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Midnight chapter 39 . 9/13/2022
I’ve been keeping up with this for a few years now, and thank you so much for continuing to update!
I can’t wait to read what’s next because that’s such a sad note to end on
I’ll wait patiently for whatever comes next, because I know it’ll be worth it :)
Faberry fan chapter 1 . 8/19/2022
I just read this story for the 100th time, still so good. I hope you planning to post a few more chapters before the year ends.
Guest chapter 39 . 8/13/2022
I miss this story so much I actually dreamed it got updated today lol
shr0udme chapter 39 . 7/3/2022
I am never not thinking about this story. That second to last chapter made me realize that they hadn't even kissed with tongue yet? I can't wait for the fanfare that will come along with Quinn's decision to give herself up in that way to Rachel. And omg, Quinn is still here basically at the beginning of her pregnancy. There is so much left to go and I'm so pleased that you're still writing this. You're a fabulous storyteller, please please continue!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/23/2022
I'm sure we might be really annoying you but we just love this fanfic. I hope you post soon, I'm really missing it and curious about what will happen. You have a brilliant mind.
RabbitHole chapter 39 . 6/8/2022
I admit, Never Asked to Feel Your Halo was one of my comfort fics back in the day. This week for some reason I'm back on my Faberry nonsense. Imagine the rollercoaster of emotions I went through when I realised that not only was that fic completed, but there was a sequel! Surprise, elation, then sadness (ah it is incomplete, and was published in 2015, guess I'll never have closure), then joy (wait a minute, this says updated in MAY, as in May this year of our lord, 2022?! Hallelujah!). I hope that you will continue writing this fic, it really is one of my favourites!
Guest chapter 39 . 6/6/2022
This story has me in tears
Guest chapter 1 . 6/4/2022
I just watched the music videos from Glee and now I am craving your story so much. I don't know why this always happen. I'm probably gonna start reading it again for the 100th time. I hope you post again boo. Excellent writing and portrayal of Rach and Q.
ilovepizza chapter 1 . 5/30/2022
Hey. These two chapters are the best thing I have received lately. Thank you so much. Rachel and Quinn break my heart do much but I am still rooting for them. I really need to see their HEA. I think its going to be so sweet and rewarding after do many trials and tribulations. I have a good feeling that this is the year that we will get all the chapters. I have been praying for you to get motivation. Much love
Bloodangel101 chapter 39 . 5/15/2022
break my heart. don't stop there. I'm in tears this great story telling. I'm still rooting for quinn and Rachel but how too come together after such great points have been made but such love. quinn should really talk to someone hell Rachel really needs to talk to someone like Brittany or something. some heeling I'm crying
Ryo Oh Ki7 chapter 39 . 5/15/2022
LOVE love love
Guest chapter 39 . 5/12/2022
Hey, just dropping by to say that I really love how you’ve written the story so far :) I think the way quinn struggles and nesses up is pretty realistic, I mean, you don’t really get over a lifetime of indoctrination after 3 months lol
importantguest01 chapter 39 . 5/12/2022
I love the story, but I hate all the characters except Rachel, I imagine the following situation between her and Quinn...

Rachel, a little tired of having everyone against her, checks her MySpace account and sees that someone contacted her to collaborate with a female youtuber, this person lives in a trailer, she as the star she pretends to be, seems pretty cool about this, so she agrees to collaborate with her, as she has a good number of views and likes, they make more and more videos, gaining Rachel popularity in social networks, and she is even asked for autographs at McKinley, a controversial video is one where Rachel says what she thinks of her classmates without giving names, but it was seen by the whole school.

Youtuber: So Rachel, in this video about answering questions, I ask you the following question, which people do you dislike in high school and why?.

Rachel: Honestly? there are several people, I don't want to say any name.

Youtuber: That's not necessary, but please answer the question.

Rachel: Ok, here we go, first there is a boy who can't hide his homosexuality, despite being discriminated and bullied, he picks on anyone who doesn't dress well, being the most hypocritical and superficial person in the world, he hangs out with a black girl, the typical one who thinks everyone will discriminate her because she is that race, she pretends to get all the solos for her race and not for working hard, they think I don't realize that they talk behind my back, but I don't answer them, because they are not worth it as people.

