Reviews for Long Live The Queen
No no no no no chapter 8 . 7/20
For the love of humanity no ginny/harry PLEASE
Bronze chapter 18 . 7/6
Well, here's another fine mess we've gotten into! While exactly the true quote, it's been changed to fit this review. I so hope you have the queen deal with Bumbleohsomore! GOD knows what he's hiding from not just Harry and Sirius but the rest of the magical world as well!
Bronze chapter 17 . 7/6
Ouch! That's gonna leave a mega-size mark!
jasnrob chapter 44 . 7/8
Loved your creativity and enjoyed your story. Thanks for posting!
Bronze chapter 9 . 7/5
Oh Merlin! Mustn't let the Queen know just how badly run the magical world is! Why, she might force them back under her authority! They can't have that! Why all their privileges to cause trouble could be taken away and force them to obey their own laws!
Bronze chapter 8 . 7/5
It's not a shoe that's about to drop! It's a few tons of scrap metal! Not to mention Mt. Molly that's also gonna blow!
Bronze chapter 5 . 7/5
I seriously doubt that a Royal Summons would get either one out of that house with Bumbleohsomore there! There's just no way he'd risk loosing control of Harry. And by controlling Sirius he controls Harry for now.
Bronze chapter 4 . 7/5
But of course Bumbleohsomore wouldn't allow them to visit the queen! If she pardons Sirius and then the truth comes out about Harry's living conditions, Bumbles may as well reducto his own brains! The Dursley's would be detained at the queens' pleasure and Harry could very well be declared an adult in both worlds. That would allow Harry to come and go anywhere he pleased anytime. He'd be allowed to live with Sirius and have an extremely better life. Again something Bumbles is determined not to allow to happen. Even if he has to break every law in the magical world!
Bronze chapter 3 . 7/5
Oh boy! Bumbles is going to going to leave the solar system when he learns that Harry and Sirius involved the Queen in this! Why else would he be doing his absolute best to keep Harry totally in the dark concerning everything happening in the magical world? Remember, he sees himself as the leader of the light. Even though most of what he's doing is as dark as what Riddle's doing! To his way of thinking, any and everything he does is light just because he says so!
Bronze chapter 2 . 7/5
But of course Fudgepacersupreme is gunning for Harry! Minister Fudgepackersupreme is already bought and paid for by Lucius Malfoy's gold and through him Tommy-boy! It would never do to bite the hand that gives you bags of gold! As for Umbitch, all she knows is the minister says Potter's lying and that's good enough for her. She's too stupid and self-centered to actually think what's best for the magical world. I dislike calling it the WIZARDING WORLD simply because that implies that witches are not important. I wonder if you asked a Blood-Purist if they were really important would they then realize that without them there'd be no wizards? Their ancestors don't seem to. Not with all the old marriage contract laws they passed! They pretty much equated them to animals. Hey, they bought and sold them just like thoroughbred horses and dogs.
Romily chapter 22 . 7/7
Leftenant? I am not familiar with the spelling... is that a deliberate change or a mistake?
Btw, i love the story so far, with the Queen in it like this it seems to be unique or i didn't find any similar ones yet.
Bronze chapter 1 . 7/5
Of course Bumbleohsomore wouldn't like Sirius looking at a document that might help get him either a trial or totally pardoned! If Sirius was found not guilty or given a Royal Pardon, Bumbleohsomore's hold over him would disappear instantly after all! Even worse from Bumbles point of view, Harry getting free of his control! Having Harry able to decide for himself where he stays every summer throws all Bumbleohsomore's plans right out the window! It could easily lead to Harry being able to leave the country to get A, a better education and B, training to fight and very likely kill any Death Eater he comes across. How can Bumbleohsomore redeem them if they're dead? I said it to another fanfic author that had Bumbleohsomore used Veritaserum on the captured Death Eaters after the first fall of Tommy in '81, there wouldn't be any for his return '94. The DMLE of the time could've rolled up the entire network of marked and unmarked followers with its' use. But then they'd loose most of the old dark families and leave Bumbleohsomore with no one to redeem. Bumbles biggest personal problem is that he's just as much of a Blood Purist as the Malfoy family is. Only he won't acknowledge it.
Ada1229 chapter 12 . 7/5
I have to say children should not fear asking their rulers questions and expecting good well thought out answers. It is, after all, in a child's nature to be curious. how are they ment to learn about the world otherwise?
mumphie chapter 42 . 7/3
Truly enjoyed your story. It was interesting to see the non-magical world and magical being brought in contact with each other. Great romp! Want more!
Hytekrednek chapter 44 . 6/30
I just finished your story and have to say that I really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading more of your stories. Keep up the good work.
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