Reviews for Memories Of Others
Kingkong101 chapter 1 . 10/4
Worse than Canon
FlowersBite chapter 2 . 9/29
Didn't they just say not to tell anyone, why did they tell hinatas dad
Sadhaka chapter 19 . 9/2
This story started good but now it's down to bullet points. There is no development, no character growth, or description. It's like you just threw the ideas in without any connective tissue. It's bad. and even worse considering you could if taken your time and made it good.
it's just another primate chapter 15 . 8/26
Im glad you not religiously following cannon
In fact i would be severely dissapointed if you dd. Ive already watched the show, i dont need to read it on a website built for creativity and differentiating from the subject.
fer chapter 14 . 8/20
Good idea, execution not so.
urworshipfulness chapter 6 . 8/20
Wish there was a bashing warning since I despise those kinds of stories. Interesting idea but characters are too out of character.
CygnusFang chapter 60 . 8/14
This was a really well written and interesting read. I'd love to see a sequel!
apeljohn chapter 45 . 7/20
The "arachnid clan saying" made me laugh oit loud. Good shout-out.
Emma chapter 19 . 7/12
And that was the day Jiraiya of the Legendary Sannin became the second fastest man on earth...
Guest chapter 60 . 7/8
Just a point out, irrespective of you stating that the chances of you continuing this is slim.

Back in the early part of the story, during the Betrothal Contract stipulations, you put down.

Either 16 OR if both had achieved the rank of chuunin as requirements for them to get hitched.. With their promotions in the last chapter, you've set off the Betrothal Contract, meaning any followup chapter would have to deal with the fallout of that.

Especially, considering how "eager" Hinata is to move things along.

In addition by having him trained by Jiraiya, you've set up Naruto for the Betrothal Match with Shizuka of Nadeshiko (from one of the fillers).

Considering you've already done one Harem with Hinata, Ino and Shion in your Guyver story, just wanted to point that out.
Tare-chan chapter 60 . 7/5
oh wow... this story was amazing! i really like how you could stay to the original story, yet put the twist here and ther, and give enough chara development so it make sense. nice story... it's a shame you had writters block, cause i would love to see the continuation. nice job nevertheless...
Tare-chan chapter 6 . 7/1
this story is somehow interesting. following the original, yet has some twist here and there. a little bit ooc-ness detected though. but, at some place, i believe it is needed. interesting... i will continue reading it
Capacity chapter 13 . 6/23
Please write a sequel! I already love this story!
soomeru chapter 1 . 6/14
I read through it and I'm literally dying for a sequel. It's just that good.
Aqua Aquana chapter 5 . 6/3
Finally a story where at least someone copies kakashi's style of introduction!
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