Reviews for Punishment or a Gift
sweetlolitagirl chapter 25 . 7/4/2012
I love this fix . Great job!
OliviaR5Warbler chapter 25 . 6/20/2012
OMG, love it, totally amazing xxx
Draco mudiliar chapter 25 . 5/21/2012
narcissa and snape - that was really sweet.

nice story
RedStalkingDeath chapter 1 . 12/22/2011
If this is the end of their forth year, like you wrote, Harry won't be fifteen yet, seeing as he's born in the middle of the summer. Just wanted to point that out. The story looks interesting this far, so I'll just go back and read more of it now :D
Belle A Lestrange chapter 13 . 10/30/2011
that added drama was a little rushed i think, at this rate draco will loose the child.
Belle A Lestrange chapter 5 . 10/30/2011
Haha trust ron to be so innocent and faint
Belle A Lestrange chapter 4 . 10/30/2011
So gentle and sweet, though I don't understand why draco keeps chuckling
Belle A Lestrange chapter 3 . 10/30/2011
Ah the pregnancy
Belle A Lestrange chapter 2 . 10/29/2011
I told you he would be bitter.
Belle A Lestrange chapter 1 . 10/29/2011
You really should not have left him like that Harry, he will only become bitter towards you.
Akira.Xian sheng K chapter 15 . 10/7/2011
Nice storyline. Though I'm gonna stop here. Cause its already midnight here... :) I'm just saying your story is great!
HauntedApple chapter 25 . 9/3/2011
I love this story.

Is Harry pregnant now? Is there going to be an epilogue?
iShipNustinBieran chapter 4 . 8/23/2011
This was definitely a cheesy chapter!
AymberPoet chapter 25 . 1/3/2011
Loved it :) I would have been like ron, passed out, some of the mental images conjured up were horrible but necessary I know. Im slightly confused because at the beginning it says they're going into fifth year and at the end it says they're in sixth? But other than that adorable!
Call-me-Cassandra chapter 23 . 11/26/2010
I was distracted through this whole chapter by your erroneous scientific facts...which I feel ridiculous pointing out in an mpreg fic, as it is already erroneous...but I digress. In actuality, the fatality rate for breech births, especially as you had the feet entering the birth canal first, is somewhere around 2% and there is an 80% chance of no complications whatsoever occurring to permanently affect the fetus. Actually, my first reaction was that if they knew there was the threat of Voldemort hanging over them, they should have induced labour early or at least performed a cesarean section to speed the process. That said, I have thus far enjoyed your writing and found the plot to be somewhat intriguing.
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