Reviews for Ridonculous Race: Stranger Shuffle
mrtw chapter 6 . 11/9/2015
Yes, I'm so sorry for not reviewing lately, I've just had an Owen sized portion on my plate.
I love how your handling Jackie, although now that Scarlett's gone, I'm worried she'll be considered a target for Lily.
Ash was a good teammate for her, and it was pretty funny seeing them interact. I also love how your starting to show her overachiever side.
I think Jackie could take advantage of an opportunity to create an alliance.
I could see her allying with Charlotte, Rebeccca, Davis, Brooke, and possibly Ethan or Xavier. (I could see her as an active follower of their prank war) She'd also consider Markus, but once realizing how much of a threat people could see them as, she'd decide against it.
pizzawizz chapter 6 . 11/5/2015
Would your contestant end up in an alliance with another contestant(s)?: Yes!

If so, which contestants do you see them aligning with?: Fun (and funny) characters like Kelly or Melissa, Gertrude, and characters who share she thinks are awesome and has come to bond with like Tai and Naoya!

Oooooh Lily! What a crazy strategic girl!

Also Steven Universe reference!

Also Brady actually seems like a good guy, just a bit wronged.

And Yaaaaas Rosa! Rise up and face your fears boo!

*snaps fingers and whips long imaginary hair*.

Also Scarlett was so inspiring! And still insane!
Sarcastic Devotee chapter 6 . 11/5/2015
Another really fun episode, with a really surprising booted team as well! This is probably my favorite so far for a certain plot thread having to do with Lily but I'll talk about that in a minute.

Top 5 teams imho this episode (as usual, not counting mine nor the eliminated team):
5. Rebecca and Davis- The two musical contestants on the same team was a nice touch, and they had some REALLY funny lines in the second challenge. It was nice!
4. Isadora and Kayla- Isadora and Kayla played off of each other really well and Kayla especially had me snickering a few times. They definitely deserved third place.
3. Blaine and Victor- I'm starting to see that Victor's getting a redemption arc it looks like. And he is improving some and Blaine was a pretty good character to stick him with for that. I liked that.
2. Josh and Mitch- Mitch continues to slay with really good team ups. I LOVE when you stick him with other high visibility characters, as it makes him really interesting. Josh also had a lot of great interactions this time around too.
1. Sam and Shakir- Sam was really on his A-game this episode with character development, good interactions, and some funny lines. Shakir, as always, was great comic relief. Together, they made a lot of the scenes they were in fantastic.

If I wasn't counting eliminated teams, Rosa and Scarlett would outrank Sam and Shakir this episode. It's sad to see them go since in my opinion they stole the show this time around, but I'm almost afraid that if they stayed longer their gimmicks would have gotten one-note and grating (Rosa seducing people but saying in the confessional how she didn't want to and Scarlett trying and failing to bring her PR up through wanting alliances.) So I think this was the perfect place to say goodbye to them. They both had some development as characters, so cool.

With Xavier, I see some plot seeds are being planted and I love how he usually is around Danielle or Xavier in some way. And he did make some really interesting interactions with them that makes me wonder where you'll be taking that.

Lily's finally coming into her own as an antagonist and it's just like I imagined. Cutthroat and willing to even hurt herself to get rid of a threat. But outside of that, she did have some interesting interactions, and her hanging with Kelly was cool too, so I'm excited to see where she
goes from here since it looks like you're setting her up to have a conflict with Don over cheating.

To answer your questions:

Xavier- The characters I could outright see Xavier working with in an alliance are Ethan, Danielle, and/or Lexi, since he would most likely see all three of them as friends or friend-ish and would also see them as strong workers in the game.

Lily- Lily would probably work with Danielle, Lexi, Jake, and Jackie until she reveals her true colors. Probably when she reveals her true colors, she'll probably have to work with people like Brady, Victor, and Mitch for the time being.

Overall, this was a really good episode and I can't wait for the next one!
CrossoverFan chapter 6 . 11/4/2015
Sorry for responding so late sleep, work, shopping, bit of life in between and well writing this post.
Well Lexi got first place alright so this a good news bad news situation. Lexi won the challenge but Tia and Josh are getting close so Lexi has some competition. Lexi's not one to give up without a fight, but she does know when to quit, if Josh picks Tia that'll be that. Though I'm sure Lexi will try to win over the tragic comedian...unless she finds a sheltered heir better company. Lexi and Naoya were getting a little close in this chapter too.
Naoya doesn't know much about the real world, probably never had a girlfriend, he's a bit shorter then Lexi, and he's a year younger then her, these are all positives to Lexi, if he were being bullied she'd probably already be going after him.

