Reviews for From Beyond
Puncore chapter 72 . 10/12
Okay after finally finishing this, I can say this is a good story though the tag as a comedy seems a bit undeserved. I mean most of the jokes come from Jaune's lust and that turned into white noise as the story went on. His little quips sort of just became part of his personality to the point it was expected to happen at least once a chapter.

Which was fine but the story really should have a tragedy tag on it instead of a romance one because there really isn't anything like that going on til the end. Pretty much false advertisement if you ask me. The tragedy of Jaune's death an his lack of shame throughout the story with Blake's own conscience to his situation really help it earn that mark as it didn't feel like a thing that was put on hold an had it's own weight.

Okay final statement is basically a comparison. I've also done this at the end of Not This Time Fate and I'll do it here, because anime. If anyone has seen Bleach and is reading this then you know what I'm going to say is pretty much true with a little thought behind it.

Jaune is basically Kon as Blake is pretty much Rukia. This is so true that I nearly shouted to the heavens at work while on break when I put two and two together the first time Jaune got in the bear. An man did I love that!

Final Result: Coeur made two animes great again with this story. Murica!
Ironically Challenged chapter 72 . 9/25
I have a question in regards to the ending... Will there be a sequel?
Ironically Challenged chapter 49 . 9/24
Your title puns would make Yang proud. This is concerning, as well as physically painful.

Also, on a side note, is painful spelled with two or one 'L'? I can never figure that out. I think it's with one.
Twisted Fate MK 2 chapter 72 . 9/11
My only complaint on rereading is not getting to see Ruby and everyone find out Jaune lives again, with boobs and magic this time.
ReavesTheReader chapter 72 . 9/6
Not a bad ending. But I still feel miffed about that half-assed epilogue. Yuri tags though, I approve. XD
ReavesTheReader chapter 68 . 9/6
WHAT THE FUUUUUQ?! The Penny-in-Jaune was surprise enough. But Jaune-in-Amber? The hell kinda crack am I smoking right now? XD
ReavesTheReader chapter 66 . 9/6
ReavesTheReader chapter 65 . 9/6
Aw fuck. Shit. Dammit.
ReavesTheReader chapter 63 . 9/6
And enter Penny. Please dont die.
ReavesTheReader chapter 59 . 9/6
How barbaric. It's not acceptable if it isn't Nora. XD
ReavesTheReader chapter 61 . 9/6
Realization coupled with regret with a hint of ominous foreshadowing. The one of the perfect recipes for teenage drama. XD
ReavesTheReader chapter 43 . 9/5
Team Rupee(temp)... good enough. XD
ReavesTheReader chapter 41 . 9/5
Well... shit Jaune. You sure Qrow didn't own you before? XD
ReavesTheReader chapter 34 . 9/4
Better than a doll? XD
ReavesTheReader chapter 31 . 9/4
Gotta love this version of Penny! XD
Robot girl memories of a hormonal seventeen-year-old malecomedic misunderstandings
Good Job, Doctor Polendina!
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