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Apokatastasis chapter 19 . 1/8
Wanted to let you know I was the one that recommended your fic in the thread last night. You know the one. I had to leave for work before you posted your comment so I just wanted to say keep up the good work.
Tantei1412 chapter 19 . 11/2/2020
Thank you for the chapter!

This fic was so good that I was actually motivated to find my credentials for this site to review it. Fair warning, it's going to be a bit long.

Saying this as someone who has practically no knowledge of Fire Emblem, I was completely taken by it, reading it all in a few days. The premise of the main character, who for some reason has to sleep with a majority of the female cast, is not unknown. But the emphasis on manipulation, the stress it imposes on Robin, and the balls of him to actually commit adultery separates this fic from all others.

Granted, I don't really know the husbands, so maybe that's why I only feel glee when Lissa and Olivia are conquered and not be conflicted about it unlike someone who's actually played the game.

Using the women's point of view was excellent, as it shows the conflict within them as well as showing Robin's plots from an outside point of view. They also have feelings and circumstances that believably drive them to Robin's increasingly wicked grasp.

Like yeah, earlier chapters show Robin's utter hesitance in seducing women, but lately I feel he's seducing them for the thrill of it. This slow descend to depravity is fascinating and is a major draw to the fic.

Lucina! She plays the perfect wife to Robin, err... perfectly! She is cute, loving, devoted and shows herself as the pillar that Robin leans on that drives him onwards. Amusingly, her affection unwittingly adds more fuel to the fires of Robin's conquest. Her hesitance in admitting their relationship in public is a huge part of the story and one of the reasons Robin can smoothly conquer targets.

Morgan! I'm pretty sure her finding that adult book isn't in Robin's plans, since a major reason of his conquests is to prevent him from seeing Morgan as an acceptable target. Which just means that I'm looking forward to how she falls to Robin, since she's the only girl that Robin would absolutely take pains not to seduce.

Tharja! Tharja is intersting. She plays the generic 'woman obsessed with the main character bordering on worship' but she plays it well. She is an essential part of Robin's scheme, whether he knows it or not, looking out for him and providing support when necessary. Robin's promise to give her a child was memorable and sweet and now that she's secure about that, she's actively roping in more women to Robin's harem. I also took note of the fact that she had a different reaction to dream Noire.

Lissa! Lissa, 'plucky next-door neighbor girl', is Robin's first target, because of their history together. I don't know if that's in the game or only in this story, but I found how their initial relationship blooming from grief, their yearly flings and especially how they drifted apart, bitterly realistic. Her nascent preference for girls will drive her to help Tharja with more targets, especially her long time crush(?), Maribelle.

Lon'qu! He isn't shown much, but when he is shown it's him and Robin being bros in those two flashbacks(which is tragically ironic) or being obstinate with his wife before going far away. Giving him a scene to explain that the reason he keeps her away is only because he cares for her only after the final nail was struck made me wince in a 'I'm enjoying the drama' kind of way.

Olivia! I recall the author saying somewhere that canonically, her husband was the one who should have found her dancing in the street. But Robin found her instead because he left the tavern early to take a walk on a different side of town to clear his head and that only happened because of his guilt toward Lon'qu was a chain of events that shows how his earlier actions realistically affect later canonical events.

Anyway, Olivia was an accident, Robin's choice to keep her secret and seduce her to 'make everyone happy' rather than tell her husband and risk their marriage (which we know from canon events would have only made it stronger) made sense at first. But you'd then realize that Olivia being seduced would ruin the marriage anyway.

To Olivia herself, representing the 'shy girl' faction, her lack of self esteem and how it lead to her situation is noted by Robin, but I also found her a romantic, which was interesting. From the fact that Robin was still single, she arrived at the conclusion that it was only because he was pining for a married woman (which was obviously her, from the pampering). Also the whole, 'please own me master' thing is a kind of romantic, if twisted desire.

