Reviews for 100 Ways To Kill A Doctor - North Pole
Guest chapter 1 . 3/26
Do not like your stories. So you will be taking off my reading list.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/6/2019
Get lost
Noone102299 chapter 1 . 10/31/2017
You are unbelievable using a story prompt so that people are actually interested in your shitty fic and don't just turn up their nose as they should. Don't use the name of a challenge if you plan on not freaking following it. Please Sheldon is the only reason most people are fans of the show take out any other character and you still have the show take out out Sheldon and it fails. Besides leonard can opener incident is way worse than anything Sheldon has done.
bamadude chapter 1 . 7/26/2017
Wow, this the second "100 Ways to Kill a Doctor" story that I have completely enjoyed. I am sure the sheeny's have already or will attack you for changing their premise. They enjoy Amy and or especially Leonard get killed so their sheeny can be together. This was such a great surprise that this wasn't the usual sheeny mess. Great job.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/13/2017
Using the challenge was juvinille as it merely baits shenny fans to react while discouraging those who might actually enjoy reading sheldon's death scene. You are not really a fan of the canon pairings, nor do you hate aheldon that much as it is clear your target audience were those that would negatively comment on your work. Basically a masohistic childish troll, out to ruin everyone's day.

P.s. dont have an account, was just tring to read stories under the challenge, just bothered by finding a mislabeled story
Chuk49 chapter 1 . 10/13/2015
Well, this is fun. I hope we are being friendly and you are enjoying it as well. But let's see if we can put this to rest. (One thing - I am the same Chuk49 that did the review under my name. I have to do the rest with a guest name because you can only do one review per chapter).

In the notes below, since I don't know whether Warriorcreed is male or female, I will use masculine pronouns with an apology if I am wrong.

1) Of course Warriorcreed violated the rules of the challenge. The INTENT is obvious. I just thought it was interesting that the WRITTEN rules seem to leave a loophole. I was just trying to be clever pointing it out. I also didn't understand and still don't, why is seems to be such a big deal that he did so. After all the idea of fanfiction is that you can write what you want.

2) I agree that in putting out his first story, it was misleading as to what it was about. But that's not the first time an author has done that and since it was his first story, I think we could cut him some slack. Besides, in his second story, the one these reviews appear in, his A/N makes it abundantly clear where he is coming from. And in his third story, he has a new title different than that of the challenge.

3) As to his stories being dedicated to the same theme. Well, almost all the writers tend to stick to their basic belief, Shenny, Lenny, Shamy, Leonard bashing, etc.. I don't understand why his liking to kill off Sheldon is worse or different that the authors who are enjoying killing Amy and Leonard. What I think is more important is that this challenge apparently inspired Warriorcreed to take the plunge in writing fanfiction. For that we should be celebrating and welcome him in. I think the stories are well written and interesting and whatever our likes or dislikes are, we should encourage those who have the courage to join in. I for one am looking forward to more stories

4) As far as the FBI thing, I agree that it was pointless to bring it up at all.

5) As to the Staircase discussion, you're right, I was changing Canon to prove my point. Although I am not sure what point that was. Again, I was just trying to be clever since I always thought it made no sense. Sigh.

6) I will try not to try to be clever in my reviews in the future. (That might be tough though :) )

Are we good?
Dsnynutz chapter 1 . 10/13/2015
Since I was the one issuing the challenge, let me make things clear.
Sheldon/Penny. This challenge was to have them in it either as friends, lovers, candy clowns, secret agent, work colleagues, etc. because the first rule went unheeded, the challenge portion of this Fic is a fail. If you go forward with these (and the others you have already written, please change the title to 100 Ways to Kill Dr. Cooper (or whatever else you want)

I would appreciate it if the "guests" would back off. I don't care who you ship, you have no right to anonymously come in and crap over anyone's story, or come in and crap over people who left their names and just stated that the challenge wasn't met and he should change the name.

Warriorcreed, I'm glad if something you read inspired you to take up the mantle of writing. I don't enjoy reading Sheldon death Fics, cause I love the smug bastard (without him the show would've been cancelled) but I am of the opinion, if you don't like it , don't read it... And you sure don't flame stuff just to be an ass about it.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/13/2015
My problem was that the writer violated the rules set up for the challenge, the claim you still haven't refuted. And as you have pointed out, the challenge rules say that Leonard or Amy MAY be killed, and it says nothing about Sheldon, which should have been the clue about Sheldon's death not being allowed, since the character death disclaimer (which is a serious thing) has been put out and refers to only Leonard and Amy (possibly). And once again, having Penny not hating on Sheldon doesn't make it a Shenny story, platonic or otherwise. And as far as I have seen, none of Shenny writers participating in the challenge have the accounts dedicated just to that challenge, unlike this writer who is pathetically displaying his/her frustration by killing off Sheldon in every story, without even trying to display the traits that make him (the writer) hate the character so much, and tricking the readers into reading something they don't want to.

Why would Leonard lie to Penny about the explosion? That story was tied to the Joyce Kim story, that has been referenced to and confirmed by many characters throughout the show. And what other explanation do you have for the elevator not working for eight years? And you have problems with that but not, apparently, with Howard messing up with the Mars rover and getting away with it with the help of the other guys (which would have also led to an investigation-and INTERROGATION-even if they had deleted the electronic trace leading to the specific computer used, and Howard would have probably been the first suspect due to his "trips" to human resources)?

