Reviews for Lord of Time
Guest chapter 1 . 7h
I found this fic on Wattpad, which I know you did not authorize. Don’t know if you’re aware, but I’m just letting you know.
Ency Peterson chapter 92 . 9/21
This feels like the perfect way to end the first story and making the next chapter the first of a sequel, especially if you were planning a time skip. I loved reading this fic and that last line made me look to see if there'd be a sequel. Thank you for writing such a wonderful fic, though I am very curious about what's been changed towards the future people just by Harry having gone back in time!
Kalynnblack chapter 82 . 9/19
I think he's getting everything he wants a bit to easy I think that either Sirius should not be born because of his book or that Severus isn't for the same reason, he wanted to change the world it can't happen with out consiquences.
Artemis chapter 92 . 9/16
I hope you make the next chapter or the squeal soon! I honestly love all your stories! This one being my top three! I cant wait to see what Dumbledore will do and smart will happen now that he is out and what will happen with Newt. Lots of love! ️
Guest chapter 92 . 9/15
I loved this so so much. Words cannot describe how happy I was reading this story. Amazing work!
Valen Goncalvez chapter 92 . 9/14
Please keep updating! I can't wait to know what will happen next! And thank you for your efforts!
excessivelyperky chapter 67 . 9/11
Very nice Beltane ritual, I wonder what else those students got up to before going back to school? I mean, hey, fertility ritual and all that, and surely some of those couples are already betrothed.
Myst1calM00n chapter 48 . 9/9
I absolutely love your stories! But if you let me I'll correct a small thing here. The 'Muffliato' spell doesn't exist yet as Severus Snape created it, and he doesnt even exist yet.
excessivelyperky chapter 66 . 9/2
I'm glad that Tom is reaching out to Minerva and Hadrian to Myrtle-life at Hogwarts will go on without Dumbledore, and it doesn't hurt to have many roots being nourished.
excessivelyperky chapter 65 . 8/29
Sorry, when I hear 'Credence' I hear John Fogarty, snicker. But I know what you mean.

But yeah, not surprised Dumbledore was found guilty, but I am surprised he was sentenced to any time at all in Azkaban. Still, he's not yet the hero of Grindelwald (and with luck never will be).

And if Tom doesn't look out, he'll have friends besides Harry whether he wants them or not!
irfhan.hilaly chapter 92 . 8/29
Thank you for a story immensely long and just as immensely hard to put was a pleasure to read this and on this last chapter that I read, I can't but help looking forward to everything else that you'd write.
excessivelyperky chapter 64 . 8/24
Excellent chapter. Nice to have to Death to rig the dice on how Hadrian knew about Ariana, though, very helpful that!

And the layering of details and the backup that Hadrian and Tom have are excellent-and are presented just in the right way to slam Dumbledore.
excessivelyperky chapter 63 . 8/23
Good chapter. It's clear that Dumbledore leaned on a student in a way that he did only to Slytherins in canon, and cut slack for Gryffindors just like he did in canon as well. But it's nice to see that people of this era consider that a bad thing (whereas they just ignored it or gave up trying to protest in the world of canon)

Yes, Hadrian would have to explain how he learned about Ariana-but someone else likely heard what Hadrian said about her, and may have repeated the gossip to someone back home already.
excessivelyperky chapter 62 . 8/22
Now this is interesting; could it be that both Merope Gaunt and Eileen Prince were close to being Squibs, and only an infusion of Muggle blood gave their children superior magic? This is something for Hadrian to think about, since he's doing studies of magical inheritance.

After all, Muggleborns may well come from Squibs who enter the Muggle world and marry there.

I'm surprised a Gaunt didn't head straight for Haiti or New Orleans, they understand about snakes there!

And sadly, Dumbledore still has plenty of influence; not like he did after defeating Grindelwald, but quite a bit. Too bad Hadrian can't bring in how close teen Albus was to Gellert.
RavenWolf9212 chapter 92 . 8/20
I love this one too!
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