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Guest chapter 103 . 11/20
Why is it always the good stories :(
sulfur angel chapter 103 . 11/13
Well, it was good- no, it was GREAT while it lasted. You wrote a literary behemoth, and I mean that in the best way. Over 100 chapters, over 1 3/4 MILLION words, and it was all well-written - none of that slapped-together-without-proofreading garbage that is so (unfortunately) common on this site! This is a story that set the bar high, but also shows what fanfiction CAN be.

I'm sad to see it go, but I won't force the issue. You got your reasons, and they are valid. Don't try forcing an author (including/especially yourself) to write if they aren't feeling it. At best, the end result will be lousy.

Thank you so much for writing this, and...
*holds up a bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red*'s looking at you, kid.
kauetheadventurer246 chapter 103 . 11/3
God damn it, I really enjoyed this fanfic and now hearing that it will never be finished really pisses me off. Yet another failed fanfic, what a disappointment.
Jimmy K.I. 7 chapter 103 . 11/2
I understand.
Thanks for writing this story.
It really help me a lot how writing and reading is fun and interesting.
Guest chapter 103 . 10/31
Another fic abandoned and loyal fans hurt… Like Disney and Star Wars.
Guest chapter 103 . 10/31
Well my heart just shattered into so many pieces even yellow couldn’t put it back together, but it’s not going to stop me from wishing you all the best.
guest chapter 103 . 10/30
if the characters could react:
Dipper: well I can't say I'm too upset that people won't see me be put through hell and back.
Amber: Well I do feel disappointed, I do believe the the author should do whats right for herself.

in all seriousness good luck
Undertaleman5 chapter 103 . 11/1
Alright...everyone? Your sadness and such is fully valid, but I need to someone who is absolutely both going through Alot and who's been hurt by this, this is not Jens fault and hating on her will just make it worse.

I'm not going to trauma dump, but I've been struggling with mental health issues myself this year, Again, your feelings are valid, but as someone who's also hurt by this? Trying to force or hate Jen into doing things isn't going to help anything, all it will do is continue to hurt someone else. And as i can verify? Going through things with people while being treated like your mental health issues are secondary to you doing is absolute hell.

We can keep things alive through being the Fandom, through making or supporting stories on it and such. Just...Please, it's a terrible situation all around and none of us are the enemy, all we can do is make sure is that this isn't forgotten nor will it die. Please...
twilightnite13 chapter 102 . 11/1
I have to say that was a really good chapter of your awesome story MiniJen I hope to read the next chapter soon XD.
Change chapter 103 . 10/30
Ah 2020-2021: the 1-2 years of a decade change; a pandemic; the ensuing changes in families, societies, and governments; etc. Both old TV shows of the past decade have ended, and so too, with time, do the fanfics that authors write for said shows. But hopefully we all can have new things to look forward too. I recall the quote saying "don't be sad that it ended, be happy that it happened." And I think that is most fitting for this situation. Best of luck to you in all that you do and have a nice day.
Guest chapter 103 . 10/30
coyoteprime1100 LAY OFF! they have a right to not do this story, and to be cruel and demand that they do, when dealing with their mental health and a loss, just shows how selfish you are.
Eliwood chapter 103 . 10/30
Well that's a pity, but not surprising.I really enjoyed this fic even if a lot of the chapters were too similar to the canon episodes. Well I hope you good luck on at least give us your vision or a summary of the ending at least, maybe not now but at least when your ready.
Guest chapter 103 . 10/30
Reading through this, my heart dropped into my stomach, but I entirely understand. Reading UF has inspired me through its intricate, beautiful use of language, and through the awesome gravity that each new episode brought to the story. I'm sad to see it go, but I'm so, so grateful that I could experience it while it lasted. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I hope that your next endeavors receive the appreciation they deserve.
Guest chapter 103 . 10/30
why? bring it back
givelove1morechance chapter 103 . 10/31
As someone who writes both for fun and professionally, I understand the toll of creative burnout and how working on a big project for so long can turn a once enjoyable project into a burden. Your mental and creative health should come first. Though a small part of me is sad to see this story go unfinished, I'm more than ready to read and support your other works. Best of luck and well wishes your way, now I'm off to start Key to the Kingdom!
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