Reviews for Auntie Bella and His Brother's Keeper
Patriciadiane chapter 9 . 9/9
Love this story. Thank you. It made my heart happy.
Patriciadiane chapter 8 . 9/9
Country Esme is different but I like her. Edward and Bella great characters.
Alice and Jasper get each other and I love it!
Patriciadiane chapter 7 . 9/9
Jekyll and Hyde but he explained but not before her negative self talk got some licks in on her psyche. But then...Such honesty from Edward

The whole calling out before leaving his room was so sad. Who knows what witchy mother did?
Patriciadiane chapter 6 . 9/9
Bella’s so caring yet reserved about her own life and worth. What is her backstory? So many thoughts whirling around.

Love Jasper and Alice. Jasper gets Jake and visa versa acceptance of diversity by children. A lot to be learned from the young.
Patriciadiane chapter 5 . 9/9
Fun family time
Patriciadiane chapter 4 . 9/9
Family is so important and both Edward and Bella are definitely nurturers.
Patriciadiane chapter 3 . 9/9
Enjoying these characters so much.
Is Bella selfconscious of her size?
Patriciadiane chapter 2 . 9/9
Sweet helpful Edward feeling guilty about lusting after a wife and mother.
Jasper’s on the spectrum, right?
How did she become mom?
Two caregivers needing care.
Patriciadiane chapter 1 . 9/9
Sweet little boys, Auntie Bella. Did Edward hear that?
Twilighted Nimi chapter 9 . 8/19
Loved it! It was so sweet! I especially liked the no angst part :-D
Guest chapter 1 . 3/23
So far so goo.
Aggie94 chapter 9 . 3/15
Wonderful story but I'm a blubbering mess. I'm all stuffed from crying but what a great story. Thank you for sharing your words. Meg
Just Sus chapter 9 . 1/29
Cute story...thanks!
Just Sus chapter 3 . 1/29
Jasper is autistic?
Angelmagnet chapter 9 . 10/13/2017
Very nice story. An Aunt with two young boys and a man with one autistic brother fall in love and make a nice family together. Well done, well written. Thank you for the great story.
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