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Guest chapter 17 . 10/17
That was amazing! So enjoyable! Please, please, please, update when you can? It's so close to being finished and I can't stand not having a happy ending for Bonnie and Damon, now that Caroline and Stefan have found theirs! :):)
Guest chapter 17 . 10/17
smilinginthedark chapter 17 . 9/26
Before your read I did not proofread this so I apologize for the hot mess that will ensue.

ugh girl I know you be dying to update these chapters and it feels like pulling teeth many a times. But I want to thank you so much for this story, I can't imagine writing while actually going to med school. My ass be home half of the time and I can't update nothing lol. so I wanna let you know you are appreciated and that every couple of months I remember to check back if you posted something usually after I see you tweet something lol (thanks for the its on twitter since I stay dry) and then I check the Tumblr page which you do an amazing job running. Honestly the whole franchise (idk what else to call it) you've built is so impressive. You not only write the stories but you give us trailers, inspiration posts and multiple accounts and thats like seriously amazing! I wish this stuff could go on resumes because you'd be qualified and then some in public relations. It definitely inspires me in my own writing and marketing I'm always like what if I make a video or page dedicated to the pic but my laziness wins out so I'm so glad that yours doesn't. So now that I've talked about how I appreciate you, lemme tell you how much I appreciated this chapter.
I LOVE BAMON! like adore and thats why I started reading this in the first place. Like I'm alright with Steroline but I was here for all the other ships. So I'll admit in the past I'd skim through the Steroline stuff because it didn't necessarily intrigue me. But this chapter I was here for them! I don't know maybe it's just that I'm attracted to emotional breakdowns or secrets that turn the dark to light. There was just some beautiful storytelling here, you do such a good job of differentiating between the characters and giving them each a unique voice. Not only are they unique but they lend themselves to beautiful prose. Like when Caroline is finally revealing her past, I was 100% there and the metaphor with the suns and the universe. Like girl that was some gorgeous shit that in real life I'd be like "Oh emotion, corny!" But I ate that shit up like it was fried plantains nice and sweet, I wiped a tear from me eye. Stefan being a Disney Prince is so real! And I love that his internal struggle is that he doesn't want to be that problematic white boy who swears he's woke but thinks he's the only person who can save anyone, because I know some people who could benefit from such a narrative. Also I think that makes his relationship with Bonnie even more interesting; he's a Disney Prince that didn't necessarily save his best friend in his past. Also the amount of privilege Stefan has compared to Bonnie and the fact that neither Bonnie or you diminish his problems, because although they are not as drastic as Bonnie's they are still valid. I think you do a great job depicting a friendship between a white man and a black woman, which I deeply appreciate and want me a Stefonnie friendship myself lol. So when Stefan quickly dissects himself when he comes to the realization of Elena, it's a testament to the type of man he is, which is indeed a man not a boy. A man who can assess his own actions. So yeah I adored the Steroline parts.