Gregor! I don't think too kindly of him, but he's a good man when sober apparently. Which he never is. Which is exactly Olivia's problem with him I suppose. At the very least, I don't recall seeing him sober.

Miriel! The 'very logical to the point of robot-like' kind of character isn't my favorite, but the transactional start of her relationship with Robin and his desire to surpass it is notable all the same. Especially the fact that the husband, whose name I forgot right now, knows about it all. He has some kind of kink for it apparently.

Nowi, the first target who is on the flat side of the scale. Apparently a 1000 year old dragon and obviously the 'legal loli', the fact that she goes to heat when taking in Robin's scent fulfills the 'porn logic' the author promised us in chapter one. The story puts in emphasis that her view of love is different from the others but I don't know where that's going to lead.

Panne! Panne is different. Panne was the first target to deviate from Robin's scheme's and frankly speaking I though things were going to hell very quickly when she ran away from him. Robin's initial effort to make himself the villain to preserve her love for her deceased husband was laudable and what was probably what convinced her to go along with him. Robin's promise to stop seducing more women after her is quickly forgotten by him but who knows what the future holds? It's regrettable that she lives so far away since it minimizes screen time.

Say'ri! I don't know about the other girls but she clearly held the torch for him even before the whole coming back to life thing. The story of how she slowly came to love him and then seeing Morgan was poetic. Her arc is clearly coming up next and I'm really looking forward to it!

I'd like to speak my thoughts about the other characters too, but this is review is already too long.

Once again, thank you for the chapter and the fic itself.
JLDavenport chapter 19 . 9/13/2020

More than happy to respond to any of those points at any time, but if you're just gonna hide behind a "Guest" review there's not much for me to say. I've explained clearly why my Patreon exists (so I can afford to take time off work, and thus write more), there was plenty of manipulation in this chapter (and in previous, did you just ignore everything with Cordelia and Severa?) and if you consider the name of the story you can guess that I've got a fairly important role for Lucina to come.

I'll explain in greater detail, or address any complaints you may have if you hit me up on a PM, or on my Discord, or on Reddit, or on my Patreon, or at my Email. But if you're just coming to drop forced 4chan memes and not have any actual discussion, I won't have anymore time to spend on you.
Guest chapter 19 . 9/12/2020
I think it's pretty obvious you're not actually interested in this story's concept and you're just selling out the same four lines of dialogue for every girl to milk your patreon supporters. Which is your choice, I guess, but the start of this story was much more interesting Than what it's ended up as. Lucina being put through so much sex that she actually physically cannot keep up, Tharja being... Tharja, no writing around that I guess, Lissa being abandoned and turning to cheating with an old friend, it was all interesting, especially Tharja going up to Lucina and bragging about how her husband is cheating on her.

Then every new girl that comes along it's just Robin going "actually you DO love me now we fuck" followed by seven paragraphs of "OOOOO ROBIN OOOO ROBIN SO BIG SO BIG I LOVE YOU I LOVE OOOO". Boring boring boring. Another reviewer pointed it out, but you have more bonus chapters than actual girls, all of which are the same thing of "insert girl x moaning out line a, b, and c over and over again". And none of the girls past Lissa have any interesting actual manipulation on Robin's part or having an effect on his relationship with Lucina other than she too can now moan out lines a, b, and c without passing out at the end and forcing Robin to go to another girl.

Gotta love the simp ass "please support me to get chapters out faster" at the end of your chapters too. I obviously don't know how many people support you on patreon but I'd bet good money that the chapters will come out at the same pace whether you have 1000 supporters or 10, because that's just how writing works. Multiple drafts, combing over for mistakes, beta readers, it takes time and no amount of money is going to change how long it takes you to write a good story, much less a 70k word chapter where most of the chapter is those same three lines being yelled over and over again.

