Reviews for Long Live The Queen
BooksAreMyVideogames chapter 26 . 7/12
you changed the prophecy.
Greyff chapter 6 . 7/10
you know, if the Royal Wizard had just sent a portkey - this would have solved a few problems.
Guest chapter 44 . 7/8
Well the story dye as soon as Tom was dead and Sirius throws out the Weasley’s. The rest was as bad as many other stories too much nonsense with little add to it, also the mayor stupidity of Hermione been like sister which is a mayor crap on all the Ginny Harry stories make it just more stupid.
Jessica45395 chapter 43 . 6/30
awesome story!
Tracy Noble chapter 44 . 6/27
Thank you for a wonderful tale with a fresh approach. From one middle aged person to another
Kitari Isengar chapter 18 . 6/6
plot hole: if the wards "locked down everyone's magic" then how was that pink toad able to cast anything at Her Majesty? how was Harry able to disarm her?

Thanks for the good read.
dianaanne chapter 16 . 5/30
Percy, you just redeemed yourself!
Verdauga chapter 14 . 5/29
You actually made me cry. And I like this Queen, she's amusing.
Verdauga chapter 12 . 5/29
Reincheck chapter 20 . 5/24
Omg. Long live the Queen! Ahahahaha

I was never a big fan of the HP series cause there was just too many things wrong in the HP world right up to the end(or was it the plotholes). And I disliked Harry bigtime cause I thought he was such a brat.
Now I kinda wanna kneel in front of the Queen cause that was amazingly done. Dumbledore should be sacked. Ahaha
Fenchurch1 chapter 44 . 5/21
I'm sure you've been told this already, but Elizabeth R stands for Elizabeth Regina - Latin for Queen. Charles will be Charles R standing for Red or King.

I loved this story. I am British and even though I don't view myself particularly as a monarchist, you can't really get away from the whole queen thing over here, especially not this weekend (Harry married one of you lot yesterday! I don't know, an American... huh!). I loved the way she just battering rammed her way into the world and took over! Go Lillibet!
You got a couple of things wrong, but for an American working off internet research this was amazing! I've visited Winsor Castle as a guest and you have to go though airport style security! I'm also not sure about the i/we thing. But I haven't interacted much with her, so what do I know? Also I'm pretty sure that only queen Victoria could make someone a member of the order of Victoria! Then again it's a different universe where there is a magical world hidden, so these things may be true there!
I wish I could have seen Harry doing more knightly stuff in the name of the queen! That would be cool!

Right I'm off to read everything else you have ever written or recommended! Thank you very much indeed and there's an honorary knight/damehood coming by owlpost for services to fanfiction!
Fenchurch1 chapter 36 . 5/21
I love this, but we have permanently banned the death penalty since 1965! (1973 in NI)
Mysteryfan17 chapter 44 . 5/18
Wow, that was good, I would love if you pass on if anyone continues this, and awwww, I would love more on your DI, she was so cool. Then again, I fully understand wanting to hold tight to an OC that was so... making me go 'YES!' and smart, clever and love that she was a she, breakin' the mold most use, so thank you for that. 10/10 (following in case you mention on here if there is someone that takes you up on the offer, fingers crossed but I have too many of my own and need to get back to them.)
Mysteryfan17 chapter 32 . 5/15
Hmmmm, I wonder if it was because she used a wand to knight him instead of her sword... heeee. 5/5
Mysteryfan17 chapter 28 . 5/15
Kind of a repeat of history there. 2 dead and 1 scarred for life both times. Lily and James and the two soldiers and Harry and the wizard that was badly injured. No idea if you intended for it to be that way or not but it seems it was meant to be. 5/5
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