Reviews for From Beyond
maskedkeeper chapter 38 . 4/14
I'm still confused because in this fic and some other rwby fics , blake is made to seem like a poor or enslaved fanus. but wouldn't her childhood involve living in a mansion
Guest chapter 72 . 4/2
What the fuck? It ended with Jaune being a gender-bender and a half-assed lesbian pairing? Holy shit, why did I invest so much into this. Fucking journalists.
Sir Lone chapter 72 . 3/31
Damn, no summary or epilogue of events after.

Imma just headcanon they explain everything to everyone and also Jaune gets to see his family again. Incognito of course since to avoid cinder targeting them.

I guess a little part of me is relieved you did not do an epilogue cus I was afraid Jaune might be like null Jaune and easily give up the life he wants for his family to be happy and safe, aka letting Penny be him and he just stays out of it
Sir Lone chapter 70 . 3/31
Only two chapter left.
I get the feeling I won’t get as satisfying as a summary of the conclusion for this as I hoped
Sir Lone chapter 66 . 3/30
Honestly I would not expect a robo Jaune to have any better chance of beating Adam than I would regular Jaune from the show seeing as in this fic he has not gotten any training except watching stuff
Sir Lone chapter 63 . 3/30
Ignore last review cus of course the last line did not in fact happen even though it said “pulled the trigger”
Sir Lone chapter 62 . 3/30
... well I have to say I’m super disappointed that the 1v1 with merc fight played out the same way anyway.

I was expecting the fact Jaune would be unaffected by the semblance would be enough to stop her doing the stupid thing of attacking violently to an attack she could take and would be in the right if they did attack.

Sir Lone chapter 50 . 3/30
Would it not have been just as easy for Jaune to have possessed whatever bear she got instead of doing the awkward stuff of making sure she won him?
Sir Lone chapter 10 . 3/27
Damn I really wish I did not think about Kon now you mentioned it cus that is all I think of now. It’s a Kon x Blake fic since that is more how they act than Jaune
Sir Lone chapter 5 . 3/26
If I had to take a guess it is that Jaune is taking on the emotions or feelings of the one he is connected to. So he has Blake adult enjoyment from the books, hatred of racism and such.

So basically not so much Jaune as it is a “reflection” of Blake’s emotions without holding back or being more in control. So likely gonna be OOC for most of this huh?
Sir Lone chapter 3 . 3/26
Well I’m only three chapters in and this fic... is an interesting idea.

Honestly, I have been putting this one off even with a friends recommendation cus “dead Jaune” even in a comedy, is not all the appealing to me. Just depressing really.

I mean I get he does not act it (also so far feels like it’s someone else since he does not act the same) but it like if i read a fic for Naruto but Naruto died and follows Sakura. I know the OG character through the story so I’m more emotionally attached to their death.
Benji the Monocat chapter 70 . 2/25
Wow... soooo... Jaune was selfish and screwed the world
Benji the Monocat chapter 48 . 2/25
Ask Roman if he wanted to ride it? Hell, with Ironwood's budget, his cell could become part of a Ferris Wheel
Benji the Monocat chapter 8 . 2/25
Oh wow... Yu gi ohhhhhhhhhhh!
Benji the Monocat chapter 3 . 2/25
When was Jaune this annoying? or a perv? hmmmm... but why is he a perv? Also he may be dead but I'm guessing it was either his semblance or someone else's
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