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Fireguy892 chapter 1 . 5/10
please continue this is awesome
MechaGhidora546 chapter 33 . 4/27
You now with this chapter speaking of Magecraft and Wizardry, can I make a suggestion to balance both HP and Type Moon mechanics and the Culture of both Magi and Wizards and for Harry's Growth?

First off take a look at Harry Potter and the Eclipse Princess of Black Blood A History of Magic chapter for some back story and some ideas but with the Wizards after being persecuted for so long some interbreed with more Mystical Beings to the point that they can be considered lesser Elementals and in the distant past like in the Age of Gods and Wizards used the Divine Words and Magic of the Age of the Gods often as servants of the Divine hence why Wizarding society puts an emphasis between Light and Dark before the time of Solomon and the creation of the Staff and eventually the wand as Gaia does not heavily reject their magic like she does to Magi if the worlds are merged also considering how long Wizard magic lasts and how the Wizards are pretty much the humans closest to Gaia if the worlds are merged and those who are first generation wizards are an unusual outlier like a mutation and after the Age of the Gods wizards as a race lost some of their power such as causing true resurrection and being able to materialize food out of thin air so they cannot completely break the laws of nature and after the time of Solomon they did not awaken their Magic Circuits so weren't all powerful Wizard overlords of mankind and when Merlin was helping to bridge the gap between Wizardry, Muggles, and those who would learn Magecraft had made a contract with Gaia and Alaya to not make Wizardry not be seen as unnatural and live on even if Gaia or Alaya were to die while also preventing Wizarding Magic from being degraded or losing potency due to the vastness of the Wizarding world of J.K Rowling's Harry Potter world.

Doesn't make sense, here is why it makes perfect sense. The Harry Potter Wizarding World's magic doesn't weaken the more people are aware of it and learn how to use it. Their spells can easily defy logic such as transfiguration by turning a table into a pig for instance, Can use multiple elements easily with no problem, can teleport, and can cast spells that can last for centuries at least and some artifacts keep their powers as fresh as the day they were created and it can do pretty much anything aside from creating food from thin air and raise the dead. Wizards while lacking in physical fitness and easily harmless once you disarm them most of them, excluding those who learn to cast wand less magic. The Magic in Harry Potter can also appear in people who have had no background in Magic as we see with Hermione Granger, and those with long standing in using magic do have some abilities that new comers usually do not have, barring some exceptions and as a individual wizard grows older, so do their spells, with practice and hard work. This is due to J.K. Rowling basing the magic's of the Harry Potter world in folklore. Wizards are better than Magi at Range, utility & support spells.

Now for the powers of Nasuverse Magi. if someone has a spell to create 3 pieces of gold but then teaches it to two others, his spell would then create 1 piece for each person instead. Hence why Magi are so protective of their secrets. Also Gaia, the will of the Planet of the Nasuverse despises humans and anything that goes against her rules so Magecraft gets passively canceled out, while True Magic does not. The weapons that Shirou Traces are such an example. He makes them but they don't last long because Gaia notices that there are copies of unique weapons that shouldn't exist. Magi who have long histories and a strong backgrounds in Magecraft have stronger backgrounds and abilities due to selective breeding strengthening their descendants over the generations, and developing a Magic Crest, holding the knowledge of generations past, this crest is passed down to augment the heir of the family's skills and abilities. A Magus's abilities of Magecraft are determined at birth and therefore their skills are severely hampered. Magecraft itself operates by utilizing concepts. Magi are by far better than Wizard at fast-paced combat.

Now for Harry and him developing his powers seeing in the previous chapter he should learn that path of magic Harry should develop all of his cannon powers but also Norse, Scandinavian, Germanic, Celtic and Druidic magic(See the Harry Potter Wiki and all the books as well as the Cursed Child Play). Also I think it would be awesome that when Harry learns that his Father and Mother were both Animagi he should become one as well to honor them and I request that the Deathly Hallows become Noble Phantasms like in Harry Potter and the Eclipse Princess of Black Blood and have their HP cannon powers.

Now for Harry's Magecraft potential. Harry has to be an Average One as Wizards do not have any elemental limits on that branch of Magecraft but his best Elements are Air, Light, and Fire, His spiritual evocation and it's various fields are good, being good at alchemy, rune craft, and is great at material transmutation. This would be awesome as it would tie into Harry British origins and seeing as it appeared that the Potter Family was fluent in Tracing and Jewel Craft Harry should learn how to use Tracing and Jewelcraft.

The reason why Wizards hate Magi is due to their lack of character and integrity, and their willingness to seek out forbidden knowledge that often jeopardizes the lives of the innocent and also because the Wizards after being persecuted grew a chip on their shoulder for so long with some interbreed with more Mystical Beings to the point that they can be considered lesser Elementals and in the distant past like in the Age of Gods and Wizards used the Divine Words and Magic of the Age of the Gods, and were often as servants of the Divine and followed a more spiritual path hence why Wizarding society puts an emphasis between Light and Dark.

Magi on the other hand hate Wizards because of the previous mentioned factors that allows Wizards to grow in numbers and that Wizards do not have to worry about losing their powers and see them as freaks and geeks who live in the past and have abilities that defy logic and Magecrafts more pseudo scientific and logical systems that revolve around concepts and they often do not have to risk their lives to gain new powers unless they want to. Another reason is that Gaia hates Magi and both Alaya and Gaia limits their paths of magic and their ability to use True Magic unless fully mastered have to work their ass off in their research and unlike with wizard's Magi's abilities are determined at birth. To further lay down their paths of magic Magecraft can be impeded by the rules of the world and it still falls under Human Knowledge and True Magic is something that transcends the World and Human Knowledge but can be impeded by Alaya and Gaia if not fully mastered, if a being fully masters true magic or is just powerful and or smart enough the True Magic User or mystical being can tell The World to metaphorically fuck off and do what they what without consequence when fully mastered but that is extremely rare so the Magi's hatred of Wizards is primarily revolving around jealousy and seeing them as abnormal. The two most famous examples of masters of True Magic, are Fate/Grand Order's Cath Palug and of course Zelretch, The only reason that Zelretch doesn't use his full power all the time or at his full potential is due him being crippled by Type Moon when becoming a Dead Apostle which weakened him and his magic circuits and nothing else. Cath Palug in Fate/Grand Order has the power to truly bring the dead back to life in a form of True Resurrection and if he was fully grown into Primate Murder and mastered his powers he wouldn't have burned himself out and it would be plausible he could do bring people back multiple times. But again, that is extremely rare because unless truly mastered the Counter Force can try to stop True Magic users and those outside of their jurisdiction in most areas and circumstances fight back against beings outside of their rules.
Dreamweaer323 chapter 33 . 4/19
I have several questions. Doe the mechanics that revolve around the Harry Potter series regarding souls apply here? If so does it fall under the Heavens Feel?

The soul is the sense of self of the individual, residing inside the materialistic body. It serves as the memory, awareness, and individuality mindset. It is supposed to remain intact and unharmed, as ripping it is considered a violation of the laws of nature.

