Reviews for Lady Archimedes
Westeller chapter 26 . 9/12
I'm not sure that having to tap out morse code on a ring is a valid form of emergency communication. It's certainly discreet enough, but for emergencies speed and convenience are key, and that doesn't sound like it has much of either. If you're trying to schedule a meeting, the rings seem fine. If you've just had a chunk taken out of you by a massive, poisonous serpent, on the other hand... Well, at least it's one more possible way to call for help, if you can manage it.
Westeller chapter 24 . 9/12
Y'know, leeching "all the lead out of the soil" in your backyard sounds like a pretty decent way to accidentally break a few pipes. And if not lead, surely some of the other metals...
Westeller chapter 20 . 9/12
I really don't think she's taking the safety of her family seriously enough. Voldemort aside, she knows by now that the ministry itself is a danger to them, and that they could wind up in Azkaban through absolutely no fault of their own. Considering how she feels about dementors, she should honestly be trying to get them to literally any other country - whether she intends to regularly stay in Britain herself or not...
Westeller chapter 18 . 9/12
Caffeine jitters OP, if a coffee can keep you up all night after eight hours of literal torture.
Westeller chapter 15 . 9/12
I've been thinking it for awhile, but this story holds canon quite close. This year in particular, we seem to be hitting all the same plot points. Umbridge is here to stay, the D.A. has been formed.. even the minor details are the same - the contract exists, with the exact same penalty, the protean coins are used for scheduling, and so on. The other years so far hugged canon, too, but this one feels like it's following it a little too closely. Years one to four may have hit many of the same old points, but they did try to change things up a bit.
Westeller chapter 1 . 9/11
I don't think having Barty stop by the Granger home to put a few AKs into the backs of Hermione's parents would be Voldemort tipping his hand, announcing his return, or anything else. They're basically defenseless and their deaths would reveal nothing. She's making enough of a name for herself and an enemy of him that her parent's safety should be *much* more of a concern.
ElsieD chapter 37 . 9/8
I was hoping that Harry Kroto would come into this after all Hermione’s efforts with carbon! Hurry for the Black Blade of Buckminsterfullerine!
gladeyemoody chapter 35 . 9/9
Your story is really good but one thing just keeps bothering me...I feel like Hermione is such a hypocrite and well maybe a little conceited. I mean she keeps going after Dumbledore about the people dying and keeping secrets when she herself does the same thing. She keeps stuff like the rings a secret when Dumbledore possibly couldn't cause any harm from knowing about and was just as responsible for Lee's death as Dumbledore was for Podmore and Bode. She also sees other very powerful wizards and recognises their powers but seems to think people like Dumbledore couldn't reconstruct her spells. I also honestly feel bad for Ron because he's hardly having any contribution to anything Harry and Hermione get upto. Hermione also mentioned that she could not forgive Ron for the fourth year when it was only Harry who should have anything to say about it... honestly Hermione seems kinda immature but it kind of fits her character of being a child genius. She has excelled in everything since childhood so she holds herself in high regard. I think the character is very well written though... everyone has certain flaws..but I think I wouldn't want to be her friend of I was at Hogwarts.
Moshe Laks chapter 79 . 8/13
I feel compelled to point out that while the Hebrew word Levyasan is used in that verse, it doesn't actually mean the Leviathan. It really confused me when I first studied it, Best I can make out, the Medieval Jewish commentaries interpret it as coming form the word "Levaya", or funeral
Elizabeta Jerose chapter 56 . 8/1
I really wish we took Rookwood out in this chapter. Now he has an arsenal of Hermiones hexes he can pass on to the other Death Eaters.
Elizabeta Jerose chapter 34 . 8/1
I do have to wonder though even when I read the original HP series, why not ask the room of requirement? I know, in retrospect when you know Ravenclaws diadem is in there, it sound like a good idea, but even before that. I’m a lazy person, if there’s a room that can help me out in anyway I’ll walk past it and ask ‘I need a place to find out where Voldemort horcruxes are’ …
Elizabeta Jerose chapter 30 . 8/1
Hmmm, I think maybe Tom Riddle isn’t the other genius arithmancer, but I’m still believing it’s a death eater of sorts. It’s intriguing to see Hermione inventing very simple hexes, I was afraid to see her going dark when she talked about a heart stopping one.
fuunu chapter 67 . 7/16
for her being smart she sure is fighting dumb, but then that might be just the military experience in me talking, plus didn' she have armor
fuunu chapter 26 . 7/15
ok gotta say it Sirius is an idiot. He's a lord and should talk to all the other lords and wizagmot that have kids at the school as there are plenty of them.
zachariahm chapter 80 . 6/27
Solid end for Bella.
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