Reviews for Fair Lady
Mastersgtjames chapter 101 . 6/3
Really want there to be a sequel with Harry as Magic(preferably as an Endless now instead of Dream's servant), married to Death, and living in the DC universe. Or maybe going on a multi-cross adventure, seeing new sights, new magics, and finding new things to show to Death...
Mastersgtjames chapter 91 . 6/3
I feel like it would have been better to make Harry into a new Endless, instead of just an aspect of the Dreaming. Especially since Magic has been around since before there was life(in both DC and Marvel), and it is not actually under Dream's control anymore that Dream is in charge of any of the other Endless.
Mastersgtjames chapter 30 . 6/2
Kinda wish/hope that eventually this story will continue past the MC's Hogwarts years and into DC, with the Justice League and all them... Instead of only touching on the Endless and the Wizarding World.
Majerus chapter 101 . 5/26
Hah! That's what I get for reading your A/N!
In any case, thank you very much for sharing your time and imagination, it was a lovely tale, drabbles or not, and it brightened my days several times over the last week.
Majerus chapter 100 . 5/26
I saw your A/N that you are not planning on continuing this and, so long as they continue to grow and learn and love in happiness, I don't need anything more from the story than what you've already given.
Majerus chapter 84 . 5/26
One of the better 'waystation scenes of its kind.
Majerus chapter 81 . 5/26
Solid... except.
Why would tom leave then, especially after just having
a) defeated Dumbledore
b) gained the Elder Wand and
c) effectively cornered Harry - who now knows about his Horcruxes - and was all but defenseless before tommy fled.
All of which are why he was there, (maybe not b, but it's a huge bonus) and cement his ability to conquer Hogwarts... so, why leave?
Rather frustrating as you usually don't leave such a large plot hole, let alone three or four.
Majerus chapter 80 . 5/26
It doesn't seem to be clear from your descriptions, does the magic of the original item remain after Harry cleanses tom's taint?
Majerus chapter 79 . 5/26
The fact of their trust, of their bond, is a cornerstone of his life. That he's had it for half of his life now is fantastic. That he has held on to it even as he, and their love, matures is the happiest part of the tale, thus far.
Majerus chapter 78 . 5/26
Odd, yet compelling version of canon's robbery.
The question is, was he identified? More importantly, is Hedwig going to be ok?
Majerus chapter 75 . 5/26
Huh... not how I expected things to twist!
Majerus chapter 73 . 5/26
An interesting chapter. I would guess that nothing of note happens to the dursleys, or perhaps they are all killed by toms thugs. Either way, it seems unlikely that any of them will gain any wisdom or feel the repentance necessary to make their stay on earth of any value... except perhaps as the object lesson of their neighbors on how not to live.
Majerus chapter 72 . 5/25
'Some might think it a... kindness.'
Majerus chapter 71 . 5/25
Huh... that's more than canon dumbles did in 7 books or 8 movies (even dead dumbles).
Majerus chapter 70 . 5/25
Dang, you do 'ominously foreboding' very well!
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