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200th Reviewer chapter 33 . 10/7
You're welcome
HardKnox chapter 33 . 10/6
... Well, congratulations. Congratulations on surprising me yet again, and not in a good way. First of the challenge...I'm not even going to begin on describing that mess. I don't know if you made the challenge confusing on purpose or you were literally just improvising as you go. Well, other than the fact that You broguht the God Tepig back, who turned back to normal... still doesn't help that happened. You had Scraggy turn back into Scrafty, which in the end showed no development what so ever, it was more of just a reminder of how much of an ass Scrafty truly is, and finally, the elimination. You have always been surprising me since you eliminated. Ever since you eliminated Zorua you went down this path of self destruction. In my eyes, you are the perfect example of Icarus, the man with wings that flew so high to the Sun, his wings burned off and sent him to the ground. You were in such high praise in pre-merge, but all of that got to you. In my eyes, what you did was think you could flip a light-heared story into dark tone and think you can do it well, with the pride getting to you and thinking you can do anything. But once that happened, and when everyone started getting pissed at you more and more, it led you to having barely any ideas about anything, in turn, making you make these crazy, confusing, even more confusing chapters. This chapter being the greatest example of the confusion. And now Lucario is gone, most likely everyone else's last hope of a good winner in this show, what makes it even better is Scrafty yet again took another victim. At this point... I'm just disappointed. This used to be so good, but now it fell down so hard into this. At this point I think you're pissing off your audience more and more, but I clearly don't know what's going on in your mind. Who will be in the Final two? It doesn't matter. Why? Because we have five left, We have the only two people will give a shit about, Gallade and Umbreon. We have the two barely anyone will either like a little or none at all, Charizard and Scrafty. And then there's Shuckle, which by this point I am honest to god thinking he'll be in the final two, no joke. The finale doesn't matter. Because it's either going to be with Pokemon we like, don't like, or makes us choose two Pokemon we NEVER want to win. With every option in this, it's depressing, boring, and downright not exciting anymore. You literally killed the excitement when you started making god confusing chapters. And in the end of all of this, I told you so. I told you people will get more and more mad at you for killing off favorite Pokemon, and killing off who can actually win without a flame war. But in the end, I was unheared. So, Shuckle, I don't know what you're going to do next, but know that I'm just too disappointed to even try to help anymore, when clearly you aren't taking my advice on support.
TheOneAndOnlyNumber1 chapter 33 . 10/6
Ok damn I didn't think that my prediction would be true...although the part about it being forged is something I should've expected. I wonder what Lucario is going to do the next time she sees Scrafty.
Emerald Masked chapter 33 . 10/6
Okay, you're doing this on purpose!
First Sylveon, then Zorua and now Lucario through the dickest trickery I've ever seen in a Total Drama crossover, you have something against me, don't you?!
I'm this close to go to your house to kick your ass for this. THIS. CLOSE.
SunBurst429 chapter 33 . 10/6

Damn, I'm with Victini here. Now I don't know who I want to win...
Dark Arcanine 33 chapter 33 . 10/6
Well, uh... Tepig came back and randomness ensued. And what do you know, I was actually right about Lucario or Umbreon leaving. All I know is that Scrafty is a dead guy when she finds out. But, luckily her 'smoking hot girlfriend' has already won, so she has SOMETHING, lol.

