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nightwing27 chapter 42 . 12/11
fumb stories but a good one with no pairing for harry good if I write mines the story will be more romance little fight with the dark. tom and his deathy eaters will last only a few chapters
Guest chapter 44 . 12/3
This was a really entertaining story, and I really appreciated it.

I loved the way you involved the non-magical aspects, particularly how quickly they dealt with the V problem solely because they were WILLING to deal with it instead of stick their heads in the sand. I also liked how Harry still gets into shenanigans in spite of not being directly responsible for V this time. He has fewer adventures, but still obtains responsibilities that force him to grow.

I don't really agree with Draco's 'punishment'. I feel he needs a good dose of humility. Sirius could have paid his tuition, room and board, but not anything extra aside from a small clothing/equipment allowance. If Draco wanted something extra, he'd have to get a job(the horrors). Sirius could have left the same restrictions on the 20 year return to Britain. Draco could either take it or get expelled, have his wand snapped, and be imprisoned (or forced into community service in the non-magical world) for his behavior. The way you have it set up, he's essentially being rewarded for bad behavior with a life of relative comfort. While I understand your reasoning (Sirius not wanting Harry to have another enemy), it sends a poor message to other potential enemies, basically, attacking Harry gets you a slap on the wrist and a paid vacation across the pond. Draco's father is dead and he blames Harry, 20 years out of the country or 20 years in prison, it's all the same amount of time to think things over. Worse, bribing him to keep him away may be proof to him that he's right about it being Harry's fault and getting paid off.

If Narcissa was really that worried about him, she could have pulled him out of school and forced him to take a year of leave until he resolved his anger issues. They even could have labeled it as grief.

I also found Snape's punishment too lenient. He hasn't just verbally abused hundreds of students over the past 14 years, he's actively sabotaged their grades and work or allowed his slytherin students to sabotage others during that time with no punishment. Students have ABSOLUTELY been physically and academically harmed by this. He should have received five years, the minimum amount any student had to endure his abuse, maybe four years if you take out summer hols. He wasn't ALWAYS a spy, he was once a genuine death eater who tortured and killed like any other, changing sides later (even testifying against his former allies) shouldn't automatically completely clean the slate.

Even still, it was a great story. Thanks for writing it.
nad4.35 chapter 23 . 11/29
ah! poor form my friend. august 13th was a Sunday not a Friday. but i can see why you write it that way. would have been amazing if it was though. anyways need to finish the chapter before reading the rest. awesome so far btw. your Queen is both regal, sassy but down to earth and understanding. ciao for now
Sorelina chapter 20 . 11/28
Up to this point, I was really enjoying your fic. I think it's well written, has a great story, and it's interesting to read. But I have my pet peeves, like everybody else, and I saw your wrote "aten-shun". I'm not a native English speaker, and this might be the right way to write a call to attention in a military style. But latin-butchering and writing phonetically are some of my worst pet peeves. So, since it's the second time I try reading your fic, and this very same word makes me stop reading instantly, I'm finally giving it up.

Please don't let my peeve discourage you. You are a very talented writer, and your stories are great. Please keep up the good work, you're fantastic!
YokaiAngel chapter 44 . 11/23
Azera-v chapter 21 . 11/20
Love this story, the Queen is awesome and Dumbledore needing to realise that he's not a good.
Ogrebear chapter 42 . 11/11
Good story, nice shake up of the Magical world. Interesting use of British law there indeed. Well researched.

Voldemort and co died a bit easy, even with cross positioning and modern weapons I’d expect shielding etc to be up and take more than 2 mins to beat it all down- though I acknowledge they where all going to die.

Like the explaination of the diary and horcruxs.

Jolly good read.
Purple Myst chapter 19 . 11/2
Poor Percy, first he quits in order to help Harry and now he is working for the Queen of England and doesn't quite understand what's going on lol
Madminxx chapter 43 . 10/31
Great story. I really enjoyed reading a story that tackled the problems in Wizarding society that led to the rise of Voldemort. In this story it's not just lancing a boil, and leaving the poison to fester.

I think my favourite detail in the story is the dating of the original charter. 1698 leads me to think that the Wizards might have been involved in inviting William of Orange to usurp James II.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/19
I like the idea, but it isn't written very fluently. I feel like it's a bit choppy. Maybe it'll improve as I read it but it's okay so far
Guest chapter 7 . 10/18
Ginny- ok potter spill
Harry- it's none of your effin business what s going on!
Osmodious chapter 44 . 10/18
This was an excellent story...very well thought out, indeed, with everything occurring making sense (at least in the context of the story, which is all that truly matters). There are some excellent ideas in here, with a very unique perspective on the horcruxes and the scar. Nifty stuff. You also have one of the more realistic views of the royal oversight of the wizarding world that I have read...though I do suspect your version of the queen is a bit more directly involved with Harry than reality would feature (eh, I could be mistaken, not having much experience with her or her office!). Your characters are well developed, your balance of dialogue and exposition is excellent and the overall pacing of the story is quite good. Your writing style is easy to read but does really drag the reader in, making you want to not stop reading. Again, overall just a great story...thanks for posting!
SeleneBoxer chapter 44 . 10/17
This is an excellent tale, feeling very plausible. As a Yankee (genuine one form New England) who hasn't researched the nobility, I can't claim expertise on that asprect, but everything I know does fit.
Umbridge getting the long drop sure fits, and overall, I saw no great bashing of anyone...good tale :)
Osmodious chapter 7 . 10/15
Ok, so...I have noticed this in lots of fics but you will be the recipient of my ire about it...nearly everyone in Harry's life is a bully. The poor guy, and in this instance (and, I dare say, canon), Sirius as well, are victims of bullying by nearly everyone around them. They have absolutely zero right to privacy, are accosted on a near constant basis, bullied into doing what everyone else wants them or do, not allowed to even speak to each other, are regarded with the utmost suspicion by everyone especially their supposed friends...I imagine in that situation I would completely lose my s**t and be more than sullen, I'd likely lash out. I mean, I know it seems to be the thing to do to just crap on Harry constantly, but sometimes it's just a little much and a bit unrealistic.
Anyway, other than that, I'm enjoying the story...thanks!
Wyrmridr chapter 42 . 10/7
Excellent story! I truly enjoyed the plot, the deep behind-the-scenes work that was portrayed, and the care with which this work was written.

Your treatment of several of the key players in the HP story, at least to me, were well-balanced and thoughtfully dealt with, especially Ginny and Dumbledore. I did miss the interaction that the Trio usually had, but in the guidelines of this story, I guess there just wasn't enough "time".

Thanks for all the effort!
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