Reviews for An Ace In The Hole
PhaedraZev chapter 14 . 6/23
I have so many questions. the foremost being "if joker is a squib, why does he recognize hogwarts?"
PhaedraZev chapter 13 . 6/23
the sound that came out of me when he said "you get to leave with a name". imagine The Scream crossed with the ghost sound from The Grudge.
PhaedraZev chapter 10 . 6/21
I have to ask, aren't the Watchers an MCU thing? or do they simply transcend all universes?
PhaedraZev chapter 9 . 6/21
I haven't started the chapter yet, but I need you to know that my mind will be playing the song Devil's Dance Floor while it takes place.
Mando-Vet chapter 19 . 6/3
This is the most psychotic, messed up story I have ever read, and I have loved every second of it; well done! The Bohemian Rhapsody part had me laughing for a good two minutes, lol. Looking forward to seeing the next chapter :)
zaltran chapter 19 . 5/8
Another fun chappy, keep up the good work...
Sandy chapter 18 . 4/18
bookreader2062 chapter 1 . 4/12
The spelling of the word is quiet.
You spelled it quite.
mouse was very quiet.
2. The house was quite small.
3. The person quit the job.
steel.metal14 chapter 19 . 4/10
stop with the songs. they add nothing to the story nor do they add to the character.
cameron1812 chapter 19 . 4/4
Awe man, it's just so awesome! I mean, the Queen performance? Draco? Changed lyrics? The spying, the train station? It's just too good! Loved it, thank you!
Pyro880 chapter 1 . 3/28
Wonderful story excellent spelling thank you
Amanda Chapman chapter 19 . 3/26
woohoo I love this so much.. the random references to queen, Charlie and the chocolate factory, the princess bride I love every second of it. the flirting between Harry and Hermione is both wonderful and incredibly frustrating. they are really a young Harley Quinn and joker. I love it can't wait for more
Skull Flame chapter 19 . 3/23
I didn't expect that they spontaneously would start to sing their own version of Bohemian Rhapsody. I liked that.
LoudOpinions chapter 2 . 3/22
good premise and it's interesting so far. my gripes with the story are the word choice in conversation and some of the descriptions. This story fails to follow the 'show not tell' rule in writing. A major con for me. On top of that, there are a few lines in which people are talking unnaturally. They're in 1990's England, not a different world.
willam and jack and jake chapter 19 . 3/20
nice can't wait for more
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