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Gogglegirl chapter 59 . 10/17
Nice update! Harry is completely In-Character here, his temper flaring up big time at cruel prejudices yet he feels horrified at the thought of hurting a kid.
I'm glad that Snape was able to warn Marvolo about Dumbledore going around the bend. No matter what Rowling claims, the old man is either an idiot or manipulative. It's kind of good that he's starting to go around the bend thanks to paranoia, since that means his friends will hopefully notice that his age is affecting his judgement and so they'll help him. I don't see your rendition of Dumbledore as evil; to me he's a VERY misguided old man who's falling more and more as the years go by.

Yikes, hormones! It's realistic that Harry would start to be affected by them, I guess; I'm asexual so have no experience with that.
Dark Serpent Cat chapter 59 . 10/17
I wish Harry would have been bi-sexual at least, although I favor m/m due to being gay.

Actually it would definitely be funny if Riddle ended up attracted to Sirius but I think your Riddle might be Asexual. I could be wrong of course

Will Riddle see about the charms incorporating the charms on the Black Tapestry as a means to find more squib heritage? From what I remember reading in previous chapters, it doesn't seem like the tapestry works that way but maybe Riddle can somehow discuss creating a new charms based on the ones on the tapestry as an alternative to the Goblins potion

Actually I would like to see a meeting with the Goblins, Slytherin and Harry maybe even from said Goblins pov. Also what's happening with Firenze and can we see Hagrid some more?
Feanor-dutch chapter 59 . 10/14
Hermione is so annoying! Very well done just like canon.
Locket1 chapter 59 . 10/13
what a joy of a story. looking forward to more in amongst the hsutle and bustle of real life
AnotherGuest chapter 59 . 10/12
It's a good thing Snape caught wind of Dumbledore's latest plot! And I'm curious how Snape will pull off his entry into society. And for all the attraction... well, I feel with Marvelo on this. Totally.
PikaMew1288 chapter 41 . 10/11
I wonder what would happen if Tom just Obliviated Bellatrix of ALL of the years that she has served him since she joined him?
PikaMew1288 chapter 34 . 10/11
Tom should place one of his Horcruxes in a place that is under Fidelus so that no one will ever find it.
PikaMew1288 chapter 25 . 10/11
The thought of a Order member and a Death Eater working together amuses me greatly. It is too bad that Marvolo can't just download the memories of the soul fragment into Harry while extracting it. It would have Harry learn everything that he needs to learn quickly after all.
PikaMew1288 chapter 21 . 10/11
Snape should go to the Room of Requirement and ask it for a way to access the book that has all of the future magical students without breaking the wards.
Mistress DragonFlame chapter 59 . 10/10
Voldemort is struggling with the finer aspects of attraction, I see.
nintschibintschi chapter 59 . 10/10
thanks for a new Chapter :) as always great to read
musme chapter 59 . 10/9
I love it
tanithlipsky chapter 59 . 10/9
very good
Mojo the big jojo chapter 59 . 10/9
I'am baaaaaack !
So much time since my last review ... I am so ashamed ...
Don't worry I am still reading your incredible story ! And this last few chapters ! Whaou they are very good. Things are moving with the stupid death eaters (I don't really remember his name). I think Marvolo need to remember his minions that he is always right even when he is wrong !

I like Harry's development. He is very attached to Marvolo and vice versa. That cute but there still some issues in this relationship and you keep talking about them that's perfect it's not like in other story where there push under the rag :)

By the way I don't kniw if you remember but I am a supporter of Marvolo and Dirous in couple (yeah I like difficult relationship I am sorry for you as an author they must be horrible to write) sooooo ... this is a message for all the wizards and witchs :
Get away from Marvolo ! You nasty little things ! He is already taken ! Mouhahah !

Ok i stop here with the weird thoughts :)
Good luck for the things you have to do in the real life and thank you very much for the last chapters ! They are so cool !

Amour, tendresse et chocolat
TwiSagaLover chapter 59 . 10/8
Love love love
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