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AbK chapter 23 . 5/29
Thanks abk
kezcullen chapter 22 . 5/10
a cultural qs and i do not wish to offend anyone, but is it an american thing to be so on about age difference between couples? i have noticed this in quite a few fanfics now. bella is 23- hardly a babe in the cradle, and edward 33, hardly an antique or dirty old man. 20 years plus i could see a point if she were still 23, but 10 years- and often it is a big deal in stories when the difference is only 5-6 years? what am i missing ?
Edward'sDJ chapter 23 . 4/27
Thank you for sharing this intriguing, riveting and heart warming story with us.
kellybear3 chapter 23 . 4/23
I just finished reading this story. You should publish it. It was brilliant.
readicted chapter 23 . 4/20
I only very recently read Alaska, and I absolutely adored it. Likewise this gem did not disappoint. I've loved getting lost in the world(s) you created. That confrontation with Jacob was incredible and the letter he left for Bella was so heartfelt and touching. I was appropriately shocked at the unexpected possibility that Carlisle may have fathered Tanya (and that it was Jacob that told Bella.) Great twist. I tried not to judge Esme too harshly for her less than welcoming treatment of Bella. I tried to imagine how I might feel as a worried, suspicious, protective mother. I'd like to think I wouldn't be snobbish, and even if suspicious, I could be gracious and kind. I can see how surprised a mother would be at the suddenness of and the origin of their relationship, especially after Edward didn't seal the deal with Kate after four years. Kate was polished, professional and Edward's contemporary. So yes I kind of hated Esme, but in reality her reaction is probably fairly realistic. I worried about Edward's health long-term with his family history and his repeated head injuries and migraines. That was my only hang up with him and Bella's future. I think in my head they'll meet somewhat in the middle on the children. I like that Bella was able to return to swimming despite her injury, but it was realistic. She wasn't magically back to her pre-injury times. It was interesting to see Edward maneuver in Bella's world and to see her making friendships. Eric was a good and true friend. I'm glad that Edward didn't resent his place in Bella's life. I am surprised at how much Kate was thrown in Bella's face by Edward's family. It was cruel, especially for a woman as young as Bella. She held her own magnificently with Esme. She was disappointed, but not daunted and discouraged or rude and childish. She was assured and confident and composed and simply magnificent. I loved, loved, loved how she stood her ground. I wondered if Kate planned for Bella to see or overhear her with Edward. Where was he until midnight? He's not the cheating kind, so I never thought that, but I did wonder where he was so late. That inscription on the ring through me for a loop, but I never doubted Edward's commitment to Bella. I thought could the ring have belonged to his father, but then discounted that idea. I thought maybe Kate bought the ring, but I knew she called him Anthony. I was stumped, but unwavering. I was hoping that Bella didn't go ask Eric to make love to her, and I'm glad they didn't get around to that staged kiss. Also glad that Bella left a note. She didn't run. When Bella focused on something vaguely familiar about the baby and then the odd finger, I just knew it was going to be Rosalie and my heart swelled with emotion. But, how? Her whole reason for going into witness protection was because she thought her brother was trying to kill her right? I need to go put you on my favorite author list. Thank you for gifting us readers with your talents.
readicted chapter 18 . 4/18
Wow, wow, wow. I did wonder why Jacob hadn't gotten to them by now. Wondered what he was waiting on. Never expected this. What a fantastic twist. I love it. Both Bella and Edward have some less than ideal genetic factors in play. I'd be a little leery to procreate. Isabella hails from a lineage with a history of depressed, suicidal geniuses with and pancreatic cancer. Edward has a family history of serious heart issues and a violent like hereditary Russian roulette. Well Edward's family should be safe to visit now. OMG, is Carlisle Tanya's father? Edward took much more severe and brutal beatings from his father than I had imagined. Wonder what the doctor wanted to discuss with Bella privately. Was it about limits on sexual relations during his recovery or was it a ruse to get her away from the guards? How will Edward react when he realizes what transpired between Jacob and Bella? I know he'll figure some of it out just by her reactions, but will she keep other stuff private or will she fully confide in her husband? Wonder exactly which precautions Jacob spoke of when he said Edward had protected her beyond measures she could have realized at the silos. I knew it was Vincente's daughter who ratted them out.
readicted chapter 17 . 4/18
Holy crow, Edward was really injured, injured. Burnt and shot as well as other injuries. Damn. Sounds like he beat the crap outta Carlisle, but where's Jacob? Maybe they'll get a lucky break and find out that Carlisle already took care of Jacob. If not Bella will be in significant danger. I very much appreciate that whole you have written an extraordinary Edward and an equally extraordinary Bella, you have not made either of them as superheroes. They are gifted, but not infallible or impenetrable. I would've hated it if Bella somehow completely saved the day, out shooting, maneuvering and strategizing all the trained professionals. She performed her part supremely well and being brave and level-headed. I am glad Paul stopped her from rushing headlong into a very volatile, dangerous situation. She'd have only gotten herself and others killed. It's very, very sad that lives were lost.
