Reviews for Lady Archimedes
Corditeman chapter 82 . 8/12
Astonishing series - yes, I only just finished reading The Arithmancer and Lady Archimedes. As good as the stories written by Starfox5.

Come and join us in Alternate History .com ! You might win the Cordite Medal for Inspired Ideas (CMII) if you do.

Yours sincerely,
Richard John Edkins The Corditeman.
Arei-The Peridot Dragon chapter 64 . 8/11
Loving the story! Amazingly done. The characters are brought to life in a way that compliments them best and the attention to detail for their reactions to certain scenarios are on point. I love how clever and yet flawed many of the characters are shown to be. Wonderful work!

One small note though, if I may be so bold? There is a lot of use of the word 'proved' when the proper tense word is 'proven' throughout this story and the last. Ie; 'this has never been arithmantically proved' should be 'this has never been arithmantically proven'. 'Proved' would be used more like this; 'and that's how the plan proved to be a great success!' or 'The tests proved the vaccine to be effective'. Just a small thing that kind of jars one out of the story.

Again, love the work. Thank you for sharing such an amazing gem.
darth-sakura chapter 82 . 8/2
wow, I love this so much I can't believe I just finished
darth-sakura chapter 70 . 8/2
So I stopped reading this for a looooong while bc life and now that I took a few advanced bio classes in college I actually kinda understood what tf Hermione's saying lmao
MotekElm chapter 82 . 7/23
good job
MotekElm chapter 76 . 7/22
yes, scientists don't change our names when we marry. it's not fair to previous publications, and other scholarly work.
MotekElm chapter 74 . 7/22
perhaps the author's religous upbringing is interfering with making this the most spectacular story?
it's so, so goodnew elements of magic and adventure, it's just missing romance. and the author wont use sex as a means to even save a life (the horcrux ritual), or let 18/20 yr old GF/BF even sleep in the same bed when they're on their own. it seems immature. I think this would be one of my favorite fan fiction stories if that changed
MotekElm chapter 73 . 7/22
I like that the ritual had these unintended consequences
MotekElm chapter 71 . 7/22
I like the science and magic, but I'm not a fan of the bible stuff
MotekElm chapter 66 . 7/22
awesome fight. and Ollivander 's wand is amazing
MotekElm chapter 63 . 7/22
very exciting adventure.
this is the first fic I've read that takes the accidental magic into account, good pick up.
my only qualm is that Hermione is so hard on herself and her boyfriend and best friend are not supporting her enough
MotekElm chapter 61 . 7/22
wow, scary powerful
MotekElm chapter 57 . 7/22
do unfair. poor Hermione. f Geore
MotekElm chapter 44 . 7/21
a fitting end for your characterization of a truly blood purist evil Draco.
MotekElm chapter 35 . 7/21
fantastic last line
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