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Darth Krande chapter 64 . 12h
Desperate moves causing blatant mistakes, right? It's oddly beautiful how you swapped the roles with not Marvy being the one to reach such level of silly mistakes.
He's a shockingly interesting character, this way. And I like how Harry is going on with these changes from canon.
hypercell chapter 33 . 9/19
So everyone but Voldemort gets a second chance in Dumbledore's book?
Interesting sorry so far. Beautifully writen.
Darth Krande chapter 62 . 9/19
Second-gen deatheaters. Should I say, dear Marvy, well deserved? Just when he finally got to face his own prudishness!
atymer chapter 83 . 9/19
I wonder how long Dumpy's insecurities will last. It is interesting to see his reputation and influence fade. He spent a lot of time leaving Harry hanging in the wind of the fickle public opinion and now is experiencing the same disregard. I am curious if he will find obscurity painful and make one last grandiose effort to regain his status.
I suppose time will tell.

Alas dear author, you may need to stir the caldron and create an OC for the vacant position in Hogwarts. I cannot think of a canon character that would would fit. Good luck.
Vkw10 chapter 66 . 9/19
I'm re-reading since you've added so many chapters in the last few months. Your story is even better than I remembered. I love this chapter, especially the way you show the mix of apprehension and joy that accompanies welcome changes in life.
Stina Leffel chapter 83 . 9/17
Hello again! Lovely chapter. So Amelia and Marvolo will not end up together after all... I thought you were going there, but your reasons not to seems sound. Thank you for writing!
Scribed-42 chapter 83 . 9/18
This story hasn't lost its original premise (a look into a reasonable relationship between Harry and Voldemort) and after so many chapters and plot bunnies that is truly an amazing accomplishment. So kudos for that. My only warning/worry would be introducing yet another original character to the story. I truly believe that too many of these remove me from the Harry Potter fanfic suspension of belief I try to keep while I'm reading an AU fic. My advice is to stick with a well known character such as Fluer DeLecure or at most a marginalized character such as Dorcas Meadows. You have A LOT of characters in this fic, as well as multiple story lines. My advice is to keep this character known but marginalized. I hope my opinion helps, and as always, thank you for taking the time and effort to write for us. You really are talented.
Darth Krande chapter 58 . 9/18
With all the good-intense feel of this chapter I had to laugh at the AN comment on not sharing Yaxley's views. I really thought you should have insead explained you disagree with Greyback :D Sorry.

Btw I still have no idea where Umbridge disappeared. Was she eaten already?
Darth Krande chapter 57 . 9/18
Anyway, an auror looking for direcions for someone undoubtedly practiced in combat is not necessarily a sign of a deatheater. It's an instinct, a great one, to follow someone who knows what to do - the other option is to panic, and following a leader might mean better chances of survival then, say, screaming or casting random curses. I suppose, when under attack, you won't be like "but his former self killed the uncles I don't even remember". It's a case of " ally or liability" and since the werewolves are unlikely to make distinctions, a former enemy is just as much a target.
I'm an all-out Hufflepuff and in this case I would follow Marvy's lead without a second thought.
Darth Krande chapter 56 . 9/18

I've been thinking. Fudge said Umbridge would be kissed soonish. There was no Wizengamot meeting since, and there isn't even a talk about her anymore. Please reassure me! There's a fan theory (a quite popular and reasonabled one) that U!bridge had been kissed once, and the dementor died. It isn't the case here, right?
FlowerChild23 chapter 83 . 9/18
lol. oh man. cant wait to see what the dark lord and bones think about the article about them.
Darth Krande chapter 55 . 9/18
I laughed more at the last scene than I should have. Poor Marvy with his academic knowledge on theory. I'm sorry but I laughrd soooooo hard. Also, poor Malcolm. :D
Darth Krande chapter 54 . 9/18
There's some real cuteness in this, feels so great.
silverrain-shiningsun chapter 1 . 9/17
Ch 83: The Slytherin’s were should be the Slytherins were (plural, not possessive)
Their mother still insist should be their mother still insists
Great story. Thank you for all your work on it, and for sharing it here. I can’t wait to see more!
silverrain-shiningsun chapter 83 . 9/17
Professors beside should be professors besides
A small courtesy should be a small curtsy
Belief should be betrayed (be·lie
past tense: belied; past participle: belied
(of an appearance) fail to give a true notion or impression of (somethingdisguise or contradict.
"his lively alert manner belied his years"
synonyms:contradict, be at odds with, call into question, show/prove to be false, disprove, debunk, discredit, controvert, negate; formalconfute
"his eyes belied his words"
fail to fulfill or justify (a claim or expectationbetray.
"the notebooks belie Darwin's later recollection")
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