Reviews for Emerald Knights
MagnusNops chapter 10 . 11/4/2018
Plleease write another, i am enjoying this so much
Chaise Blaiser chapter 10 . 10/24/2017
Hiya UCCMaster
Just wondering could you please continue this story if you can, I've really enjoyed your work so far in the Eevee Trainer I and many others would like this story to have a good, satisfying ending please. A lot of us reading this story will really appreciate it, especially me.
Flareblitz089 chapter 10 . 10/29/2016
continue, sapphire and calem need to get back together
Ghosted Away chapter 5 . 5/7/2016
Okay, that was a humorous method of Calem learning about how Sapphire knew Ash Ketchum! Good ol' narrator giving away his secrets.

One moment I was really fond of, was how Sapphire described the way trainers and pokemon battle. It is true, trainers can only give a few commands in a short amount of time before a counterattack is made, and so they are meant to look at the big picture. Meanwhile the pokemon need to see the finer details and react on their own at times. This is something you should definitely follow up on with your battles, although I am not fully caught up yet so I maybe missing some future plot points.

I am also fond of how Calem and Sapphire are learning from each-other, and the irony is they learn with their opposite styles (Sapphire the co-ordinator helps with battling, while Calem the battler helps with contests).

The only other suggestion is adding in a line break or two (just one here), so as to separate the different time periods and scenarios.

And yes, XY&Z is awesome (aside from most of its fillers that are not enjoyable, especially the Quilladin episode). But that Ash Vs Diantha rematch! Ash needs to win the league now! I myself am still waiting for Goodra to make a surprise entrance and save Ash from a league loss!
Ghosted Away chapter 4 . 5/7/2016
Yep. Calem and Sapphire are hitting it off as a couple (laughs at that thought). Poor Calem will eventually need to lose his grumpiness, but this duo of Calem and Sapphire does make things quite interesting as it is more unique.

The idea of fan-evolutions for Eevee is probably going to be seen as controversial by some. Hopefully this is viewed in a more positive light by the readers though, for I myself am happy with those ideas, especially that dragon type eeveelution. Besides, this is also connected with a story that is specifically based around special eevees, so it really should all fine and even quite fun to read. I do enjoy seeing the creativity gems in some fan concepts.

And I do agree that it would have been nice to see Leaf in the anime. Heck, she had the potential to be a travelling companion during the battle frontier series, maybe even a "rival" who looks up to Ash and May as idols (similar to Shota/Sawyer).

One thing I forgot to mention in the previous chapter was in regards to the makeshift razor lead, but that was my only real criticism. I do understand the idea of it being amakeshift razor leaf via the falling leaves, but such leaves that just fell off a tree is abit hard to accept, especially as it supposedly defeated Staryu.

One alternate idea that could work better is if Staryu's rapid spin caused it to get lodged and stuck into the tree itself, and it also caused a branch to topple down and crush it, which then reuslts in Staryu being defeated. A large branch falling on top of Staryu is alot more believable and easier to accept than a few falling leaves (regardless of type matchup theories).

I just had a fun idea to bring out: When a pokemon uses psychic powers, or a gust/hurricane-based attack, that could cause the fallen leaves to swirl together in a vicious tornado, as a makeshift leaf tornado. That would also be easier to accept as a damge dealing attack that would also defeat certain pokemon.

The main point is making certain actions and the end result more believable.

Well then, moving on...
Ghosted Away chapter 3 . 5/7/2016
And I have once again returned!

Dang, I had previously joked about Sapphire actually being Latias in disguise. However, with that subtle hint of her using psychic powers in the previous chapter, as well as how she was able to read Calem and his pokemon, I suddenly feel as though she really is Latias in disguise (especially with how she mentions Altomare which, by the way, I am really fond of that place).

Calem would be in for quite a surprise then. Seeing how Calem and Sapphire contrast each-other with their "grumpiness" Vs Cheerfulness will be fun to read.

Okay, the battles are something that I need to talk about. The first thing I want to say is that, while creativity and strategies are always neat, I do not necessarily expect every trainer to be really calculative. While other readers may simply want every character to use such calculative approaches, I think the battle styles should be highly varied to give each trainer a mor eunique identity. One trainer could be highly calculative, while another trainer uses an instinct-based approach, but the point being that different styles and the clashes of these differences are always welcome.

With that said, the first important key to bear in mind is getting descriptive with the battle. Getting descriptive (but not too much) with how the pokemon are moving is very important, but also describing the pokemon's reactions and the after effects of an attack. Focusing on these descriptive tidbits are what can really helpt to make a battle incredibly exciting, and it is also what can turn a "Meh" idea into an exciting read that is really cool to re-read.

Even though I have said all that however, for what you mentioned to be your first battle, I thought it was quite enjoyable and it did have some descriptions I was trying to explain. Also, nice reference to Dawn with the spin dodge! I also would agree it is for the best that you do not have the four move limit. That limit is not really necessary, although there is one idea that comes to mind but that is digressing).

