Reviews for The Empty Bag
dazzled eyes22 chapter 6 . 7h
I felt a disconnect with Bella in this chapter. Bella acts like she no longer holds on to the conviction that he loved her. The rose colored glasses are off. It feels like she's reached her anger stage and is looking to find who's to blame since he won't tell her what happened. In all her analysis, she seems to forget what happened the night that changed everything. Why would Edward act differently after that?

I felt sorry for him here. She gave the gift back and asked him about being angry at her when that's more a description of how she's feeling.

It's great that Bella has a support system, but they seem more set on having her move on than trying to find out what happened and fix the relationship. If she can flirt and be with someone else, I sure hope Edward can move on too.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 5 . 20h
I’m glad Bella is thinking through her relationship and evaluating how happy she was and what she could have done better.

It was nice that her friends were supportive and clearly saw that Edward loved her.

I can understand her need to give back those items rather than burden herself with what might have been. Wonder how Edward will handle that gesture. Tomorrow looks to be pure torture for both of them.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 4 . 11/23
I can’t help but feel sorry for Bella as Edward said goodbye in her bedroom. I’m glad she was able to stay home the next day to get her bearings before facing her classmates and their questions.

It was nice of Edward to inform Bella with that note about their cover story and his absence this coming week.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 3 . 11/23
I understood why Edward left in New Moon, but hated the unilateral decision. This is what I wanted - for Bella to fight for their relationship. Edward did say she believed too easily that he didn’t love her and he might have changed his mind if she had pushed the issue.

This Bella is breaking my heart, but I love how she stayed determined to get at the truth and is holding on to his earlier declaration as a shield for her heart. This is tearing her apart, but she needs him in her life.

I feel him staying like this might destroy her further, but I hope it makes him realize they need to be together.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 2 . 11/23
I like that Bella is putting the pieces together and not letting him go so easily. I wonder how this confrontation will go.
Kushka chapter 32 . 11/4
Great story
Nataly29 chapter 32 . 10/12
This was a very good and beautiful story! Thank you :)
chasinge chapter 32 . 10/1
Perfect - puts New Moon to shame. Loved it!
DoodleMeNow chapter 1 . 9/30
rlly, this shouldve been what happened in the original new moon. bella shouldve noticed the hints tht edward is giving off. I mean, how could anyone have missed that? It was so damn obvious! no offense to stephenie meyer, but the bella thats in canon just strikes me as pure DUMB. A blind man couldve realized that edward was planning to leave! Anyone amd everyone could have known that edward was lying through his teeth when he said that he didnt love bella! Srry, give me a moment to bang my head against a wall. *does required amount of banging*
Right, so technically, the character , bella, in your story is what shouldve been the character bella in the original twilight, thats what im trying to say here. its safe to say that u r an obviously gifted writer.
DoodleMeNow chapter 1 . 9/30
im not really a fan of ExB, i dont like it but i prefer it to JacobxBella. my fav is jalice, which is pretty much the only reason i read twilight (dont judge). But really, i couldnt help not loving your story! This is one of the best fanfictions i have EVER come across .
you managed to keep everyone soo in-character and still made plot twists and kept all of us on tge edge of our seats. Your writing is truly admirable and you have no idea how GLAD i am that u actually completed it before leaving! XD
Anarchy.For.Her.Chaos chapter 32 . 9/27
Oh em gee! I loved this story completely! I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It’s not easy to rewrite a story and keep it canon without characters getting too ooc. You’re awesome
Anarchy.For.Her.Chaos chapter 16 . 9/26
Ha! Code word lol
Anarchy.For.Her.Chaos chapter 16 . 9/26
Oh the anticipation!
Anarchy.For.Her.Chaos chapter 14 . 9/26
Ooooh! A date? Can’t wait
Anarchy.For.Her.Chaos chapter 14 . 9/26
Aww these kids are too sweet!
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