Reviews for Benefits of old laws
abarai72 chapter 12 . 5/26
who in the hell would allow themselves to be taken in by their parents murderer in any capacity. you started this story after the 4th book and still thought this was a good idea. how? it's utterly ridiculous. the writing and grammar and plot planning are great but the premise is absolute dog shit. no hard feelings but this story should not have made it to 100k words.
djhay4 chapter 109 . 5/8
I forgot how much I love this story! I am so glad I found it again. It's amazing how you were able to use the Vassal concept to explain why Marvolo had to kill, or have them kill themselves and it not be truly a negative thing. You did such a great job with having his compassion improve slightly with each horcrux he eliminated. It's one of the stories that just makes me excited to read again.
Guest chapter 109 . 4/7
Я плачу
summer164 chapter 11 . 4/8
Nice to see the changes that vgon. And squibs are such an overlooked and vulnerable part of the population. I never got why wizards never made the obvious connections that Squibs could be the reason behind the muggleborns.
maiqsmail chapter 109 . 3/31
Wow. Thanks for the ride. It was surprisingly wholesome and sweet. Thank you.
Lyrika18 chapter 13 . 3/29
This is the second time I have read this story, and I love it. My favorite Harry Potter fanfic’s to read are when Voldemort is Harry father/ mentor. Also love the essay idea as punishment I have never heard of any parents that do that, and if I ever have kids one day I am definitely going to use that method.
maiqsmail chapter 94 . 3/26
I refuse to believe that, throughout the whole stay in French manor, Sirius Black did not show off his animagus form! How come?
maiqsmail chapter 90 . 3/24
I wanted to note how the author overplays, again, the bitter irrationally unfounded hatred towards Slytherin line, this time with Amos Diggory POV.
But is there something else in common here?
Dumbdumb turned out to be corrupted by dark magick. There was talk about McLeggings' girlfriend that she was under some compulsion charms from her expelled boyfriend (any update on that, by the way? I don't even remember anything about her after she was taken by aurors. Was she even expelled?)
Could it be that Amos is similarly affected?
maiqsmail chapter 83 . 3/23
Ah yes, 3th of February. Thirth is my favourite day.
I expected more from the meeting between Marvolo and Amelia. I'm interested what will happen between them next. And is this just me or Marvolo is completely oblivious regarding some areas of life?
That would be hilarious if he re-absorbs another horcrux and suddenly discovers his sexuality.
maiqsmail chapter 79 . 3/22
The madlad made black skinned people into new members of Black House. Now Black can be literally black, huehuehue
maiqsmail chapter 75 . 3/20
Safety of students is the highest priority for Dumbdumb?! Either the old geezer is still affected or he went senile years ago.

Who hid the philosopher's stone in the school? Didn't evacuate the school when there was Basilisk loose and people were petrified instead of killed only due to continuous lucky happenstances? Let could of students to time travel instead of going a visitation route using his high political position? Permitted underage student into magical tournament? I have much more to say, yet my rage prevents me from speaking comprehensibly!
maiqsmail chapter 72 . 3/18
Wow, I completely ignored the possibility of Amelia Bones as his spouse. Now that you said it though...
maiqsmail chapter 69 . 3/18
Hmm, I wonder what changes will Marvolo have after re-integrating a horcrux from Ravenclaw diadem. So far I've noticed nothing new.
maiqsmail chapter 68 . 3/17
Okay, hold the phone, seriously?
The guy works for 2 sickles per day (3,5 galleons per month) plus expenses covered and it's considered a good offer?
With 7 galleons per wand, 17 sickles for galleon, it's solid 2 months of work, no days off to boot, to get a single wand to a first course student. Not even mentioning the rest of supplies.
1k galleons illegal animagus fine was considered hefty, but in this context it would be disastrous if 3,5 galleons per month is at least a passable salary.
And then Black was reimbursed 200k galleons from the ministry and didn't act like it was bigger than already existing Black estates and actives.
Whaaat is this math ...
maiqsmail chapter 67 . 3/17
I can't say I'm a fan of this new parselmagic Harry's using.
I dearly do not wish him to be spoilt into Mary Sue.
And there was no precedent of its use before. Surely if it is so cool and useful, Marvolo would've demonstrated it by now at least once? Even if, as family magick of Slytherin line, they got access to it only after adoption.
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