Reviews for Lord of Time
Jaden 'Birdie' Blythe chapter 5 . 15h
"The game was afootI hope there are more detective line terms used in the coming chapters.
Dana chapter 76 . 7/13
I just found this story and spent a whole day reading from chapter one to chapter seventy six. All I can say is I’m hooked and ready for the next update.️
0 Show me love 0 chapter 76 . 7/11
I still can not decide which of your stories is my favorite.
I love your crossovers of The Walking Dead; Twilight and your Harry Potter stories.
I like everything!
I admire you because you write everything and everything good!
I do not follow many authors in Fanfiction, but you are certainly my favorite author.
I was touched every time I got a notification from you. I think this story is the best, I love reading Tom possessive and Harry Powerful.
I read everything in two days. haha
You excellent and each episode is very engaging!
I hope to read soon

#Sorry if my message is confusing, my mother tongue is Spanish xD
Hermi chapter 76 . 7/10
Es mi deseo estés bien.
Leo tu historia gracias a traductor de Google.
Me ha encantado
Me gustaría que Harry/Adrian los curara o controlará la enfermedad y todo el proceso poder leerlo.
No tengo problema con el epílogo grande.
Muchas gracias por compartir tu historia con nosotros. Muchas felicidades por tan excelente forma de escribir.
Buen día.
CassieJo.10 chapter 76 . 7/9
I love this story! I just reread it from start to finish and can’t wait to see what the future holds!
WorldTravelGirl chapter 76 . 7/5
I recently got a chance to read this story and I am enchanted. I am happy with any update you are able to give. It would be really cool if Harry did create a new dept at St. Mungo's. I am split about the NEWT issue as I think it might be better for Harry to stay and finish with everyone is already so separated from everyone else. Maybe he takes a handful early but the rest at the end of the year like normal. I am all for keeping the 'sequel' within this story with a time jump. i am VERY interested to see what happens in Harry's original time with all the changes that take place. Particularly, who takes over for Dippet?
Guest chapter 76 . 7/4
This work is a bloody brilliant! Can't wait for the fight with Grinderwald, can't wait for the magical science Harry's beautiful mind prepare for us, ughhhhh Instant fav and fol! :D
anatasyasone chapter 76 . 6/29
I LOVE IT. 1 chapter/week is okay for me :) as long you still work for it. Please stay healthy~ thank you for the story!
Guest chapter 76 . 6/27
Also, Dorea and Charlus are NOT Harry's actual grandparents. Fleamont and Euphemia are.
Guest chapter 76 . 6/27
I don't think Tom should be Chief Warlock. Harry has the integrity required for the job and I don't think Tom can be as unbiased as Harry can. Tom may let some injustice pass in the court of law if it benefits him but Harry won't. Tom has the slyness and hardness required for the Minister of Magic. Also juggling both of them would be too much. What if both (CW and MoM) are needed at two different locations? Or what if CW is required to be present at ICW and Minister is needed at Britain simultaneously? And it is too much pressure. He'd stretch himself too thin.
Jadeorion chapter 76 . 6/24
Please continue can't wait to see what happens next
NGBW chapter 76 . 6/24
I am all for the new department in st mangos treating blood diseases
Jewel Becky chapter 1 . 6/22
Also on the note that Dorea & Charlus Potter are Harry's grandparents, both would be out of school at the time of this story as Dorea was born 1920, graduating the summer before Tom started, like Nymphadora Tonks did with Harry Potter.
tortuousworld chapter 63 . 6/21
I love this fanfic, I’ve reread it at the very least 3 times (though most likely more)- thank you for keeping it up
Guest chapter 76 . 6/19
Such a leap sounds Good. I would be interested in those lessons if they are important for the duel with grindelwald
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