Final five. At this point I think it's either Umbreon or Charizard. If Scrafty wins... meh
HardKnox chapter 32 . 9/26
...What...What did I see? All of that was so...confusing. Ok, let's piece this up one at a time. First off, I like what you did with development, I did, but the way you did it was so...not needed. You didn't need to break the forth wall in a sense and force the contestants to be better. Also the challenge, I swear it is the exact same challenge from Bronzong's challenge. Get to the top of Sky tower with a glass of water and make sure all the water is inside. The exact same. So not only the way to get the development was not needed, you also had the most confusing shit happened while you were doing the develop was so out there. More than it ever needed to be. Basically Tepig didn't get eliminated because he turned into a LITERAL GOD! Then while he was said God, he DEVOLVED Scrafty into Scraggy...what? I swear if it's one of those moments where Scraggy becomes a better person by him devolving, it better not for I have seen many similar cliches such as that and with all that Scrafty/Scraggy has done, it's unforgivable at this point. In the end, you did needed development and good job on that, but the way you did it and what happened in the end was just out there and not needed.
Eclipsed night Umbreon chapter 32 . 9/18
Damn i really liked Tepig and to see him go was kinda sad. I was really rooting for Scarrgy to go but I guess things happen. Anyways this was a really good chapter! Now I am even more confused as to who will be the final one. the stakes are high with Gallade and Scarrgy are high but I feel like the winner would be Lucario.
Emerald Masked chapter 32 . 9/18
At last!
After some pretty interesting developments (seriously, I had no idea a pokemon could be de-evolutionated!) Tepig finally goes after becoming a super cosmic legendary pokemon!
...I can't believe that's a thing.
Well, it doesn't matter. Final six and my main bet is Lucario closely followed by Umbreon, let's hope neither of them gets eliminated next.
Vexan chapter 32 . 9/17
I, uh, okay, why the hell did that happen? Damnit Tepig, I liked you! *Sighs* I need a drink. Anyways, I did enjoy the character growth chapter, even though it seemed rather forced, you can't deny that. I don't really have much to say on this chapter...
Vexan chapter 31 . 9/7
So I'm finally caught up. It's been a great story so far, if you don't mind the grammar errors. So, you did leave something out, it was Scrafty responding to Shuckle, and Shuckle shot a String Shot at him, but we don't know exactly why. (Speaking of which, I prefer all moves be capitalized, but that's just me, it's slightly annoying.) Some errors here and there. Now, my thoughts on the elimination and final 7.

The elimination was a bit heart breaking, Zorua had changed and everything. And then she gets beat to near-death, like what the hell? I mean, I know she wasn't going to win, but to take a loved character and do that... it definitely urges people to read on. I do wish Zorua got farther in the game, like maybe top four, but she got pretty far considering what she has done.

Scrafty: You know, I used to like him, but sometimes characters go a bit too far, which he did. Besides Audino, Scrafty has been clever and I used to respect him, but not anymore. I hope he leaves soon.

Tepig: Dude is pretty cool, he's amusing and definitely a fan favorite, or at least one of them. And how he reacts with Zorua and others, it's also a bit heart breaking to see a character who's a douchebag who gives no fucks break down like that. Do I want him to win? Hell no, but he is enjoyable.

Umbreon: Umbreon is neither liked or disliked by me, she's alright. She has good moments and bad moments, but overall, she's meh. She has seem to become a side character for the pass few chapters, but since Zorua is gone, she may start playing a larger role, or get a bit more focus. She can win, I wouldn't mind, but I also wouldn't mind if she didn't.

Charizard: Why does everyone hate him? He obviously suffers from some mental issues, and anger problems are kinda a mental issue. He needs to get some help for those. I don't like or dislike him, he's just been there the entire game. He shouldn't win either, even though his entire life is ruined after the show, he needs to grow from it.

Gallade: He's pretty cool, I guess. He got his plotline resolved, he's changing, I like that. Not much else to say on him. I wouldn't mind him winning or losing.

Lucario: I think Lucario needs to win, or at least get into Pokken Tournament. Something. She's been a good player so far, she has evolved pretty far as well, even though it's hard to tell. I like her, even though she can be boring at points, I hope Lucario wins.

