Reviews for The Dark Mage's Captive
sherriithewriter chapter 43 . 9/5
I am an unabashed fan of your stories. You do such a wonderful job. I really thought she had married Thorfinn. What twists and turns this story had. Fabulous!
teddyandlilyforever chapter 1 . 8/19
Just finished this story and it was so interesting to see a parallel universe to Silver Mage! What a cool concept! Loved how the outcomes were similar yet so different. Couldn’t tell who I liked Hermione with better, Antonin or Lucius. Both were equally good!
Guest chapter 43 . 8/17
You have a gift. This was an amazing read and I’m so happy to have found it.
Guest chapter 14 . 8/16
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (That’s shocked shouting) like Johnny Depp in that one Pirates of the Carribean movie! Oh no! I thought it was Antonio, you have shocked me. They were somehow drugged by that bastard. We are not amused. (That is the royal we btw)
Moongrace chapter 43 . 8/12
I cried happy tears. I love it. I love you. You'll forever be apart of my life with these fanfics you've given us.
Thank you!
A Well Wisher chapter 1 . 8/3
I really admire your dedication to completing every story you start and I really appreciate your ability to soldier on and continue writing them to the bitter end, even when so many of your reviewers are hateful. Thank you for the amount of time and effort you invest into this hobby and for providing such distraction from the shitty reality so many readers endure.

I've seen mention in some social media groups recently that this story, and it's companion The Silver Mage's Captive, are largely responsible for the fact that so many people are now writing stories that feature Death Eaters. I've seen people like Kittenshift17 and Freya Ishtar admit that if you hadn't written these stories, many of their works with Death Eaters in them would never have existed and I just really want to let you know how much I appreciate your willingness and your talent to breathe life into characters that everyone thought were just flat baddies with foul intentions and minuscule brains. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for writing Thorfinn Rowle and Antonin Dolohov and Rodolphus Lestrange and Augustus Rockwood and Fenrir Greyback. Your contribution to this fandom can never be quantified, and the many authors trying their hand at your versions of the character all fall short.

Please know that.

Even those who get more reviews for the same characters often fall short in truly capturing the personalities you invented for these characters. It hardly seems fair that so many people want to ride your coattails and often find more profit in the form of reviews that you receive. If I could pinpoint why, I'd be willing to tell you. My only thought into it is that you often put so much into every scene - so much detail, and so many words - that at times I do find it detracts slightly from my ability to imagine. I've seen you comment in The Death Eater Express that this is your hobby and that you don't want to chided, schooled, or cajoled about your hobby, but it's just my thinking that slightly less detailed scenes might allow the reader to use their own imaginations a bit more, and encourage them to skim-read a little bit less.

That being said, my opinion might very well be wrong. My impression of the story is just my personal impression and this is just my opinion. I don't expect you to take it on board, or to give it even a second of thought.

In any case, I wanted to tell you that I really appreciate everything you've done for the fandom, and that I'm making it a personal mission to inform the many coattail riders that they're falling short of the brilliance you crafted when you characterized these previously unloveable men and women of the Harry Potter world.

A Well Wisher.
notthedriver chapter 43 . 8/3
well I'm glad I finished it. I secretly hoped it would never end, but here we are.
great work!
notthedriver chapter 41 . 8/3
so. Im on chapter 41. it is telling me 43 chapters. I have been slowly. sloooowly reading the last ten chapters because I can't bear to reach the end.
I need to know how it ends but also in afraid.
Guest chapter 18 . 7/21
This is fantastic! I'm reading it in conjunction w "the silver mage's captive", though I'm already at chapter 30 over there. I'm loving comparing the two. I think it's so cool how in both universes, Umbridge is murdered on the same day (kind of gives off the idea of Fate being unchangeable) it's also cool comparing this to when Lucius warned Hermione as to what could have happened to her had she been caught, vs the reality in this universe of what would happen to her with Antonin on that day.
islandpooka chapter 43 . 6/17
This was just... Ugh. One of the best stories I've read in ages.
islandpooka chapter 17 . 6/13
it's two in the morning, I have to be up at six, and I can't stop reading. this is so so so compelling. I love it.
Cory chapter 10 . 6/11
I have a guess at who Isla is!
As someone who read your other fic this is so different! I’m enjoying it a lot!
Cory chapter 9 . 6/11
Drunk Hermione is me drunk too. The liquid luck of alcohol!
Oh I so love this
Jces999 chapter 43 . 6/10
I loved both versions of this story and cannot honestly say which one I preferred. Congratulations - you can give J.K. a run for her money !
Sab81790 chapter 43 . 5/25
Loved the ending! I'm sad that her old friends couldn't get over it all, especially George and Mr. Weasley...they were the two I really thought would stick by her since they seemed to have accepted her decision even if they didn't understand. I really hoped Neville would come around if he would just stop and learn the truth about Rod and how he really didn't want to be there when Bella and the others tortured his parents. I mean hell he hid as a dog to get away from Voldemort and Bellatrix, not something that someone does if he's happy where he is. But overall I'm glad that everyone was able to find their happiness. Kudos on an amazing story!
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