Reviews for Harry Potter and the Once and Future King
era-romance chapter 1 . 3h
I haven't yet read this story but I will say this. I COMPLETELY agree with RatherFabulous' rant (see below). take it from another fanfic writer: ignore the annoying flames and concentrate on the constructive critism and compliments. they will only make your writing better by boosting your self-esteem and confidence. if you feel that your grammar needs work ... like I said I have yet to read your work so I don't know ... make a posting asking for a beta or do as I do and print out the chapter(s) you have written and read it over, highlighting things you see that need fixing. work in the corrections in a separate document so you don't mess with your original work. print out the corrected piece and read it over again. if u like it go with it. if you don't go back to your original document and start over from there. simple as that.
...right. well that's my rant. basically keep up ur work and you'll only get better as time goes on. also ignore the ignoramouses and remember that YOU ARE AWRSOMENESS PERSONIFIED! K. I'm done lol
DarkRavie chapter 28 . 8h
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
gods-own chapter 28 . 10h
good chapter
god of all chapter 28 . 11h
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
Guest chapter 2 . 11/3
Woah... a three minute DADA lesson.

That's fucking wonderful.
Netchka chapter 27 . 10/29
Great chapter and story. Really looking forward to finding out what happens next. Harry and Draco seem to be getting along quite nicely right now. Wonder if Lucius can get into the castle after Arthurs pronouncement.
Guest chapter 27 . 10/27
good story was kind of hoping your story would be a harry/Arthur or merlin. Anyway hope you update soon
Netchka chapter 1 . 10/28
Interesting first chapter. Merlin, really? Isn't he supposed to be gone for a centuries?
foxchick1 chapter 27 . 10/11
Awesome chapter.
Guest chapter 27 . 10/4
Yes! Updates! It could be three fucking words and I'd still be happy. I am starved for this story. Thank you so much!
Bubzchoc chapter 27 . 10/3
Great chapter
RatherFabulous chapter 27 . 10/4
Read your comment at the top. I'm so sick of reading this same thing from writer after writer who has been beset by the troglodytes that infest fanfic sites. They don't write, they only destroy. They are parasites.
Your story is a GIFT. You are not EVER "obligated" to do a damn thing for a useless troll. Never.

Anonymous, cyber-bullying nimrods should no more be allowed to make demands of you or to try to grab the steering wheel of your story than any other 2 year old would be. You can bet your last scoop of fresh-ground coffee beans that even Stephen King deals with this crap, but over the years, he's learned precisely what it's worth - not a damn thing.

They should not be given the attention they crave and attempt to extort by behaving like the foul-mouthed, immature kids that they are (at least, at heart) and their opinions should NEVER be allowed to drive your choices or to make you feel ANY OBLIGATION. Your story is a GIFT - of your time, energy and creativity. It's FREE, people!
When they start PAYING you, THEN they can squawk. (And you can STILL ignore them if you're successful enough.)

Share your work with those who appreciate it and accord only richly-deserved contempt to those who would use anonymity to display the resentment and ugliness that lurks within their pathetic, passive-aggressive loser psyches.
I've worked with people who have laughingly boasted of trolling people in this way - and they wear a pleasant and well-mannered facade when you interact with them publicly, because they don't dare behave that way to the face of a person who would give them the righteous smack-down their lame selves have coming.

If someone wants to give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism to a developing writer, it should be polite, knowledgeable and to the point, as a teacher's would be (assuming they have the faintest notion of what they're talking about. If they're full of crap, well, you can politely disregard them too, but at least they were full of POLITE crap.)

As to the rest...why would you FEED a cockroach? Let 'em starve, honey.

Here endeth the rant. Write on!
yukino76 chapter 27 . 10/3
good chapter
koala789 chapter 27 . 10/3
MERF MY SMOL DRACO BB! *hugs him like an overprotective mother* Also, anyone giving you hate just has issues. Don't listen to them. I love this story, and got super excited when I realized that it was updated. And if you're still listening to those hate comments and not to me, DON'T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE AND GIVE YOU A VIRTUAL HUG! I HATE HUGS BUT SO HELP ME I WILL GET MY BUTT OVER THERE AND GIVE YOU A BIG FAT HUG AND YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME THEN!
DarkRavie chapter 27 . 10/3
In really like this story. It's an excellent read and I can't wait to read what happen in your next chapter.
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