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1529 chapter 68 . 6/19
Very good story until this chapter... then we're fed the whole 'saintly death eater' line... please don't dwell on that garbage... a good person would not be driven to random murders and prejudice by the bullying of four people... there is no redeeming Snape unless you start the story somewhere before he calls Lily a mudblood.

Honestly, I think that there are some people on here who would defend the actions of Hitler, Stalin and Mao as 'misunderstood' rather than psychotic mass murderers.
Parselmaster chapter 68 . 6/18
Beautiful. Truly so.
Guest chapter 68 . 6/18
- people seem to miss that it wasnt like snape didnt know he was part of a group targetting to kill or enslave lily or that he happily gave up a child and its family to voldemort or that he had become lke his father and bullied two boys whos families he had destroyed in the form of harry and nevile as a teacher or even that plot holes had to be written in just to make him eventually useful
SnapDragon21 chapter 68 . 6/18

Love the story chapter 68 . 6/18
keep it up!
Acolyte of the Blood Moon chapter 68 . 6/18
İ sooo want a chapter with Snape's POV after this. It would be awesome :) But İ will probably love whatever you will write. Thanks for the update, it was great!
Paul Garros chapter 68 . 6/17
NB132 chapter 68 . 6/17
Nice chapter
discb chapter 68 . 6/17
Thank you for the update!
Brave2000 chapter 68 . 6/17
wow...that was...deep. this story just keeps getting better.
wildman9002 chapter 68 . 6/17
Aww this is a nice moment
Musings chapter 68 . 6/17
Your Harry has even less balls than canon!harry

He gets abused by a piece of vermin and he apologises? Hard pass on this garbage.
BreatherOfInsanity chapter 68 . 6/17
An update? Thank you!
The Richmaster chapter 68 . 6/17
That was a really nice way of showing a complex relationship
Pietersielie chapter 64 . 6/15
This is an awesome story. I really, really liked reading it, and would happily continue reading it for the next 12 hours. Thank you for sharing it, and I not-at-all patiently wait for more of it.
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