Reviews for Choices
Guest chapter 1 . 3/13/2017
these are minors...
HitTheRoad chapter 1 . 12/4/2014
This was so funny and cute. I loved it.
TheDevilsKitten chapter 1 . 5/12/2014
This really should have been in the book xD
Guest chapter 1 . 10/14/2013
I did not find this anywhere pg 175-195
Kidiu chapter 1 . 12/7/2011
Nw this is how it should have been! Though I wish there was more!
TaintedBloodRose chapter 1 . 5/8/2011
that was great i totally lovede it u should totally make a seqeul or continue it:) it would make a lot of us happy;)
DuskUmbrella chapter 1 . 5/2/2010
I don't know what it was, but that was AWESOME! I'm not sure if they were supposed to be that way, but I found some parts absolutely hilarious! I can just imagine Jack ranting throwing his arms about and making ridiculous demands :). I also liked the changing dynamic between the two. I find it very interesting. Keep it up! I look forward to the next chapter!
Beautiful Feather chapter 1 . 1/9/2010
Awh! That was too perfect! You should make a second part to this like when they are older!
SweetPsycho chapter 1 . 11/19/2009
shadowglove chapter 1 . 8/31/2009
I just finished reading the book two minutes ago and needed to find slash fanfiction immediately! I was so glad that I wasn't the only one who sensed slashiness in that book! lol Great work!
Meimei in Darkness chapter 1 . 1/15/2009
This was really great. Poor Ralph. I'd hate being french kissed by Jack too (my twin sis yume: *cough*not*cough* me: SHUT UP YUYU...). lol that was funny when he was using all his lying ability he learned from his mom.
skyinthenightslove chapter 1 . 12/6/2008
hahaha! awesome! i kinda want to know what jack was thinking, like did he plan all of this? does he like ralph like that? has everyone in the tribe started to fancy someone else? will ralph come back to his senses a little and start to refuse being the empress? will the other boys help jack woo ralph? has ralph truely fallen for jack?
Bonnie Mizuhara chapter 1 . 11/20/2007
Could you continue please? This is really good! And I was kind of shocked/amused/happy when Jack said Empress. I think it fits :) So can you write more? I really like this!
thyone chapter 1 . 1/12/2007
Awwh ~
Cantfuckingbelievethis chapter 1 . 12/28/2006
i sense love in the air!
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