Reviews for Phantom Rebellion
t-rex989 chapter 102 . 10/19
So Jazz is going to meet Dani. And Youngblood is attacking the Capital. That’s going to be exciting. I wonder if Jazz will finally see the Empire fore what it really is.
KuriMaster13 chapter 102 . 10/19
Yay, the eventual sisters will meet. :)
Sounds like the perfect opportunity to pass that... what's the name of that kinda unimportant feminist's test again?... Well, what ever t's name is, it seems like you have the perfect opportunity to naturally fit in a scene that allows this fic to pass it without issue.
t-rex989 chapter 101 . 10/1
Ooohh... So much is happening. So I wonder how long it will be until Jazz sees the Empire for what it really is.
KuriMaster13 chapter 101 . 10/1
Oh, Man... Vlad, Fright Knight, Skulker, and the Rebels... plus Youngblood is back, there are a lot of players in this chess game.
t-rex989 chapter 100 . 9/23
I see things are heating up.
KuriMaster13 chapter 100 . 9/23
Okay, a cooldown chapter after the big fight makes since... though it seems kind of redundant to go over each individual event that happened over the last couple of chapters not only because those events just happened, but also twice in the same chapter.

You probably could have summarized Danny telling it to his mom as "He told her everything he could from the words before the fight, to helping save Wraith after the battle, and any detail he could in between." and that would have been fine.

Likewise, from Dani's end, everything from "It had been an intense battle..." to "... before leaving the hut." probably could have been cut without loosing anything.

Despite the redundancy, this looked pretty good. :)
KuriMaster13 chapter 99 . 9/10
Nice. :)
I think the whole offer to join the rebels might be a much this soon (as they only really had 2 intersections so far), and it might have been better to keep it at trying to get her to see the truth about Vlad.
Joining the Rebels implies having her on the battlefield fighting alongside them, which would be a pretty big shift as Danny knows that Wraith doesn't have any reason to leave the Empire yet (mostly because she is being kept in the dark) let along fight on the exact opposing side she is currently on.

Now, it's fine to have Dani join the Rebels anyway by the end, but as it stands, it seems more like Danny would be more concerned about getting her away from Vlad then having her fight with the Rebels, and that his offer should have been to give her a place where no one is telling you how to think or where you don't need to use fear to get respect.

That having been said, the fight was good, the rescue operation was solid (it even seemed to embody some actual ninja tricks which I saw is a plus), and I am glad about the fight's outcome, Danny seems to have one, though it seems to be by luck, implying that it could have gone very differently if the dice didn't roll that exact way, and thus keep Dani as a valid threat, and the fact that there are little signs of her switching is proof that Danny is going to work hard to get Dani to see the light, which will make it that much sweeter when he is successful (assuming he is of course.)
t-rex989 chapter 99 . 9/9
This is the most exciting part yet! Danny already sounding like a true Jedi.
t-rex989 chapter 98 . 8/21
This duel is going to be epic! I hope Dani can be saved.
KuriMaster13 chapter 98 . 8/21
Oh Boy... We are getting the Phantom clash next.
Good Luck Danny.
KuriMaster13 chapter 97 . 8/4
Nice. :)
t-rex989 chapter 97 . 8/3
You did another excellent job. What wonder what Dash and Kwan will feel about Wraith?
KuriMaster13 chapter 96 . 7/26
Yep, Dani is being awesome... hopefully she will be just as awesome once she switches to the Light side. Assuming her Cuz can get her to see it first that is.
t-rex989 chapter 95 . 7/20
A superb job. I feel sorry the rebels Vlad’s sending Wraith after.
KuriMaster13 chapter 95 . 7/19
Oh Man... it is going to be really hard for Danny to get through to his cuz.
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