While the human body relies on the soul to have their own unique mindsets, a torn soul that is encased in a Horcrux is dependent on the object's well being. That is to say, if the human dies, the soul would be able to move on beyond the Veil or return as a ghost, while if a Horcrux is destroyed, the soul within would die away and disappear. This seems different for the "main" portion of the soul that remains within the body, as it serves as the sense of awareness and psyche for the person, meaning that only one portion can maintain such full attributes despite multiple pieces, and this piece can retain existence without any container.

Any portion of a soul encased into a Horcrux can gain a sense of sentience, by sapping away the life-force of any unfortunate person to come in possession of such an item, and in turn that portion of soul can gain a solid human form for itself. This was best shown when T. M. Riddle's Diary started draining Ginny Weasley's life over a year of spilling her secrets into it.

A single body usually cannot host more than one sentient soul without taking a heavy toll, as many animal hosts to Voldemort's fragmented soul had their lifespan drastically reduced, and Quirinus Quirrell, the only known human host, had to drink Unicorn blood to sustain his own body's ailing health. This may be inapplicable to a non-sentient soul fragment used for horcrux purposes, such as Nagini showing no side effects from housing her master's soul, and even possess a powerful telepathic bond with him.

A Fidelius Charm implants a secret into a person's very soul, which would give the secret the highest level of security, unless the Secret-Keeper chooses to divulge it. Bewitchment and torture cannot force the secret out of the Keeper, as it must be done so voluntarily.

The beauty of the Phoenix Lament is such that it is able to touch the souls of those who listen to it, affecting them emotionally.

The act of committing murder, which is said by some to be an act of supreme evil, causes the murderer's soul to become damaged. It seems that the murder may be committed indirectly, as long as the murderer has the intent, seeing Tom Riddle used the Serpent of Slytherin to kill Myrtle Warren to create his first Horcrux, rather than kill her himself.

It should be noted however, that killing in and of itself seems not to have the same consequences to a soul as committing deliberate murder, as Dumbledore seemed to imply to Snape, when requesting that Snape kill him, that the act would not harm Snape's soul due to the circumstances of the killing.

Partial removal

Wizards and witches who have committed murder can use a spell to place a torn fragment of their soul inside an external object, called a Horcrux, which anchors their soul to the living world, rendering them immortal. Creating a Horcrux makes the part of the soul left inside one's body unstable, and, for obvious reasons, it is widely considered the most wicked of all the Dark Arts, as well as a violation of the first of the Fundamental Laws of Magic.

If the soul fragment has been detached from the body for a long time, the destruction of a Horcrux containing such a fragment might not be felt by the owner.

A person who creates a Horcrux can only reverse the damage by experiencing genuine remorse, but the process is extremely painful, and can even be deadly.

A soul that has been torn apart and partially removed from the body will of course become lesser in substance. This is shown to cause the soul to experience some form of mental and physical regression. In extreme cases, this regression can be so severe that the individual's soul essentially becomes sub-human and remains in Limbo, unable to leave and unable to become a ghost.

It is possible for a wizard to create more than one Horcrux. However, only one wizard, Voldemort, has ever been recorded as having done so. Due to his willingness to create multiple Horcruxes and committing many murders, Voldemort is wildly considered the most evil wizard on record.

Complete removal

"You can exist without your soul, you know, as long as your brain and heart are still working. But you'll have no sense of self any more, no memory, no...anything. There's no chance at all of recovery. You just — exist. As an empty shell. And your soul is gone forever...lost." —Remus Lupin explains the effect of the Dementor's Kiss to Harry Potter

It is possible for a person to live without any soul at all so long as their heart and brain are still functioning. However, without a soul, a person is left in an incurable vegetative state — they have no awareness of themselves or the world around them. The soul cannot be recovered once it has been lost. This is a fate that is considered by many to be worse than death.

One known method of removing the soul from the body intact is the Dementor's Kiss. The Dementor — a creature which is itself soulless— locks its mouth over that of its victim and sucks out his or her soul. The Ministry of Magic has in the past used the Dementor's Kiss as a form of extreme capital punishment.

A ghost is the imprint of the soul of a witch or wizard who chooses to linger in the world of the living after death. According to Nearly Headless Nick, few people actually choose this fate, because it means they will never move beyond the Veil, as most do. This cannot be achieved if the soul is damaged or completely removed.

The Resurrection Stone is capable of summoning the souls of the deceased back to the world of living, as more than ghosts but less than bodies.

I have another question does this world's afterlife include Limbo, The Elysian Fields, and Hell along with Akasha? Because those locations do exist in the Harry Potter world. Limbo is a state of being that exists between life and death. Limbo comes to being inside a person's mind making it both real and unreal. Its appearance is different for each person who visits it. Some Limbo experiences involve loved ones or acquaintances.

In May of the final battle. Harry Potter allowed himself to be struck by a Killing Curse cast by Lord Voldemort in an attempt to protect his friends and loved ones and to destroy the piece of Voldemort's soul that resided within him. What neither he nor Voldemort realised, however, was that when Voldemort used Harry's blood in his resurrection he unwittingly took Lily Potter's magical protection of Harry into himself as well, thereby tethering Harry's life to his own.

Harry awoke to find himself lying naked in a formless mist. As he adjusted to his surroundings, he wished to himself that he were clothed, and as this wish came to him a short ways away a pile of clean fresh clothes appeared. After putting the clothes on, the mist began to take shape into a copy of King's Cross Station, Harry saw a stunted, whimpering child-like form lying on the ground, for which he felt both pity and revulsion. He also saw Albus Dumbledore, his deceased mentor, and the two had a long talk in which Dumbledore answered many of Harry's questions and told him that he wasn't actually dead. As a soul that was whole and complete, Harry was given the choice to return to the world of the living to finally stop Voldemort, or to board a train and "go on". Harry chose to return, and when he stood against Voldemort in Hogwarts's Great Hall, Harry warned him that he had seen what fate awaited Riddle when he finally died, unless he were to attempt to mend his broken soul through remorse. Voldemort, being ignorant of such fate and the importance of his soul's well-being, as well as arrogantly believing that he wouldn't die, ignored the warning and proceeded to attack.

With the destruction of all of his Horcruxes, when Voldemort's Killing Curse rebounded and finally ended his life once and for all, his broken and mangled soul was forced to exist in the stunted form Harry saw in King's Cross, unable to move on or return as a ghost, nor having any chance of repairing itself any further or being helped by anyone in any way.
renextronex chapter 1 . 2/1
"famous for it's fame"... ooooooooook
Mecha Manda chapter 33 . 1/21
Am I the only one who is still depressed that Magical England is broken? I really hope Wizarding Britain is restored as a singular magical nation again.
Mecha Manda chapter 33 . 1/21
It is nice to see Harry not relying on his Tome and is growing into his own Wizard.
King Ceasar Jr chapter 33 . 1/21
Harry, you are going on a long journey and it will be long one without good friends. Off topic but I can see Harry being a Servant by skill and fame in the Future if Harry goes down the events of the Harry Potter Books. I see him being a Saber due to wielding The Sword of Godric Gryffindor on numerous circumstances, a Rider with his Broom Skills, Riding Thestral's, Riding a Dragon and Buckbeak, An Assassin with the Cloak of Invisibility for the win and obviously a Caster.
Leviathan's Heir chapter 33 . 1/21
I think it is safe to say that we would love it if Harry eventually gained all his cannon powers and equipment including all three of The Deathly Hallows along with whatever you are planning. Now in my opinion, Harry's Origin should be Self-Sacrifice/Rebirth and his best elements should be Earth, Light, and Air but due to his Wizarding heritage he can use all the elements but these are his best ones.

