Reviews for Universe Falls
Goku275 chapter 45 . 7h
Oh I know "Dipper's" REAL name...
Guest chapter 99 . 10/22
I can't wait for weirdmageden
willam and jack and jake chapter 99 . 15h
love it well done
Goku275 chapter 58 . 10/22
I actually LOVE Dipifica!
Goku275 chapter 46 . 10/22
Jasper may be a jerk...but she is also LEGIT.
Goku275 chapter 15 . 10/21
Goku275 chapter 99 . 10/18
THIS STORY IS GETTING MORE AND MORE AWESOME WITH EVERY CHAPTER! PLEEEEEASE keep up the LEGIT work! I am DEFINITELY looking forward to the next chapters! I CANNOT wait! :)
CLBONE13 chapter 99 . 10/17
Okay, this was a chapter that felt STOCKED with foreshadowing. And it was AWESOME! That is all.
SomeGuy2020 chapter 99 . 10/15
This couldnt have been handled any better. I cant wait until we get more out of this AU in the sequel and im even more excited to see what youve planned for the other AUs. Well done.
twilightnite13 chapter 99 . 10/14
I got a BAAAAAD Feeling about what'll hapen when he finds out about Bill...
OMAC001 chapter 99 . 10/14
Nice chapter. Great to see the Reverse-verse in writing. Can't wait for the next one!
coronadomontes chapter 99 . 10/14
wonderful and thanks,
Marius Wales chapter 99 . 10/14
Does Reverse Pacifica remind anyone else of Leni from The Loud House?

Also, it's still so weird to see Connie and Pacifica working together. It feels like yesterday when Connie wanted to leave Pacifica to get shredded by that windmill in The Golf War. I don't know... Connie's flipping weird. XD
King of 2211 chapter 99 . 10/14
And finally, we meet Steven Diamond! Wow, he is a snob. Facing opposites, who are (almost) evil, is one of the more trippier aspect of any hero story and this one delivered so much in a small amount of time.

Loved this beginning and super excited to see Blue Dipper and Red Mabel soon!
Z-King chapter 99 . 10/13
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