10 supporters is still more than nothing but no amount of money is going to make you put out chapters faster, (unless you've written all them and instead of releasing them weekly or monthly you make the fans wait 6-7 months at a time while you sit back and rake in money) and no one in their right mind is going to support your patreon when all of your chapters in recent times are the same old boring hentai script over and over again. Can't do anything about the Hentai Coomers who support you but I bet a large part of the traffic to this story is people who don't stay once they see how this story is turning out.

I'd wager more people want what's in the description, a story about Robin seducing girls to quell his lust, not a generic hentai script with the Fire Emblem girls names slapped in place of "big tits onii chan #4". A Royal Affair, A Final Challenge, A Bargain at Twice the Price, and the first few chapters of this were interesting, but now that you've accrued a following you're not going anywhere with it. Maybe you'll turn this story around and do something interesting with Robin and Lucina's relationship in the next few chapters, but I won't count it.
Megaolix chapter 19 . 8/12/2020
Been a while since I reviewed... Had to find a good time to read it sinc it was so long.

That being said, I am concerned. Ever as this fic go on, the delays get longer for larger chapters. 70k? I am concerned this may still not be over in 5 years. More importantly, one look at the list makes the problem even clearer. For the 19 chapters you have, 10 are bonus. You have more bonus chapters than character chapters. And one of those nine is the prologue with Robin.

In the case here, I think the main issue is too many flashbacks. Do they add details? Well, yes. It's still nice to have. What is less so is that all those extra details add months of writing. 1 chapter per month turned to 2, then 3 then 4. This is concerning. I'm going to give possibly one of the strangest advice, but... I think you should write less. Both to keep control of the time you need and prevent an eventual burnout, because this can be the only outcome at this rate.

The other reason is that with Say'ri, I'm back to the concern I had when Lissa chapter came out: it's far less about tactics when everyone started loving Robin in the past and more simply using what is there already and that's it. As far as the 'seduction aspect' of Robin's goal, there really wasn't much for Robin to do.

That it was I wanted to convey for now.
Dcraus chapter 19 . 8/7/2020
Byleth Eisner harem
wrecker159753 chapter 9 . 8/6/2020
Weight was that a star craft reference
Sturm the Dalek chapter 19 . 8/5/2020
This chapter went on forever and the worst part is there it had to; there wasn't really anything cuttable. But it just went on and on and as a result it became necessary to take a long break in between reading it, it was draining. And it was already cut in two!

Part of the problem was that it had very little erotic in it. It needed something in the middle; something with one of the girls back at the palace or maybe a dream or flashback. I know it's a smut story with depth but it felt like you forgot the whole erotica aspect. I know that this chapter was a major focus on Say'ri's inner thoughts and her bond with Robin, and I wouldn't want you to cut anything from that. But it needed something brief about halfway because it just felt like it went on forever.

I'd say this is the weakest the story has been so for but then again they can't ALL be winners. And I have little doubt that the next chapter won't be anywhere NEAR this level of drawn-out and I am looking forward to it.
Guest chapter 19 . 8/5/2020
I'am sorry but that notvhow love Works.. You lust is Lust.. To cheat is to break your Vows.
Soulbow109 chapter 19 . 8/4/2020
Finally got around to reading.

Really like the scenes of Say'ri and Robin during the war. Nice to see how and why Say'ri fell for Robin. The moment where she gets a "dizzy smile" is a really cute image, suddenly got a desire to hug her and spoil her a bit( and tease her alot lol). Personally I really love it when they show strong and/or stoic women make such an expression, nice gap moe. Also like how you made Robin not care about honor and stuff, totally on his side in regards to that. Between being remembered as a villain or seeing loved ones die I know which one I would hate more. Her strategy for keeping unwanted gazes from Tiki was really funny in my opinion. I suspect that Tiki also got some amusement out of it too. Can't wait to see the two together.

On another note nice touch connecting the kind of beauty that I recall Japanese culture showing to Chon'sin and Say'ri's feelings. Just remembered that being a thing that I learned in school some time ago.

