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Tornhold chapter 82 . 9/19
Wearing a flying carpet... Now that, is thinking (without the box).
Hannah Tjandra chapter 82 . 9/17
I got really really sad when this story ended as I've followed it for a long while. Then I read your note that you've written a sequel, and I've decided you're the best human being. Ever.
1ellealison chapter 82 . 9/14
This has been such an adventure to read, and I have to thank you for the ride. I can't quite remember when I first started reading the Arithmancer series, but it's definitely been at least a couple years. So many things have wonderfully come full circle in a great use of Chekov's gun; the weirdness of the upper levels from the beginning of the story coming to defend the castle in the conclusion; the thought that Harry might have to forswear a murder of Malfoy Sr. only to kill him in the end. Not to mention all the wonderful in-jokes, like the 'mysterious ticking noise' during the ritual curse.

The use of math to make magic is fascinating to me, I like the whole "music of the spheres" concept, and it came off a lot like the world of Fullmetal Alchemist to me. We as readers love a good fantasy story, but maybe it's the post-enlightenment citizen in all of us where we always have to ask "why" and in this story, Hermione asks everything for us, and I love where her questioning takes the reader.

I found Hermione's characterization here completely different than the books, but in a good way. To me she was both far more polite, yet much more deadly. That played out so well in their defeat of Voldemort and her battle with Bellatrix, which was just as - if not more - satisfying than the final battle in the canon books.

What stays with me whenever I re-read this series is the insights and commentary on magical society. Hermione rightly compares sections of it with Nazism, Communism, other isms, and complains on how backward it can seem coming from modern, upper middle class, Western muggle society. [Not to demand anything in your writing, but would be fascinating to get more into that. I actually think the nature of pureblood bigotry, the focus on bloodlines and having children, means there would be homophobia after all but *not* transphobia or gender inequality, or traditional racism. Ableism yes, ageism no. As Spock says... :)] And then it hits me; this is the late 1990s. Today she couldn't make the same claims about Muggle society moving past Nazi violence, other prejudices, or even legal advancements. Makes me think of the scene in ST: First Contact where Alfre Woodard calls out Picard on his BS. But which part of Hermione's identity would call out the other, her scientific muggle thinking to her magical witch self, or the other way around?

I'm actually hoping I can hold off on reading any updates on "Annals of Arithmancy" until December, being able to read a big chuck of the story at once would be the perfect Channukah gift to myself. :)
slytherinxbadxgirl chapter 82 . 9/8
Holy. crap.

I am just floored. this was fantastic.

Kai chapter 82 . 9/1
Great retelling. I enjoyed the little changes to the story - horcrux locations moved, the Death Eater Hogwarts assault via the ward stones, etc. That said, I am going to get nit-picky for a moment. As with the Arithromancer, experiencing everything through Hermione's POV is somewhat restrictive. I kept wondering what the other cells were doing to help the war - what were Sirius, Remus and Tonks doing in particular? There were so many smart adult wizards and witches (many that had experienced the previous war) that were never tapped as resources and that made it feel oddly like the entire war hinged on Hermione's breakthroughs alone. Even Harry felt like an afterthought to the story. 'Oh yeah, Harry... I guess that prophecy mentioned him, better make him part of the ritual so he's not left out completely.' Once Hermione goes into her Manna tangent, I'm seriously surprised Harry doesn't try to bugger off on his own. I'm glad that Rookwood existed as a foil to HG if only to show there were other equally brilliant (if evil) spellcrafters out there.

I really wish you had had a beta reader, too. In areas where the action starts ramping up, I can tell your creative juices are flowing fast and furious but, so too, do the typos start piling up. It throws the reader out of their immersion in a really jarring way.

That said, I liked this take on the war. Having people that the reader had grown accustomed to dying in the skirmishes and final battle make those losses more visceral. It's a style GRRM popularized: no one is safe. It works here to great effect. The final ritual and cursed battle vs. Bella is particularly fun to read as well.

Best, -Kai
StormLord654 chapter 44 . 8/25
IT takes a great writer to be willing to kill off major characters. it is a trait i do not have myself and one that i respect deeply. you sir, are fan-fucking-tastic
Guest chapter 82 . 8/22
Thank you sooooo much for a great story! Absolutely loved it from first to last chapter ! It made me laugh out loud on the bus and cried a bit after the war. Tillys death really hurt. Even leard some maths on the way
SpiralAK chapter 82 . 8/24
I enjoyed The Arithmancer quite a bit, for its creative magic, clever worldbuilding (and explanations for various setting quirks), engaging divergences and a well-written cast of characters.

This story is even better. I will admit that I wasn't a fan of Hermione's antagonistic relationship with Dumbledore (blame the bash fics) and the feeling that she was the only one capable of enacting real change, but you resolved both of these issues (and for the latter, made it a plot point with a satisfying resolution) and once the war really kicked off, I devoured the rest of the story like a dehydrated man at an oasis.

The way you pushed arithmancy, runes, rituals and soul magic to limits I couldn't even imagine while also keeping things internally consistent with the rules you established was amazing, and the best examples are of how you managed to pull off a proper use of a soulbond and kill a freaking dementor.

The fight with Bellatrix was fantastic, as well, serving as a fitting climax. The tasteful depiction of various religions without mocking or extolling (to the point of preaching) any one of them was icing on the cake.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story and appreciate the tremendous amount of effort you put into realizing your vision. Thank you for writing The Arithmancer and Lady Archimedes. Kudos.
k chapter 81 . 8/20
romanzu chapter 82 . 8/18
wonderful. A fanfiction masterpiece! *clapping hands*
Guest chapter 82 . 8/13
Wow. This thing is a beast. I read it in a little under a week and it made it hard to get anything else done. But wow. Well-written, funny, and heartbreaking all at once. The writer needs to turn their focus on to original works and bring something original to live now that they have the first million words out of the way. Bravo.
graythistledown chapter 64 . 8/14
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graythistledown chapter 63 . 8/14
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graythistledown chapter 63 . 8/14
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vickety chapter 82 . 8/14
Thank you so much for this truly amazing story!
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