Reviews for Lord of Time
chuffed4angst chapter 102 . 7/16
Thanks for such an entertaining read! i love it when Tom gets help before he makes his first horcrux. You did a great job writing their relationship and how they rewrite history.
Id love to read more of this MOD pair in other AUs.
ambsd77 chapter 107 . 7/12
This is one of my all time favorite HP stories! Its so good everything about it. From beginning to end it is amazing. My favorite part is Dumbledores trial. I always love when he gets whats coming to him. I also liked all the things Tom and Hadrian did to make the WW a better place. Even though i have always loved the idea of it a lot of things about the canon WW is seriously messed up and they fixed all that stuff. Their romance and its progression was also very well written.
Soul Sendant chapter 1 . 7/6
More ignorant faggot trash. Dont forget that suicide is your friend.
kristain.patterson chapter 107 . 6/30
10000/10 This was beautifully written, definitely in my top 3 favorites.
Daenerys76 chapter 76 . 6/29
Hi,mir persönlich würde nicht gefallen so ein großer Zeitsprung. Ich hoffe in jeder Geschichte etwas zu lesen zb wenn sie Kinder haben oder Kinder adoptieren. Auf jeden Fall ist diese Geschichte cool
mad person chapter 36 . 6/24
in chapter 36, tom used the silencing charm, silencio, which stops its target from making any noise, he should have used muffliato, which does what you explain silencio to do, which is the reason i am mad
Guest chapter 107 . 6/18
good story
Gogo319 chapter 107 . 6/12
I'm interested in a book detailing their lives during the time skip.
Anatasia Calista chapter 107 . 5/16
I love this story so I have been checking if you post any new chapters, unless I was too busy. I'm glad that you are able to finish.
If you want to challenge yourself on the trilogies:
- Book 2: Harry and Tom travel to different worlds. The worlds even though similar but also different. They should have new ways to resolve that world's dilema. I know that this will be difficult since you will have create multiple versions.
- Book 3: Harry and Tom come back to their original world to Harry's timeline. Maybe some thing new pop up? New enemies?
Blank0897 chapter 107 . 4/24
That was incredible!
i absolutely loved it!
I would love anything you write, literally
TranoMoon chapter 107 . 4/6
It's definitely sad to see this story's end, but it had to come eventually. This story has been amazing, and I would certainly be interested in seeing more of when Tom was running for election, the return to Harry's time, and maybe even seeing what Hadrian and Tom get up to after their departure. I hope you have a good day, and thank you for this story.
WyrdSmith chapter 51 . 4/3
Re-reading this for the gazillionth time. Still awesome. I only this time around noted a small continuity error. In the fic, Dumbledore doesn’t have a phoenix yet; however, in the pensieve review of the graveyard magical cage, Hadrian says that it’s created because both he and Tom have wands with feathers from Dumbledore’s Phoenix. Let’s just presume that one of the Ollivanders met Fawkes before Dumbledore did.
NathanPeverell chapter 99 . 2/29
minor correction on the baptism thing, the original sin inherited from the parents that is washed away doesn't have anything to do with sex at all, it is the 'original' sin, the eating of the fruit from the tree of knowledge. Which, yeah, bit insulting really, though fitting really, if you think of it in terms of religious indoctrination; starting out by washing away the tain of knowledge
NathanPeverell chapter 87 . 2/29
In the future, if you're looking for a mention of a specific name, most writing programs have a search featurethat said, reading through the story one is writing is often a good thing anyway, so it might have been time well spent
maiqsmail chapter 18 . 2/29
"Cousins N times removed" means from different generations. 10 times removed would place them about 2-3 centuries apart. You're looking for "tenth cousin" or something.
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