Reviews for Silly World
bellapom chapter 2 . 10/5
I like it
Saissa chapter 2 . 10/5
Great start. Adding to my alerts, Would love to read more!
Lord Geovanni chapter 1 . 9/17
How disappointing. I honestly hate it when authors delete their work. I would have rather you just made a new story. Hope you don't encounter any of the problems that usually amount from this.
Calmzone1 chapter 3 . 9/17
I actually like your writing style, and voice. Even when writing in someone else’s world, everyone puts their own spin on it. Some are told well, and some need a lot of work. Some are ones you read, hoping it will improve, just to find that was 11 chapters worth of time that you’ll never get back.

You have a clear, concise style, and a fair amount of humour amongst the angst. Well done.
Since I discovered your story from a fave list, I’m off to read your profile, hoping to see if you have your original works published somewhere.
krabi chapter 3 . 12/22/2017
So long but good you back, thank for update and merry Christmas.
kirsty21 chapter 3 . 12/23/2017
Dragonsrule18 chapter 3 . 12/23/2017
This is so cute! I'm glad to see this up again!
Night-Chan-DragonEyes chapter 3 . 12/22/2017
Thanks for updating, i like this story and don't worry, we get why you couldn't update earlier.
reyesrachel805 chapter 2 . 12/19/2017
Vas a actualizar?
icicle33 chapter 2 . 3/26/2017
Nice! There aren't a lot of Blaise/Harry fic out there. I'm looking forward to reading more, especially Harry's interactions with all the other Slytherins too.
Marshman101 chapter 2 . 3/4/2017
this is cool more pls
Forsaken Angelz chapter 2 . 3/20/2016
please please please continue writing this! the story so far is fantastic!
jessthereader13 chapter 1 . 2/2/2016
I like the plot so far (bjust finished ch1), just as a sugestion could you possibly divide the text into paragraphs? It would make it eaiser to read...
kamui5 chapter 2 . 11/7/2015
Enjoying the story so far keep up the good work Not enough blaise and harry stories :)
Night-Chan-DragonEyes chapter 2 . 10/13/2015
its awesome, don't worry about it being short
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