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l2pantelis chapter 78 . 9/13
Fucking bullshit all author do the same
You all start good!? And you end up dropping the book before either the protagonist/s finish hogwards or the major plot point you've been building up the audience comes. Or both. Anyway the book was going well even if a lot slow and no major time skips that could actually benefit the story. Anyway I am utterly disappointed that you dropped it
l2pantelis chapter 48 . 9/12
I hope by the 99th chapter they have finally graduated from hogwards if not this is the lamest book ever
l2pantelis chapter 46 . 9/12
They knew the word autopilot at that age?
l2pantelis chapter 34 . 9/11
OH COME ON You rated the book M and yet you cut out the lemons? WTF?
l2pantelis chapter 25 . 9/11
Why didn't you write it when he got himself emancipated? Wasn't he needed to go somewhere sign some papers or something? Like go to the ministry or gringotts to request it?
Aratherfluffyfatcat chapter 99 . 9/11
Enjoying the story thanks
l2pantelis chapter 16 . 9/11
Lol I was asking myself why he didn't apparate to get food and stuff he wanted all along
l2pantelis chapter 14 . 9/10
Author do you forget that Harry is the master of death and CAN'T die? Or is it intentional that Harry forgets?
l2pantelis chapter 4 . 9/10
Why pretend to read the first and second year books? They could have spells that have been removed in the later years to come from Dumbledore
Guest chapter 82 . 9/1
I really am enjoying this story, I’ve reread it twice now. As much as I love it I can’t help notice that in this chapter you have Moon as minister for six years but at Dumbledore’s trial it was Lestrange, maybe I am mistaken but it seems the timeline doesn’t fit. Other than that it’s an awesome story.
Evalisa lyse chapter 83 . 8/30
Hi, i'm a fan of your stories. I'm French and when your characters are speaking in french it's understandable but you made some mistakes.
In french we dont say "Facile", a better translation is "Calmez-vous".
Instead of "Il a besoin d'une attention et d'une détention immédiates" you better say "Il a besoin de soins et d'une attestation immédiate".
The last one is when the head Auror says "reste où tu es!", this sentence is good if he's speaking to only one person. If you're talking to more than one person you must say "restez où vous êtes !".
I hope i helped you and i'm sorry if i made mistakes in english
excessivelyperky chapter 86 . 8/29
Good chapter! I like that Tom isn't jealous of Fenrir getting attention from Harry, the way he might be if he didn't feel the bond deep inside all the time.

Hope that family have a lovely present opening, and then naps!
Amarillie chapter 99 . 8/27
I have few ideas fo girl names connected to stars.
First and the most obvious is Hydra, I don't recall any Black with this name. it's one of biggest constelations and it's connected to Tom's and Harry's parseltongue abilities as it means water serpent. In this contelation is also star called Ashlesha, that sound quite parseltongue-like, it means star in hindi. Ashlesha is also known as the Clinging Star or Nāga and is one of the brighest.
In Serpent constelation is star called Alya means sky, heaven, and loftiness, to ascend, to go up, noble, beautiful.
Xamidimura it means eyes of lion and it's in sagitarius.
Meridiana is star in Corona Australis, it means meridian, zenit, peak, sundial, Meridian was used as a name for the Devil in the early 15th century.
Then is star in Ursa Major constelation called Mizara (but i think that one is actually called Mizar in english) which is first 5-star system ever discovered, it also means little woman, petite.
One of the brigtest stars are Adara (it's in Canis Major constelation and means virgin, beauty, noble, fire, from the ford at the oak tree, exhalted (i'm quite sure i also heard it means beloved but i can't find where)), Shaula (fire, raised tail, in scorpio constelation), Atria (brightness, warmth, love, holy, stone, in Triangulum Australe), Alhena (in gemini constelation, means ring, sign), Alsephina (in vela constelation), Talitha (ursa major).
There is Nashira in capricorn constelation (tom is capricorn) it means supporter, helper, guide, bearer of good news.
Lyra from Lyra constelation, means lyre, brave, it's also name of Golden Compass heroine, planet K-Pax was supposed to be there (movie with Kevin Spacey), there is also Contact (both movie and book) according to which tere was supposedly intelligent life that contacted us.
In unicorn constelation is nebula called Rosetta.
Denebola is star in Lion constelation (Regulus is in it as well, it mean end of lion-tail).
There is also Fomalhauta, form Fish constelation, i read in one fanfic about one Formalhauta Black that was Tom's only real friend in Slytherin (even before he was found out as slytherin heir), she was from one of more removed branches (important enought so noone would piss her off but not enought that people would always keep an eye on her) and genius with wards and was killed in Rome during 2 world war when she was investigating antique roman war wards and she discovered that magic was actually slowly failing but didn't have time to find out more as she was killed soon, but she told about her discovery to Tom and it was one of his reasons to start war in Britain -to save magic. i belive title was The Historical Importance of Runic War Wards. it's female!harry x voldemort.
Maja (it could be Maya in english) one of brightest stars in Tau constelation, one of pleiad.
Interesting is also Vela (sail of the ship) for name as it's part of the one of first recognised constelations (the Argo constelation).
There is Berenica (Berenice? I'm not english speaker) due to Berenice's Hair constelation, it means bearer of victory.
Cursa in Eridani constelation, i think tom would like it. through it means the chair (or Footstool) of the central one (it's about Orion), also in japan it's called the third star of Jade Well, and in chine it's called golden well.
Or maybe Estrella it means star-like.
There is also Phoenix that you've mentioned and while I think that it's rather unisex name it seems like it have a bit too much Dumbledore connotations at the moment, at least in their memories. But there is star called Ankaa in this constelation and it means phoenix as well but in arabic.

But my fav are Hydra, Ashlesha, Adara and Formalhauta (through i think that harry is not cruel enought to call his daughter like that).
Tsuruga Lia1412 chapter 99 . 8/24
Me encanta la historia.
excessivelyperky chapter 85 . 8/10
Do magical hospitals not clean up people? (Muggle ones certainly do) Given the state of the patients, it would seem they don't, which I find really weird.

Excellent chapter, though (good idea not being able to summon potions, inventory control would be a nightmare otherwise).

And I love how Hadrian sweet-talks the Aurors.

Oh, and Nurmengard. Great place to keep those bad guys!
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