Now to better list Harry's Magecraft potential he has to be an Average One as Wizards do not have any elemental limits on that branch of Magecraft, He should being good at alchemy, rune craft, and is decent at material transmutation but is an ace with Norse, Scandinavian, Germanic, Celtic, and Druidic magic. Also Harry should learn not only all the spells of his Hogwarts School years but becomes an Animagus.

This would be awesome as it would tie into Harry British origins. Also, do you remember the story of the Three Brothers and The Deathly Hallows? Make the Deathly Hallows Noble Phantasms with the powers of their legends along with having there cannon powers just to make this kid awesome! Also I can see him being a Servant by skill, fame, and hard work in the future if Harry goes down the events of the Harry Potter Books.

Also can I make a suggestion? I would love it if you eventually merged the academic branch of the Emiya Alliance with Hogwarts and try to merge HP Wizarding Magic's and Type Moon Magecraft. and Who better than Tamamo No Mae to act as a teacher and if possible Miss Blue Aoko Aozaki herself? That would be awesome! lets bring in Aoko! She would be an awesome teacher!

Now I have a you ever thought about implementing elements from Dungeons and Dragons? That would be awesome as Fate/Stay Night did borrow a lot from Dungeons and Dragons! Do some D&D research and you will know what elements were borrowed for Fate/Stay Night. Also Harry can possibly learn from The Metallic Dragons and Dragon Magic. Like the Harry meeting the Metallic Dragons and that they also have the powers of the Type Moon Dragons and the cannon ones from D&D. Speaking of which can you make the Metallic and Chromatic Dragons have created their own world by tapping into powers older than the human race, It's Gods, and humanoid magic itself and the blessing of their Gods D&D Bahamut and D&D and Babylonian Tiamat? That would be awesome!
Loki's Tongue chapter 33 . 1/21
I have to agree with Odin's eye, Sion would be a powerful ally who could really shake things up if given chance to reach her true potential but still keep her inward humanity. Here is all I could find about Dust of Osiris Sion's alternate self from another timeline and seeing how powerful Dust of Osiris is, if Sion cures herself of Vampirism and becomes an ally to The Emiya Alliance, as well as gains the powers of Dust of Osiris, she is going to be a powerful being.

Sion is an Alchemist who uses calculations during battle to gain an advantage over her opponents. Due to being a partial Dead Apostle, her battle capabilities have been strengthened enough that Arcueid Brunestud praises her ability to keep up with her in battle, at the cost of constantly yearning for blood. She attempts to gather data on known opponents beforehand and applies it actively during battle to predict the actions of opponents before they act. Using Thought Acceleration she can perform high-speed calculations, and using Memory Partition, she can separate her mind into up to seven partitions allowing for multiple lines of independent thought. She uses data to simulate all the possible patterns and fluctuations of the opponent, following a by the second "wire diagram" of all the possibilities to select the most likely outcome and act according to it to choose the most suitable attack. While capable of predicting the movements of someone far superior like Arcueid, she lacks the ability to follow through with her counter move, like knowing the trajectory of a bullet but being unable to dodge it. Though Shiki is a better fighter than her, she uses her own way of fighting to put them on equal ground. She will not fight unless there is a way to predict a "future with victory", so she assembles the "proper ingredients", data, beforehand to best prepare. As Alchemists of Atlas lack physical strength or talent in magecraft, her style of fighting is to predict the future to steer it away from the worst outcome, investing her all to guide it to the single point where it can be reversed. She compares it to fighting her own mind rather than the enemy. While able to predict the opponent, it is only seeing one step ahead, so the possibility for defeat is always still present. Choosing the wrong path can easily render all her preparation void. Depending on the route, she rates the amount of choices Shiki has in combat as "merely seventy" and easily predicts his movements, or she fails to read him properly due to him acting outside of predictive behavior and easily loses.

She possesses Barrel Replica a Mystic Code that is a replica of the Black Barrel. It is a Conceptual Weapon of "natural lifespan" that puts out a toxin, attack power, in proportion to that life form's natural life span. Sion's Arc Drive uses the Barrel Replica, but its original function isn't being utilized. Barrel Replica Obelisk, Sion's Last Arc, discharges energy from it horizontally, but requires anchoring her body to the ground with Etherlite to avoid being blown back by the recoil. Though it is incapable of wiping out Night of Wallachia, it can hamper the program by many years.

Etherlite is a Mystic Code of the Eltnam family. It is an artificial nervous system constructed of ether and a nano-scale filament a micron thick with a maximum range of five kilometers, connected to her through a bracelet. Sion uses it like a whip to slice and entrap opponents during battle, but its true use is in attaching to the opponent's skin to integrate with their central nervous system and read their thoughts and memories. It was originally intended as a substitute nervous system for use by surgeons, so it can substitute destroyed nerves. The mental link formed between the user and the target has made the Eltnam name become synonymous with Spiritron hacking. Though others find the thought-reading function to be vile in itself, it carries the even more dangerous ability to "merge with and copy memories and experiences." Thought of as inhumane and demonic even by Atlas, the "acquisition of another's life" is a technique unique to the Eltnam family. It can also be used to draw in information of her surroundings by spinning in place. Attaching it to and removing it from an unknowing target is easy due to it being like a thread unable to be seen with the naked eye, giving her the ability to compel and coerce the human nervous system of the target. It is a true talent to completely invade and seize another individual through thousands of barriers like reason and instinct. Taking over the person's "hardware", it hacks into the only control center of the body, the brain, and becomes a second control center. Thought directs the body, so it hacks into that process and sabotages the original. It penetrates to the deepest level of the person, hacking orders to the body that believes came from its own brain. It instantly seeks out and fuses with their nerves, and its length is enough to easily fill a human body. It can be thought of as hacking both their mind and body, allowing her to either simply read their thoughts or have complete control of their actions.

It takes information from the brain to "create a blueprint of the soul" from which thought processes are derived. While other methods of collecting knowledge can damage the information and possibly the target, Etherlite does not leave a scar in the mind or negatively affect the brain. The thoughts can be invaded, downloaded, and rewritten without the target knowing at all. While it can move their body without their input, it is possible to resist commands to an extent. It is not fully mind reading, but instead the ability to read the subjects and verbs of the thoughts, minus the conjunctions. It can easily track a person so long as they are connected to it, and it cannot be removed by the target without frying their nervous system and body because it is considered a part of it. It would not be effective against a target like a True Ancestor, but she can easily send electricity to destroy the brain of a normal human and likely kill them with pain even before nerve damage begins. The manga includes the ability to release the limiter on a person's nerves to greatly increase their physical ability as a last resort. Due to going over their normal limits by releasing the body's restraints, it puts large strain on the them and can not be used very often. Once the limiter is enabled again, the target is left unable to move for a time.

