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Starfire23 chapter 74 . 5/21
I love this story, and I'm glad you haven't abandoned it or slapped on an ending as so many of the longer stories tend to. My only comments for what I would like to see happen is Marvolo find someone he can love, not just a marriage of convenience. I'm a bit of a romantic. I'm also curious to know what Ginny's sketch was that displeased her so. Anyway, thanks for your continued brilliance. :D
dnaomic chapter 74 . 5/20
As always, thanks
Siebenschlaefer chapter 74 . 5/20
Thanks for this chapter. Ha the fearsome Longbottom matriach takes the stage :) I hope the adoption problems will be solved fast and I am curious to see who was behind the changes in the adoption law. Mmh so Albus is getting better, and he is reflecting and sees that his behaviour was dangerous. Let's see where he goes from there and how he behaves when he is completely healed and released. I really like that Albus strange behaviour was based on illness. And I really love these small and simple father and son moments. They show nicely how far Harry and Marvolo have come already. But the matter with his name also showed how much they still had to do. Thanks again. I look forward to the next one.
Montara chapter 74 . 5/20
Thank you for the AN, it means a lot!

Something is telling me Harry will let Marvolo call him by his name soon. They are getting close. Harry's just not sure how to act right now.
Dragonjek chapter 44 . 5/17
Dumbledore's been off his rocker in this story for a while, but his POV in this chapter could well be the least sane. Damn.
Albertasteinthe21st.genius chapter 74 . 5/15
Make way for Madame Longbottom! :)
181513 chapter 74 . 5/15
I have to say so far this has been one of the best stories I have read in a while. My only complaint has been that the transition between Voldemort and Marvolo was a little too quick, but I feel like the way you did it was really good. It’s intriguing to think that he lost his sanity and you can see the transition his character goes through as more and more of his soul gets whole.

Concerning who Harry/Marvolo ends up with, I agree with whoever said Madame Bones, I actually thought that was where you were going with it way before you thought about it. As for Harry, I thought Hermione or Luna would be a good option.
Risika67 chapter 11 . 5/14
Ugh, like bitch doesn't know what retirement means.
Jadzia chapter 73 . 5/13
I'm current now and very much looking forward to the rest. I promise never to fuss about updates because I hate when people do that to me. Your story is very well done technically, and the plot is intricate without being overly difficult to follow. Pacing remains excellent.
Jadzia chapter 72 . 5/13
Amelia and Marvolo would be an interesting pairing. Maybe she's somewhat asexual, too - they could have children through potions? Raise the babies and be best buds?

This story is so good!
Risika67 chapter 10 . 5/13
That's quite a trip. If he could have would he have shared her because she family...
Serpent91 chapter 74 . 5/13
Well written indeed! I really do love this story!
Jadzia chapter 69 . 5/13
Marcus! I love it. Of course there are more of Slytherin's descendants running around. In canon, there's no information on how many children Sal fathered. So let's say he had at least one son and one daughter. Probably more, as the mind set at the time was that only half your children would survive infancy. So maybe he had four children that survived to reproduce. We don't know when the surname died out or was changed to avoid attention or scandal or whatever. So there could be literally several dozen children that can claim Slytherin as a direct ancestor. It'd be cool if some were squibs, too.
Jadzia chapter 67 . 5/13
The twins and their Mom should be from Quebec; it's not unreasonable that a native Quebecois would visit London and want to sample the local cuisine (Sirius). It's more likely they'd all speak English as well as French, too.

My initial response was "Squee! Twin girls for Sirius!" I love this story to the point I'm rec'ing it to people that ask for recs.

How does an Heiress handle the name issue? Will Hermione need to marry someone that'll take the LeStrange name, or is the title sufficient? Will she have the actual title, or will her husband be granted it, assuming she marries a man? I know a lot of times in Victorian England the names and titles didn't match up, as the titles were often based on place names.

Oh, I also think Marvolo and Malcolm has potential. *g*
Jadzia chapter 66 . 5/13
Ahhhh! Snape is procreating. That's awesome!
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