readicted chapter 16 . 4/17
Way past bedtime for me, but I'm fighting sleep like a petulant child. I like how you've totally switched up the descriptions of canon characters. Victoria was an interesting one and gave us a different perspective of Edward both pre Bella and with Bella. Is it possible that Eric is the leak? Could he have caused Rosalie's death. I don't trust Maria, the preacher's daughter, but she wouldn't have known their future plans. But Seth had that amulet before he returned it to Bella. Perhaps it's been altered to have a tracker or something. Or maybe Carlisle or Jacob are somehow monitoring Seth's communities with Bella.
readicted chapter 15 . 4/17
Oh shiz! Oh shiz! Who was that lady who shot Bella? And I've forgotten what their code words mean. I am thoroughly gutted about Rosalie. I had been so worried about her. I'm relieved that Edward and Bella managed to arrange for his mother and sister to get out of Dodge. I just hope they make it and Tyler is to be trusted. I can't find fault with Mike and Jessica. I see Edward called her baby twice. I'm glad he didn't give in to temptation while she was emotionally unstable. Both would've second guessed that and questioned motivations and significance. Curious if Victoria is an ex. Also I hadn't realized how serious Edward had been with Kate. They were together for four years. Wow.
readicted chapter 14 . 4/17
Wow, what happened? Did something happen while Edward was gone or has Bella just realized how very attached she is to Edward. Was it the conversation about their future that spooked her. Edward seems ready for a family and she feels she will hinder him from moving forward with his life if he's forced to remain married to her. How did Jasper connect with Rosalie? I wonder if that amulet that Bella wears is safe. I mean is Seth tracking them and if so, is he truly an ally?
readicted chapter 13 . 4/16
I wonder if Maria snitched. Edward's reaction to Bella's undies was harsh. He maybe could've been a bit more gentle, less judgey in his reproach of her actions. I get it, he's right, but damn he was kinda hurtful.
readicted chapter 12 . 4/16
OMFG, I definitely did not expect Carlisle's depravity to go to that depth. I am stunned and disgusted. That close call with the market clerk was scary. I was surprised that Edward had to go for his gun. The marriage thing seems like a wise move at this point because there's only so much Edward could claim ignorance of. This will protect them both, but may also draw attention since they have to marry using their true identities. It was nice that Bella was able to swim. That coach might figure out who she is if he Google's around. I appreciate that Edward is conscious about not being the older man seducing the young, emotionally vulnerable woman. He's wanting and open to more, although thinking it unwise, but it has to be I initiated by her.
readicted chapter 11 . 4/16
Wow Edward really has had his world shaken up hasn't he. His mentor, a father figure has betrayed him and their oath. He also has to go out pretty much on faith here to trust Bella fully, while she's still shielding him from key information. And now he doubts his own instincts. Bella's not sure if her allies will betray her, ugh it's all overwhelming. I knew the call from Carlisle was going to be problematic, but I don't understand how they (who ever 'they' turns out to be) managed to figure out which hotel and room they'd be in before they were even checked in, in order to get a camera in there. Could it have just been a coincidence? Or did Seth know where they were heading for their first stop?
readicted chapter 9 . 4/15
I've been thoroughly enjoying this. I'm reading on my Kindle, with some-timely WiFi access. Edward's backstory was interesting and sad. I am surprised that he shared so much of his real history with Bella. I see that Bella has been pushing Edward's way of seeing people morality as either 'good' or 'bad.' She believes her father no more evil a man than perhaps Edward's father, whose job it is/was to uphold the law. So I see there will be shades of grey in this story. Seth is working both sides? Hmm, I think he is loyal to the FBI, but also to Charlie. Perhaps there is more to Charlie than has been revealed. Did Jacob kill him because Charlie didn't want to get involved in something more corrupt? Obviously Bella doesn't think she can rely on Edward to keep her safe for some reason. She must think k the FBI, specifically Carlisle (or someone in Carlisle's circle) is compromised. I figured 'Seth' couldn't possibly be that trusting, or uninformed about Bella's programming skills. The neighbor college guy made me suspicious. Was it just a smitten neighbor or an agent of Jake's doing reconnaissance. And 'Anthony's' landlord friends don't seem particularly curious. Edward handled that tricky situation at the neighbors very well. Bella's tears were perfect too. No one will think they were being insincere about having trouble conceiving. I found their self defense session amusing and related conversation amusing. I'm glad Bella thought to ask Edward to train her. I imagine it will come in handy. I knew Edward was somewhat suspicious, but I'm pretty sure he is absolutely floored by Bella's assertion about Jacob and Carlisle.
readicted chapter 3 . 4/12
So even knowing she's in danger, and knowing contacting friends, family, etc is dangerous, she snuck and did it anyway. She took precautions by using a random phone, but if Rosalie's phone is 'tapped,' then the call could've been intercepted. They spoke in code, so they had a system in place in such an event, but I wonder could the call be traced to their location. Edward is going to be livid when he finds out Bella did this, but perhaps Rosalie is an important ally. Two airplane marshals? Is it simply extra security, or is one working for Jacob?
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