Despite being bitten three years prior, Sion has yet to become a full vampire or be overtaken by her bloodlust. The poison of Wallachia's blood as a Dead Apostle is weak, so he cannot make others his complete subordinates like other Dead Apostles. He does not even normally seek to create others, only choosing Sion for the possibility that she could succeed his search for the Sixth. He is a being that does not "occur" for long periods of time, so she is able to remain human much more easily than others. She is still reaching her limits after three years, having become almost a half-vampire plagued by her thirst for blood. The more her abilities surpass her former self, the more nutrition she needs. She can walk during the day, but the sun still causes some harm. With Wallachia manifesting, his influence over her is immediate and overpowering. Without intelligence, he cannot influence her greatly, but he can impose his will upon her after fully forming due to her not being able to go against her parent vampire. If TATARI attempts to transfer his will to her or she takes part of him in willingly, she comes extremely close to fully becoming a Dead Apostle, gaining faster healing and needing only to drink blood to become complete.

In the case where she fully turns into a vampire, a state called Sion TATARI and V Sion she becomes TATARI's successor and becomes almost unrecognizable as Sion. As a master of statistics and random numbers, she is skilled at attacking through the manipulation of information just like Wallachia, using Terror News to actualize physical Malignant Information with magical energy. Using her Etherlite in combination with her ability Replicant Conductor can create a phantom-like copy of an individual that is able to reproduce his or her abilities to an extent. Forgoing the use of her Etherlite in direct battle for the most part, she prefers to attack with her own claws, and her Arc Drive, Cruel Blood is Melty Blood's one-and-only act of bloodsucking. She has inherited all of the countless victims absorbed by Wallachia over the years and kept as information, but there is some that she cannot yet fully break down and rearrange. It is Riesbyfe's information, protected from being "digested" by her Apocrypha, that was transferred to Sion. While she may eventually "vomit it up", she is able to recreate Riesbyfe's information to attack an enemy for her Last Arc.

Dust of Osiris is a Dead Apostle Ancestor, but she is no longer a true vampire after curing herself. She does not require the blood of humans to survive, having never harmed even a single person, and she lacks the transcendent pride and obligation that they generally display, instead choosing to abandon the choice of continued survival. After humanity is destroyed, she wishes to create a record of humanity in a medium that will never wear away. She believes there is salvation in completely ceasing the furthering of humanity's history, and making a record that will never be destroyed or forgotten in order to give all life significance. Even with no one to view the records, the possibility of other beings learning from it remains. She uses Hermes, a computing unit based on the pseudo spirit particle theory, also called the Moon Cell, which will keep all records of humanity eternally. She refers to the processing unit as her main body.

The method of creating an eternal record is through the use of the Philosopher's Stones, the dust of the underworld transmuted using TATARI, and also called the Aqua Vitae, the water of life, that is the basic and the deepest-most part of alchemy and the greatest secret of Atlas able to heal all pain, plagues, and death. Initially created with the goal of curing vampirism and death, she will instead use them to power Hermes eternally. The ground has been turned into a blood-colored, gem-like substance that is made up entirely of lines of death when seen by Shiki. She uses the Unified Language in order to record information into the Philosopher's Stones, and she still possesses Etherlite and wields it like Sion as a whip. Individuals are disassembled and processed into living circuits for the Philosopher’s Stones. Those with superior magic circuits like Ciel are preferable to reach her goal. With the crystallization of the planet and all of mankind transformed into Philosopher's stones, the circuit of Hermes, after drinking them, will continually think of the assumption that humans still survive, even after mankind has died out and the planet has cooled. Arcueid claims this idea is one thousand years too late.

She has complete control over the abilities of TATARI, utilizing the gap from the changing of dates to shift the entire city of Misaki back one year to the "Hologram Summer" of Melty Blood. Only those involved within the events of the previous year experience the time slip, while normal civilians are kept within the correct flow of time. The memories of those present are also altered, causing them to forget most of the past year, believing Wallachia is the cause and forgetting that they have met Sion before, with the exception of the real Sion, Satsuki, White Len, Shiki Nanaya and Aoko. She also creates images of Michael Roa Valdamjong and Ries that were not present the year before as factors in the completion of her scenario. She displays the ability to "program" individuals, though they are not completely bound by those orders. Ries was to act as a defense mechanism, and was programmed not to approach her Hermes. She believes that the will of Sion before becoming Osiris is what allows her to deter from her role as a defense mechanism. Shiki is referred to as a singularity that made the reformation of the night possible, and he is a fluctuating variable that keeps the "answer", Osiris, and the world from being completed. She states that he is both a factor in creating and destroying her, and that before she is erased by the "correct answer", he must disappear in order for her to become the only Sion.

Osiris plans to reenact "Hologram Summer" exactly like Wallachia's scenario, which was one step away from attaining the Sixth, with the only difference being that she will recompute and correct the conclusion. After Wallachia is defeated, she has taken the future extracted from Arcueid's Marble Phantasm and deployed it in a way similar to a Reality Marble. She believes this future is the Black Land, the etymological root of alchemy, and that it can be used to execute a better, swifter, form of annihilation compared to waiting for humanity to become extinct on its own. As a "mere smear on the world", she has taken it to bring about her desired future. It is the world showing the death of the planet in the future, where all life has become extinct, everything has been destroyed, and all has returned to dust. Following her goal of destroying humanity, she is using a great forbidden spell to seal reality in fantasy before TATARI dissipates. Following the world egg magical theory, once the world she created inside of the egg is completed, it will be switched with the world on the outside. Aoko comments that such a large ritual may attract the First Wraith, Stanrobe Calhin, to the city.

The beings brought forth by Dust of Osiris' calculations differ from those normally brought forth by TATARI. They are not made from rumors, but instead as a precise replication of the previous Hologram Summer. There are also those who were not present, such as Roa, created from the memories of the land, and Riesbyfe, brought forth by Dust to protect her. She can also control them to some extent if she programs their actions, but they are not absolutely bound to her. Those created still retain the autonomy allowed by other TATARI replications, meaning that they can attack or attempt to slay her if they so wish.
Ghidorah Jr chapter 33 . 1/21
Can I make a suggestion? I would love it if you made arcs based around The main storyline of Fate/Grand Order. Also I have to ask, when are we ever going to see Harry go down the events of the Harry Potter Books? Because I would love to see how this incarnation of Harry with his training shakes up the status quo but still keeping to the core storylines of the Harry Potter books and movies. Also, please make Harry an Animagus when he learns about his biological parents and decides to become one to honor his biological family. That would be touching and awesome. Also imagine Harry Potter Emiya learning under the guidance of Merlin himself( who also has Magic Circuits and a Wizarding Core) and Harry's cannon self from the Books to make Harry even more powerful than Voldemort one day? That would be glorious! Also I would love it if Merlin is a composite character of his HP and Type Moon selves.

