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Sab81790 chapter 21 . 43m
Awww! See?! They are looking for her! I have a bad feeling that he is going to hide it from her this time though, take take take... Hermione will not be happy about that...he should know better...
Sab81790 chapter 20 . 45m
Yes! A contraceptive potion! Lol

Although I'm sad at Hermione thinking that the resistance doesn't want her. Sure maybe they don't NEED her like she said but to think that they don't miss her is a bit much. She already knows that Neville was trying to find her once he knew which Death Eater she was with, and what about everyone else? The Weasleys in particular, maybe she really did spend too much time by herself. I can't help but think that that was her insecurities speaking, I really do hope she somehow has some kind of meeting with the resistance so that they can prove her wrong. Plus how can she think that she won't be a big help? She is Hermione! The brightest witch of her age! I don't think she will be content to not help take down Voldemort for long, she is too good to just stand by and he is going to have to realize that in the long run, she wouldn't forgive herself if she didn't help.
Sab81790 chapter 18 . 1h
Yay! They finally hooked up! Damn, that was a long time coming! lol No pun intended, hehehe. I just really hope she doesn't wind up pregnant in this one. I just hate it when Hermione gets sidelined because of a pregnancy. Or if she does get pregnant, hopefully she has it before the real fighting begins, Hermione deserves to let her badass flag fly in the (true) final battle, she deserves some revenge for Harry and Ron. I'm glad that he prolonged letting the wards drop until all the girls were out, it's his first real act of rebellion and was a big step, because let's face it...even though Hermione knows he is a Death Eater and right now she can (for the most part) separate the man from his day job...that's not going to last forever. As much as she loves him, she can't stay with someone in the long run that supports Voldemort. Even if he is reluctant to do what he is told, hell even hates doing what he is told...he is still doing it and not because he is a spy and has to, but because he truely wants to. For as much as he doesn't like a lot of his orders when it comes to hurting witches and wizards (most of them anyway), he still has no problem with hurting Muggles still, heck he even enjoys it somewhat, and when Hermione realizes that she is going to have some major issues. She can fall in love with a bad guy but Hermione isn't capable of staying with one...a reformed/reforming bad guy? Sure? Heck a grey guy that is rough around the edges? It can be justified. But a bad guy who still believes in hurting innocent muggles? Not gonna happen. lol Loving the story so far! Can't wait until she meets up with the resistance. Cause that's gotta happen eventually right? lol
Aid4 chapter 43 . 22h
woooooow! i completely love your story, it's really amazing and i love every principal character, I love this end, is really sweet and cool that everyone has their happy ending, I love it. I really like this couple, Hermione-Antonin, they really are an amazing couple.
brume42 chapter 43 . 5/21
Dear God!
I loved your story!
I've never thought about Antonin/Hermione before... and well... You make me love this couple 3

Have a good day _
Yasdnil54321 chapter 43 . 5/20
That was an amazing story! I spent more than a few nights up way too late to read about Hermione's Harem :)

Now I'm going to go read everything else you've written. Thanks!
Yasdnil54321 chapter 22 . 5/18
I'm definitely late to the party but I KNEW Argos was an anamaigus!
MrsPotterDrEw chapter 43 . 5/16
I’ve got an exam tomorrow yet I spent most of today reading this story. If I fail tomorrow for lack of revision it will totally be worth it.
BeautifullyTwistd chapter 43 . 5/6
Cant believe its over. Loved it! Thanks so much for writing such an amazing fic. Loved everything about both the Silver and Dark Mage stories. They were both so beautifully written, and I absolutely fell in love with all the characters and how you portrayed them. Just perfect. Thank you.
BeautifullyTwistd chapter 38 . 5/6
Sorry for not reviewing earlier, but fuck me this has been EPIC and INTENSE! Cant put it down. SO GOOD. Loving it!
BeautifullyTwistd chapter 14 . 5/4
forgive severus chapter 43 . 5/3
loved this story! amazing
Biaa chapter 43 . 5/2
Hello... So, I'm going to say here everything that I'm going to say on Tumblr... But I need to leave a review here.
I never thought about Hermione and Dolohov, but since I read The Minister's Secret I've been in love with them.
I love the way you portrait Hermione and the way you portrait Dolohov and you made me fall in love with them!
Congratulations for an excellent fanfiction!
forgive severus chapter 14 . 5/1
omg this chapter! :O
FreyaWrackspurt chapter 43 . 4/8
I am very impressed by tour story. You manage to keep it exciting all the way through and I love how you show that they are all people
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