Reviews for Storm of Yesterday
Ellae chapter 68 . 18h
A great world and story you've created. I fundamentally can't get over my soft aversion to James x Hermione and the suddenness of their relationship (probably bc Hermione has literally been there since Lily's death, and it felt a bit weird that she seemed a bit more emotionally invested in Harry (and James') care/dating to me than more actively pursuing Voldemort. But likely I am too accustomed to the war/living on the lam Hermione, who is a little more desperate and a lot more focused. And because I have no feelings towards James from the books other than he liked a fiery scholar Muggleborn & was a bit of a bully and trickster) but I thoroughly enjoy the characters and pairings you've created, especially the surprises of Theo, Ariel and Narcissa. Even Snape's ending seemed fitting, if still a little sad.

The bits of magic in this are wonderfully designed as well, from Bellacrux to Harry's "surgery".

Evienancy chapter 68 . 12/11
I cried numerous times throughout this story! Wonderfully written! Well done, thank you very much for sharing this. It is written in a way that allows you to emotionally connect and those are my favourite kind. Again thank you for sharing this special piece with us. Xx
she is brighter chapter 68 . 12/6
I absolutely love this story.
Guest chapter 16 . 11/30
There better be a Snape revalation coming because as great of a villan as he makes, he makes an even greater hero.

And darnit he deserves some love :'C
Skyeline chapter 68 . 11/26
wonderful story. I'm pretty sure I've read it before, and it was still amazing
aptteach123 chapter 68 . 11/26
Wow, what a great story! Thank you.
jug viris chapter 68 . 11/25
Hi again! two days later, I've finished another beautiful story. I'm so happy you keep writing 3
Skyeline chapter 51 . 11/24
ah! so wonderful. I love the interactions with the group of friends
Dracohermionealways chapter 1 . 11/23
Wow I stumbled on this when someone in shrieking shack society recommended it, same reason as theirs- finished DoT and dunno what to do with myself now.
So happy I dunno where to start. At the beginning like dumbledore would say so I ll start with him. So happy that he s not the manipulative puppeteer -ish fellow in this fic. Marauders as entertaining as ever.. My one true love Sirius black (courtesy of DoT) i couldn't see him with anyone else but he d be a great dad.. Remus. Mary re cute so are Longbottoms.. Love broody James and also love the madly in love side of him.. Hermione was just so herself, I m Glad u dont do over the TOP comparisons between her and lily to make James like her. She s the hero here really.. And finally Harry - it all starts and ends with Harry , as it should. I m Glad he gets a relatively normal childhood and love his baby Harry scenes- especially Ginny s not a girl ;) I loved the dramione bit at the end - potential one shot please? Also who did Neville go to the Yule ball? Also curious if hermione and James had more children?
I ve said this before and I d say it again - shayya you are amazing and thanks to you I dunno who I ship anymore ! I ve gone from dramione to sirimione to jamione now!
I read this after DoT ended, I m not sure what to read now :(
Khyharah chapter 68 . 11/22
wow... I just have no other words lol. an amazingly beautiful story that was well told and presented. thank u for sharing this and making my life just a little better for it!
Khyharah chapter 50 . 11/21
yas! absolutely wonderful
Khyharah chapter 46 . 11/21
awwwww Kings! I heart hurts for u. but yeah the james/hermione love is evident. I still love u!
esthe chapter 68 . 11/21
Skyeline chapter 27 . 11/21
not letting us see the patronous scene is brutal. I want to know what James thinks!
esthe chapter 43 . 11/21
Kimgsley is too sweet
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