Merlin is a formidable magus, said to be the most feared in the country. He claims that he qualifies to be a Grand Caster and that he is a top tier servant on the level of Solomon. Bolstered by his Incubus heritage, Rin Tohsaka describes that being able to disguise Artoria's gender or "arrange for a child that should never have been born" should be extremely easy tasks. The creation of Invisible Air is attributed to something he could have thought up for Artoria.

He is a half-blood born from the union of a human and an incubus, he possesses the proof of the Highest Mage; Clairvoyance "the Eyes Which See through the World". Eyes able to see beyond while the person stands in place. From time immemorial, it is the power entrusted to lands by the gods and the power shamans needed to guard lives. However profound and capable of performing the strongest forms of Magecraft one's magic circuits may be, a mage who does not possess these "Eyes" shall not be given the title of the most supreme. Possessing outstanding clairvoyance, in spite of having foreseen all about the collapse of the Round Table and Britain’s crisis, he left Britain without telling anything to King Arthur. There are many theories as for why Merlin never told King Arthur about her fate, but it is often said that it was because he is not biased towards individuals, instead caring only about fate.

He is proficient in swordplay and is allegedly Artoria's swordsmanship instructor. He was shown in possession of Excalibur, saying that he prefers using it in combat over magic because he bites his tongue during long incantations and that "it's a lot easier to smack things around with a Holy Sword, you know?".

Independent Manifestation
Merlin possesses Independent Manifestation, a Skill that permits the unsupported manifestation of oneself unto reality - a capacity normally restricted to entities that fall within the irregular class of Beast. Being entrapped within Avalon, Merlin should under no circumstances be summonable in the capacity of a Heroic Spirit; his Servant Profile in Fate/Grand Order states that irrelevant of the future that comes to pass, his death shall not occur, and he shall therefore not pass unto the Throne of Heroes as a Heroic Spirit capable of being summoned. Being that serving a Master in the capacity of a Servant counts as one amongst his many interests and desires, however, for purposes of rendering his fantasies as reality, he has by personal effort obtained Independent Manifestation as a Skill. To put it in other words, he pretends as a Servant merely as a part of his hobby. By use of this skill, Merlin was able to be summoned by Gilgamesh in the 7th Singularity of Fate/Grand Order as an irregular Caster. When questioned as to how this was possible when he wasn't yet deceased, he claimed that it may have something to do with his connection with the Singularity; or the fact that the era of the summoning lies prior to his birth - allowing for him to qualify as "not being alive." In Chapter 16, after Merlin apparently dies following the defeat of the Conglomerate Divinity, Gorgon, Doctor Roman indicates that the Merlin that was travelling at your side was merely a projection, and that his primary manifestation within the era was occupied with the task of restraining the Goddess Tiamat within her slumber. He suggests that Merlin may have been killed in the process Tiamat's awakening. However, as of the end of the 7th Singularity, Merlin is revealed to be still alive - taking advantage of the incineration of the Human Order to bypass his confinement within Avalon, and physically travelling to Babylonia to take part in the final battle against Tiamat.

Illusionism and Mental Powers
Merlin excels in the thaumaturgical discipline of Illusionism a Skill related to Mental Interference, which at a Rank of A permits interference with the psyche to the extent of introducing nightmares, and materializing illusions on the scale of a village within reality. He is also able to enter the dreams of sleepers. He can walk into the mind of anyone who's asleep and mess with them however he wants

Shape shifter: He can shift into other forms.

Immortality: Merlin is fated to be trapped in the Garden of Avalon, for eternity, having transcended death. To ascertain the world of humans until the end of the universe, without being able to die.

Here are Merlin's skills as a Servant.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Class: Caster

Attribute: Earth

Strength: B
Mana: A
Endurance: E
Luck: C
Agility: D
N. Phantasm: C
Territory Creation C
Item Creation C
Hybrid EX
Personal skills:
Dreamlike Charisma A
Illusionism A
Hero Creation EX
Independent Manifestation A
Noble Phantasms: Garden of Avalon Anti-Unit C

Early life:
Merlin was born sometime during the medieval era. During his formative years, he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and was sorted into Slytherin House. It is possible that he was taught by Salazar Slytherin himself, given the time period Merlin lived in. It is said that Merlin's wand was of English oak.

Later life:
At some point in his lifetime, Merlin became a part of the Court of King Arthur, assisting him during his reign. He was the enemy of Arthur's half-sister, Morgan le Fay(also known as Morgana), a dark witch. Merlin believed that wizards should help Muggles and live peacefully with them. To this end, he founded the Order of Merlin, an organization which promoted Muggle rights, creating rules against using magic on them.

Legacy: At some point, either during Merlin's lifetime or after his death, the Order of Merlin switched from a Muggle rights organization to an award bestowed upon witches and wizards who performed a great deed at personal risk or contributed to the betterment of wizarding society in some way, a sign of the estrangement of the Muggle community from the Wizarding one. Merlin's renown led his name to become a part of everyday wizarding vernacular. The popular exclamation, "Merlin's beard!", and the more unusual "Merlin's pants!" are examples of such. Slytherin students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry took special pride in Merlin — "the most famous wizard in history" — having been Sorted into their House. However, this fact is one that the other houses do not like to recognize. Merlin was immortalized on a Chocolate Frog Card. Harry Potter found a copy of this card in one of the Chocolate Frogs he bought on the Hogwarts Express. The Daily Prophet published a letter by a reader suggesting a "Merlin Remembrance Day" be established.

Magical abilities and skills
Magical Mastery: Arguably one of the most powerful wizards of all time, it can be assumed that Merlin was rich in learning and experience and that his proficiency and knowledge in magic was of a standard few had ever seen before and unmatched by any other witch or wizard in his time.

Charms: Merlin's skill in using charms, bewitchments and enchantments are legendary, to the point of him being dubbed the "Prince of Enchanters", which speaks for his exceptional ability in this field of magic.

Spell inventor: It was thought by some that the Disarming Charm had been a creation of Merlin's, although some maintain that the spell was created in the 14th century by Elizabeth Smudgling.
tigerhunter332 chapter 33 . 1/21
Can I make a suggestion for Harry's Development and powers? I would love it if you used the Runes from the Taito DS game called Lost Magic as it is a pretty cool game in this story and some of your other works. Now in case you don't know Lost Magic is a video game for the Nintendo DS, made by Taito Studios and released outside Japan by Ubisoft. It advertises itself as an RPG, but it's really a Real-Time Strategy game.

