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Guest chapter 1 . 11h
Could yo pleeeeeaaaasssee do me a favor and make Gaara and Sakura and couple because I have been looking for fanfics of GaaSaku and this so far was the most outstanding one. And I wanted you to give it a chance. It might lead to a broken heart if you didn't. I'm a huge fan of this fanfic. Thanks.
I'm in here chapter 47 . 3/21
Amazing updates. First with Sakura hearing Kankuro's side from what's been going on in the last 15 years. Then her seeing Gaara and everything spiraling out of control. I can see where Gaara would believe this is what Sakura told him when she said he'd be a leader and have supporters (in a sense). My heart goes to every one of them, for just the life the siblings lived for the past 15 years. Also to Sakura who's been gone and comes to a different world, and she keeps comparing them to their younger selves. I'm looking forward to your next update, and reading to see if Gaara will believe that this Sakura is the real one :)
Namida chapter 47 . 3/19
Sooo sad, Thank you for the Fic.
jacpin2002 chapter 47 . 3/19
My heart has been continuing to break throughout this chapter. Wow...just wow... No hope for this Gaara, huh? Sheesh.

The writing is so well done. Very happy with what came out in this chapter. Temari...dang she is cold-blooded.

I'm kind hoping that when Kankuro says he'll fix her up, he doesn't mean turn her into a puppet.
Winter Foxx chapter 47 . 3/19
Sometimes I just want to know what is running through Gaara's head! It seems that he believes it's truly her - the real Sakura...but now it sounds like she is just going to be his prisoner. I doubt he'll let her leave anytime soon, either.

What an intense but awesome chapter! So many feelings from both characters...I could feel my own heart breaking over everything Sakura has come realize about Gaara. Gaahhh! Can't wait for the next update :)
Itachan chapter 47 . 3/19
They finally met. The story is anguish. I couldn't help worrying the whole time reading this chapter. Update please.
Guest chapter 47 . 3/18
I think a chapter would be interesting from Gaara's point of view.
Yohey chapter 47 . 3/18
I love you for this. Your story is what I'm thinking about for the whole week. It hurts to wait but I know it's not easy so take your time. :) Keep doing your best.
SemiraBlake chapter 1 . 3/17
yankey chapter 47 . 3/17
Realmente no se como me costo tanto enterarme de este maravilloso fic. Tu historia es tan dulce, quería leerla rápido, saber que mas pasaba, pero no pude, necesitaba saborearla como un manjar que no he probado en años (espero que no te parezca rara esta especie de metáfora). Me gusto todo, el desarrollo de la relación del pequeño Gaara y Sakura fue muy natural, no forzaste nada y no mostraste a una Sakura siendo Doña perfecta como en otros fics (que también son buenos pero se salen demasiado de la realidad del mundo Naruto). Has usado la idea de una dimensión paralela la cual es realmente intrigante...¿como arreglara Sakura las cosas?. Toda esta historia la leo con un traductor, por eso el comentario en español, disculpa si eso te incómoda. Gracias por escribir e ignora si alguien quiere presiónarte o criticar tu trabajo (ellos no entienden). Estaré atenta desde ahora. Gracias de nuevo.
MonsterUnderTheSink chapter 47 . 3/17
Damn... That's one good chapter. The feels are strong in this one.
Ashley0.0maltese chapter 47 . 3/17
Ahhhhh! My palms were sweating throughout the whole chapter! Gaara! What happened? T-T Though, I can sort of see how he could twist Sakura‘ swords. Poor Sakura, that last moment had me tearing up. I can’t even begin to imagine how she must feel... but I really really sympathize with her. I’m really curious about that seal in her back...
Awesome chapter as usual!, to sit here and stare at the wall until the next update. ._.
Guest chapter 47 . 3/17
GreenHoneyTea chapter 47 . 3/17
Me: Wow... *blink slowly*

Brother: *eyeing me*

Me:...that's some intense drama between Sakura and Gaara! *amaze*

Brother: *put on a headphone to tune out my voice*

Me:...SO FREAKING AMAZING! *squealing*

You did amazing and I love it! I can't wait for the new chapter and see what happens next! *curious curious*

You did a wonderful job as always author-chan! xD
Sureya chapter 47 . 3/17
Yessssssss finally
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