Shuckle: Shuckle can be very amusing at points and he can surprise you at other points. While it would be nice to see an underdog win, please no, that's overdone. But Shuckle has proven that he deserves to be in the final ten. If he wins, eh, I don't know. But I do like him, even though he's not as funny as he used to be. He needs to relax.
HardKnox chapter 31 . 9/4
...What's going on? Like seriously. I think I speak from a lot of people when it comes to this, the elimination list. We are at the final seven. I could be wrong about that but regardless, the remaining cast is... just outright depressing. Like, who do we have to root for? We have Charizard...nuff said about him. Lucario, who I just see is the only and I mean ONLY contestant to actually root for. Gallade who is in my opinion edge edge McEdgelord. Yeah I definitely want the edge lord to win. Umbreon, who's okay and trying something with Gallade In my opinion I thinking it's too late for something like that. Scrafty, who has fucked over A LOT of contestants. SOme like Gliscor, Infernape, which was a GREAT idea to kill him off I mean fantastic. Yes, please, kill off what is to be the last truly optimistic contestant in the show. Fantastic idea. I mean please, do more. Piss off your fans, cause that's the only thing you can do right. Now, the cast is just...depressing and... not entertaining anymore. But I digress, anyways, we have Scrafty here, Tepig, who I still question how he outlasted a lot of Pokemon. A LOT of people don't like him. For obvious reasons. But you don't care. You can do whatever you please, cause it's your story. Who gives a fuck about the fans right? Yeah, right. Anyways, Tepig is still here, and lastly... Shuckle. First off, I have no fucking idea what you have done with him. You...just keep surprising me, and in a horrible way. Your mascot is still here, that, is a bad sign by himself. And I imagine since you lost ideas for him a long long time ago, you decided to make Shuckle into...that. Honestly, I have no idea why I should keep reading. This has turn in to a dark dark ending. An ending I have no hope for anymore. The moment you took out Zorua, I knew, you don't care. I mean, if you knew your cast, why keep them? Why keep the likes of Scrafty, Shuckle, or Tepig. Sure, you need at least one of them to keep the story rolling, but three is just... making things into one giant mess. Now this brings the question, who will actually win this show? If it is Shuckle, then congratulations, you have done what no one should do, let their mascot one a show. This will surprise me for the last time, and will show everyone, who you truly are. If it's the likes of Charizard, Scrafty, or Tepig. Then it still proves that you just don't care. Cause let's be honest, you would have to give them a GIANT redeeming quality for people to like them. Maybe Tepig, but that's it. So in all reality, you have the Edgelord, Umbreon, and Lucario. Well, I hope you know what your doing. I truly do. Hell, even the way you do eliminations is just... outright lame. Zorua, Infernape, I could make a list. But we all know the point. This story has turned out to be...lame, boring, and depressing. And I and I'm pretty sure many others, have no reason to read this anymore. By the time the finale is over, most will hate you for your results. That is what I have to say, so let's hope, let's just hope, you can make amends to that.
Emerald Masked chapter 31 . 9/2
There goes my main bet!
How in earth is Tepig still here anyways?!
Okay, time to move to Plan B: Go for it Lucario! I believe in you!
Eclipsed night Umbreon chapter 31 . 8/29
This is one intense chapter. Poor Zorua though, I had to admit Scrafty did went a little bit to far in the match.
Well at least Zorua gets to be with Amphros again. :3 A bittersweet ending if you say.

As who will be the last ones left well I think that Umbreon and Lucario or Shuckle and Scrafty could be the last two finalist.

The one to go has to be Scrafty sense he is walking a rather thin line right now. Same could be said for Charziard but I think all the hate will be aimed at him. Or it could be Gallade sense he's the only last threat.
FlygonInsider chapter 31 . 8/29
Created this account awhile ago and decided it was time that I actually left a review instead of saying "next time". Well then. I was not surprised to see Zorua go, as I kinda felt that either she or Shuckle would leave soon, and as soon as Zorua and Scrafty were the bottom two I knew she would be the one to go. The tie-breaker was really brutal and although I really wanted Zorua to win it was quite obvious that Scrafty would not leave yet. I predict that Charizard will be the next to go, maybe mega-evolve but still get beaten? I am really rooting for Umbreon to win and I kind of feel that she and Lucario will be in the finals. Great job on the chapter, looking forward to the next
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