But as I said I love Bamon! But more than anything I love Bamon having fun, like that's not a thing that happens everyday, usually those two are busy tormenting each other or themselves. So getting to see them play around was delightful and the competitiveness that rises within her like shit even I trusted Bonnie but she betrayed Damon so quick and I was living! Essentially Bonnie and Damon didn't really get to have fulfilled childhoods in this au and many others so allowing them to have some playtime as adults was wonderful. I want to play some cookie quidditch now! And I love Bamon for the opposite reason I love Steroline in this chapter. I loved Steroline for what they said, and I love Bamon for what they didn't say. Because these little fuckers are speaking a whole language in silence and I love and hate them for it. But oh my gawddd that bathroom scene had me heavy breathing the whole time cause I know that proximity it's close. And like yeah Bonnie's got something to focus on but I always think what the hell is the other person suppose to stare at when shit like that happens. Like you have to stare at the person in front of you even though you think its awkward if you do. And maybe I'm an idiot but I'm just like you a stare at a person in close proximity for that long when they're helping you you're probably gonna fall in love with them especially when they are as pretty as Bonnie. Like I know Damon was like heart eyes motherfucker! Like why else would you try to make chocolate and ketchup sexy hehe. I thought she was gonna fall into his lap and it'd get really awkward but alas... that will be another day lol. Ohhh Bamon if only they could realize that they both love the parts of each other that they hate, together then they would be great. Them sharing things that no one else knows about them, because in truth they're more alike then they think got me all twisted up inside. And ugh don't get me started on this kiss! I was screaming! First off Bonnie comparing kissing him to Stefan was just rude lol but I appreciate the fact that now we know that Stefonnie has kissed in the past hehe and on some level I needed to know that. Probs when they went to prom together cause they are nerds and everyone had told them a million times they'd be great together, so they went for it. For like a day and although it was somewhat perfect they were like nahhh this just ain't for us, and mutually broke up a day later lol. But back to the kiss it threw me for a spin, just like it threw them. I was like HOLD UP we aint doing hot and heavy anymore? We doing slow and intimate? Oh my Gawd does this mean they'll never fuck? But then my heart caught up to my brain and I realized that means they is in LOVEEEEEE! they don't know yet and thats my favorite part, and I love Bonnie is standing her ground she right, she don't have to say shit cause Damon kissed her! SO he gon have to open his own mouth and speak the fuck up!
Now as far as all the characters coming together outside and screaming to the void was so great. You do such good job conveying these characters that I felt purged watching them purge. I'm with them every step of the way, so when Bonnie and Damon said their forgiveness, I held my breath because I knew what it meant. And then I was so inexplicably happy when they did that they allowed themselves to all enjoy this moment, it was a such a gift that I'm so grateful for because I just saw it so vividly in my head. And yeah it hurt when you acknowledge the fact that just because Bamon did it, doesn't mean it was true. But I thought it was honest storytelling. I think you do such an amazing job of painting the image, that I'm literally directing the movie shot by shot in my head because I can only think in movie lol. And in my head I pictured a wide shot of Bonnie going to clean and Damon hesitantly going to pick up the Scrabble pieces. Then cut to his glance at the game, then the first four letters, then Damon glancing at Bonnie's side profile as she cleans oblivious, then a shot revealing the entire word and the last shot being Damon swallowing. I cackled so fucking hard you trolled the fuck out of Damon with that word, and it was very clever in its execution. But now I can't wait for the next chapter since Damon will be the one to make it abundantly clear that Bonnie has missed something that was very obvious but all the secrets about to come out and honestly I wanna see how Bonnie's going to handle this whole situation. And now that they are all back together in the same apartment, they won't be able to avoid each other. So I'm ready for the chaos, bring it on!

