still have her way with making the choices and overrule much her companion's say on the venture here similar to as in the movie, but it'll be interesting in its own right with Fear because he's typically much more vocal his apprehensions and would verbally put up more of a fight to argue his say on a matter.

There's also tons of interesting routes to go with reincorporating the movie plot for this story. Such as the "find the fun" bit, e.g. instead of Sadness putting a downer spin on things, Fear aspires uneasiness by listing all possible things that could go wrong or how said event could've been life threatening, or how Sadness' "fall on your face" tendencies can be reworked into Fear's fainting and/or panicked fetal position (the latter you see when Disgust and Anger find Fear freaked out by the clown scare on dream duty after waking Riley up from it). Then there's the mind manual scene. Joy could not only use this as a way to distract Fear from being near the console, but it further works in her favor because Fear WOULD WANT to know how everything works, where everything is, what to do in the event of certain situations, etc; the unknown terrifies him, but the information the manuals provide would give him the know-how to plan and accommodate around dilemmas. Then in the event Fear starts to "cause trouble", Joy can successfully distract him with the manuals, with either him having not read all of them and therefore needing to finish so he can be prepared for anything, or playing to his paranoia to have him plot out contingencies for contingency plans listed in the manuals to any given disaster. Then when they're lost in the mind, Fear not only has the knowledge at his disposal, but the means of proving himself. What will also set him apart from Sadness in this role is that while both will inform Joy when something isn't a good idea, Fear would explain down to the last detail why and list off any & all potential combinations of the resulting negative outcomes that can come of it. As I mentioned before, I imagine Joy will still initially brush him off as she had in the movie with Sadness, but Fear would better vocalize his concerns and more adamantly try and explain/reason with Joy to hear him out.

In regards to teaching Fear's importance, there's a lot of potential to explore more of the depths of the emotion as well. No one likes to be afraid, but there's more to Fear than just screaming and freaking out a lot. Fear is shown as very analytical and calculating (if a bit paranoidly so) in the film with processing the cons of Riley's new home, the possible dangers of the first day at school, and the negatives of running away (the last one's not as obvious in the movie, but touched on more in the POV book "Driven by Emotions" in Fear's chapter recounting of the events). He's the one to access a situation more before acting as opposed to Joy's more go-getter style of things. Joy is shown to be a planner as well but isn't nearly as thorough, in addition to being more prone to jump headlong into situations for the sake of fun or because she is so self-assured in her reasoning on what she perceives is best. You see this with her immediate first course of action to cross the very narrow lightline that connects Goofball Island to the Headquarters spire to get home in the movie; this choice is made a bit off the bat as it's a straight shot from point A to point B and as the first readily available option of doing so that presents itself, but Joy doesn't take into account the dangers of the slippery thin pathway, the risk of a very long drop into the Memory Dump, or the chance of the unpowered Personality Island collapsing altogether since she's so set on trying to get back as quick as possible. Furthermore, Fear's role in lesser extremes implements common sense and logical reasoning that pertains to self-preservation and the safety of others. Say, as a possibility for the Abstract Thought scene, he'd not only warn Joy about the dangers and refer to the "DANGER" sign, but also after they nearly escape with their lives, but maybe get on her case about not listening and not thinking things through, such as blindly following the guidance of an imaginary friend who can't read into a danger section of the mind as a "shortcut" (Bing Bong wouldn't be exempt from this either; I'd imagine Fear going off on him for being careless and endangering not only himself, but also him and Joy, if his role here follows the movie similarly as well).

His job to look after Riley's safety also puts him in the role of a protector. Disgust protects specifically from physical and social poisoning, Anger protects from unfairness and injustice (as well as, I'd imagine, command the "fight" aspect of "fight-or-flight"), which places Fear as Riley's defender from everything else that could cause her harm or threaten her life and wellbeing. This also places him with the duty of protecting the other emotions by extension, in this case so they are capable of doing their respective duties; if they can't do their jobs, that compromises Riley's wellbeing, which goes against his job. On top of that, this aspect of his purpose especially allows for deeper insight and/or growth to his character; Fear has to have some bearings and rationality in critical situations so he can properly guide someone to safety, and in split-second circumstances, he won't have the benefit of time to go over all options, but need to act immediately on the defense in the moment. I'm really curious to see what you have in store for Fear's defining moments, and it'd be cool to see that through him actively protecting Joy (and Bing Bong) or something of the sort. Forgive me if all this comes of as "backseat authoring", it's not my intent. This is only a review, with some advice/pointers and tons of personal speculation/interpretation in the mix, from which you can take from or leave as you wish and see fit. You may have already planned everything out and have no need for most of this, and that's perfectly alright. You are the author, this is your story to mold and shape to your whim. I'm just here to review, assist, and give my support as MY duty as a reviewer however I can. If I've done/said anything offensive, let me know so I can amend it in the future :)

Lastly, I know you haven't officially decided on making this a Starnerve fic, but I have my fingers crossed and highly support the idea! It is my Inside Out OTP, but as I break it down more, I find that it's possible to really work between these two. Their contrasting personalities may put them at odds in certain instances, but when they cooperate there's really great chemistry. Joy's job is to provide Riley's happiness and empower her to make the best and most of life. Fear's job is keeping her safe, and while it can seem like he'll hold her back from happiness at times, it's through taking the precautions to keep her alive that will allow for Riley to continue being happy longer and prevent potential threats to it by extention to her life. Working together they balance each other out; Fear keeps Joy in check from being too carefree and reckless by having her exercise caution, and Joy does the same by promoting the bravery aspect of Fear, which is acknowledging dangers and taking them into account, but challenges him to take risks and guide him to overcome excessive unease and uncertainty so that they don't become all-consuming and crippling. But again, you are the author and the one with the final say on this, and whatever you decide is up to you. Either way, I'll still see this through to the end and give my support all the while.

Keep up the great work!
I'll see you again with your next update eager to read more :D
Al Drin Hoshizora chapter 3 . 4/3/2016
Finally! An update
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