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CT124 chapter 81 . 22h
Love your story, it's not the regular HP one and it has depth in the projection of the characters. I've liked so far the plot and I hope to see more soon. Thanks for writing this awesome story.
Aftermath Man chapter 81 . 5/11
Took me five days but I am now caught up and I must say well done. You have created a story unlike any other I have read and it is most impressive. The characters are well rounded and dynamic, always growing as things progress. Your plot is well thought out and never stagnant. The only failing is your misuse and/or overuse of several twenty-five cent words. I would like to see you diversify and expand your vocabulary repertoire. Very much so looking forward to more and hope you stay hale and hearty.
Edgeofdoom chapter 66 . 5/5
But twelve inch guns aren't really that big though... The Iron Duke class, commissioned in the same year as the König class and are a smudge bit smaller in tonnage have 13.5 inch guns and the Queen Elizabeth class, commissioned in 19141916 have 15 inch guns
Paul chapter 81 . 5/3
I was eating today when suddenly I wondered if Percy's r cent behavior might be because of the compulsions in Egypt. If so I wonder what the execuqher might be planning.
Also I really hope you don't kill off dumbeldore before seeing at least some of his gryffindor and army of the light allies showing him the same fantastic racism and hatred that he's shown to people like Alexandra once the truth comes out. If dumbeldore loses his money, his jobs and his respect then I'm curiousifnhell even try to stay true to his proported ideals, go on a Light rampage that makes what happened at Hogsmeade look tame or give dark wizardry a try if he has nothing to lose.
Edgeofdoom chapter 63 . 5/5
Xiao Hong Ming? My mandarin phonetic spelling isn't the greatestokay I'm crap at Mandarin in general, but that sounded like a male name to me
Nice Egan chapter 81 . 5/4
Another great chapter. I'm extremely curious for the next chapters!
chm01 chapter 57 . 5/3
I read this and I can't help but think: thank God Alex took after Lilly.
RedCapsule chapter 76 . 5/3
Looks like somebody Took a Level (or ten) in Badass since her July 20th dueling practice (when she was fretting over being Prof. Flitwick's easy punching-ball) and August 10th. Well...Loki pretty much told his Champion (back on May 2) that that was in the works. And Alex seems to anticipate picking up a another level or few before she has to worry about Albus.

Of course, this raises the usual "why stay in Junior High after you win the Nobel Prize?" issue with super-powered HP fanfics.

Interesting how Alex snuffs out the entire ('cept for Ginny) Yaxley family, but Dark Lady Bellatrix shows no interest in the family & friends of her sister's attackers. Just not worth it, for her to possibly attract Lord Voldie's attention? But they've already got that. Or politely holding off, in case their Dark Savior regards those folks as his/hers own kills?

I'm generally not a fan of "Epic 1" stories. But an HP fanfic where Voldemort & Co. are only fit to be roadkills for the real badass's Level Grind is pretty amusing.

(I'm not getting how Alex's insomnia really matters...but this Albus is hardly a paragon of rational thought. Neither Scrimgeour nor Crouch call him on suggesting that Alex may be a neigh-Alpha. Nor does Albus seems to think of letting Dark Lady Potter and Dark Lady Romanov do each other in - a strategy on page 1 of real-world Britain's "Staying a Great Power" playbook for at least the past three centuries.)
chm01 chapter 3 . 5/1
Whelp, this got dark really fast
Cesar17 chapter 81 . 5/1
1- Good chapter, quite crude and revealing. The forecasts of war and destruction are very disturbing.

2- The political and monetary consequences for the ministry as well as for all magicians of Magical Britain should be seriously represented. at a general level, just to know how the magic population reacts. many people (ladies and gentlemen. regardless of their "gray, light or dark" features, inside and outside the ministry) have a lot to lose from the attacks in the 'battle of the Quidditch world cup'.

It will be fun to see, how the magical population reacts to the consequences caused by their minister 'Fudge' (at least to see his humiliation and see how he denies all the facts, it is something for sure). how the Malfoy family will respond to this also sounds interesting. (The position that the 'Black' house will take on this. It is something that should be reflected in the next chapters).

3- There should be at least one serious conversation between Ginny / Scylla and Alex, where it is reflected that each one thinks about their relationship. This is serious! Ginny W. is practically a slave, unwilling to refuse because of the treasure queen. This relationship between the two should not be easy to carry and what they both think about this is almost never reflected. Both Alexadra and Ginny's opinion on this should not be far from general to both a deep dislike or hatred in common against the queen of the treasure. The situation of both is not a lake that can be ignored.

