Reviews for The Dragon of Duskendale
AnthonyR89 chapter 27 . 7/3/2021
so, I'm guessing he left the ironborn off the leash as far as the westerlands are concerned.
AnthonyR89 chapter 22 . 7/3/2021
now why did you have to kill elia? not that I wasn't expecting it when you had her stupidly return to King's Landing for no good damn reason.
AnthonyR89 chapter 21 . 7/3/2021
eh. both the North and Dorne are the two kingdoms that could secede from the rest of Westeros and make it stick. and Ned would be completely justified in doing so.
AnthonyR89 chapter 10 . 6/30/2021
honestly I expected it to be either Barristan or his aquire.
AnthonyR89 chapter 4 . 6/30/2021
if he were smart, he'd smuggle Elia and her children out of the city and either to Duskendale, Dragonstone, or Dorne.
picking-up-story-from-abadoned chapter 72 . 6/29/2021
I love you for this amazing work of art
Eluvia Umbra chapter 72 . 5/21/2021
Awesome story, I loved it~!
The Coin chapter 71 . 5/15/2021
thank you for this story
The Coin chapter 72 . 5/15/2021
It was wonderful. You did a great job.
ceburek chapter 11 . 4/30/2021
I don't know why but I hate Raeghar and all this story about "love" between him an Lyanna ...I always thought it's unrealistic and stupid... frustrating
rmw5763 chapter 72 . 4/29/2021
Thank you so very much. Has been a wild ride. In the end Aelor was just a man,I Absolutely can't fault his decision's because I would probably have done the same. Glad you spared Tyrion. Great story! Screw who don't like it, don't read it. :)
Aetherium21 chapter 48 . 4/20/2021
Ugh this better not be some instantly fall in love horseshit Jaehaerys is about to pull
WhyNotBacn chapter 72 . 4/19/2021
10/10 story dude. I fucking loved it
Natman717 chapter 72 . 4/2/2021
Great story, I feel like I might have read this already but I can’t remember at this point. No matter what, I thought it was an amazing journey.
Enigmation chapter 72 . 3/18/2021
I utterly love this story. Both its ups and downs, good and bad parts all. Its a wonderful take on a asoif fanfic and a pretty damn fine read. The characters pull at your heartstrings and even at Aelor's worse, I find myself somehow rooting for him. Both to succeed and to find his place back into the light. But most of all, I love his interactions with his children, sired or not. It brings focus back to his goal, always for family, for the Targaryen name. Its beautiful as well as sad how he turned out. Thanks for sharing this author!
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