Reviews for Lady Archimedes
Xelloss33 chapter 63 . 39m
About the French sentence "turne-la autourI guess it's supposed to be a translation for "turn her around" ?
From the context I guess you tried to write about making a U-turn, if so the correct way to say it would be "fais lui faire un demi-tour".
That aside I love this story and can hardly wait for more !
lynettecullen chapter 63 . 42m
I was just screaming at Hermione to change the barometric pressure.
Noble Korhedron chapter 63 . 2h
Jesus, what an ungrateful bitch; YES, she lost her husband, but she could see the shit the Death Eaters were throwing, and it obviously wasn't good! Ergo, pick on the bastards who would murder your family in their own home for simply having a magical child, not the people who got you out of there!
Transreal Clouden chapter 63 . 3h
I love the exploit with setting the carbon fiber on fire, though technically speaking Carbon Fiber is not very flammable according to the sources I can find. Still great world-building and consistency.
ExcaliburOfVictory chapter 63 . 6h
Finally some Horcrux progress! That battle at the end was a great one (I could recognise The Battle Of The Seven Potters elements in here, Oliver's death neatly mirrored Moody's death, and both were as unsettling). Good to see Hermione is taking her responsibility in the field too.
Interesting to see that Voldemort can manipulate the weather. I expected that that was something you'd reserve for the Mexican dark witch from The Accidental Animagus. Speaking about that, that one has been put on hiatus until you finish this story, right?
Looking forward to how this narrative will be brought to an end.
Achille Talon chapter 63 . 6h
I noticed the "You-Know-Who" thing but didn't interpret it correctly — I more or less thought the idea was that even the narrator was afraid of saying the name, even from beyond the fourth wall.

Also, "Tourne-la autour" isn't proper French at all. You mean "Retourne-la".
PurpleTunaFish chapter 63 . 6h
Yay! Hermione got the soul-detecting spell working! I hope it helps with the horcrux in Harry but I wonder what strange uses she'll find for it...
Poor random muggles, but great aerial fight scene!
Love the chapter (but then I always do for your work)!

(I bet Hermione tries to find a flight-without-a-broom spell now.)
Fayanora chapter 63 . 7h
Poor Mrs. Clarke. Poor Mr. Clarke.
fishofthestars chapter 63 . 8h
Awesome chapter! I wonder, could Hermione/Death Eaters make a spell that provokes lethal Allergic reactions to something like sunlight or water (which some people do have)? It would be difficult to fight if you're choking to death. Same with Asthma, having an attack in the middle of a battle would certainly be bad for your concentration and spell casting.
rednaxnala chapter 63 . 11h
Super good chapter. I need sleep, so I am not coherent enough to properly express my joy. But this is is great and I love it.
Thank you for the update,
theeyes1 chapter 63 . 12h
I'm a little surprised that no one Disillusioned themselves here. Hell, that was something they knew to do even in canon; it's purely bizarre that they didn't think to do it here, when all of them were so well-known that they were certain to dray Tom's attention just by being there.
Foxy-Floof chapter 63 . 12h
OMG...DAMN... This story is AMAZING. I love it so much... I'm rather deeply attached to Hermione, as an inventor, and an intellectual.

Also, poor Jeffrey... Maybe they should use a calming draught on future visits to families? Or they could have offered him a candy, treated with a light compulsion to be drowsy and instantly fall asleep on their own...
Forensica X chapter 63 . 12h
This was fantastic! I can't wait to see what happens next.
syed chapter 63 . 13h
I wonder how a dementor would react to souls becoming visually detectable, it draw them in or even repulse them. Imagine if they some how cast this spell on tom, how would his followers react to seeing just what he has done to him self. What would happen if the spell is cast on a dementor since they eat souls.
Say they share this spell with the goblins, could they use that as proof they can't keep it in their vaults? There must be some rules on what you can't have in the vaults, since the charm only works on living beings, that could let them remove it.
Can the cloak hide Harry from this spell? I wonder if ghosts or stone shade can cause a glow. Since wands that match emit sparks that match a soul, would wands show up as something. It might create a way to quicker match wands, or even make wands to suit a person. If wands do show up, how would the elder wand or brother wands appear?
I wonder if they can tap into the runes tone network, to search out soul pieces. You could not use it to detect a specific person using the human revealing spell, but they have pieces of tom soul so use the new spell to track the remaining pieces.
katdemon1895 chapter 63 . 14h
a heartbreaking but fascinating chapter and I rather hope Hermione manages to fly on her own power (or teaches Harry to do it since I imagine he'd enjoy it more) if only for the look on Voldemort's face
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