4- Using dark magic brings consequences and inconveniences, the level of addiction is high and it takes a lot of mental strength not to fall prey to these dark arts. Voldemort is the clear example of why you should be careful with this. Although Alex is willing to use them to save people and defend herself, the fact is that the British Ministry will not care, Dumbledore will use it as ammunition to destroy Alex. (taking away her family fortune, and putting hers as a threat to the public) For the sake of her survival, this is a serious inconvenience. Alex is not Romanov. The Russian witch brings the imperial family of Russia to bed to defend hers.
— Alex does not have that level of political or monetary support to survive such consequences. so using the dark arts in public will put her in a precarious position. (unless Dumbledore and the rest of the troublemakers in the ministry fall).

5- An accurate perspective was never given of what Alexandra thinks about the fact that her mother performed a dark ritual on her, when she was just a baby. What the hell was Lily thinking? Doing that to a baby will not earn her 'the medal' for the best mother of the year. her relationship with Alex must be mortally complicated due to their moral differences. an incredibly complicated family relationship. Even so compared to the irreparable disaster of a father that was James P. Lily might as well be an angel.

talking about complicated family relationships. You should write something about how everything is going in the Black house, between dead Sirius. Regulus, Bellatrix and Leo are not exactly the example of a functional family and with what happened to Narcissa, there should be different perspectives, even Andromeda Tonks must have something to say.

Other family perspectives may be how the Weasley house relationships are going, there are sure to be juicy and fun events. in general just to know what that family does in their spare time (and that not only are Fred and George, Ginny the only ones who appear, there are other members who never made their appearance in this story).

6- I still hope to see what vampires are brought into Britain and what dark houses are supporting them.

7— "Voldemort may not have enough wizard supporters now, but the subject should still be able to muster a considerable number of dark creatures to assemble an army." Legions of Dementors will follow him without a doubt, Spiders, giants, werewolves, are many of the creatures that follow him. He won't win any Vampires, that's for sure. but it will be a headache.

8) I must say that in my opinion (I could well be wrong) Alexandra is greatly underestimating "the power and magical abilities" of Dumbledore. The old gray-bearded wizard may have many flaws and be a hypocrite, but lack of power when fighting is something that does not happen to him. and I seriously doubt that Dumbledore would use or show his full power against Grindelwald in the second duel.

There should be a reason why you wrote in the first and second books of this 'Fic' that only the treasure king could defeat him, even if Dumbledore had the elder wand. in fact both the king and 'Nicolas Flamen' mentioned it. and it was also mentioned before the 3rd book that none of the treasure knights could defeat him. and that the king would take care of the 'Great Sorcerer' when the time came.

'Potter' is seriously underestimating the abilities of the old sorcerer of more than 110 years of experience.

if she goes to a duel against him, she will die, ¡Hydra or no Hydra! ; Potter is barely stepping into the rank of "Lord or Lady". She can't beat Romanov with that, and Dumbledore is Beta-Blue according to Lockhart. which is one of the reasons why it is mentioned in the second book that 'Dumbledore' is feared throughout the wizarding world.

apart from the fact that Albus has a phoenix that completely disables the poisons and wounds that Fragarach can inflict, not counting the high repertoire of deeds that the old man has. she is not in a position to challenge the man to a duel "not yet". as much as I wish 'A. Potter' would defeat him and take away his elder wand in a duel against Albus D. I must say that now would be suicidal, Amelia Bones is right if she is not careful it will be ruin.

9) As I understand it Ra and Osiris are the only people confirmed as 'Alpha' level magicians. other than that "light" is at a clear disadvantage and it was not mentioned if there were other Lord level warlocks among them. So, is Ra / the first archmage planning to free Merlin? that would give him firepower for his side, and Merlin's involvement would be an advantage for the light. the question is, is Merlin going to come back just like Ra? And who will claim excalibur now or if that sword will ever appear again?
Aftermath Man chapter 33 . 5/1
Aftermath Man chapter 24 . 4/30
Not "envy" you should have used "urge."
Aftermath Man chapter 21 . 4/30
The word Interlocutor does not mean what you think it means. Try using interloper or any synonym of it.
Aftermath Man chapter 18 . 4/30
At the end you say Neville when you mean Nigel.
Aftermath Man chapter 5 . 4/29
You called Alexandera. Harry at a point in this chapter. Loving the story btw.
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