I apologize for the spam. I don't usually review, which I thought is very hypocritical of me since I know feedback fuels me and its the only reason I even update like once a year or two years, and authors should support authors since I be over here crying at 3 in the morning reading your shit. Writing an essay as a testament to your greatness shouldn't be to complicated lol. But I saw that you wanted feedback so I hope this can rev you up a bit to power through. I want you to know that it totally lived up to my dreams and then some!

P.S I'm gon be honest I don't exactly remember what day there on now. Is it 3 or 4?
Crazychicke chapter 17 . 9/26
Hiya, it's been ages! Finally finished my assignment. Damon annoying Bonnie during the game had me smirking. Kai is so crazy haha Steroline discussing her past, got to me. Also I'm devastated over Matt's character (but I think I'm the only one in the fandom who liked him minus the last few seasons!) Anyway, I do like how Stefan/Caroline found each other after failed relationships, and you wrote the trauma really well. Heartbreaking. The rocket launcher section was one of my all time fav scenes! Damon grabbing one hahaha Elena dating Liam (yay one of my crack!ships). Damon, forsting and Bonnie #cute YOU JUMP I JUMP JACK TITANIC QUOTE #FEELS Damon giving Bon the blanket. BAMON KISSED. It's been 84 years :D Bonnie found the contract! I'm cackling! Also love the domestic bamon moment of them both walking down the hallway, the only thing I missed was them getting coffee! (just kidding) great chapter as usual, keen for the next part. Also Steroline were cute af and I'm glad they're FINALLY together too x
Guest chapter 17 . 8/29
This is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I mean it. Never ever stop writing Belvafore. The world is a better place because of you, period.
Guest chapter 17 . 8/29
oh my god. OH MI GOD. this was such an amazing update, all the feELs. i never gave up on this fic! never! i would check habituallly to make sure i never missed an update because this fic is too good to abandon. the nuances of Bonnie/Damon, the character progression. FUcK so good. thank you ;_;
babekitt chapter 17 . 8/24
Thank you so much for this gargantuan chapter. It was so good. Steroline, well they are opening up to one another and working thru their issues. Caroline reliving her history with Matt was so real and raw. Just wow. Bamon, they are slowing burning me to my grave. Lol, but they are getting there. That kiss was ahmazing. The Belvafore part had me in my feelings. Forgiving themselves wow what a release. Lastly, Kai's never-ending apartment and endless supplies of ammo made me laugh. I love how he was able to discern Damon was in love with Bonnie and they were pretending at first. He's not oblivious to social things after all. Thank for updating. Good luck with school and hope to read another one soon.
sacasim chapter 17 . 8/23
Thank you!
Thank you!

I have waited with baited breath for this and if was worth it. I loved every word :)

Also, I just want to say your amazing - writing this and jungle med school is a massive ask. As a humble reader or your work, I just want to say it's appreciated.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
Bamonfeels chapter 17 . 8/22
You are awesome!
Amazing chapter. Keep up the good work!
StilesSmiles2.0 chapter 17 . 8/21
Wow this is just great . I love the progress that Caroline and Stefan made and I hope all of them become more content with themselves,especially after reading that flash forward fic about their lives. The build up is amazing and the chemistry between all of them is just spectacular. Can’t wait for the next chapter shit is about to go down now that Bonnie knows about their hookups .
Hazel-Ivy chapter 1 . 8/20
I'm starting all over from the beginning hahahaha this is too good! Damon was born to annoy people I swear! Now that I think about it 6ft of snow in one day, lmao is that even a thing ?
Guest chapter 17 . 8/20
The best Vampire Diaries book I’ve read in a very long time, which is expected considering I usually read them on Wattpad where all the books are basically the same plot just in different words. This book is very unique and well written. You’re an amazing writer, I’m shocked at how you’ve managed to fit 5(?) days into 17 chapters. I hope to write as well as you someday. Keep up the good work! :)
Rebecca chapter 17 . 8/16
Your writing is honestly so amazing. I think this might be my favorite pic! Your characterization is just so amazing and honestly it's so sad the show never handled it's characters with he seem respect you do. The payoff of this chapter was incredibly satisfying and I know there's been a lot of build-up to both of these points. Thank you for all of your hard work and effort. It really, really shows!
Guest chapter 17 . 8/12
Oh. My. God. Wow, just WOW. I’ve been waiting for this story and been super excited to see where you would take it, for over a year and boy did you deliver. I gotta say that this is one of the best things I’ve ever read. Honestly. You are such an amazing writer. The in-depth description of the characters are so thorough, I feel like I know them personally. You make the characters so vibrant and alive and I just love it. Love, love, LOVE IT. I already can’t wait for the next chapter, so pumped to know what happens next. Lastly I want to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time and effort to write something so wonderful and sharing it with everyone. I very much appreciate it.
Tinydramatist chapter 17 . 8/10
Even when it’s forever between updates this story is so beautifully told. I jump for joy when I read it. Why because it’s real it’s human. I don’t think I’ve ever read a story that so fundamentally effects me because I can relate to things and feelings that all these characters go through. To the point where this especially this chapter was like a therapy session and even allowed me to look at myself and the things I’ve gone through. And try to move on from that toxic state. To let go of that. I can’t wait for the day where you write your own show. This story is such a gem and just thank you so much. I can’t wait for you to update it.
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