Reviews for Pain, Hunger and Betrayal
yezer705 chapter 28 . 1m
so glad that you are backlooking forward to more chapters
Gone Wanderlust chapter 28 . 45m
Nice update, glad that Nanashi is almost back home. I really want him to return to konoha already
AJGuardian chapter 28 . 50m
ryanj20 chapter 28 . 52m
Ur back thank god I had nothing to read no more I was about to die from boredom you SAVED ME! BTW awesome chapter man like how it was hatakas POV this chapter try not to do nanashis POV next chapter the full one I want nanashi and mei or anko action to happen
Guest chapter 1 . 1h
This chapter has left me speechless. I love the descriptions you gave, the way you used colours to describe death? It was breathtaking, such explicit imagery. I can safely say that this is a story everyone should want to read.
Raiyoukai chapter 28 . 1h
All I can say is welcome the hell back.

You've returned in most glorious fashion with an utterly hilarious chapter, and if it meant getting yourself together than no one can rationally blame you for taking your time. Life sucks, depression sucks worse, and I for one am simply glad that you came out of it alive and still willing to provide us fans of your work with more.

In regards to the chapter itself, as I mentioned above, it was utterly hilarious. The changes in dynamics between Team 7 are interesting, and the growing pyromania between Sasuke and Naruto, as well as them having the knowledge of what using those techniques in a forest will do, has me heavily interested (more than I already was) in how the Chunin Exams are going to play out.

I'm assuming the next chapter will be mostly fallout, both from Nanashi's intervention as well as from his Kiri mission when he returns, so I'm definitely looking forward to that. As I am all future chapters, no matter how long they take.

Look after yourself, and welcome back.
IndianaJohhney chapter 28 . 1h
Oh great proclaimer of words how elated I am at your return and how heavily your tale of sorrows weighs on my heart. Fear not young Prince! Your day shall come and your kingdom shall be bathed in light cresting over the Great Forests of the Log!
Thunderstruck170 chapter 28 . 1h
Wow. I thought this story was gonna be one of those very good ones that don't get updated. I was in lecture when I saw the update and my mouth fell a little. As for the chapter, it seems like you're a little rusty. It was good but this one kind of stands out from your other ones and not just because its Kakashi pov because you've done chapters on the past with that and it didn't switch things up too much. I'm more excited that you're back and that the chapters are coming once again (and that they're long. 7k-13k word chapters are my sweet spot). Anyways, continue on and I look forward to the next, hopefully you'll explore more into nanashi and anko since he reunited with team 7
Aroe007 chapter 28 . 1h
hey glad to see you back!
Tiky3000 chapter 28 . 2h
Yeah depression blows.

Nice chapter. It isn't now that I can compare Nanashi with a scene from the anime that I fully realise the power discrepancy. Wow. You forget just how awesome he is when he is fighting mostly among others of similar calibre.

I had to smile at the last line. I forgot the name of the fish he was feuding with in the barrel the first time, but that scene immediately popped into mind. Followed by the fish oil for the hair, considering he could just *walk* out of the country this time.

Anyway, glad to see you back. Hope that life continues to go well for you.
Guest chapter 28 . 2h
Yay! New chapter. Been looking forward to this. Seeing inside kakashi's head during the bell test was pretty great, good way to reinterpret a character. The changes in Naruto slightly changing the team dynamic was great too. You've also made Naruto smarter, but still am idiot somehow. Heck of a tight rope act.

The only confusing thing is that Zabuza was working as a missing nin to raise money for the Kiri rebellion, I thought. Is he ignorant of the changes in Kiri since his departure? Not a very smart rebellious ninja.
firetemplar415 chapter 28 . 2h
Glad you're back. Now keep this awesome story going. With your unique flair of storytelling.
Namikaze Uzumaki Potter chapter 28 . 3h
Awesome! Thanks for the update. Looking forward to more of Nanashi's adventures.
Magyka13 chapter 28 . 3h
This Gaster was amazing I couldn’t put it down

I hope things are going well for ya

Wabadoo chapter 28 . 3h
Oh my, I audibly gasped when I saw this appear in my notifications. I was certain the story wasn't going to continue, and slightly worried something had happened to the author to make it be so.

I'm glad that's not the case. This chapter was quite nice, treading familiar ground through Kakashi's perspective, and setting up Nanashi's return. I'm also a little interested in how different Sakuras relationship with the boys is.

All in all, I'm glad both you, and this story, are back.
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