Reviews for Benefits of old laws
Ambaire chapter 25 . 5/16
If the papers can be affected by sorting charms, then why not sort the desired one separately? It would neatly bypass the summoning charm immunity.
Guest chapter 8 . 5/11
The riddle house.
Guest chapter 6 . 5/11
Just wanted to let you know, adoptions don't work like that. BOTH the Adopter and Kid need to AGREE, not just the Adopter in this case Riddle, Harry needs to sign a document too, in which case he needs to go dark..
Guest chapter 25 . 5/8
You don't like Ron, do you?
Guest chapter 10 . 5/7
That shouldn't have been shown, author. This test here shows Blacks and even Malfoys are both closer relatives, making it look silly that Voldy got away with legally adopting Harry. It's already sketchy nonsense from both legal and political angles, we're rolling with it only cos it's the keystone of this fanfic. Should've just implied Voldy bribed/blackmailed/magicked to get that done because now it looks like Sirius can easily take him to court claiming closer relation on top of godfatherhood, especially with the innocent imprisoned without trial card to get the public on his side/threaten Fudge.

You hung yourself with your own rope here. Unless that's exactly what's gonna happen in the following chapters.
Guest chapter 6 . 5/7
Very neat story so far.
wkwestbay chapter 60 . 5/7
roxannemorgan chapter 57 . 5/4
Very good story, very enjoyable!
I expect someone has mentioned this by now, but the RAF (Royal Air Force) motto is "Per ardua ad astra" - 'by hard work', or 'through adversity', or even 'through strenuous effort' - to the stars.
I hadn't come across the 'aspera' version, but given it's the Latin root of words like "aspirations", it is going to be roughly the same concept as the RAF motto.
FotoDi chapter 109 . 4/27
This was truly epic!
Excellent story ark
Believable character development.
Excellent Tension & plot twists.

Your AU portrayal of a “reborn” Marvolo Slytherin — ambitious, powerful and still ruthless leader committed both protecting the small magical world from Muggle exposure and to kickstarting change in the stagnant, prejudiced, inbred magical population in the UK — morphed believably step-by-step a (mostly) law-abiding, visionary, brilliant popular leader and excellent Father. Nicely done!

Your AU Harry actually became a very believable Slytherin.. (Maybe I should call him a true Slythindor!)

I loved that you included caretaker Argus Filch and invented a wonderful & BELIEVABLE backstory! Your portrayal makes sense because Hogwarts Castle did house an extensive collection of Magical Paintings and enchanted artifacts. Who cared for them? Not Madame Pince! Not the House Elves! So, I can see newly instated Headmaster Dumbledore hiring a trained squib artist with a (Muggle) PH.D. in the Arts. Sadly, even liberal progressive Headmaster Dumbledore saw fit to “hide” the squib’s true purpose and allowed him to be viewed as a glorified janitor. If I were Dr. Argus Filch with a hard earned Ph.D. in the Arts, I’d be cranky cleaning up after thoughtless & arrogant magical wiz teenagers.

[JKR never explained why Hogwarts would employ an angry squib as a janitor, who verbally terrorized the students for decades, when the Castle also was bonded with over 100, over-eager House Elves!? Not logical in the least.]

[Professor Filch’s Muggle doctorate in the Arts could have been in...History of Fine Arts, Fine Art Preservation & Restoration, or Art Museum Curator — there are over 31 Art Related Ph.D choices.]

I have a few questions...

What happened to Luna?
What happened to Sirius Black’s twin
Did the Department of Mysteries ever ID &
investigate Henry James Potter Slytherin
for being such a powerful Mage...?
It was interesting that you involved so
many peripheral characters but mostly
ignored Susan Bones & Hufflepuff.
What happened to the Death Eaters?
What happened to the Lastrange “twin
illegitimate sons from South America”?
What did Hermione Grainger, the heiress
Lastrange end up doing? Marrying?

Sequel, Please!

Harry the artist mage, SLYPOT

The career of the magical artist “SlyPot”:
Henry James Slytherin Potter from therapy daubs to Great Masterpieces. Revealed as England’s Greatest Artust. Founder, Director, Curator of the first Magical Art Museum.


The Death of Ariana
The Fractured Soul
The Wizard Behind the Curtain
Red Apron Strings
Mrs. Norris, Art Critic
The Cupboard Under the Stairs
What a Bogart Fears

And the genius behind the living statue garden “HEIRS OF MAGIC” permanently
on display* in the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic, Whitehall.