Poor Robin having to keep himself under control. Still kinda amusing to see him getting cockbocked, especially by a hot ninja since to my memory usually they tend to help out the MC with that kind of problem lol. Actually, will there be lemons with Kagerou in the future? I know there will be ones with Say'ri and Tiki(and both) but will you only tease with Kagerou or will there be an actual scene?

Really nice scene with Robin and Say'ri. It was really nice seeing her give in to her desires and openly say that she wanted Robin since she was so far trying to keep herself under control. Loved the part where she sat on the floor and openly presented herself to Robin. The risk may be great but when presented with such a delicious meal there is only one thing a guy can do. Her kink of being degraded already puts alot of nice scenes in my head, can't wait. Nice touch where she says that she will only ever see Robin as her husband, got a warm feeling.

If Robin will really try to impregnate Say'ri before she leaves then I guess that means that the moment where Robin reveals to Lucina the truth is approaching soon. Both dread and anticipate that scene.

I know I have said this before alot and you already mentioned it but got to say. Once again I get alot of mixed feelings towards how Robin manipulates the women. I understand his reasons and don't hate him but still kinda bitter.
Dreameater2579 chapter 19 . 7/30/2020
I love your work. The wait was worth it.

Now to critique. For me there's 2 things that really stuck in my caw. 1st-ly and most irritatingly was Robin doing the whole "This is my 1st time" angle, for me it seems really reckless. The 2nd thing was the degree of detailed descriptions in Say'ri flash backs, for me it was a little much.

Now for something completely different. Did know Naga apparently can manifest into the world without a vessel? She's summonable in FE Heroes. Do you have any plans for her joining Robin's harem? Tiki is her daughter according to the wiki so divine oyakodon?
She also has another maybe daughter/maybe reincarnation known as Nagi? She, much like Tiki, helped Marth. By creating a weaker version of Falcion. I can't think of any reason for her not to be still alive and I would think she would want to meet the guy that her mother and sister are so interested in. Think she might show up?
(it would be interesting to have Robin try to seduce them. In Naga's case, she knows exactly what she's getting into and what Robin is up to. In case of Nagi he doesn't know anything about her at all).
Finally there's Emmeryn. Is she dead dead? or is it possible to find her? There is a possibility of recruiting Emmeryn in game as she survives her fall (paralogue 20). Plus there is the fact that Robin is the only S class support she has. Robin (M&F) and Morgan (daughter) are the only ones she has supports with period. Nobody else not even Chrom or Lissa. What do you think? Do you think you could use her or will she remain a memory?
SW8GMASTER chapter 19 . 7/30/2020
It's took me about 2 days of periodic reading but i've finished reading everything you've currently got posted on this story. I didn't want to write a review before finish everything you've completed so far and I can say without a doubt this is one of the best stories I've written. Of course a majority of the word count are lemon scenes, but i've always appreciated having an actual story around such. I don't know how this doesn't have more favs/follows/reviews but don't sell yourself short, this story is well good.
Teaisbitter chapter 19 . 7/26/2020
Lucina is a very hard to wake up or is it the alcohol?
I was very nervous she will wake up and see them.
Or she was already awaked and just pretent to be sleeping?

Sorry for bad english.
JrOfDirt1998 chapter 19 . 7/26/2020
I've always liked your writing and characterisation in this story. You really have a talent for this. I just hope the next chapter focuses on Cynthia and Noire tbh. You've been teasing it for a while and I would love to see Tharja's confrontation with Noire over how she's just as obsessed with her "father" as her mother is and Robin's reaction to how literal "Like mother like daughter" can be.
mikethepokemaster chapter 1 . 7/24/2020
Great chap my guy I love this story so much, I would hate to see this not finish, also please do Kogerou and Say'ri threesome next. I was scared that Lucina would wake up, I know she will find out eventually. I do hope it soon, so Robin can stop hiding it from her.. I was trying to find your new story but it not on your page. I am guessing you are working on it at the moment
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