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lordkalel chapter 97 . 3/2
Congrats, you mange to guess one of Oda's Mcguffins, aparently Vegapunk DID build an universal phone.
lukeanimelover chapter 29 . 3/2
I really hope you get to the time skip. Im practically vibrating with excitement on where Cross ends up
Verdauga chapter 82 . 3/1
What. The. Hell.
Verdauga chapter 81 . 3/1
Guionista chapter 76 . 3/1
What a crazy good chapter, although in the next one I'm sure everything will change, but Cros is the damn genius in the world...
Verdauga chapter 80 . 3/1
Sad, but excellently done.
Verdauga chapter 79 . 3/1
Ah. Fuck.
Guionista chapter 68 . 3/1
wonderful chapter, one of my favorites along with cros laughing in front of Enel and those from Brock who made me sing, I loved this one because finally a chapter sitting on it and on top of it in a beautiful way, how it explodes after a long time ago beautiful that doesn't shut up or anything,
Guionista chapter 65 . 2/29
Entertaining chapter, it's a shame that it was a great script, but hey, I'm used to Luffy being given scripts so nothing happens, by the way I'm 80% sure that Shiki is important in the canon even though we're close to the end, so I'm curious What if it's really important, and what about Perona, if he's not with Mihawk, who will save Zoro when Juma happens?... after all, Perona found him when Mihawk was away and saved his life.
Guionista chapter 63 . 2/29
Shinki is one of those pirates who are lucky that the movie is not canon, because no matter how much Luffy tried, he couldn't do anything against said monster, although obvious before the time jump.
script chapter 58 . 2/26
Nami didn't break her tat climate, how is it still used?... by the way, the power level of the fanfic is one of the biggest mistakes I saw, Luffy was barely able to handle Moria, and even though the current one is stronger, it's nothing in comparison. to an awakened fruit and how strong he proved to be, his blows shouldn't even move him and they still hurt him, so it was a great thing that he won, and I shit in my opinion the whole arc, since it takes away all the seriousness of All the previous chapters that highlighted how strong he became, he remained like a salesman, while you raised Luffy and lowered everyone else, since everything they did was completely unnecessary, his captain beats him as soon as he moves... *sigh*... I'm sorry if I'm harsh, but all together I couldn't and now Luffy alone can, it's like spitting in everyone's face and saying that it wasn't a great thing.
Literally, if now he can't handle a pasifist, the whole thing is just a joke, since he made an island tremble but he can't handle a pacist, this chapter for me ruined the entire arc and in the next arcs it has to stay the same.
Guest chapter 56 . 2/26
First: I loved the T-Rex thing... Second; It is not wrong to say that Moria was strong and seeing everything around him destroyed could make something like this happen, although he is not even close to a yonko level, since he fights with a younger kaido, and apart from that he was surpassed, but he was strong , but Ryuma also shows in his own canon manga called monsters how strong he is, although he only shows casual attacks, while Jonh was a captain of the new world who was in Pirate Rock with monsters like Bigmon, whitebeard, shinki, Kaido, Gloria ( Amazon Lily's grandmother), even though you were all younger but each monster in their own right could be defeated by Leo, something that I really don't understand, even if it is only a little bit like the previous one, it is much stronger, for example Kizaru was 100 times stronger than the straw hats in sabondy, and someone from the new world, even if it is not 100, has to be more,
Guest chapter 54 . 2/25
The fight between Zoro and Ryuma, a descendant against his ancestor, is tremendous, and if it is canon, so Zoro is the sole survivor apart from his master of the entire Sona Shimotsuki of Wano, that is, where he fights against Kiill and sleeps with Hiyato, for I'm sorry, I don't know if you know, but Captain Jonh, a former member of Pirate Rock (I would be surprised if Leo managed to beat him, he was from the new world), he wears a bracelet that Luffy likes, in it there is a map to the treasure that Buggy was looking for so much. In Impel Down he gives it to Buggy to help him save Ace, so I suppose that after finding him, Buggy created the current group, and that's why he now wants the one piece, because his dream has already come true.
langad9 chapter 93 . 2/27

Still haven't read everything, but you're basically saying Ace dies again, like at least so far it seems like he's going to live, and now based on what you wrote the day after the war, you're basically spoiling what happens.
Verdauga chapter 76 . 2/26
Beautiful. And it took me until 'In all fairness' to realize that was Yzma and Kronk. Nice.
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