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mr. jack joke chapter 69 . 12h
the TDWS and Boss won't actually leave in the future will they...?
KlainHero chapter 96 . 5/16
So how to start... I just read the whole Story in a week and I don't want to stop. This Story is one of the very few FF that had me feeling a lot of different emotions almost every chapter. I was in tears as I read about Merry again! It was so excellently written that I had flashbacks of the anime and a perfect Image in my mind for the original content. Long story short I recommend this to every OnePiece fan and those who are not. I am sad that I have to wait for any new chapter from now on.
Guest chapter 96 . 5/13
"It begins, as any migraine-inducing story does, with Jeremiah Cross." Hehe
pedro.hccalixto01 chapter 96 . 5/12
continue with this story please it's really cool I really loved this story please :)
Lazy limits chapter 96 . 5/12
Finally caught up after a year. Sad now I gotta wait.
Soledge1 chapter 96 . 5/11
will this be add to the next chapter or is it a new chapter?
Hellboybu chapter 61 . 5/11
cross is too weak... never really working out...
and his plans are not really working if canon goes shit...
Mr. Bamboozled chapter 96 . 5/9
Down-to-Vearth chapter 54 . 5/9
*Bows head, pauses, and kicks you in the shin*
"That's great Xom!" I exclaim enthusiastically in faux innocence, "NOW GET TO FUCKING WORK! Can't let the lady wait for the next chapter!"
Glavie165 chapter 96 . 5/8
Please do more chapters
Archangel630 chapter 96 . 5/7
I have been a fan of this fic for 6 years, and I absolutely love this story the characters and the world building. However I have become discouraged from reading this, due to the duration of time for any information about this Fic. I scour Space Battles, A03, and all form and fourms I can locate and yet nothing. Maybe a blurb here or there but nothing really substantial. Now normally as a content consumer I would not complain because I don't really have a stake, but in this case I do, Pat*reon. When the Cross-Brain created the fan funded page on aforementioned website, you became complicit in a service. I and others fund whatever our funds are utilized for, now I'm not demanding, I am not a Karen, however I am making a request on this public forum, transparency. As a fund provider I get, minimal, info yet others do not. I request maybe an update of information, the status of the next chapter, a release week, hell a release month, something more then the infrequent times we do receive. I am aware that you all have other projects, as well as lives outside of This Bites!, but an update on a discord, or your space battles page would help.
Coolfire30 chapter 3 . 5/7

Down-to-Vearth chapter 45 . 5/7
So now there are 3 Human Human fruits in the straw hat crew.

fishpaulwqq chapter 41 . 5/5
I know for a fact that at the time of the Straw Hat attack, Spandam was the main man in Enies Lobby. Only the fact that he was up to the very end, literally until the moment when Robin crooked him while escaping on Merry from the burning island, did not believe that they would lose. Didn't tell the boss what was going on. Even calling five was an accident. Are you telling us that this cretin, at the beginning of the invasion of the whole world, declared that they had invaded there? Yes, in theory, in an hour there would be Admirals, led by Sengoku. Idiocy, honestly. Spanda is this your fan fiction?
fishpaulwqq chapter 40 . 5/5
It's funny to tell the whereabouts of the Poneglyph, possibly dooming Alabasta to complete destruction, what it says about the same weapon that the CP 9 have been hunting for 5 years, right in their face!) And do it just for a cheap trick from psychology. Somewhere your hero's priorities are lost, they simply don't exist) I would like to take this opportunity to say that Cross is a complete idiot. I'm not saying that I could have done better in his place, but in retrospect, after 2 or 3 times, I would change tactics. After all, it is obvious that literally everything that he does or does not do does not affect anything positively. Only negative. I didn’t read further, but Ace will still be caught offhand, most likely due to the fact that Cross forgot to say that Squad hates Roger, and Teach knows for sure that Ace is his son. And when he tells Squad, their plan to catch Tich will go to hell. But in general, if it comes from the fact that he is a simple person, then the story is quite interesting, of course, I know better from the couch.
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