Lost Magic follows the story of Isaac and his battle against the maddened Diva of Twilight.
This is a story of the age ushered in by the passing of the Great Creator, divine architect of our world. The people were long protected by the Six Forms of Magic and the Seven Wands left to them by the Creator. The wielders of magic, Magicians, maintained law and order. The Seven Wands were entrusted to seven especially powerful Magicians, called Sages, and passed down from one generation to the next. Thus the power of the Creator was kept safe, and the many benefits of magic made the people's lives rich and easy. In this way, a thousand years of golden, blessed peace continued across the world. But a fateful event was to forever change the world. The Diva of Twilight, a Sage and keeper of the Wand of Balance, lost all hope in those she was charged to protect, the people. Disillusioned and angry, she called forth monsters - terrible creatures from another realm - into the world. The death knells of the golden age tolled across the land as the monsters ravaged towns and killed wantonly. Many of the other Sages, the defenders of the people, succumbed to the power of the Diva. Hope, now little more than a flickering candle, was about to burn out completely. Then, a youth by the name of Isaac appeared...Isaac, a 14-year-old boy separated from his parents amid the chaos enveloping the world, is found by a venerable Magician who lives deep in the old forest. Taking him as her student, the Magician begins the boy's training in magic. Not long afterward, Isaac's father appears before him in the forest. Without saying a word he hands Isaac a Wand and then is gone. "What did father want to say to me?" Isaac desire to find his father is about to spark a great adventure! For this is the story of hope, however small, in a world ravaged by despair.

Lost Magic's main shtick is the runic circle control. Press the L button (R if you switched to left-hand settings) and a magic circle will appear in the Touch Screen. Scribble your runes on it - the more accurate, the more powerful - and you can cast spells. Overall, due to a maximum of 18 runes available and the Duo Runes system, Lost Magic has about 400 spells, each with a different effect. Well, actually there's trio runes, with a possible 5832 spells, but they're limited to 400 or so, which is already enough. Here are all the Tropes affiliated with the game,

Lost Magic provides examples of:
• All Your Powers Combined: Isaac can do this by himself, using Duo Runes and, if you take the right Sadistic Choice, Trio Runes.
• Always Save the Girl: In the Sadistic Choice, you can play this straight or subvert this; you have to do the former to get a good ending.
• Artificial Stupidity: Both Isaac and your monsters will repeatedly get stuck, running into walls like Grandpa Simpson. Then there's the civilians, who will occasionally run towards the ten-foot-tall war golem (who will promptly beat them to death.)
• The Battle Didn't Count: You die when your HP hits 0, you even get a little halo. But all of the bosses are revived. However, Lost Magic also has a rare Player example - after the Hopeless Boss Fight, Isaac only clutches his arm, despite being repeatedly struck by lightning.
• Brainwashed and Crazy: The Sages. Also, your father - not. Or is he?
• The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Present in getting more use out of the Useless Useful Spell and amped up to eleven on a New Game. Also, any AI enemies that aren't Mooks have ridiculous stamina, HP and - the most glaring example - infinite range. Whilst you are limited, at maximum range, to the part of the map you can see (and one entire-map targeting spell that damages you and your enemies with a flood), they can merrily cast all over it. Not to mention the Goddamned Bats.
• Crystal Dragon Jesus: The Creator
• Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: The Big Bad, the Diva of Twilight, becomes the new Creator. You can pimpsmack her to death.
• The Dulcinea Effect: Isaac and Trista. One of the Bosses hangs a lampshade on this.
• Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors: Six elements, and those attuned to none. Hitting anything with its opposite elements will deal lots of damage; same-element spells will heal it.
• Exponential Potential: Your range of spells allows you and all your enemies to do the following: healing HP (directly, long range, over time, via rain, using a wall), terrain effects, elemental armor (times six), elemental weaknesses (times six), buff and debuffs for about six different stats, zones for buff and debuffs for about six different stats, terrain effect zones (lava, ice, sand, etc.), invincibility, invisibility, instant death roulette, monster capturing, elemental walls, traps, teleportation(though only half as far as the AI),turning your monsters into an Action Bomb, ALL Standard Status Effects(Berserk, Fire, Frozen, Poison, Gravity)etc. etc. Oh, and huge-ass dragons. All that and a bag of chips.
• Fake Difficulty: Arbitrary time limits, idiotic ally AI, and the computer able to think and move quicker than you, not to mention that they get to fire spells across the entire map.
• First-Name Basis: Isaac, Trista, etc. - though Isaac's last name - Lightbrad - is stated.
• Functional Magic: In the form of runes.
• Gameplay and Story Segregation: It borders on violating Magic A Is Magic A, as all the Sages have you fight them for their Lost Magic, and a great deal is made out of everyone adhering to one flavor of magic, Isaac being the big exception — but they all use spells that require high-power runes from other elements, though possibly not others' Lost Magic. Also, on a New Game, you have to fight them for the magic you'll probably use against them. However, to be recognized as a Sage by the other Sages, Issac has to get the higher-level runes from each element (gathering all of the Lost Magics is left for the hero that will save the world); presumably, this also applied to them before they became sages. Gameplay-wise, since the spell's element, power, and cost is determined by the last rune, casting spells outside of their own element might not be very effective — the PvP mode supports this, as each elemental character has his or her element at level 5, but all others at a measly 3 (Issac is balanced at level 4).

• Geometric Magic: You have to draw the runes of the spell you want to cast; as it's a DS game, it's obvious how.
• A God Am I: The Diva of Twilight. You beat the snot out of her.
• Gotta Catch 'Em All: You don't have to, but there are 400 spell combinations out there. If you have the runes required, you can make them whenever you want, then promptly forget about them. Played straight with the Lost Magics - You have to get all the runes - one way or the other.
• Hermetic Magic: Fits nicely into the RTS genre - get too distracted while scribbling and a monster will sneak up and kill you, or your troops will dawdle.
• Hopeless Boss Fight: The fight against the Bishop of the White Night, the first time at least.
• Humans Are Bastards: The Big Bad's motivation; the heroes themselves discuss it and come to the result that, sadly, some people will always abuse power and that it's better to seal away the Creator's gift of magic because people shouldn't suffer under those that abuse it.
• Luke, I Am Your Father: Predictably, Russell is Isaac's father and the Bishop of the White Night, your Love Interest is a Sage, and the Diva of the Twilight is her sister. Also, the guy who teaches you the Dark Rune is actually a monster; his mother is an elder dragon and teaches you the uber-powerful trio runes.
• Made of Iron: You can get mauled by ice chunks, hit by lasers and darkness, burnes, frozen, sliced etc. and nothing happens.
• Made of Plasticine: Get mobbed by monsters and you die faster than you can say "chunky magician paste". In fact, anything in the game dies in seconds if it is mauled by a mob of monsters.
• Mooks: Whatever monsters you and your enemy have around.
• Monster Allies: The Dark Rune allows you to trap monsters and later on use them as your own private army.
• Neglectful Precursors: Arguably the Creator - could he foresee that (some) Humans Are Bastards ?
• New Game: With heightened difficulty, and lots of possibility for the pimpsmack spell.
• No Sneak Attacks: Subverted: The Diva of Twilight appears right next to you when you think you've just escaped. Twice.
• Offing the Offspring: The Bishop of the White Night wants to "test your worthiness"; that is a few missions after the Hopeless Boss Fight against him where he also "kills" you. Fortunately, here you employ The Battle Didn't Count.
• Offscreen Teleportation: Just about everyone who isn't the player.
• Razor Wind: The lowest-level Air element spell is "Wind Blades".
• Parental Abandonment: Subverted: Isaac finds both his parents during the course of the story. However, in one of the Multiple Endings, he kills his father.
• Permanently Missable Content: The Lost Magic of Wind, if you let the Diva kill your Love Interest.
• Power Nullifier: The Diva of Twilight wields the Wand of Balance, which allows her to do this to any magic directed at her, effectively making her invincible and setting her up to effortlessly steal the wands from the then-defenseless Sages.
• Powered by a Forsaken Child: It turns out that monsters are made from humans, in a way that makes them a literal embodiment of hatred. The method to make monsters out of actual humans was lost, but it is possible to make them from misery, suffering and hatred, which justifies Diva of Twilight just staying in her tower. She's amassing as large an army as she can.

