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Guest chapter 40 . 6/10
I’ve been having a really difficult week (month, year….) and seeing this update was an unexpected breath of fresh air! I’m really glad you’re back, and hope you’ve been doing well in the meantime :)
Guest chapter 40 . 6/5
thank you so so much for updating! really wish there is more to come soon.
Ryo Oh Ki7 chapter 40 . 6/5
Love love love
Lucio Magno chapter 40 . 6/4
I imagine the following between Rachel and Quinn as a result of this chapter:

Rachel comes to the conclusion that Quinn is not worth having any kind of relationship with, Quinn is too superficial and problematic, she is only interested in other people's opinions, not hers, Quinn did not lose her popularity and with people, she continues to be called manhands, rupaul and other derogatory names, hypothetically speaking, if they were already girlfriends, Rachel would have to endure an abusive relationship always hiding?, if Rachel allows herself to be insulted, Quinn may in the future decide to take her abuse, to a physical one.

Rachel was fed up and just wanted peace to finish fucking school, make it big on Broadway and rub her successes in the faces of her former classmates.

She would face Quinn once and for all, her fury at being locked up was still fresh, on top of everything else she was the one who had to explain herself.

- Quinn! we have to talk now!

Since they were at the school gate, Quinn had to keep up appearances.

- I have nothing to say to you, Rupaul.

- Ok, then I'll give you something to talk to me about...

Rachel slapped Quinn hard, making her turn her face, Quinn was shocked, putting her hand in her cheek.

A very angry Rachel in a tone full of hatred said - I never want to hear from you, ever again, you are dead to me from this moment on.

With that Rachel left, but slowed down a few steps and said - Don't even think of coming to my house looking for me, you are no longer welcome, so if you plan to take revenge for that slap you deserve, you're going to have to wait until tomorrow to order a slushie to be thrown at me, you cowardly bitch, you are a bad person and very superficial, falling in love with you was a mistake and you will never change; if I have trouble socializing, making friends, and self-esteem problems; it's because of you and I can't forgive you anymore, I hope this makes it clear to you that I have no interest in Finn or you, leave me fucking alone, if not tomorrow I will respond to every aggression on your part in a way that you won't like, you didn't want to be my friend, then I'll give you the pleasure of being the enemy of future Broadway star Rachel Barbra Berry.

Quinn, between the slap and everything Rachel said, could not answer anything and watched her walk away, every word and sentence said by Rachel hurt her deeply, apparently she made Rachel reach her limit and decide to think about herself, leaving her behind, when remembering the phrase "falling in love with you was a mistake", she couldn't stop her eyes from filling with tears, Rachel was right, she wasn't worth it and it was too late to apologize, if the other girl had any good feelings towards her, Quinn turned them into hate.
Guest chapter 39 . 5/30
Seeing that you uploaded was the highlight of my day so thank you. I also say that there was a chapter 40 but it seems to be gone, what happened?
wkgreen chapter 39 . 5/25
Welcome back :)

Ackk! That didn't go well for our girls!

Looking forward to reading more :)
Guest chapter 40 . 5/23
Luxpax01 chapter 39 . 5/11
Please, oh please, come back and tell us more of this story. This series is exactly the fanfic I’ve been looking for for over a decade now.
j1020 chapter 39 . 4/14
Just read these two stories is a couple of days (for whatever reason, I'd never read the first in the series back when I was a regular reader of Faberry fic), and I really loved them! I agree with some of your other (way ruder, and frankly, kind of abusive!) reviewers about how hard it is to swallow how awful Quinn is to Rachel, but I also think it's very much in character and also very true to the era. I also feel very strongly that this version of her has not only made leaps and bounds since the first story, but also done so rather quickly (with how rich these two stories are, sometimes it's hard to remember how little time has passed in story-time. Quinn's barely out of her first trimester!). Despite her huge flaws, or maybe because of them, you've written an incredibly compelling version of Quinn Fabray, and also given Rachel a depth that many, if not most, other fanfic writers in this fandom could only aspire to.

I hope you are okay, and that it was simply life taking over that stopped you from continuing with this story and not anything more serious. I will add my vote to the chorus asking for an update: these two need some sort of resolution, and so do those of us who you got hooked on your writing ;)

No matter what, I want to thank you for sharing your talented writing with this fandom. This series is definitely one of the best portrayals of these two characters I've read.
Please Update chapter 39 . 3/3
Please, please, PLEASE update (and eventually complete!) this wonderful story. I’ve been following this since I was a teenager, and as a fully fledged adult now I completely understand how time-consuming real life is, but it could be such a shame for this story to end after all this time and investment. It’s wonderfully written, astutely characterised and so textured. I know a few people aren’t happy with Quinn or the relationship dynamic, but they forget that this story is set in season one / 2009, and this is just a realistic portrayal of what two teenagers stuck in small town America would experience back then (especially one whose parents are like Quinn’s). Please, please update this year! Also hope you’re well :)
Guest chapter 39 . 1/15
I like how you write so please continue this story or at least tell us how you planned this to end. At lease then we would have closure
Guest chapter 1 . 1/13
new chapter in 2024? begging
OllyWritesFFN chapter 39 . 12/25/2023
man i love this story, so so good
lex chapter 39 . 10/9/2023
Confession: I always have this fic open on my phone, buried behind newer tabs. I check periodically to see if it’s been updated and sometimes I stop to reread my favorite chapters. I still hope for an update and that there will be a conclusion for these two. Until then, I’ll be rereading what’s available of the no halo series because I love it that much. Thank you for what you have written so far. I hope you know how much your work is appreciated.
anan0maly chapter 39 . 9/2/2023

I’m never sure how to start a review, so bear with me. I rediscovered NAtFYH a few nights ago. I remember reading some of it when you first started posting but I either got caught up in writing (and not finishing) my own fics or left the fandom altogether after a while. I realised I hadn’t finished NAtFYH when I read through it and was pleasantly surprised to find its sequel. I found it hard to get through some of the bullying Rachel faced (particularly the locker room scene when they dumped her in the boys locker room) but it’s a testament to your writing that I kept going. I have loved witnessing their character growth and in this sequel, I really like how you’ve been tying in the episodes, with subtle changes here and there. The Keep Holdin On number had me youttubing that scene, which I have to admit, I’ve avoided watching Glee scenes for a long time - I think I even missed a lot of episodes/seasons at the end.

Anyway, I digress. I just wanted to leave a message to say that I love your writing style. You’ve done an amazing job fleshing out these characters, and I appreciate you sharing your writing with the world. I know you may never get to finishing this fic, but wanted you to know it’s loved and probably revisited by lots of people endlessly. Thank you again for putting a part of yourself and your writing out there for all of us to enjoy.
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