Reviews for Y'know Nothing Jon Snow!
yowaddup5 chapter 34 . 8/17
I'm not interested just curious if you are going to give this story to someone else to continue it I freaking love how it was going and it ending like this has made me a little upset I was really invested and favorited the story and followed it
KelanFarron chapter 1 . 8/8

Seriously, check out MandJTV's videos. I have a feeling you two would get along fabulously lol
mangouschase chapter 34 . 7/13
damn. Well, it was great while it lasted, didn't even notice I was approaching the final chapter. Hope you do well, Umodin, may you never run out of fuel in the next stories you write.
mangouschase chapter 26 . 7/11
damn, no Trickster for Murkrow. Would've been particularly good with Fly, Toxic, Protect, etc.
mangouschase chapter 20 . 7/9
love a good dose of get stunlocked arrogant prick
ER-47 chapter 34 . 6/24
Great story
Guest chapter 21 . 6/16
Claire is so goated in this fic, my favourite character by far
Kiyan Tribe chapter 4 . 6/12
Wow he is only 9. Now that's a surprise
SinfulScribbles chapter 1 . 6/1
Shoutouts for a great story (even if it got canceled), but more importantly for having an amazing favorites list. My number one way of finding new fics these days is pulling up your page and looking at what’s recently updated on your favorites.
Hwang Manuel chapter 30 . 6/1
Huh, how is crystal onyx suited for her?
Hwang Manuel chapter 20 . 5/31
Turn by turn converted into live battle is great
Hwang Manuel chapter 8 . 5/31
"Dragonair, im gonna whoop your ass with your so called inferior baby."
KINGDEEM chapter 2 . 5/11
ahh... the typical pidgey starter... also what a asshole move to caterpie..
lukejmontier1 chapter 34 . 4/28
I hope you end up rewriting this soon but luckily I didn’t get too attached as I had other story’s. It would however be worth you atleast updating the description to say you’ve discontinued it for the benifit of future readers.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/26
your character feels like a very slimy dude
the caterpie scene put me off
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