• Sadistic Choice: Will you hand over the Wand of Light to the Diva or will you keep it? If you don't, your love interest dies and you'll get controlled and/or killed.
• Standard Status Effects - You can inflict them on others, as zones or curse, can buff your monsters, heal them, etc. etc.
• Some Dexterity Required - The game has an infuriating tendency to read your runes wrongly (or ignoring them) in any situation. I wanted Heal, not Ice Bullet, damn it! Due to the similar shapes, 2 times out of 5 your basic water spell will read as the basic dark spell.
It is possible through lateral thinking to make a Teleport (Wind 3) rune look almost exactly like a Light Armor (Light 2) rune, although this must be done intentionally.

• Standard Status Effects: Oh, so many. Charm, Curse, Accurancy Up/Down, Poison, Defense Up/Down, Magic Up/Down, Magic Defense Up/Down, Speed Up/Down, Frozen, Burning, Quicksand, other Terrain effects, ...
• Squishy Wizard: The justification for your Monster Allies — or do you want to go against Wyvern and other such things alone, you, a weak, ten-year old boy?
• Timed Mission: Every single one. Even the random encounters are timed.
• The Very Definitely Final Dungeon: The Temple of Balance - NOT: The Diva will, no matter what Sadistic Choice you make, make her own, the Twisted Wand Tower.
• Wind Is Green
• You Never Asked: Your lovely female sidekick Trista is also the Sage of Wind. That rune she gives you without warning would have helped with the boss(es) you had to defeat to get her to give it to you.

Now how you implement this is up to you, but I think it would be awesome that when the Creators path of magic from the game was sealed away their was still magic and various other magical traditions in the world and that path and power of Magic returned in the time of Harry Potter. Or it is rediscovered and Harry masters that path of magic and obtains all his cannon powers and abilities and becomes an Animagus.
Sonicnerd chapter 33 . 1/21
Is Harry and his family going to go down the Tsukihime Visual Novel and Melty Blood series of fighting games? If so I would love to see the trouble him, Illya(and Berserker), and Arcuied would cause in Misaki Town! That would be funny! Also because of how powerful some of the people in the Type Moon universe are Voldemort needs to be strong and cunning enough to throw everyone for a loop including Arcuied but Arcuied can still be a powerful Ally and it would give you the opportunity to explain the deference's of HP and Type Moon Vampires.

Here is how powerful she is. Arcueid was developed with the purpose of becoming the strongest True Ancestor. While there are different levels of power in the True Ancestor hierarchy, Arcueid, as a sublimation on the level of the First True Ancestor, Crimson Moon, is beyond all of the other True Ancestors. She is much like a God, a spirit in flesh. She is considered as one of the top 3 strongest characters excluding Servants in the Nasuverse.

Arcueid's most potent weapon is her Marble Phantasm, and she is very capable in close combat. She can move at tremendous speeds, and her physical strength is easily able to overwhelm opponents. She can form her hands into claws like other vampires, allowing her to easily shred opponents. Alongside the normal regeneration granted by her race, she has developed a resistance to most Conceptual Weapons and magecraft like Runes and Kabbalah. She states that she will only be vulnerable to those she has yet to experience, which she believes to be limited to the ancient Shinto magecraft of Japan and treasures from South America.

She is hard to kill during the day, and she is almost invulnerable at night, her power reaching its peak during the full moon. During the night, she technically "has no death", so all of her lines and points of death disappear. It is possible to see them if she is weakened, and removing her connection with the planet by killing part of the world around her allows for Shiki to view them clearly even at night. She can regenerate most wounds rapidly, but her time during Tsukihime leaves her unable to do so while trying to hold back her bloodlust. She can normally even regain her form after being cut into pieces, but the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception leave her unable to regenerate. She can bypass it by creating an entirely new body, but the act costs eighty percent of her available energy and leaves her close to death unless she returns to her castle to rest.

She has Mystic Eyes that enable limited control over others, such as the ability to plant suggestions. The color of her eyes changes to gold when they are active, thus revealing her as possessing the Mystic Eyes of Enchantment.

Shall We Play Around Some? is Arcueid's Last Arc. For just a second, it is possible to catch a glimpse of the vampire princess Arcueid's true power. The phantom that appears behind her back is her original form. Its appearance, abilities, and very thoughts could be called the Crimson Moon. The inspiration for this technique comes from Kagetsu Tohya. Specifically, the episode where Shiki strayed off into Arcueid's dream and received proper retribution for killing her. Because of that, when this technique is used on Shiki it hits eighteen times.

Marble Phantasm
With her Marble Phantasm, which can literally change reality to create any naturally occurring effect and summon the Millennium Castle Brunestud, the ancestral home of the True Ancestors. The power of Marble Phantasm is such that even in her extreme weakened state, she was able to use the oxygen in the air to reduce Roa's latest host body to just the ankles.

Without her limiter, she can likely materialize something the size of a small village in the mountains. She cannot do so normally in modern towns built up by the work of many people, so she would have to destroy in order to create anything there. It would require more time, so the Church would have enough time to locate her and start a battle with her. It is very hard to directly help humans utilizing the ability, but it is viable with other creatures.

Arcueid receives backup from the planet as part of the Counter Force. She has the ability to increase her fighting power to one level above those she faces while drawing upon it, and it is said to be virtually unlimited. Overall, the strength available to her as of Tsukihime, thirty percent of her strength, is around that of four Servants. She will very likely win when only faced with one Servant-level opponent in this state, but even with her power, she would still potentially be overwhelmed when faced with two opponents of that level. Due to an absolute order from her backup, the planet itself, her "output changes according to her opponent", so she is only allowed an output slightly stronger than her opponent like how the Counter Force deals with its problems. Against a Servant, the level of output would be approximately that of two Servants.

Her ability to deal with single opponents, "single entity ability", is roughly on the same level as Servants, so she has bad compatibility against those like Gilgamesh. Servants utilize Noble Phantasms, while she utilizes her backup, leading to differences depending on affinity. She can be called a "simple-is-best" fighter and an all rounder with high chances in most fights, but doesn't go well with those of high versatility. Gilgamesh has the "firepower" of over five Servants, but Arcueid is only able to draw strength based on "single entity ability." He has roughly the same statistics as her, but a large amount of weaponry to utilize against her, making her have horrible compatibility in such a fight.