You are trying to re write canon in order for it to suit your views. Sigh.

Also, the FBI thing can't possibly come into play here when it took place two years later. Talking about that incident is pointless story wise. And what proper apology are you dreaming of? Sheldon did apologize to Howard multiple times in that episode and even tried to get him a promotion, and the whole incident wouldn't have taken place if Howard hadn't been careless with the equipment on his part. It was only a sheer luck that his actions led to an important discovery, they could have caused millions dollars in damage and get other scientists years behind in an important research. And that discovery was probably just a half baked shock reveal on the writers' part since Howard apparently didn't even try to mention it after his mistake had been exposed in order to show himself in a better light. And it is a question how much Sheldon was really the one to blame for that decision, if he recanted his testimony and Howard apparently left no evidence linking him to the incident (otherwise he would have been caught a long time ago) and didn't even suffer any legal consequences after getting his promotion shut down.

Howard accepted the apology due to a significance of Sheldon even deciding to let him use his (Sheldon's) spot for some time, not because he wanted to keep it forever. He had a chance to protest when Sheldon demanded his spot back but didn't.
Chuk49 chapter 1 . 10/12/2015
Dear Guest - Just to put the record straight, I am not an account of Warriorcreed. I am just me. I assume that you are also writing reviews of the stories from the challenge that kill off Amy and Leonard because of their pathological hatred of a fictional character.

I put that stuff in there about my interpretation of the rules because I thought the Shenny were being a little touchy about Warriorcreed stealing their challenge. It occurred to me because the fact that the word MAY was highlighted just seemed strange to me.

Maybe Howard was also mad because Sheldon betrayed him to the FBI and then didn't even follow through on his apology. That episode may have come later but I refuse to let facts affect my making a point :)

As for the staircase thing, I always thought Leonard was pulling Penny's leg. If there was an explosion in an apartment building, I assume someone would investigate. They would discover that it was caused by rocket fuel. It shouldn't take them long to discover that someone in the building worked with rocket fuel. Do you think Sheldon and the rest would hold up under an interrogation?
Guest chapter 1 . 10/11/2015
Warriorcreed, you're an idiot, as obvious by the last paragraph. Howard would have been dead without Sheldon judging by the events featured in "The Staircase Implementation", or at least Leonard, one of his closest friends, would. Not to mention, nobody forced Howard to that expedition and he knew how Sheldon was like because he had been hanging out with him fot years. And using somebody's phobia to manipulate the events leaving to his death is disgusting, even in a fanfiction. I truly hope that your family member or somebody close to you doesn't have such a problem given what a jerk you obviously are. And no, I am not a Shenny shipper and I like Sheldon just as much as I like Leonard. I think that Sheldon can be terrible at times, such as in "The Itchy Brain Simulation". That doesn't mean that you are less of a bitter bigot for writing this. You desperate troll.

And Chuck isn't much better for defending you, since the rules obviously state that some sort of Sheldon/Penny interaction is expected, Penny not hating on Sheldon doesn't cover it, and that the character death that should be expected is only of Leonard and Amy-even if you are to cry that it is some sort of a grey area you should have at least put a character death disclaimer. But I guess Chuck is only another account of yours used to feed your delusions and a pathological hate of a fictional character.
Chuk49 chapter 1 . 10/9/2015
In my opinion, as presented, Warriorcreed did follow the important rules.

1 - The story does not have Penny hating Sheldon or implying anything different than canon so she was his platonic friend.

2. The creator of the challenge has apparently hightlighted the important word in the rule, i.e. MAY. Logically, if you declare that the rule is that Leonard and Amy MAY be killed, you accept the fact that the rule accepts that they MAY NOT. Otherwise the rule would have left out MAY or been more specific by using a word like WILL or MUST. Thus this rule is also satisfied since they May not be killed.

3. The death does occur in a single chapter and Sheldon certainly satisfies the requirement that a doctor be killed.

4. I do admit that this rule was not followed but from my experience the rule of length of the story is often forgiven. In fact there are other stories out there that exceed the length.

5. Clearly followed.
LewStonewar chapter 1 . 10/8/2015
If you didn't want to follow the challenge rules. Don't label it as such. You may have been inspired by it but nothing was preventing you from posting it as unrelated standalone. I was a good effort but I am unhappy with it because it is mislabled. Don't piss in everyone else's cheerios because you don't consume this media and appreciate characters in the same way we do.
Risknight chapter 1 . 10/6/2015
If you cannot follow the rules of a challenge, you have failed the challenge.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/4/2015
Don't hate on Shenny fans just because your not creative enough to write stuff without making fun of a story challenge. True you can write whatever you want but don't try to pass it off as something else.

Oh by the way I do have a pen name I'm just sending you this rant as a "Guest" just to get to you like I all you Lenny fans like to do because you can't accept that other people like Shenny fans like to come up with original concepts.
Chuk49 chapter 1 . 10/4/2015
I liked the way you used Sheldon's arrogance and phobias against him. Looking forward to you killing him some more.