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Thunder-Death chapter 46 . 8/12
Wow. Tsuna stood up ! Congrats Tsuna, go on !
Thunder-Death chapter 45 . 8/11
Weird guy that Mochida. Poor Tsuna who has no idea what to do
Thunder-Death chapter 44 . 8/10
H3llion chapter 43 . 8/4
Hahahaha xD Tsuna is making much more progress under Squalo's training than with Reborn's. He's a great tutor~
Thunder-Death chapter 43 . 7/13
Tsuna stood up ! To Squalo no less ! Well Squalo took time to process what he said so Tsuna got away easily. I was thinking about something I once readTsuna doesn't want to be in the mafia (he said here he wants to know what Squalo was up but it doesn't matter in my thinking) but when Squalo went to him to tutor him to be a mafia boss so he already involved in the mafia. Even if Tsuna doesn't want to in the mafia, he can't get away from the mafia because people know that he's related to Vongola and the asshole whose name Iemitsu. And Takeshi is involved in mafia too because of Tsuna so he would not go away from the mafia too. But Takeshi is already mafia with his father (wasn't he an ex assassin ? well I read about it a few times). Even if Tsuna (in this story) won't be Vongola Decimo, he will still be in the mafia.

I don't know if you understand everything (I'm not a English native speaker) but well I'm looking forward the next chapters !
Ishiro Shizuka chapter 42 . 7/12
Jajajjaa no puedo creer lo ingenuo que pude ser Takeshi!
Pobre Tsuna, aunque me preguntó como usaría Squalo a Fuuta
Deseo leer el siguiente capitulo
Bye by
Thunder-Death chapter 42 . 7/12
So Fuuta is going to live with Takeshi (yes I called him by his name), well Squalo will not appreciate Fuuta's presence and according to Fuuta he's scary. I like itI'm looking forward the next chapters (well I don't know all the Canon arcs, there are mixed in my head)..
Thunder-Death chapter 41 . 7/11
Man, no Squalo in the chapter ! I want to see his reactions to the new kid ! Well good chapter as always ! It has been a long time that I read the story.. But do you make the story as the Canon or are changing Tsuna's future job (will he still be Vongola Decimo ?).. In fact, a Varia! Tsuna (well he's trained by Squalo) is good though. Yeah no spoilers... I know that
Well good luck for the next chapters, I'm looking forward to them.
Russia-th27 chapter 40 . 7/6
It's the first time I read your story and being honest I loved it. It's a very interesting topic and even if the chapters are short, they look good on you. I hope to see a next chapter soon, thank you very much for spending your time on this. I'm very grateful.
Thunder-Death chapter 40 . 5/19
I don't like a lot Reborn and Dino
But I love a lot Squalo ! Hope Tsuna will not be the Vongola Decimo.. What will be the reaction of Xanxus about what it happens with Tsuna and Squalo
TheSamurai'sRose chapter 39 . 5/14
I love seeing how Tsuna's confidence has improved with him attempting to make Mochida his friend and asking after him. I'm curious how Tsuna is going to react to Reborn since this will be his first time meeting him and the difference being the student of Dino's friend instead of his own teacher.
Thunder-Death chapter 39 . 5/14
Voooooooooooooooooooiiiiiii !
Thunder-Death chapter 38 . 4/22
AMAZING STORY ! I can't wait for the next chapter !
Nemhain2009 chapter 36 . 3/15
Great story! Loved this chapter!
Fenrir-kun chapter 35 . 3/4
The finest point of divergence is that Tsuna self confidence is increasing by bounds and leaps because Squalo. Getting many achievements on his own actions and growing up, without the bullets Tsuna doesn't have excuse he is becoming better and he knows that it was because all the effort that he has put.
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