Reviews for Love Your Enemy
Firestorm337 chapter 45 . 12/2
this is fire y'all, need more of this ASAP
Firestorm337 chapter 41 . 12/2
... what the fuck? Damn brotha this is dope
Adan chapter 45 . 11/14
bro para cuando el próximo capítulo que esta buenísimo el capítulo
Ren chapter 3 . 10/27
Best stuff I've read so far lol
Somebody69 chapter 32 . 10/26
F-F-ck Me, I can't help but cringe, at the same time I love it.
itioministralis chapter 9 . 10/22
I know canon Naruto was mentally impaired, but I think you're overdoing it just a bit. It turns from cute dumb to frustratingly dumb after a while. It really seems to be a great story, the dialogues, the descriptions, the characters - everything makes sense and is written well. Your MC just kills it for me.
Paul Lenzen chapter 45 . 10/15
OMG such a cliffhanger
Brehze chapter 45 . 10/11
Please update sokn
Skippersims chapter 45 . 10/10
Awesome story LOVED Naruto becoming hokage can't wait for the next chapter
Pawan957 chapter 45 . 9/26
I hate cliffhangers...
Guest chapter 45 . 9/25
I've read it I do not know how many times already, pls go on with this fic. I hope it is finished before doomsday XDDD.
Kitsune8757 chapter 45 . 9/25
Been a long time since I've been here lol, so do you still work on this story ?
Guest chapter 43 . 9/20
Come on we need ur writing
Uzumaky clan chapter 13 . 9/19
Great chapter thank you for your wonderful work
Fernando-senpai chapter 45 . 9/5
I really want to read the end of this story
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