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True Ouroboros chapter 72 . 9/13
Another great story
True Ouroboros chapter 52 . 9/12
I'll name my third child Jauniffer
True Ouroboros chapter 49 . 9/12
True Ouroboros chapter 14 . 9/11
MailDude69 chapter 65 . 9/10
Comedy Gold
AngelOfAwoos chapter 72 . 9/9
Friend, this is by far the best fanfiction I've read and I'm glad it ended on a happy note, I just fucking binge read through this thing and DAMN. You got all of my emotions jumbled and I fucking love it, good on you mate.
Thorfaxdragonkin chapter 9 . 9/8
Oh shit now he's kon
RenegadeForLife chapter 30 . 9/7
But Jaune's not an AI. He's a motherfucking ghost!
Grademaster chapter 72 . 8/30
Wow, that was a really nice ending, I think. Jaune's new for (trying not to spoil), the limited deaths, and the pervy jokes are all great as far as I'm concerned. I'm most happy that it wasn't a tragedy. It's nice to believe in a happy ending. I just finished stress relief yesterday and I've been in a bad mood for the in-between time. I can see how that story had to end that way, though. That Grimm parasite was a happy ending cock-block.
Grademaster chapter 68 . 8/30
I can't stop thinking about teddy bear Jaune trying to intimidate cinder by throwing punches in the air. Cinder would just stand there and go "Ozpin, what the hell have you been doing in your creepy basement lair? I can get the soul transfer stuff, but a bear? A FING BEAR?" Anyways, great story, as usual, and I'll share my thoughts when I finish this.
Guest chapter 72 . 8/29
I read this whole thing in 3 days because the flooding in texas is trapping me trapped in my house right now
Hithilion chapter 72 . 8/23
In the last 10 days I read through most of your storys. In detail:
From Beyond / Not this time, Fate / OGT / The Entertainer and Professor Arc.

I only read completed storys and came across your account through "Not this time, Fate".
Now I am hooked and cant wait for you to finish your ongoing storys so that I can read them.
The summaries of your other storys never really got me interested but after I read "Not this time, Fate", I just had to look into the others and see there, they were beautiful!

I normaly dont leave Reviews but after so many, so good writen storys I just had to leave something... if only to help you get better.
Dont understand me wrong you are one of the best writers on this site but I think there is one big weakness you have and I would like to point it out. Maybe you are aware of it
or think otherwise, maybe other people have already told you but i wouldnt sleep well if I didnt mention it. Also I hope to see it done (in my opinion) better in your other FFs.

I will leave this Review on all your Storys that I have read. There will be also a short Review for every individual Fic at the bottom. But only the most basic one...
First of all Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication. All the storys are good planned, have a nice plot and even if they follow in most cases to close to the canon story, they are
interesting and distinct. One common theme however is bugging me in every story and that is the ending. And the funny thing is the endings are excellent.

I love what you did in "From Beyond" or "Professor Arc" etc. but after every ending there is this unsatisfied feeling that something is missing. You are closing the story to suddenly,
the endings feel rushed. You arent letting the story subside you are cutting it just of shortly after the climax. (Exception OGT)

What I want to say is that there is missing an epilogue, in most cases...
Dont get me wrong the storys themselves and the endings are good but I always miss this 1-2 chapters at the end to let the story fade out and make it, yes i would even say complete!
For example: Imagin a 3 course meal. The starter is light, genius and packing, the main course is a firwork and conglomeration of things you love and hate but working so well together that you receptors and neurons cringe but crave for more, conflicting with each other but building an unforgettable experience of Frustration and enjoyment, till the point of comfortable satisfaction. After all this you are waiting for it, for some people the most important part, the dessert. And after this 2 mindblowing courses you get... a simple biscuit! It just feels wrong! There is something missing. You desire to finish it and let it fade but you cant you arent beeing cut off completely, left with nothing at all, beware the punishment of the heavens, but you are given something unsatisfyingly.
Or imagine the mighty "The Lord of the Rings" Trilogy.
Imagine the scene at the end, on the peek of Minas Tirith where all are kneeling to the hobbits... and cut! Credits! That was the Movie! It feels wrong you need to let it run out,
fade away, give closur... I hope you know what I mean and that the examples helped bringing my point over.
There were, in my opinion, a lot of mistakes and other things that i didnt like,
but hey this is your story and in the end you shouldnt let anyone say what your story should look like. Lastly the storys are great but this one point I couldnt look over and had to tell you.
Sry if this comes over wrongly but I had to at least mention it! And I really hope to see some epilogues in the future, may they be for your already completed storys or the ones yet to come.

Again thank you very much for the beautiful storys and I hope you continue with your dedicated, hard work and your contribution to this awesome community!
PS: Sry for all the possible mistakes in my review, English isnt my first language.

From Beyond:

All in all a very good writen and well thought out story. Funny at one turn, tragic at another. Hilarious Ending! Thought to myself a few chapters before the last one:
"Nah that is a possibility, but I dont think he would do that... that would be to genius.
If he does that he would be one of my new favorite Authores. He isnt going to end it like that."

And boom, you ended it exactly like I imagined it at that moment. Thanks, couldnt controll myself for 10 minutes straigt. (Clarifying, the whole Jaune in Ambers body thing)

There were around 2 Logic mistakes in the Story about the restrictions of Jaunes abilities, things he did and you wrote in the beginning compared to the end.. but nah, whatever not really bothering.

Nice Romance... Good Fights... Sometimes a bit too dramatic. Would love to see Jaunes confrontation whith his family... Thanks for the ride!

There is a lot more that I could add, but the most important things are said.
And even if a lot of it is criticism, it is whining on an very high level which can be neglacted, except for for the epilogue Stuff. Thats just heart wrenching!

Thank you once again for the storys and in the end, despite some of their mistakes or just my opinion based negative aspects, their are plain and simple Masterpieces which enhance this community and classify you as an Author who shouldnt have problems or second thoughts about publishing some original work, I know I would buy it! But I personaly hope you wont, because I want to read more of your work in the RWBY Univers and cant express how much you contribute to the lightening of our everyday life. Thanks and see you probably in the Review for "A white Sheep" as soon as it is completed.

If you have some questions or if you want more detailed Reviews to some parts dont hesitate to PM me.

With best regards Hithilion
littlejason8 chapter 14 . 8/19
For chapter 14, in Canada it is Stories as well
The Harrinator chapter 72 . 8/17
You know, I've always disliked Jaune as a character in fanfiction. It even got to the point where I'd just straight up avoid any story based around him, because he'd just end up Generic Shonen Protagonist #whatever. But like a month ago I found Not This Time Fate, and actually found myself enjoying it. Fastforward to today and I've read almost everything you've written on this account, and I've decided to at least give Jaune centric stories a chance, as you're living (written?) proof that they can't all be shit, and maybe they can even be good.
The Harrinator chapter 9 . 8/15
So Jaune is Kon now? Nifty.
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