Reviews for Benefits of old laws
Suratika Gautam chapter 109 . 4/18
this is one of the best i read till now
Punisher's Apprentice chapter 54 . 4/17
I thoight Montague was captain not Warrington
Punisher's Apprentice chapter 49 . 4/17
Didn't Cormac commit attempted murder? Why was he only sent to another school?
Kate Eads chapter 6 . 3/18
I’ve not come across a story this intriguing in quite awhile, I am really liking how you’ve added this obscure old law for good old Voldy to reintegrate himself legally! Is it safe to assume that later chapters will explain how he has “more” of his soul to be on the more sane side?
Edsu-Eji chapter 109 . 3/4
While i usually hate reading epilogues, this one was nice and.. fulfilling, i. The end. I can't say i absolutely loved this fanfic, because i didn't.. there were many ups and downs. But I did like it and epilogue was a fine end.
Edsu-Eji chapter 95 . 3/4
"Somehow Harry felt self-conscious about his wish to become an artist."
Damn, that makes me want to joke about famous German Artist that wasn't famous for his artistic talents, but for how many people he sl ughtered in the war...
Edsu-Eji chapter 73 . 3/3
Imho, that's the good riddance. There's is nothing short of a rabid beast that van be used to describe Fenrir from canon
maiqsmail chapter 78 . 2/24
Looking back, I'm not too sure why I tasted this fic so high on the initial reading. I guess it fitted the emotional state of the moment then, and it's still one of the best mentor!Voldi fics out there.
Sadly, now, on second reading in more sober state of mind and with vast experience I now have in HP fanfics, this one falls a little short. If I had to point out some flaws here, it's too bloated in words, a lot of passages expound on people feelings, versus my preferred way of story telling of people demonstrating their feelings with their actions instead. And it's artificially out of touch with reality the way woke leftists tend to act.
Nobody heavily opposed Voldi adopting Harry because author knew he was "good". Harry's gf is an eccentric Luna and it seems if there was more so called "diverse" girl in Hogwarts, he would be paired with her instead. One of the first projects for Snape was finding a way for gay couples to have kids with a surrogate mother. Wizards trying to return a custom of "kept woman" got life in Azkaban which is unusually harsh and there was no problems with trials, even when it was purebloods using traditions on mudbloods. Most of death eaters turned out to be misunderstood and are actually sweethearts. Sirius Black got paired with literally black girl who is a strong and independent woman. And before that he was openly bisexual.

Make no mistake, it's a pretty good fanfic, but some moments jar me.
maiqsmail chapter 44 . 2/17
Fella should really comb through his author notes as most of the fics he recommends have been abandoned circa 2016.
I do not read unfinished fics on principle, too many heartbreaks after I got overly attached to the story only to abruptely pitch off the story at the "end".
maiqsmail chapter 12 . 2/13
Draco casually calling Potter a "scarhead". Ouch.
maiqsmail chapter 1 . 2/13
Imagine going through long lists of recommendation on mentor!Voldemort and only this *one* has been actually completed.
*sigh* Here I go rereading again...
shizkane chapter 19 . 11/10/2023
Is it wrong that I love Xerxes and Marvolo so much?
shizkane chapter 6 . 11/9/2023
Yes I notice that the old goat hide the fact that marvolo basically free Sirius
shizkane chapter 5 . 11/9/2023
Fuck he will conquer all, he can give severus is rightful chair, he can free Sirius and if give some hearted feeling can give a boy with similar backround the life they both wish they had had... with a comolication that he is the reason harry doesn't have his parents.
Hildygirl chapter 26 . 11/7/2023
Reading this again from start to finish, so excellent !
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