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Talonpaw chapter 14 . 4/20/2016
This story was a super intersting read. I especially loved the part with Dipper's journal, the way you described everything was just wonderful. I am still a bit confused about the tape part though, I wasn't sure if it was ever explained how Soos got it in the first place to give to Dipper.
Dav009 chapter 14 . 3/29/2016
You should write a sequel
httydlover87197 chapter 14 . 3/21/2016
I actually read this story way before I got an account and it broke my heart reading about how Bill went through that pain but I loved the story because it made sense that Bill would use Dipper as his host or the next Bill Cipher which is why he can't die and I just loved this fanfic
Myne0 chapter 14 . 3/14/2016
Oh. Well I'm okay with this ending. He has a soft spot for her, hooray (I like MaBill okay!?)
I don't see a Complete status on the story, so I thought this was incomplete as I was getting closer to chapter 13.
This was a very good story uwu I love how well you treated the twist that Bill was not Dipper, and that struggle was for naught, if not to just show how deep Mabel and Dipper's bond runs. UGH. This is why I love the twin characters in anime. Close sibling bonds? Neat. Twins? They have an innate connection since birth! And these twins, especially in your story ;w; Which, btw, lovely handeling on the characters. As much as I nitpick about good writing (most of the other, more highly reviewed stories I tried reading pale in comparison to this one. They may have had good ideas, but the execution, eh; Characters OoC; and ah geez the typos. Mix up of pronouns, missing words, what looked like autocorrect mishaps lol?), I don't write much myself so I can't say I'm entitled to complain (but that's what you call a critic, right?). Wow did I just go on a tangent. My point was, this story was like a saving grace after a bout of meh fanfics.
Thank you for this story, and also introducing me to the Transcendence AU (i only just recently rewatched Season 1 and then binged season 2).
Myne0 chapter 12 . 3/14/2016
Aaaahhh nooo I'm catching up! And it's getting so good! Does he count as Bipper rn? And I really love that you took the effort to use that winky font for when he's angry, really adds, I must say lol.
I'm intent on Bill/Bipper still being close to Mabel, because, well, he's now got Dipper memories (also her soul which I totally did not forget about). I can't imagine where this is going. it's already dark, and I wonder if it'll have a happy ending ;w; or something close to happy, bittersweet. Like the twins reuniting in death HA.
Myne0 chapter 11 . 3/14/2016
Mabellllllllll my sweet precious cinnamon roll!

Much intrigue. He was aaaalways there, and he himself hardly knew it.
Myne0 chapter 9 . 3/14/2016
Holy shit. This is an obvious departure from the more light-heartened Transcendence AU now lol! It's very interesting. Bill is re-emmerging w whether it be him hijacking Dipper, or them merging... Ufufu I'm rather intrigue just love close sibling relationships, they're so sweet 3 So Mabel and Dipper
NBoss01 chapter 14 . 1/31/2016
great story bro wished dipper would come back
you must write a sequel
tardis-blue-jay chapter 13 . 1/27/2016
Okay I know I just left you a long ramble review so I'll try to be short but I wanted to quickly explain why I was so over the top in my other review. So. Basically I've been obsessing over this show for about five days. I've been bingeing and looking at fan theories and what not. And I've always loved Bill. And when I heard about and then watched Sock Oprea I just fell in love with the hole concept and idea. Bill possession. Dipper fighting for his humanity. Who can you trust? Are people really who they say they are? The hole thing was so interesting and since then I've been search for a fanfic that explored those type of things in a new way. I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for but I definately searched and searched hard. I looked over a lot of fanfic stories ( not reading many because I was still somewhat new to the fandom and didn't want to many spoilers) and then practically tore apart A3O. But I couldn't find anything. Almost every thing on A3O is a shipping or smut or what not. Or it was poorly written or went in an odd direction that didn't quite make sense. I finally caught all the way up on the show and started look through fanfic again and I found this story. And it was wonderful. Not completely the fauge concept I was blindly searching for but something with its own wonderful twist and plot and Im happy for it. This story was brilliant. It was so in character and interesting and it kept me guess and it made me feel for the characters. And while the story came to its natural conclussion, I was so saddened to find that the first story I found that met what I had been searching for, had ended with such a touching character death. A well written well characterized and developed character death and aftermath. This story is still amazing in its conclusion. And if your sequeal is just Mabel in the future coming to terms with life on her own and finding her own way in the world. I'll still be happy. (I will also promptly read the heck out of it) So I don't want it to seem like my last post was demanding something that went against anything you had planned or wanted for the story. It's just one ending I would have liked to have seen. But this endings or any other you continue with is amazing and great and I enjoyed it. Thank you for a fantastic read! And I'm sorry I got all ramble-y again. Love this show and love this story. Have a great day, and happy writings.
tardis-blue-jay chapter 14 . 1/27/2016
No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no ÑØ! But Dipper! Dipper he! But dipper! I- I honestly love this idea but like I really though you were gonna somehow bring dipper back. Like separate him from bill or rescue the last bit of his soul and then- but friggin dipper! I loved this idea it's so cool and interesting but dippers gotta come back! He's gotta wear the sweater! He's gotta come back and have everyone fawn all over him. He's gotta slowly recover with Mabel by his side. He's gotta listen to her and Soos and Wendy tell him all about what happened while he was gone. He's gotta wonder about the brief images he gets of Bills experiences as him (when his soul was being devoured) he's gotta meet bill again and he's gonna be scared and exhausted and angry. And bills probably secretly the same and while he's bill and he doesn't care he's gotta have a new respect for Pinetree. Mabel's gotta face the apacolypse alone and Mabel's gotta bring dipper back. I need a sequel! I need dipper back! I need the finding dipper story and the dipper recovery story! Even its Mabel how ever many years down the road or what ever I need this story! I need Mabel searching when no one else will for a way to save her brother. Please tell me your writing a sequeal or a weird epilogue or something! This story is amazing! And I'd love to see that amazing writing continue! Honestly (okay maybe my midnight brain is speaking partially right now) I would consider writing a fanfic for this fanfic it's so good and so continue worthy. But you write so well I'm not sure I would do it justice (ps this is not an invite to read any of my work my writing on this site is from years ago and not very good) but anyway long rambling review aside I just- this- I am emotionally distraught sorry. Good gravy I binged this story 20 days from the finale too. Any way good writing, great story, great ending, sad ending, please continue. I'm gonna try to recover my emotions now.
Vampire Tails chapter 14 . 1/23/2016
Finished reading this about a month or so ago, and I am now deciding to go ahead and give you a review. Lemme just say first that it's good to see you're writing again.
This story is amazing, and you'd really improved since I last read your stuff. It's nice to think and know that Bill Cipher has become nicer since Dipper Pines was "put forth" to be his source of reincarnation, which probably means that his other reincarnation sources were less than savory. All throughout the story, I was hooked and that one detail really caught me. The chapter when Mabel summoned "Dipper" thinking he was still gonna be Dipper but ended up having the form of Bill Cipher is my favorite one. And I felt so bad for Bill when he felt betrayed.
I wonder if Mabel will ever find out or if they'll ((the elder Pines twins)) ever tell her about Dipper's fate...
Can't wait for the sequel; I really want you to write the sequel!