Now to answer your questions about Lexi
-Would your contestant end up in an alliance with another contestant(s): Yes, but she would almost never initiate an alliance.
-If so, which contestants could you see them allying with?: Honestly almost anyone who would ask, though if they'd ask is a whole differnt story.
Ash, Blaine, Brooke, Charlotte, Jackie, Jake, Markus, Melissa, Mitch, Vanessa (she wouldn't fell to strongly about it but she'd say yes.)
Lily (Lexi would be out once Lily revealed her true nature, even if it lost them, even more so if it would lose them both the challenge);
Davis, Ethan, Kelly, & Shakir (the [insert what they do here] would be fun at first but I think she'd grow annoyed with it before too long)
Danielle, Gertrude, Kayla, Rebecca, Sam, & Xavier (she'd be very excited to be approached by them to be in an alliance, because their cool, interesting, similar to her, and/or are a very strong player)
Josh & Naoya (These two are the only people Lexi might just ask to join her in an alliance, Josh and Tia are getting close so Lexi will either try and get closer to Josh, or go after Naoya instead. Lexi is a bit boy crazy when not in a relationship, but she feels the need to be dominant in a romantic relationship. It stems from her mom being equally boy crazy but always taking the submissive role with big muscular guys who believe they're stonger then her, but who she could actually easily take down if needed.)
PopiSucksAtWriting chapter 6 . 11/4/2015
uld your contestant end up in an alliance with another contestant(s)?: It depends on if the persons fun or not

If so, which contestants could you see them allying with?: Obviously don
Oh and I'm really glad that your doing my character Shakir extremely well keep up the good work fam
Black'nBlue28 chapter 6 . 11/3/2015
Awesome! New chapter right off the bat! Loved this challenge, felt like a real episode of RR. You are on fire with characterization! Everyone feels so vibrant, and Lily is gonna make a cool villain.

Sam: Fifth place! Woo! Things are looking up after pairing with the crazy guy (Rosalina: Really? Me: Not what I meant and you know it. Rosalina: Tease...). He and Shakir were a lot of fun, but I also like that Sam's made an enemy of Brady now (btw, Gorillaz rule). All in all, a good chapter for Sam.

Vanessa: Poor Gertrude! Some people can't take the heat. Still, lots of fun to see them interacting, especially Vanessa finding out Gertrude had a wife, that was adorable. Hopefully things will remain positive for her.

Now, would Sam or Vanessa agree to an aliance? Maybe, depends on who's asking.

Sam: Rebecca, Blaine, Shakir or Tai? Sure. Any one other than Lily, Brady or Victor? He'll think about it.

Vanessa: Isadora, Kayla, Rebecca and Jr.
TheLostBrainiac2000 chapter 6 . 11/3/2015
Woah! Quickest update yet, and you still write another great chapter! Challenges did seem familiar, but familiarity's good for a little nostalgia once in a while. I swear though, reading this story is like playing an actual Ridonculous Race episode in my head, 'cause the interaction, humor, and imagery works with what you'd see out of an actual RR season. I also love the way you make Davis overly dramatic! It fits him really well!

HOW?! HOW COULD GERTRUDE NEARLY BE BESTED BY A MEASLY SRI LANKAN STEW?! INCONCIEVABLE! Thank god she's still in this... she's becoming my favorite and she's already everyone else's!

Stunned to see Scarlett go so early- now only 1 veteran remains and he's the youngest of the whole cast (unless Rosalina is younger, and I'm miscalculating). Feel bad for Rosa, but nice to see she got some development!

I think Rebecca made a rather worthy partner for Davis, and cool to see they did a lil' duet on the flight there. I laughed so hard when they sang to the alligators to soothe them XD That seemed surprisingly fitting.

Loved that sweet little moment between Davis and Blaine, too! Poor Rebecca though, left to complain about the soup on her own... XD

As for your question, I think Davis would end up in an alliance. My top candidate for his allies would be Blaine, Rebecca, Kayla, Junior, Brooke, Gertrude, and Sam, but he'd be allies with anyone he trusts enough.

Needless to say, keep up the amazing work!
bruno14 chapter 6 . 11/3/2015
another chapter you are on fire!

i liked the interactions of ethan with both xavier and brooke .
a liked really all the interactions and the challenge was good and has that vibe from ridonculous race.
i liked the place , is not very known so it was good .
the spicy food doesnt affect the latinos? good thing that ethan is one XD.
i admit i was nervous that ethan could be eliminated but then i saw that he reach the chill zone,, well thirteen is not bad .
i think ipm starting to like mitch, he is hilarious XD.

ok now the questions:
would your contestant end up in an alliance with another contestant: sure why not
if so, wich contestants could you see them allying with?: mm probably tai, xavier, josh, blaine, sam, gertrude ( they could do some crazy stuff XD)( , rosalina ( sure why nt) , josh , davis definit that guy XD).

but my top possible alliance are: xavier , tai , sam and blaine
MorbidGinger chapter 6 . 11/3/2015
Scarlett and Rosa are out? Did NOT see that coming! Even when their boat broke i was expecting it to be a non-elimination. I'm kinda sad Scarlett is out. I do like her. And Rosa was really decent. I'm glad she still got her development! Still i'm glad they left over Gertrude and Vanessa. Gertrude is just so amazing!

