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Guest chapter 30 . 10/13

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m really glad you updated! I read this fic a while back, when Nora had just found out The Secret and I’m super amazed and excited by her incredible character growth! Also - I would really, really like to emphasize how impressed I am by that; so many fics tend to create 2D characters who remain angsty and broody forever, and that is honestly the most frustrating thing to read. Your explanations at the beginning of each chapter as to why the characters react the way they do is incredibly helpful and the insight it gives make the characters and the story seem more...dimensional? Idk how to really explain it, but it just seems to give them so much depth and I really admire that. As for any criticism, the only thing I really have to say is that the whole thing with Malcolm seemed slightly glazed over; sure, it happened a while back but given Nora’s current age it couldn’t be more than a few years ago, so the wounds would still be slightly fresh. Given that she just lost her dad and moved to a new country and met a vamp-fam and all that, I can see why it’s not at the forefront of her mind, but..yeah. Sorry for the mini-essay lol but I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this story and I can’t wait to read more!
DearChibico chapter 30 . 9/29
YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! has anyone ever said how well this is written and how wonderful the people are? Geez, was I a smiling fool this chapter or what :)
Sam chapter 30 . 9/19
sooo... its been nearly half a year since you updated... think you can let us know the status of this fic?
WinterValentine chapter 30 . 9/14
This is probably the third time I read this and irregardless of that I find it to be the funniest shit I ever read. Like it’s almost 4am and I have to hold my pillow over my face because I was snickering so loud. At this point I just need you to continue on with this because I’ll probably drive myself mad reading it over and over again. You are honestly quite gifted and I love Nora. More so I love the character development you have done for her and Edward. I fell in love again and I need you to quench my thirst. Persist on I’m rooting for you!
Zeila27 chapter 30 . 9/9
That is so sweet! Nodward forever!
Zeila27 chapter 30 . 9/9
That is so sweet! Nodward forever!
Aliathe chapter 30 . 8/27
Excellent! Lovely! I'm smiling so much right now and I actually laughed out loud a few times throughout my binge read-through, which, trust me, is a rare occasion considering my years of fanfic-reading practice having built up my self-control over keeping emotional outbursts strictly internal (and thus sparing the public embarrassment of being that one obnoxious person who breaks out into inexplicable laughter over their phone). To be honest, this story could end right here and I'd be satisfied, but that's not a detraction but a compliment to the quality of your writing. As it is, I'm still highly invested in how Lola's subplot plays out, particularly concerning a certain reservation girl who, to my understanding, got particularly shafted in the canon story.

(Thankfully[?] I've never had to actually read the canon story, but crossover fanfics got me into the periphery of the fanfic fandom and there are some very well-written deconstruction or otherwise AU stories that have kept me hovering with wary anticipation around the edges of the ever-growing fanfic pool, ready to test my luck at trawling the waters for something worthwhile to read every once in a while. Though, it's more accurate to say that I happen to come across decent/great Twilight fanfics like this one every few months when checking hopefully through the favorited stories of authors whose writing and thus opinions I respect.)

Anyway, kudos 3 ! (AO3 reference if you also use that) And thanks for the story!
annabel.courtney chapter 30 . 8/26
Please don’t give up on this story! It is truely amazing.
luisaespindola chapter 30 . 8/24
Thank you so much for this story!
luisaespindola chapter 30 . 8/24
luisaespindola chapter 27 . 8/24
luisaespindola chapter 27 . 8/24
they! are! so! cute!
luisaespindola chapter 23 . 8/23
I love this story so much. SO MUCH. Seriously, thank you for writing it! they are so cute!
luisaespindola chapter 10 . 8/23
luisaespindola chapter 4 . 8/22
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