Reviews for Benefits of old laws
Guest chapter 7 . 7/15
It makes no sense to change Harry's name. It's literally the only thing he has from his parents
Shieldage chapter 59 . 7/15
Heh. For someone who might have a similar problem as Marvolo does in finding a date, please check out a story by esama called Visionary over in Archive of Our Own. Recent graduate Orochimaru has never had a crush on someone, but he finds a walking scientific anomaly with unique anatomical configurations who is way more skilled then him. He spends so much time studying their unique biology and mindscape that he doesn't notice for a long time that he's falling in love with the person as a whole.

Anyway, great story you have here. Nice awkwardness and revelations. Poor Fawkes.
marvinkitfox1 chapter 5 . 7/15
So the law gives Voldemort a clean slate, starting from his rebirth ritual? Ok, SO WHAT?
He still used a crucio or two on Harry AFTER his rebirth, last I heard those were a quick one-way to Azkaban?
Jaden 'Birdie' Blythe chapter 58 . 7/15
Oh, it looks like a younger son is going to be a new Lord. Naugty, naughty Yaxley!
automaton14 chapter 70 . 7/12
I just want to say that I think I love Nagini. We need more of her. She's adorable!
Phoenix Moon 00 chapter 78 . 7/12
It took me six days to finish this story and I'm officially addicted! Your focus on their minds as they go through these changes in lifestyle, and coming across adversaries is so incredible! I absolutely love it! I can't wait for more! Happy writing!
tanithlipsky chapter 78 . 7/12
very good
Shieldage chapter 28 . 7/11
Great story so far. Heh, could see Marvolo talking Albus into disarming the flooded Inferi alongside him in 'exchange' for removing the curse and have Albus directly claim the bodies for identification and internment that Marvolo doesn't want to handle. Good complications. Nice behind the scenes on hiring Umbridge.
debygoebel chapter 78 . 7/10
Great chapter
Crazy to see the conversation
About Sirius
Wanting to know his daughters
Liked how the wisangmut session whent, Amus being the one does make sense I guess.
Hope the teacher is not just putting blame on Marcus for nothing
Serpent91 chapter 78 . 7/9
Well written indeed. I look forward to the next chapter.
Heart-adore.dramione chapter 78 . 7/9
hope sam find what he is after! nice scene with agatha and the other...
Jaden 'Birdie' Blythe chapter 57 . 7/9
I started reading this fix a couple years ago before you had your betas (and before it was this long) and I'm so glad I decided to download the FFN reader onto my phone! Your story was a favourite of mine.
In America, a Bay window doesn't always reach to the ground. It generally starts just a few inches under the window so you can have a padded bench to sit on.
FlowerChild23 chapter 78 . 7/9
Oh man this should be good
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 78 . 7/9
Awesome! He has made contact!

I wonder how the lineage potion is getting on?

Maybe tracking severe accidental magic might be able to identify children at risk of abuse or being abused !
Siebenschlaefer chapter 78 . 7/9
Marcus is so sweet and I like the dynamic between him and Marvolo in this chapter. Amos Diggory, mmh that was a surprise, never would have guessed. Thanks for the update.
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