Reviews for The Definition of Normal
GryffindorGirl07 chapter 18 . 9/18
So good, but I thought it was Babbity Rabbity and the Cackling Stump...
GryffindorGirl07 chapter 13 . 9/18
fancyspinner chapter 75 . 9/16
The story was a true joy to me! Thank you so much.
jmw03u chapter 75 . 9/15
I LOVED this story! You did silica a great job combining interesting plot changes and characterization while still keeping the feeling of the original books. While this story felt more like a multi-protagonist story rather than being primarily Harry's POV, it worked really well. Thank you for writing it!
Vampireking40 chapter 62 . 9/14
I like the fact that Lucius was sent to a muggle prison and not Askaban.
Vampireking40 chapter 52 . 9/13
That last part of this chapter was the best. Hagrid is given his rights to a wand back for a crime he did not commit. Why not make it known here and now that the wizard who calls himself a Dark Lord Voldermort is nothing more then a Half-Blood wizard by the name Tom Riddle and if Voldermort was ever to return he would loose all magical privlages.
Vampireking40 chapter 51 . 9/13
Is Harry still playing quidditch.
Vampireking40 chapter 50 . 9/13
They way you put it in this story with the Dementors makes you wonder in cannon exactly why was the train stopped and searched. Also why was Harry targeted when they came aboard. I would say the Toad had something to do with it and already had the quills in her posession to use next year.
Vampireking40 chapter 42 . 9/13
So did Dudley get sentenced to St Brutus until he is 18.
Vampireking40 chapter 39 . 9/13
I would say all ten who voted with Malfoy all have the same tattoo.
fancyspinner chapter 45 . 9/12
I am really enjoying the story! It is actually something that I could see being written in the real universe of Harry Potter. It actually makes a lot more sense on the books. :-) I love all of the characters and how they are being portrayed.
rigger42 chapter 73 . 9/10
Why does he need detention when he then easily stays after class and carties the painting in his pocket anyway? And...Voldie is dead.
rigger42 chapter 63 . 9/10
What seemed odd to me is they didn't just ward the bathroom since nobody went in there due to Myrtle. Prop the Chamber open but put wards above. That way they could have scholars get in and study the chamber as well...
Guest chapter 50 . 9/5
I wonder if Voldemort cast some of the protections in Parseltongue? I guess not, though, or Lucius wouldn't have been able to access it in the intervening years. I suppose he could have cast regular dark and disgusting wards, though, that Lucius could dismantle, if necessary. I have a sick feeling that this ... enterprise ... is doomed, and I hope there is no loss of life.

If Umbridge thought Harry was a threat to Cornelius at this point, imagine what she would have thought in fourth and fifth year. I think she received the perfect sentence.

I wonder what will become of Winky, with both Crouches gone. Will Sirius take her, or will she come to Hogwarts? I suppose, when Dobby makes her plight known, Harry may try to help. I guess we'll see.

While I can understand Ron's desire for a bit of revenge against Draco - as well as his reluctant agreement not to do anything - I'm not sure he really understands the reasons behind Sirius's wishes. For all that he is supposedly a tactical genius, he lacks subtlety. Sirius may have been a wild Marauder, but he understands how to play the Pureblood game. He knows the importance of looking and acting the part. So does Percy, actually. Ron may be a Pureblood, but he strongly resembles his mother, aka "Howler" Weasley. I hope Sirius puts a stop to those, too, now that the Weasleys are under his protection. Sending Howlers - especially the kind she sends, which loudly air the family's dirty linen for all to hear - is decidedly ill-bred, IMO. Ron needs to be encouraged positively, not negatively. I hope the kids can deal.
missgsmith51 chapter 57 . 9/5
Ron is what I call a high maintenance friend. He needs a lot of dedicated time, and Harry just doesn't have that so much anymore. He also gets bent out of shape very easily, almost as if he is looking for reasons to get mad. People like Ron are tiring, because we always have to weigh every comment or response when they're around, so that we don't say anything which could set them off. I have relatives like this.

I hope Ron is serious about getting his act together, because Harry and the others don't have the time to "massage" his ego and temper back into good humor every time he has a tantrum. Unless it has been cancelled, the TWT is next year, and it usually proves a problem for Ron, despite the fact that Harry is the one who suffers. Maybe it will be cancelled, though, since Beauxbatons and Durmstrang don seem especially sold on it.

Maybe Draco will rethink his opinion of the Weasleys after meeting Bill and Charlie. They are totally cool and smart with very exciting jobs. At least, no one killed anyone at the party. ;)
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