Reviews for Benefits of old laws
maiqsmail chapter 79 . 3/22
The madlad made black skinned people into new members of Black House. Now Black can be literally black, huehuehue
maiqsmail chapter 75 . 3/20
Safety of students is the highest priority for Dumbdumb?! Either the old geezer is still affected or he went senile years ago.

Who hid the philosopher's stone in the school? Didn't evacuate the school when there was Basilisk loose and people were petrified instead of killed only due to continuous lucky happenstances? Let could of students to time travel instead of going a visitation route using his high political position? Permitted underage student into magical tournament? I have much more to say, yet my rage prevents me from speaking comprehensibly!
maiqsmail chapter 72 . 3/18
Wow, I completely ignored the possibility of Amelia Bones as his spouse. Now that you said it though...
maiqsmail chapter 69 . 3/18
Hmm, I wonder what changes will Marvolo have after re-integrating a horcrux from Ravenclaw diadem. So far I've noticed nothing new.
maiqsmail chapter 68 . 3/17
Okay, hold the phone, seriously?
The guy works for 2 sickles per day (3,5 galleons per month) plus expenses covered and it's considered a good offer?
With 7 galleons per wand, 17 sickles for galleon, it's solid 2 months of work, no days off to boot, to get a single wand to a first course student. Not even mentioning the rest of supplies.
1k galleons illegal animagus fine was considered hefty, but in this context it would be disastrous if 3,5 galleons per month is at least a passable salary.
And then Black was reimbursed 200k galleons from the ministry and didn't act like it was bigger than already existing Black estates and actives.
Whaaat is this math ...
maiqsmail chapter 67 . 3/17
I can't say I'm a fan of this new parselmagic Harry's using.
I dearly do not wish him to be spoilt into Mary Sue.
And there was no precedent of its use before. Surely if it is so cool and useful, Marvolo would've demonstrated it by now at least once? Even if, as family magick of Slytherin line, they got access to it only after adoption.
maiqsmail chapter 61 . 3/16
Hmm, Harry no longer have daily calls with Sirius? It would be interesting to hear his opinion on Lord Prince.
maiqsmail chapter 60 . 3/16
You're confusing psychologists with psychiatrists. Mrs Goyle is the former, not the latter.

I also followed Snape's habit and tried black coffee sweetened with honey. It's quite good, thank you.

I must say I really like your idea of negative, previously undocumented, influence on the creator of horcruxes. This is well within canon and there were mentions there how the Dark Lord started off very charming, unlike that snakeface form in later movies.
maiqsmail chapter 57 . 3/16
(additional review for c58)
I feel like you're overdoing the gay rights issue here.
Wizards are using arranged marriages. It's not uncommon to not have love in arranged marriage. It's expected to have a heir in marriage. Taking in account rather liberal views on sexual orientation, is not too far fetched to think that wizards would also ignore the rest of the marriage as long as the pretense is upheld and heir is born. Meaning gays can have their gay shenanigans on the side after fertilizing their spouse once (which could be done in one session considering fertility potions and whatnot). It's not perfect but that would be realistic.
But if you provide privileges for gays like option not too marry, that would be unfair. With this, if someone dislikes a spouse-to-be in arranged marriage, they can suddenly "develop" homosexuality to evade that marriage.

And while we're in it, this two father potion sounds like bullshit. I'm sorry, but it is what it is. If something like that is possible, why noone in centuries has done it in both magic or mundane worlds? Also it's hilarious to think how poor Snape made it work. Shoved a wand into vagina and said "accio eggcell"?
Much more believable approach would be to think wizards developed some sort of advanced adoption ritual that changed bloodline of adoptee into that of a parent.
Which also can be an option for gay marriage, by the way.
maiqsmail chapter 58 . 3/15
I feel like we leave Skeeter out off the picture. More precisely, her animagus secret. Someone somewhere should've used it by now instead of lamenting the slanders of the Daily prophet. In canon, Hermione learnt about her beetle form during GoF which happens before the start of this story.
maiqsmail chapter 52 . 3/14
Next topic: "Let's guess who of the current muggle-born students in Hogwarts near Harry's age is actually a bastard of Sirius Black?"
maiqsmail chapter 49 . 3/14
The session between Mind Healer and Marvolo seems to be cut short? They started talking and suddenly they're saying farewells.
Similar situation, but better made: The Sopranos, sessions between Tony and his shrink.

Eagerly awaiting more news on McLaggen and co trials. Murder attempt and they got a slap on a wrist with expulsion from school and nothing else? This would be ridiculous.

And you're overdoing his ex-gf hateful thoughts. Unless she's under some dark magical influence similar to Ginerva's horcrux possession?
maiqsmail chapter 42 . 3/13
Nice companion for Severus, I quite like her. They seem like a nice match.

I don't think Severus would be physically able to pick up DADA on Dumbdumb offer. Maybe if it's shared between all other teachers. Or even better, make Headmaster do it himself.
Between double spying, potion research, courting Sonja, teaching Potions and attending both teachers and Death eaters gatherings, I'm still surprised Severus has time to sleep.
maiqsmail chapter 40 . 3/13
Very OOC for Lord Voldemort to leave Bella alive after that. I'm curious what Marvolo would make of her.
maiqsmail chapter 29 . 3/12
Harry x Luna pairing? Yes, please. It would be hilarious to see her interact with Marvolo and other Lords.
I really like Luna lines in all fics she has them, mostly because so few authors dare to write her at all because of her unusual nature and subsequent difficulty of portraying her.
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