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The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 8 . 7/31/2020
Heh, the URL irony is real.
ShadowFireZelda chapter 72 . 7/7/2020
I don't have it in me emotionally or temporally to read this whole story again, but I occasionally come re-read this last chapter when I need to smile. It works every time. Thanks Coeur. It's a Masterpiece.
Guest chapter 70 . 6/27/2020
Author fiat to let her go
Ssjshadic chapter 58 . 6/11/2020
Ooooooh, SHIT! Blake's brand of forcing the issue is extreme...
Honestly, I should have seen this coming. She's done virtually nothing but throw herself into danger to avoid involving anyone she feels she doesn't have to the whole time.
InfinityZeroDWalker chapter 23 . 6/5/2020
Blake: Get in the robot Jaune!

I mean why cant his Semblance allow him to be a ghost or Amplify his Aura to the level of a ghost?
Guest chapter 14 . 6/2/2020


- ,äü/

PhonyMangaka chapter 66 . 5/18/2020
I'm going to finish this story because I'm invested in it. but while I understand the why. I hate this. I hate it so freaking much. Like. Honestly? it killed the hype I was feeling and just. wow.
Guest chapter 72 . 5/1/2020
noooooooooo i need an continuation
Cantstopreadingpleasehelpmeh chapter 72 . 4/18/2020
this story was great it would be interesting to possibly see a sequel.
Veraq chapter 71 . 3/18/2020
When thinking back to Jaune and Blake's conversation about Blake's dreams and how she shouldn't sacrifice them for him, I noticed that faunus equality probably isn't even Blake's own dream. Considering how she was raised in the WF and was surrounded by the WF for nearly the entirety of her life, having the dream of faunus equality was part par for the course, part matter of environment, part indoctrination and part her never knowing any better.
On one hand Blake can have made that dream her own, on the other hand, seeing her confront it could be interesting as well.
Veraq chapter 72 . 3/12/2020
The climax of this fic made me notice that you have a tendency to write unsatisfying fight scenes. Of course, if a scene is satisfying is strongly subjective. For me, a fight scene is unsatisfying in the following cases (SPOILERS):
The fight ends without resolution, i.e. RotF's Jaune vs Hazel or this fic's Jaumber vs Cinder.
The victory is unearned or due to luck, i.e. RaW's Torchwick vs WF vs RWBY fight.
The victory is due to some deus ex machina situation, i.e. most of FD's fights and RotF's Jaune vs Amber.
The fight is supposed to be unwinnable but the good guys push through with some "power of friendship" type power-up, i.e. most of FD.
Slapping some boring minions around is obviously unsatisfying, as well.

Obviously, not all fights have to be satisfying. They can serve character development, be intentionally unsatisfying, as impetus for a character arc, and a myriad of other things, however if growing in power/skill/planning is an important part of the story, that training should come with a satisfying battle, which the character wins due to their power/skill/planning.

This isn't much of a problem in this fic, but the Jaumber vs Cinder fight made me realize that, so I'm writing it here.

I actually thought you were setting things up for Jaune and Penny to switch bodies at the end, giving Penny a real flesh and blood body and the guarantee to face Cinder and have an opportunity to avenge her father and Jaune his custom made body with the sixteen inch penis.

Apart from that, I'm not quite sure what I want to say about this fic. In the first chapter, you wrote that it was a romance and comedy, but neither of those really felt like the focus of the story or was strong enough to carry it, which leaves the story kind of empty. If you compare it to something like NTF (which is way longer, I know), then FB doesn't compare in action, plot, or humour while being even at best in terms of romance.
Maybe the problem is personal preference since among all of your stories, the only two chapters with comedy, strong enough to carry a story, were The Equalizer and the first chapter of RaW (the car chase was awesome and far more vivid then most of your action). Aside from that, I prefer comedy to supplement the rest of the story, like in RotF or Stress Relief, which probably means, I'm not the best judge of comedy.

In the end, From Beyond is pretty "meh". I don't love it like Stress Relief, NTF, or IKS but I don't dislike it like Professor Arc, it's just kind of there.
Veraq chapter 62 . 3/11/2020
Your note made me think about Pyrrha in the series and there are more problems with Pyrrha than just the Jaune-friendship solution. RWBY are immune to being star struck for more than an episode due to being main characters. JNPR don't have contact with any other teams which could create problems/conflict for Pyrrha. Jaune is a nice person who would never try to use her or her position. Her team all accepts her. The teams are set in stone after initiation, so that disappears as a source of conflict. Weiss just accepts Pyrrha half heartedly avoiding her, instead of pushing. Although she knows that Jaune cheated his way into Beacon, they are safe at the school, so his weakness isn't really a problem or danger. Technically, Pyrrha is complicit in Jaune's cheating, but we never see how she feels about it and how far she'd go in that regard. There is no conflict in the team about Jaune's weakness, in which Pyrrha would be drawn into. At the point when Pyrrha has to decide if she wants to become Fall Maiden, there is no one to argue against it and pretty little time for conflict.

Anyway, that's not really relevant.
I'm curious though, why Blake didn't just walk by team CMEN's dorm, Jaune goes through the wall, possesses a piece of cloth or door frame or sth (or Cinder's scroll) and Blake comes back at night to pick him up.

Also, in retrospect, I wonder why Cinder used Mercury as Yang's victim. I get it in a meta sense, they can't really show Yang turning some poor guy's legs into a bloody mist, but that would have been much more effective at generating negativity than what they did with Mercury, especially if it causes (possibly violent) conflict between RWBY and the other team.

What I like about Blake is, that much of her conflict and problems stem from her own personality and character flaws, as opposed to Jaune, whose problems stem all too often (including your fics) from his weakness and inexperience. Pyrrha is similar in some sense, that she is a victim of her fame, more than she has character flaws that cause her problems.
Veraq chapter 23 . 3/8/2020
The reasoning for why Jaune doesn't tell his family about himself is just about the most pessimistic way in which one can think about the situation.
The most positive way is that he can regularly visit and talk to his family (he just needs to knock someone out. Blake could just slam her head against the wall and Jaune can possess her and talk to his father as if he were alive, just in a different body.) and he can write letters. In that sense, it's less like he's dead and more like he's away, say at a boarding school for example.
Also, from what I understand about Jaune's abilities at this point, he could simply walk into a hospital, possess a coma patient and walk out, providing him with a new body and making him functionally fully alive until his new body wakes up or dies.
I also wonder, how Jaune interacts with a recently dead body. Could he possess a recently dead stray cat, for example? Would that keep the body alive? How about a human or faunus?
Also, a plush cat would be far more practical as a body, compared to a teddy bear.
Talking of possessing inanimate objects, can he possess something like a door and move it? Could he possess something like an empty set of plate armor, for example?
In any case, if he is able to possess and move an inanimate object like a teddy bear, that has pretty huge implications since he can only do that by actively moving the animal's body. Possessing a human or faunus on the other hand requires interaction with the brain.
I actually kind of wish I were in Jaune's situation just so I can test if his inability to interact with the physical world is some kind of mental block or if there is a kind of spiritual difference between stuffed animals and everything else that allows him to interact with one and not the other.
It's been some time since I last read this and got through a few chapters today, so I'm not sure that I have all the rules in mind.
Guest chapter 72 . 2/21/2020
From beyond NIGGERS!
tetraforce theory chapter 53 . 2/21/2020
Mercury has his eye on Ruby years before the coffee shop antics it seems.
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