Reviews for Samurai Legend
Kaiachu chapter 5 . 4/4/2016
Ahhhh I'm in love with this story ; v;

Everyone was in character perfectly and I loved it. Really enjoyed reading this!

I really hope you continue this3
Autobot Skyflame chapter 5 . 12/27/2015
This has been the most interesting chapter thus far.
I am guessing that Hannah is the main character now.
Lady Ichi's marrage to Nagamasa seems to be at the right historical time, but I am curious, are you going to make the both greatly in love like in the game?
And I see Magoichi hasn't changed, sheesh.
Failisse chapter 5 . 12/23/2015
Love the way this is going. I definitely understand Hannah's struggle with the thought of killing people. When you're raised in a sheltered society like we are, where going out to kill is not a common man/woman job, it's a hard and bitter pill to swallow when you find yourself in a situation where it suddenly becomes necessary.

Honestly, the thought of killing even a mouse is a hard thing for me to contemplate.
And the one time I couldn't save a morning dove from it's fate at the hands of my cat was the hardest thing I had to experience.

Putting it down myself, because there was no way to save it at that point, and no one else around to do the task in my stead, I was inconsolable for weeks afterward. I wonder how it will be for Hannah when she has to take not an animal life, but an actual human's. How well will she be able to deal with it? Maybe Magoichi can show her then that there's more to him then what first impression dictates.

Though I do give her props for not falling for his Lady Killer routine. He may indeed be handsome, but outward appearances don't make the man. It's the inside that counts. (though I did giggle quite a bit when Hannah mentioned what she fears one may "catch" from such a womanizer. Lol.)

Actually, what may be more hilarious, if it were to happen, is if Magoichi turned out to be a virgin. Not only would that be hysterical (and maybe even a bit touching), but it would also be great blackmail material if the oh so sauve Magoichi was found to have performance anxiety. xD

Although, there is one thing of note in this chapter that doesn't sit well with me. Hannah's apathetic thoughts towards Jack distress about how his life had been. Especially concerning the whole contemplating suicide, which should never be taken lightly or scoffed at. I just didn't imagine Hannah having such a callous and cold side to her. At least not concerning something like that. :(

Anyways, please update again soon! I am really enjoying this fic. :)
Richard Trevelyan chapter 5 . 12/21/2015
To be honest: I don't know Samurai Warriors as much as Dynasty Warriors. But I know enough of it to be completely amazed by this FF!

The idea for the story, the showing of the characters, the plot so far, the possibilitys for the future, I'm just loving it! :D
And, of course, Oda Nobunaga... Let's just say: I'm Cao Cao's greatest fan. And that's why I think of the Demon King the same way.
"And when the fighting ends, and the smoke clears, a new world of my design shall emerge from the chaos." I see what you did there.
Seriously, Nobunaga is my favourite SW-Char. And I've tears in my eyes everytime when he meets his end... :'(
I hope, with the help of our two protagonists (Which I like both very much! I'm already curious about their romantic interests, if you've planned for them to have one...) he will survive, realize his ambition and unify Japan.

I look forward to the next chapter! See ya!
Hendrik Sauer, aka Inquisitor Richard Trevelyan.
Autobot Skyflame chapter 4 . 11/18/2015
Okay, so where does Mitsuhide show up?

Okay, that is all, update soon.
Failisse chapter 3 . 10/6/2015
I like the fact that Hannah didn't flinch away and that she held eye contact with Nobunaga's first. That shows growth and gutsiness right there! I also laughed at Jack's enthusiasm. "just try and stop me!" That was great!

But I have to wonder, why was Jack looking at Lady No? She's obviously very beautiful. Does he have a crush on her? That would be bad in many many ways (since she's Lord Nobunaga's wife and all).

And Lord Nobunaga made a statement with that display that basically said "touch my new underlings and you lose some limbs, one of them might be your head". Lol.

Can't wait to read more! Am really enjoying the fic so far. :)
Autobot Skyflame chapter 3 . 9/26/2015
I definitely wouldn't want to face Tadakatsu in a fight.
ApprenticeTrashmen chapter 2 . 9/21/2015
Well, as always, your work is top notch. Though I'm not surprised in the slightest. I'll be honest, I'm still sorta on the fence about the time traveling concept. Still, if anyone is pulling it off its you. Plus, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with Nobunaga. Nene was already a delight. And this might just make for a great excuse to brush up on Japanese history again.

Anyway, solid work as always. Keep it up!
Autobot Skyflame chapter 2 . 9/12/2015
Good job, a little early on the update, but still good.

I did like how you introduced Hideyoshi and Nene. And that part about the Heros, fantastic.

But, could you give a little more detailed description of the Jack and Hannah's appearances like hair color, eye color, and such.

Update soon (but not as soon as you did this time.
Autobot Skyflame chapter 1 . 9/12/2015
Good start.

Those to are lucky, the have been drafted into a position that people of the feudal era would kill for.

Those blades are impressive, you don't happen to have any more do you?
Failisse chapter 1 . 9/6/2015
Hahaha! I love the way this has started! I also laughed loudly when I read the "old cliche" and "bad fan fiction" comments. Also, the thing about the Pokemon true. xD

I would like to see Hannah take an active combat role in this story. I'd like to see her become a strong, capable character with sword fighting (and hand-to-hand) who doesn't want to rely on a man to save her (and who is willing to save others from injustices even if it means putting herself in a position of having to fight).

But so far I really like the way this story has started. Another thing you might want to consider is changing up the POVs every once in awhile. Maybe see Nobunaga's, Hannah's, or some other character's POV to help switch it up. Just a thought. But I really am exited to see where this story goes. It's already started out wonderfully. :D