Reviews for Time Travel? Piece of Cake
dramonie1028 chapter 37 . 8/11
Ugh! Finally a chapter and it's not Dorea! Please continue this soon I can't wait to see where it goes.
paulaa90 chapter 37 . 8/10
It looks like Theodus is really paying for Theo's betrayal. Hopefully it won't be for much longer, and they can take care of Tom once and for all.

nap2606 chapter 37 . 8/9
Love it! Can’t wait to see where you take this!
Karatekid-Ninja chapter 37 . 8/8
Beautifully written chapter! It’s nice that you included a view of how Tom has changed and this wasn’t what he has originally promised. That not all death eaters wanted what currently is happening. Great job and I can’t wait for more xx
rebelsaurus29 chapter 21 . 8/6
Freaking Slughorn.
rebelsaurus29 chapter 20 . 8/6
Draco lol.
rebelsaurus29 chapter 19 . 8/6
rebelsaurus29 chapter 18 . 8/6
Theo got the good end of this deal lol.
rebelsaurus29 chapter 17 . 8/6
Hot damn!#
rebelsaurus29 chapter 16 . 8/6
Loved the flashback.
rebelsaurus29 chapter 15 . 8/6
MoonyGirl828 chapter 37 . 8/4
Noooo I’m all caught up ahhhh! I really wish they wouldn’t have brought peter along gurrrr! I hope they all pound into him or something but yay for Reggie getting out. Love this fic 3! Eagerly awaiting for the next update!
Guest chapter 37 . 8/2
I've just read this whole thing in one go. Great story, very different. I love that DoreA was unsure about bringing Peter. I wonder what the others will do with him?
Snowflake Dazzle chapter 37 . 8/3
Poor Theodus! This group of kids and adults needs to bring down Voldemort before he hurts any other parents. Thank you for this chapter!
rebelsaurus29 chapter 14 . 8/3
They are all such idiots lol. I love them.
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