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Sammytime467 chapter 29 . 7/22
You van find this on wattpad and Ao3 if you search the username MackenzieW
Sabdy632 chapter 29 . 2/17
hey..can you tell me how i can find you on AO3 plss...or give me a link..thanks
Guest chapter 29 . 2/5
Напишите пожалуйста ссылку на новый сайт
PhoebeTheQueenOfDragons chapter 29 . 1/21
It sucks that your forced to move. You out disclaimers on your M rated chapter. I'll follow you to AO3 .
hevelinchris chapter 29 . 1/19
# This review was suppose to be posted on Ao3 but I don't know why, the site wasn't allowing me to do it. So let's try it here!

First of all, I'm sorry this thing happened. Second, the transition from to Ao3 won't be easy for many but I'll stick with you and the others authors. I, at least, don't know how to work that thing but I'm willing to try.

Speaking of the chapter now... I loved everything. I loved the fact that they got intimate again and I thought it was amazing of you to put Daniel in the picture again even if for just a scene. I'm really glad their chapter is done and I loved the way it went. Now, all I can think of is the revelation shower I'm really excited.
Guest chapter 29 . 1/18
Hi Mac, I wasn't aware of that but I can feel your frustration :( I would be devastated also! Thank you for keeping us posted and for sharing this chapter considering everything going on. I will still continue to follow your stories on here and via the other channels, you are an absolutely brilliant and creative writer and I can't believe what has happened. Thank you again and take care :)
lanasregal chapter 1 . 1/17
Left you a review on AO3!
AllAboutTiming chapter 29 . 1/17
Yesterday PurplePixies_ on twitter posted an answer from someone responsible (I think) for , I think you won't have to take this story down, you should check her post yourself!
I really like your stories (love would be more appropriate) and I hope you don't take them down or stop writing! I've already read the entire chapter on Ao3 and let me tell you I loved it!
Really hope you can check that post tho for some reassurance!
Have a nice week xoxo
Rhiannon Faylinn chapter 29 . 1/16
Ugh! What is with some people? It's like they live to make things difficult for other people and get some kind of kick out of doing it. Pretty sure I know the group you're talking about. You are not the only author I have seen harrassed by these losers. Several of us reported them over the harrasment and their misrepresenting themselves as working for the site, but I'm pretty sure did nothing.

Don't worry, I'll be following you over there and have no doubts most of your other readers will, too.
All.The.Stories.Are.True.24601 chapter 29 . 1/16
I can’t believe someone reported you. May I ask you tumblr url as ao3 disagrees with my tablet and I can’t bear the idea of not finishing this x
APA0927 chapter 29 . 1/16
awww im so sorry to hear that you've reported. thank god im following you on wattpad. i hope you wont be discouraged by those that reported this story for its themes.

i cant wait to read more from you! you are such a great writer.
Lucretia Cyphus chapter 29 . 1/16
Sorry you got targeted by the "One Million Moms" of fanfiction. I'm tempted to send the guy a strongly worded message asking him to get a life. My fics don't have much sex in them so he can't get me on anything, but I also don't want to risk causing more trouble.
Apples26 chapter 29 . 1/16
I cant believe what is going on, on this site. I follow you on Wattpad already this way I wont miss any new updates
ZadArchie chapter 18 . 1/13
Just so you know, this story contains sexually explicit content, meaning it really should be rated MA. MA-rated content has not been allowed on this site since 2002, meaning it violates the Rules & Guidelines we all agreed to when we signed up for accounts. Not saying you can't write it, but saying this just isn't the place for it. There are plenty of other sites that would gladly take it, including, but not limited to, AO3 and AdultFanfiction. You could also write a watered-down version to stay kosher with site rules and post an unabridged version on another site. Take these suggestions into consideration, as they will help you avoid issues with the rules in the future. Please understand, I say what I say in the spirit of what this site is about: making good stories great, if not brilliant.

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Mysterious-I chapter 28 . 1/8
OMG. I'm not one for AUs normally but I thought I would get it a try and I was just so intrigued in the story and the way you worked it and how it all fit. And I'm in love with it. Can't wait for an update to see what happends next! Thank you!
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