Some of these teams worked out very well! They were really good. I wasn't sure how Victor and Blaine were going to play out, but it worked pretty good. I like that Victor is trying to be nice. Maybe by the end of this he will actually become nice to people! And more of Blaine and Davis! i love it X3 And Brooke thinking of making Blaine the protagonist of a story of hers. I love that too! Gawsh idk which one i ship more XP

With Rosalina and Jake; i thought it was so sweet of Jake to be looking out for her. Her doujin part was funny! I hope these two interact more!

Now for the questions:
Blaine would end up in an alliance. I can see him allying with Davis and Brooke (obviously), Ash, Charlotte, and maybe even Sam.

Rosalina is a possibly. Though she wouldn't be the one to start it. And if she did then it'd be with Tai, Shakir, Gertrude, or Kelly.
PizzaTheBomb chapter 6 . 11/3/2015
Woo! Lily's still on the top of my list, it doesn't matter that she out bested Scarlett, I never really liked her. I liked the challenge, first an eating one followed by a nice action packed crocodile row. This update came fast! Good job! See you next time!
Katastic Writer chapter 6 . 11/3/2015
This was certainly a surprise but a pleasant one! These challenges seemed to have a familiar feel to them, as in they seemed to be commonly seen in previous TD seasons. That's not a bad thing, though; some familiarity is good to have before more hard-hitting challenges await. Seeing Rosa and Scarlett leave was tough, but Lily starting to show her true strategy in secret was a real treat.

Now with the questions!

With Brooke, she would most likely end up in an alliance though not the one to initiate it. She would ally with just about anyone who she would generally get along with...which is just about anyone except Brady so far. Top choices would be Blaine, Josh, and/or Junior.

With Tai, he definitely would end up in an alliance and with those who he has befriended thus far. This would include Charlotte, Ethan, Josh, and possibly Rosalina.
TheAlphaofDarkness chapter 6 . 11/3/2015
That was really quick update I just squealed when I saw it XD over all mighty fine episode we got, I just laughed with Jake and Rosalina so much it's cute how he's taking it upon himself to watch her in the mean time that they are a team and the first challenge I just couldn't help but picture episode 20 of the Ridonculous Race. And interesting friendship made with Xavier and Danielle and good to know they are chill together:). I honesty didn't expect Scarlett to be gone so soon, I'd expect her to push aside her craziness but alas that didn't happen. Neither did Rosa I actually liked her, she was funny and cool:D

It was awesome I liked it, it was a funny and great episode! I just admire your writing style it's awesome!:D And oh damn Lily showing herself little by's got me hype, no but seriously I didn't expect that last confessional! :O

Anyway Danielle would honestly alliance with anyone that she knows and believes she can trust, which is everyone, especially those she has already teamed with, except the following like Victor, and probably not Brady. Plus she might still be skeptical with Lily, but until she figures out otherwise then she would alliance with her. Same with Jake only except no alliance with Victor. More then likely neither would initiate the alliances those, unless necessary.

Good chapter all around! Keep doing amazingly and see you in the next episode!:3
Thedaffodilqueen chapter 6 . 11/3/2015
Hi! This chapter was great, and wow! This was a really fast update, and a very pleasant one at that! :) I love your writing style, the easy going nature the whole story has, and how you show us the character interactions not only through the awesome challenges, but also through their trips on the planes, 'cause that's really cool, too! Yay! Isa and Kayla take third! That's so good, especially considering my little baby took first in the other challenge. I thought for sure she'd wonk up and end in last, so I'm glad she had a great time and a fun teammate with her! For an alliance, she'd say yes only if it was with someone she really likes, which, now, would only be Gertrude, Kayla, Naoya, Jake, or Vanessa
Firewoods123 chapter 6 . 11/3/2015
Wow! Wasn't expecting another chapter so soon. The challenges were meh to me (more of the first one though) as I felt like I seen it done a lot before from the shows. But the character development you are spewing is just amazing and probably my favorite part of your story.

I am surprised Rosa AND Scarlett are both eliminated this early! I thought Scarlett would just be chill and try to win fair this time but guess not.

Kelly is playing just how I thought she would be in my head. Sad to see her helping the potential enemy but Lilly hasn't shown her true nature yet.

I could see Kelly in an alliance with everyone EXCEPT Ethan, Mitch, Brady, Shakir amd Victor (Melissa is a maybe) at the moment of this chapter.
Meowth's Toon Dragon chapter 6 . 11/3/2015
An amazing chapter! Bravo!
Poor Rosa and Scarlett... That's 2 of the 3 returnees gone.
Now to your questions.

In an alliance: Potentially yeah!
With who?: Josh is willing to work with almost anyone... as LONG as it's all in good fun. (So people like Scarlett and James would have been a definite NO).
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