(*After unknown Terrorists blew up the Statue of Magical Brethren in 2050.)
Snakeystone chapter 70 . 4/26
I like your story, Riddle panicing was funny.
FotoDi chapter 86 . 4/24
A storm? That’s hysterical.
FotoDi chapter 69 . 4/23
Please... it would be hysterical if Nagini had to be interviewed. Can’t you just imagine it?! Some hysterical Twit from the Ministry gets up in arms about allowing a 5-year-old living with an enormous snake.

Harry would laugh... Nagini is the ultimate babysitter and would probably be found either giving Marcus rides around Griffin House while telling him stories or she’d curl up and become Marcus’ own Papasan chair for naps. Marvolo would say something like Nagini is very domesticated and trustworthy. Harry would sabotage that myth by laughingly pointing out that Nagini thinks both he and Marvolo are her “Snakelings” — she’s a bossy mother snake. She-Who-Must-Never-Be-Ignored could give lessons to Molly Weasley on manipulation
FotoDi chapter 13 . 4/22
I live how the Dark Lord just waltzes into Malfoy Manor and demands to use the Family Ritual space... It really speaks not only to the Dark Lord’s mesmerizing magical power/aura but also his amazing skills at persuasion/manipulation.

Think about it... a penniless orphan raised at Wool’s Orphanage, a 19th century Workhouse relic that was ultimately closed due to reports of overcrowding, underfunding, under staffing, and brutally abusive policies.

Intellectually brilliant, ambitious, handsome yet woefully ignorant of the Magical World’s culture and customs, young Tom Riddle arrived at Hogwarts in the Fall of 1938 and was presumed to be a Muggleborn Charity case — a child that worried then Transfiguration Professor Dumbledore. He was sorted into Slytherin, which traditionally housed the wealthy and titled heirs.

Having grown up during a crushing economic Depression, Tom Riddle would have competed for meager food rations, worn used or humble clothing, had little privacy, no luxuries, no resources, and the most rudimentary education (age 4-14 compulsory school).

He would have been taught basic social skills & subservient working class manners, focused on humility and gratitude.

Quote from journalist Peter Paterson who grew up at Spurgeon’s Orphanage in Surrey from 1934-1941 (moved due to The Blitz)

“Spurgeon’s probably hadn’t changed much in the 70 years that preceded my arrival. It was religious, controlling and punitive, placing its faith in cleanliness, corporal punishment and learning by rote. The childcare values embedded in Spurgeon’s strict regime may have been essentially Victorian, but they were shared by much of the rest of British society in the Thirties and Forties. Hugs and kisses, it is true, were absent from my childhood, but it is only thanks to the ‘Spurgeon Way’ of doing things that 70 years later, I can still recite from memory chunks of the Bible and many poems…their approach was crude but effective — the 3 Rs rammed into us by copious use of the cane. Very few boys left without being able to read, write and comprehend basic arithmetic. It was enough to propel me into a career in journalism… The harsh treatment inspired a tremendous camaraderie or emnity among those forced to endure it…(it was) the one place where being illegitimate mattered not the slightest bit… I had become thoroughly institutionalised and content to be so.”

So, 11-year-old Tom Riddle would have had a working-class accent peppered with Cockney slang, he’d have sported a shaved head and worn uniforms, had no expectations of privacy and been afforded only rudimentary hygiene. Post a Great War Economic crisis led to limited resources and overcrowding, Tom would have been quickly weaned of childish dreams and become ruthlessly manipulative — using his good looks, charm, and native intelligence to create well-honed survival skills behind deceptive guileless facades. Tom Riddle was cruelly abandoned to a Muggle crucible which ironically produced the ultimate Slytherin.

Tom’s limited education and taught dpectations created a thirst dod knowledge. He’d have had to develop excellent rote memorization, acute observation and persuasive argumentation skills to excell above his peers and thrive amidst narrow-minded authoritarian Caretakers. Adults who preached humility, gratefulness, obedience, and appropriately lowbrow social expectations.

elocution, dress, deportment, conversation, penmanship, rhetoric, and of his pre-supposed working class status. Educational opportunities and resources would have been scarce. limited skills and due to having been which was at the end of almost a decade of Economic Depression. He was sorted into the House of Slytherin, amidst mostly titles spoiled Pureblood heirs.
Guest chapter 43 . 4/16
it could have been lord Slytherin as DADA teacher
littleone4524 chapter 109 . 4/14
i just...physically have no idea what to do with myself now. like, i just finished it, and i just have no idea what to do. this story has been so different from anything ive ever read before and it holds a place in my heart no story will ever take. you did a really fantastic job writing this!
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