It is possible to cut her off from this power by killing the land around her or sealing her off from the world through a powerful Bounded Field that rewrites the world by switching the terrain effect with a different terrain effect or a Reality Marble that overwrites the current world. While her connection to nature can be interrupted by any such barrier, the ability to actually cut her off from the supply depends on what is being used as energy to hold up the barrier because the overwritten world generally has an even more colossal world seeping up from underneath it to return it to normal. She complains about White Len cutting off her backup with her dream barrier, but Arcueid could easily get serious, request backup from the planet, and blow away White Len along with the entire barrier if she so wished. Some form of alien deploying a Reality Marble may be able to cut her off from her energy source completely.


She is the only True Ancestor able to suppress her Vampiric Impulses with pure willpower. As she drank Roa's blood in the past, Ciel states that, no longer how long she holds out, it is inevitable that she will drink it again. Red Arcueid, no longer restraining her blood lust, should have full access to her power after having succumbed entirely. The Night of Wallachia, noting her almost limitless strength, is only able to bring about 30% of the power of the form. She is intensely sadistic and bloodthirsty, and her appearance is drastically different from Arcueid, sporting large fangs, a somewhat inhuman shape, long claws and red eyes different from Arcueid's normal golden eyes, similar to when she first tasted blood.

Before Shiki killed her, she was using 70% of her power to suppress her Vamperic impulses at the beginning of Tsukihime, when she still had his portion of his power stolen by Roa who was stored inside soul and he always used this portion in order to be reincarnated in other bodies, but even then she was more than strong enough to destroy almost any Dead Apostle that got in her way. After Shiki Tohno killed Roa and its 'existence' at the end of Tsukihime, that portion of power stolen by Roa returned to Arcueid's soul and she used it to be able to revive herself. Believes that she is now using far less of its powers to suppress her vampiric impulses now as demonstrated in Kagetsu Tohya and Melty Blood Series, more or less about 50% of all their power is used for it now. When Red Arcueid is materialized by TATARI using the vampiric impulses of true Arcueid as a catalyst base to give it physical form, Arcueid is temporarily free from all his vampiric impulses, allowing it to use all of its powers.

Unlike Arcueid, Archetype:Earth has full access to Arcueid's full power and more authority over the planet than she normally possesses. She is called an Ultimate One in this state, taking on her original appearance before losing her hair to Altrouge Brunestud, and the part of her in control is the subconscious Crimson Moon side of her. Normally limited to the Millennium Castle in their "dreams", this form is her awakening to experience the human world for the first time in Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code. Ciel believes that Arcueid managed to awaken her Origin, but Archetype denies this, declaring that they are intrinsically a single being. She simply has a very long waking period, as the basis of life for her is far too vast compared to the living organisms that live on the surface.

Shiki Ryougi recognizes an overwhelming aura flowing from her during their conversation, stating that she cannot see her death, going as far to say that she does not have a death, and that she is a monster. She is able to directly affect the entire planet. Ciel mentions the possibility of her melting the ice of the North and South poles, or even disrupting the axis of the earth.

Crimson Moon
Arcueid is one of two possible successors to the original Crimson Moon. The other is her "sister" Altrouge Brunestud, but she is generally considered too "unstable". Arcueid didn't cut her hair on her own, but it was taken away during a battle against Altrouge, and until she recovers it, it won't grow back. At her full power, her form, power, and even thinking can be said to be that of Crimson Moon. Her Last Arc in Melty Blood involves the ability used on Shiki in Kagetsu Touya, where she gives him payback for killing Arcueid when he stumbles into her dream. It is sure to hit eighteen times when used against Shiki to one up cutting her into seventeen pieces.
God-King Ghidora chapter 33 . 1/21
I have to agree with Gojifan323, Harry's growth from the books was to symbolize It would be amazing development and epic story telling if Harry grew from this anti social immature book warm to the more noble, warm, loving, and honorable hero we see in the Harry Potter books and movies. That would be great development.
Guest chapter 33 . 1/21
I hope Wizarding Britain is restored as a singular moonlit nation again.
Gojifan323 chapter 33 . 1/21
Resourcefulness: Harry showed resourcefulness in many different situations. In his first year, Harry impersonated the Bloody Baron, warning Peeves to stay away from the third floor that night so he wouldn't inconvenience the trio on their quest to save the Philosopher's Stone. In his second year, when encountering Professor McGonagall on his and Ron's way to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, he lied and said that that they were on their way to see Hermione in the hospital wing also in his second year, he used a basilisk fang to destroy Riddle's Diary. In his fifth year, while under interrogation from Umbridge, he relayed a coded message to Snape in an attempt to warn him and by extension the Order, that Voldemort had Sirius. In the same year, while surrounded by Death Eaters Harry came up with the plan to smash the shelves in the Hall of Prophecy as a distraction so that he and the D.A. could try and escape. During the hunt for Horcruxes, he used the Godric Gryffindor's Sword as a way of retrieving Helga Hufflepuff's cup from the mounds of burning treasure and used the half-blind Dragon as a means to escape from Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Harry was also cunning enough that the Sorting Hat heavily considered Sorting him into Slytherin house.

Leadership skills: While Harry never deliberately set out to be a leader to others, he had often taken charge when the situation required it. This began with his impulsive decision to find and warn Hermione about the presence of a troll in the school during the 1991 Halloween feast. It progressed to the point where over thirty students, some of them in their sixth and seventh years — respect him as a teacher in Dumbledore's Army despite his being younger than they were. Dumbledore later noted that Harry was a superior leader to him. Dumbledore had deliberately sought power in his youth and subsequently avoided anything more demanding than his role as Hogwarts headmaster — while Harry had leadership thrust upon. Harry accepted the burden of command, acknowledging his responsibilities towards those who "followed" him. He did this regardless of how uncomfortable he might feel about the prospect and coordinating his efforts against his enemies well, when left with no other option but to take control. Harry's natural talents later served the rest of the wizarding community of Great Britain. In 2007 he was promoted to the Head of the Auror Office, at age 26 and was later made the Head of Magical Law Enforcement. His promotion to these positions of power at relatively young ages demonstrate Harry's natural talent as a commander.

Indomitable will: Harry appears to possess an unbreakable spirit and, though not above depression, he has never truly given up on any mission. He's been shown to rise from defeat and loss, such as the deaths of many loved ones, even stronger than before. His indomitable will is exemplified by his ability to resist the Imperius Curse, and also by the fact that he had never begged for mercy even in life-and-death situations, but fought back in defiance, as well as perform non-verbal spells flawlessly. His inability to perform Occlumency (despite possessing the required willpower) is due to his inability to keep his emotions under control.

Teaching skills: Harry has shown tremendous skill in teaching others. Having mastered many spells at a young age, Harry successfully passed them onto others even when he was still a student himself, giving proper instructions and corrections on how to perform many fields of magic, ranging from the relatively simplistic Disarming Charm to the highly advanced Patronus Charm. Harry's effectiveness as a teacher led many, some even older than him, to choose him over the Ministry-installed professional Dolores Umbridge, and he even returned to Hogwarts to give occasional lectures.
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