Youtuber: Wow! it looks like these people hurt you pretty bad.

Rachel: They are not the worst, I'll keep telling you...

Youtuber: Go ahead...

Rachel: Then there is a Latina, who is a whore and is destined to be with a girlfriend, who is the stupidest being in the world, she is so in love to tell you that she is actually a genius, but any institution that gives her a chance, is clearly using taxpayer money or the girlfriend is just as much of a whore as giving other types of services to said institution.

Youtuber: Is this the person you hate the most?.

Rachel: Maybe... only one person could compete for that position, I thought I could be friends with the queen of the school, the most popular girl, I envy her ability to feel nothing, let alone remorse, she must be the most cynical person I have ever met in my life, the world gives her everything, for being aesthetically pretty, but she hasn't earned it, she has problems with her parents, problems of all kinds, I, like a stupid girl, have always been by her side in difficult times, but I'm tired of it, I don't want to forgive her anymore and sometimes I wish I had never met her.

The youtuber who, after making several videos with her, got to know her better and responded to her...

- Don't be sad Rach, this person doesn't value you, I say it here so that it's recorded in the video, you can always count on me, you know what I'm going to do?.

- What?.

- From now on this is our channel, we are a great couple to create content on social media, we can also be a couple in other ways...

- What are you talking about? (Rachel blushed heavily).

- I know we like each other, we have good chemistry, but the physical part is missing, I don't want to owe any course, this collaborations to gain views, subscribers and likes, were partly an excuse to spend more time together...

- I agree, as we collaborated in several videos, we got to know each other more, I find you quite attractive, your personality is unique, that's why it's not strange that so many people follow you on social media...

- Please Rachel, be my girlfriend, so I can kiss you.

- Hahaha if you kiss me, you might get your video deleted...

- I don't care, do you accept or not? I'm so nervous...

- I would love to be your girlfriend, now turn off the video so we can start our relationship properly.

- Well people, I have to go, I have to attend to a certain lady, see you in the next video... you are going to see possibly a Facebook status change very soon, bye.

It was more than obvious what they were both going to do by cutting the video, also understood by a certain blonde McKinley student who had been less than happy with the end of the video.

Rachel since hanging out with that girl, they had made videos with more than 1 million plays, on Youtube, also enjoying good popularity on Instagram and TikTok, there were many shippings of the two of them as a couple, at school, many wanted to have lunch or be with Rachel, instead of throwing slushies at her face, they offered her slushies to drink, and all kinds of gifts and letters, congratulating her on her relationship with the youtuber.

- Hi Rachel, can we talk?.
- I'm very busy Quinn, in a little while, I have to go...
- I imagine you got to shoot some video with your new girlfriend...
- Not this time, I have to upload some videos for Instagram, in collaboration with the people from Nike, you know the sneaker brand...
- Yes I know Nike, are you going to change broadway for Youtube?.
- This popularity I'm going to use it to release songs on Spotify, maybe that will get me jobs on Broadway or Hollywood, we'll see, as long as it lasts, I'm going to enjoy it and my girlfriend.
- Do you want to continue being my friend Rachel?.

Rachel with a lopsided smile, answered...

- No, but you can be a follower and don't forget to click on the bell to receive notifications about the videos, your dislikes and those of people without subscribers who make up the glee club, help me get sponsors, like Nike, Coca Cola or Disney.

- I'm not joking Rachel!.

- Me neither Quinn! I'm tired of your problems, I don't want to be with a person who lowers my self-esteem every time, now i'm more popular than you but I got it with my talent, you don't have anything I want or anything to offer, you would have appreciated me from the moment you met me but you decided to be my enemy and now you're gonna have to live with your choice , in my life you and the Glee Club, represent my biggest haters and nothing else, you are all dead for me, I am going to upload a special video dedicated to all of you, so that you understand the type of relationship that we are going to have from now on.
Guest chapter 39 . 5/12/2022
wooohooo you're back! xoxox
bproofmgmt chapter 39 . 5/12/2022
excellent updates, thank you!
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