Alright, I have called upon Cilan from my fanfic to assist me: "You have a good recipe memorized in your head, and you have already managed to bake a good base of a cake, the fundamental base. Now, the next important step is to dress up your fundamental base with the icing and decorations on top, for then we shall have a fully complete masterpiece of a cake that will make the readers enjoy it alot more."

On that note, I would like to take up your challenge: Sapphire ordered Flare to use double team, not just to hide the real Flare, but also cover up their psychic powers. Sapphire used her psychic powers (hinted in the previous chapter) to lift the real Flare up in the air, while Calem and Hawlucha were distracted by the clones, allowing Flare to strike from above (evident by the falling shadow).

But these are more so my early thoughts, and there are other things I hold back on talking about until I read further...

In just a little bit from now.
Ghosted Away chapter 1 . 5/3/2016
Seanic making a brand new appearance here.

I have noticed this story hovering around for a while now and, for my initial impressions, I think you have a really interesting story that is being set up here.

I will admit that, when I initially read Sapphire here (and in the Eevee trainer), I had automatically pictured Sapphire from the manga in my head, so it was quite a surprise when I realized who exactly this Sapphire is.

With that being said, I cannot help but feel really attached to your Sapphire: First of all, the design is really beautiful (assuming the story cover is her), so nice one on that. While this is only the first chapter, there is something about her that makes me really intrigued to see her more.

I noticed Sapphire is capable of communicating with her Flareon just as easily as with humans, and you mentioned

The other thing that stuck out to me is this "blue triangle" you described. Hinting at something? With these hints, It makes me think that she will make a surprise reveal to Calem that she is infact a Latias in disguise.

Sometimes, when I try to convey something, I have difficulty with communicating my ideas, but just understand from me that there is something about this Sapphire that has made me fond of her.

The main criticism I have is that a few sentences seemingly contradict each-other. To explain what I mean: Early on, you said, "There is proof that Rayquaza really has an army of..." but then immediately afterwards, you said, "We've never found any evidence of..."

Perhaps re-phrase that as "There is no proof that Rayquaze really has an army of..." for more consistency. Another idea popped in my head, where you could make it an interesting contradiction, by saying "There is a little bit of proof that suggests Rayquaze might have an army of dragons, but no concrete evidence to prove it once and for all."

I could simply be misunderstanding your intention with such sentences, and that would be alright.

The main point I am saying is just how certain sentences are worded. Maybe have another look through? Then again, the first chapter for every fanfic tends to be like that. I myself still look back with regret at all the mistakes and poorer writing style that I used for the first chapter of my fanfic. For the most part, however, the wording is almost all good, just a few bits here and there to check over.

Another point I would like to make is perhaps adding in a line break or two? At the end of the prologue explaining Rayquaza and Mew's backstory, use a line break or another form of break to separate that prologue (set in the past) from the present. A small detail, but it helps in differentiating different times and scenarios.

With all of that being said, again, this is just my initial impressions and I will be sure to read more, so that I can give more critique, but I am very eager to see where you go with this story. I like your idea and I do see quite the potential for using an original idea, an original storyline here, and that is great.

One last thing. Regarding your True colors story, I could help out with ideas and where to go with the story. However, first I need to get done with my upcoming assignments and also exams at university out of the way, not to mention with my own fanfic.

Now then, until I reappear next time...

The legend of the Blue Blur vanishes from sight,
Flareblitz089 chapter 9 . 4/30/2016
BrightMind chapter 5 . 2/7/2016
Hey don't worry buddy, anything about eeveelution ( and lati as a bonus), you get all my reviews!
So for this chapter, we see some bonding between trainers and pokemon, and yes Flare can facepalmed all she wants.
I remember the battle frontier song, I think the English version was the best up until now, I don't really remember the theme song for Sinnoh League victors though.
BrightMind chapter 4 . 2/7/2016
Hmmm, Calm has met Ash in battle, but he did not give me an impression that he knew Ash personally enough to understand " the super dense boy with pikachu"
I can already guess where Sapphire got her titaneon, and is that Sapphire picture ? She looks really gorgeous.
The name of the fakemon sounds familiar , I think I might have seen them before.
BrightMind chapter 3 . 2/7/2016
Coming over from Eevee trainer !
I noticed that there are some inconsistent in Flare's gender. In the beginning, Flare was refer to as " him, he, etc" which must be a mistake since I know from the other story that Flare is a girl , and then from this chapter onward, this mistake was fixed I think.
Teraunce chapter 2 . 10/4/2015
also a decent fic. worthy of a fave and follow at least.
RbexE.R chapter 1 . 10/3/2015
Theirs some good humor here and very informative. I also like the cover and legend, it has good reasoning to it.