Reviews for The odds were never in my favour
barbull chapter 62 . 1h
utter trash. you should genuinely feel ashamed you've written such minsadrist garbage. it's not compelling or interesting to read a shitty power fantasy where you make every male character a hapless moron who bumbles about fucking up in the most ridiculous ways so you can just embarrass characters you want us to dislike not because they're characters worthy of dislike but because you're a pathetic weirdo who wants to have his over powered girl boss characters shit on them for things the characters didn't even have agency to do. every chapter, it's your poorly veiled meta therapy session as you have terrible characters rant for half the time to cardboard cutout versions of antagonists. this shit is like the shit you read from edgy 12 year old first fanfiction attempt. not someone who's been writing for close to what a decade now? the 30 year old shopping in hot topic of fanfiction is what this is.
Dragonfan91 chapter 112 . 4h
An interesting direction for the story to take. I dig it. Especially challenging Dumbledore and winning without even lifting her wand. I’d love to see what she could do with HIS wand though. And integrating muggle and magical society is all kinds of cool. Keep up the great work!
Guest chapter 112 . 11/28
Oh my god, whenever I think you've reached the metaphorical peak you just prove me wrong. How can you constantly one up yourself? It must be exhausting. You eternal respect and worship.

DarkJackel chapter 112 . 11/28
That was quite the successful day, it really seems that Dumbledore can't handle a Dark Lord/Lady that isn't a deranged megalomaniac. I mean we knew whatever he was going to do was doomed to fail but rushing in and hoping the Wizengamot would rise up to join his assault. I imagine that he will cook up a few more schemes before his string has run out. Imagine the Prime Minister wishes he could enforce decorum at gunpoint at times as well.

So now begins the work of reforming magical Britan alongside integrating with the non-magical side, if anything the idea of leading the world in showing how such integration can be done should smooth some bruised egos. One thing that might be interesting is what might happen to Hogsmeade when the non-magical providers of entertainment for the 13-17 demographic realize there is potential for profit during the school year. Better since the dropoff point for the students is so far away from the competition.

Thanks for your work.
cameron1812 chapter 112 . 11/27
(bows majestically to the ether, where this reader assumes the author will feel the worshipful stance, as I don't mind bowing to my literary superiors). So, so, so delicious. The Wizengamot..., oh my stars and garters... Thank you
Sonikah chapter 112 . 11/27
Now is the time for Alexandra to unleash a dark and forbidden ritual to secure her rule. A fell magic so vile that not even the Exchequer were willing to utilize it, and that all light wizards cower in fear of the very thought of its forsaken existence.

Free healthcare.
dreaddragonknight chapter 112 . 11/27
That was both hilarious and amazing, all hail the new Lady Protector of the Isles! Though a question occurs after that last section, what are the actual differences between that title and that of Minister for Magic and the like?
ShadowCub chapter 112 . 11/27
Hopefully the mundane people get to work on something that mutes magic in their area. They swear the mundanes are evil but the wixen are the ones killing them in droves.
ragnarshadow chapter 112 . 11/27
If Alex only can stay in venecia during holiday events , she must be return to hogwarts ?and after this not gonna be a good year
Jack Inqu chapter 112 . 11/27
Hardcore on Alexandra's part, especially her personally killing people, but as the saying goes: sometimes, you don't have any good options, only different varieties of bad options. She had to personally establish her power, and knowing Alexandra, she had good reasons for selecting those particular two. I'm not too worried about her going down the slippery slope yet, but to paraphrase 'Good Omens,' sometimes you don't fall; rather, you vaguely saunter downwards.

I'm also quite interested in what will become of Tonks, given how little we've seen of her thus far.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
PasiveNox chapter 112 . 11/27
wonderful chapter
Guest chapter 112 . 11/26
Lady Protector... had to be done. With the Wizengamot being as rudderless as it is and barely any innovation being made, the power had to be taken away a bit and properly directed. Loved the chapter and how you showed the political manoeuvring! Also loved how you did Dunbledore coming in and making a royal mess of things for himself. Can't wait to see what happens next! Hope you are doing well, take care!
London Knight chapter 112 . 11/26
Actually to Population of the UK has been OVER 50 Million since 1950 .

In 1994/5 it was about 57 Million - rather than the 40 Million Alexander mentioned ...

Good Chapter anyway . LK out .
Paul chapter 112 . 11/26
Making Doge and Ogden Greater Good collaborators was unexpected (if only because Doge was touring the continent when Dumbeldore met Grindelwald in canon, or so he says) but interesting and believable. Cutting off Ogden’s legs was serious overkill for a character I don’t think we even met before this chapter, and I wish Alexandra had explained more about why she specifically felt ok with killing Smith and the other lord. Finally, I’d have liked to see more about what’s going on on the other continents and countries.

But those points only cost you half a star out of five. The political developments, disgrace of Dumbeldore, and potential salvaging of Tonks, just to name a few things, were all quite good.
jesstersmasque chapter 112 . 11/27
Thoroughly enjoyable.
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