This is Vampire Tails zooming off! *zooms off*
The Last Deathly Guardian chapter 14 . 1/7/2016 This story is definitely one of the most satisfying Gravity Falls fanfiction in the entire site. Well on my list. I loved how you started off the story with that sort of rushed urgency, and then Dipper's unplanned death and his vague resurrection. It was brilliantly planned, and you had me engrossed into reading this until twelve. Midnight. Elements of surprises in Dipper's gradual and horrific personality change became a normal train wreck occurance that I just can't look away, no matter how hard I try.

Mabel was beautifully depicted in this story, characterization very well spot on. Even though she was frustratingly obtuse and remained in denial for so long, its very Mabel that I can't help but keep empathizing with her till the end. The ending is heart wrenching and bittersweet, and you left me with my heart breaking in two whilst smiling like a maniac, because damn, this story made me like seeing the pain and chaos you created between the Pines family. Because Bill was beautifully apathetic and demonic in the manner he used Dipper, his characterization...took my breath away. You did a wondeful job at delving into his inner confusions and struggles, a major identity crisis if I ever saw one.

And Ford and Stan...those two twins, the despair at Dipper's death...they made me want to cry, because how more broken can you get? Ford crying had me moving to tears. I can't stand it, yet a part of me wanted it, wanted to relish the sight of Ford trembling, reduced to tears at his failures and terror of Bill Cipher. It just made the whole story much more darker and tainted, and again, a much more beautiful wreckage to behold.

I love how you ended it, the vague implications of an apocalypse hanging above our heads. Such a tease. Though, the interaction between Bill and Mabel had me hoping (a naive foolish hope) that things might get better, that despite it all, Dipper might come true to all of this, he might not still be gone. That, or the other much more naive hope that a relationship (platonic or whatever, I don't really care) could be built on this for the sequel (there is a sequel right? Right?!). Is Mabel trusting him? Is Bill still confused? Why hand over her soul to him, he killed Dipper, to Bill Cipher? What's the goal in all of this? Again, SEQUEL PLEASE!

Okay, enough of me spinning poetry about this, I don't mind I rewlly LOVE THIS STORY, and I sincerely thank you for writing this. Seriously. My perception of Gravity Falls will never be the same ever again.

Thank you.

Anonymous chapter 14 . 1/1/2016
Yeah, it's defintely nigh unrecognizable as something related to the Transcendence AU. No Transcendence, no Alcor, no Bill real possibilty for Bill reincarnating as normal humans... It's techincaly not even Dipper who becomes a demon, but Bill becoming more like Dipper for a while. 'Inspired' by the Transcendence AU would be more accurate. A 'version' of the Transcendence AU feels more like false advertising. That's not to say I din't get any entertainment out of it, though I do agree that the ending was more than a bit underwhelming.
Anonymous chapter 11 . 1/1/2016
Damnit, how did you know this was my favorite kind of twist? Now I got to keep reading, whether it's 2 in the morning or not. I certainly hope you're happy.
Anonymous chapter 10 . 1/1/2016
So far, this is so different I'm not sure if it even qualifies as an au of the Transcendence au. TAU doesn't hold a monopoly on demon Dipper, after all- it's not exactly a new idea. You might as well go all out and make it it's own original thing.
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