Reviews for Lady Archimedes
ArtimuosJackson chapter 53 . 7/18
Actually Voldemort never thought about an under age witch/wizard can come to this conclusion just as he never thought about house elves in general otherwise he would have known the magic of their apparating in Hogwarts and applied to himself.
ReadLikeHermione chapter 53 . 7/16
great chapter!
zedille chapter 53 . 7/16
Having both Harry and Bill drink the potion to get to the bottom of the basin made sense in the heat of the moment, but I hope the consequences aren't too much (and Fleur is quite justifiably worried.) All the material with the Inferi was appropriately visceral and terrifying.
General Mac chapter 53 . 7/15
oooohhh brilliant, no dead bodies for moldyshorts to call call on if he needs them, thanks love it more when you can pretty please
Soupercan chapter 53 . 7/13
Love the chapter, but I really hope this doesn't devolve into another "Oh no! Hermione hurt the poor defenseless things that were trying to kill us! She's evil!"
Starlight Chibi-chan chapter 53 . 7/14
Ohhhh man. Fleur is not happy with Hermione. Not even Bill is happy with Hermione, it seems...and it was all for nothing! :(
Daniel chapter 41 . 7/11
Have you ever given thought to Hermione using mass–energy equivalence as a weapon? All it would take is a modified vanishing charm channeling the energy equivalent of the vanished matter into some explosion or some other spell that needs lots of power...
xephrys chapter 1 . 7/12
I've been reading the arithmancer and lady arithmancer for the past 2 days, marathon reading them was exhausting but. SO. WORTH. IT. I love these stories and the way you write, and I appreciate how you have Hermione and Harry as best friends. They have such different strengths and weaknesses that they work well together, and I hope to see more of their friendship. Hope to read more soon!/ xephrys
Montara chapter 53 . 7/12
Wow! She killed them all! Good for her. But, poor Voldemort's victims! Hope their souls are free now.

And poor Hermione, she'll be more scary in everybody's eyes. I don't think George will be scared, or Harry, but the others...
Benjamin Goldberg chapter 52 . 7/11
I wonder if you're still interested in ideas for spells for Hermione to invent - if so, consider a ghostly intangibility curse, which removes from the victim the ability to touch anything, not even the floor. Naturally, they will immediately begin falling, even if they start on solid ground. If the victim dispels the curse while falling through the ground, they'll become embedded quite solidly in soil or rock... not to mention, the sudden stop at the end!

Hermione has already thought of part of a counter to this curse - apparate upwards, into clear air, *then* cast the counterspell, then apparate back to the ground.
Jack Inqu chapter 53 . 7/11
That went...kind of well? None of them died, at least, though who knows what the fallout will be.

Take care, good luck, and I look forward to your next update.
tlf1992 chapter 53 . 7/11
Love this update soon please
Guest chapter 53 . 7/9
Wow, that chapter was really intense.
Starfish chapter 53 . 7/9
Well that was one hell of a ride. Not much to say other than this chapter was AWESOME.
Ragav chapter 53 . 7/9
This was one of the best chapters in this story and that is something brilliant. Very fascinating, thrilling and action packed . It keeps invoking a sense of "what is going to happen next" from the time Harry and Bill took the boat. The ending also left the readers precariously on edge waiting eagerly for the next update. It took me on an emotional rollercoaster and that does not happen often with me.

Why did Harry not give Bill the bezoar like he asked him to before drinking the potion?
Thanks for the update.
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